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  1. Threemoons

    Tomato & Cucumber

    Wore this two days in a row. It is very much a very fresh, realistic scent; getting more tomato stem/actual fresh tomatoes than tomato leaf. Alas, it fades really quickly on me.
  2. Threemoons

    Worm Moon 2021

    Wore this two days in a row, it's summer fruits in a bottle! In the bottle: I'm getting a blast of SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET pink grapefruit and maybe some stone fruit, with fresh coconut water washed on everything. On, wet: Getting some soft woodiness, and little peeps of some kind of green leaf, but still very fruity and sweet. Drydown: A bit of the musk comes out but this really stays a fruit bomb on me, in the best way, until it fades down. Good throw but alas short wear length.
  3. Threemoons

    Rabbit Moon 2021

    This is an interesting one, and a real morpher on me. In the bottle: Warm caramel, soft fur, and a sort of grassiness/herbiness. On, wet: Some definite patchouli/dirt notes coming out in a GOOD way, along with more green notes. Also, dry hay? Drydown: The oudh and darker spices show up to play. Overall, stays close to skin on me. Long time to develop, low throw, but good/interesting wear length.
  4. Threemoons

    Wild Rose & Dandelion Sap

    This one really does nail the wild rose note PERFECTLY--they used to grow by my Mom's old house. The dandelion sap is NOT overwhelming, nor is it overly "field of mowed dandelions." Rather, it's a big of bright greenness and sunshine. This is a very fresh, alive scent; early summer in a bottle.
  5. Threemoons

    The Grey Columns

    Like lots of other folks, this registers as almost nothing in the bottle. In the bottle: Am I missing something? Super light whiff of a soft neutral amber with the tiniest bit of aldehyde and smoke. On, wet: More kind of a wet stone and amber? Again, tiny bit of stone, a few wisps of vanilla? Drydown: Takes a long time to dry down and sink it. This stays very close to the skin and is almost a background scent--you won't even realize you are wearing it except for occasional pops of smoky vanilla and a floral skin amber. This would make an amazing layering scent. Don't get frustrated with this one, it sinks right in and then takes a while, sometimes a few hours, to even start to register.
  6. Threemoons

    Brood X

    Came here to say that this is the bomb layered with Snake Oil. Plays really well with the green notes and elevates them.
  7. Threemoons

    Brood X

    This one is quite a morpher on me. In the bottle: Wet earth, sugarcane, a hint of herbs/mint? On, wet: Hay, wet leaves, and a touch of amber come to the front. Drydown; I'm left with a damp earth and crushed green grass and dry grass scent, with definite longer-lasting hits of spearmint or some kind of herb. Glad I got two of these.
  8. Threemoons

    Blue Cypress & Haitian Vetiver

    Yes, this IS the cool, "muggy hot weather must have" that you have been looking for. In the bottle: Sweet, almost floral yet still resinous cypress with the tiniest wisp of what may or may not be saltwater? On, wet: Very uplifting cypress as the resin side develops a bit, but still stays light and sweet on the skin. Drydown: Only after total drydown, like several hours, does the vetiver even bother to show up as a dryish background note, almost borderline smoky. The cypress floats along on top of that almost like a conifer incense after a long time. Low throw but very good staying power on me.
  9. Threemoons

    Blackberry & Oudh

    Got this one at the last minute because so many people said it was amazing. Oudh can go either way on me but I LOVE the Lab's blackberry note. Glad I got it! In the bottle: Sweet, big blast of blackberry jam/syrup! On, wet: Stays sweet, with a very long drydown/development stage on me. Ever so gradually a bit of a powder note as well as a hint of creaminess start to leak through the blackberry bomb, with only a hint of sublime, dry oudh in the background--no poudh here! May need a backup. This lasted me all day, even after sweating and then getting stuck in a thunderstorm while running errands. Really good throw and wear length.
  10. Threemoons

    Frog Moon 2021

    I ordered two of these and it did not disappoint for green musk fans! In the bottle: Green mosaic explosion: Pine, musk, bamboo, citrus, you name it, if it's green it's here! On, wet: Bamboo comes to front as it warms up. Also little pips of citrus. Drydown: Long, slow drydown. End result is a swampy green musk with some dry wood on top.
  11. Threemoons

    Under the Foot Warmer

    Another "was on my possible cut list but glad I got it" scent. I have a TON of red musk already but this is a really nice, light, and very sophisticated iteration. In the bottle: Some kind of sweet red amber and almost a floral tea note. On, wet: The two wood notes really pick up, and I am getting more of a green pine wood than smoldering pine wood INITIALLY but then after about 5 minutes, BOOM the gentle smolder starts, as does a teeny bit of leather. Longer drydown: The red musk is light and smooth, but rather floral. Mom says she picked up a bit of a sweet tobacco note blending up in there later in the day also.
  12. Threemoons

    Butterfly Dancer

    Very glad that I got this one; was on the fence because oudh can go poudh on me real fast. In the bottle: Almost poudhy oudh, roses, and sandalwood. Very volatile in the bottle; it practically jumps out at you--not bottle tight at all. On, wet: The sweet notes of the benzoin start to come out, and the amber and rose rise to the top. A VERY heady, dense, rich scent. Drydown: The sharper notes of the vetiver float to the top, and the sandalwood aspect stays on a very long time, along with a tamed oudh. Really a very sexy scent.
  13. Threemoons


    Alright, where to begin? I wish I had a one gallon pump dispenser of this. In the bottle: Sweet smoke, combo of bonfire and incense, along with a whole background thing of red resin notes. On, wet: The woodsmoke and black incense really pick up, and the ginger and cassia notes start to come to the front. Hints of the red musk to come also start here. Drydown: This one is low, slow, and smoldering. Gradually dries down to a very clingy to the skin dry red musk with dry moss notes and that gorgeous, gorgeous, filthy patch.
  14. Threemoons

    The Queen of May

    Seeing my Mom for the first time today after her awful diagnosis. Had to keep it together today, so reached for this bottle as it sounded so uplifting. It IS. In the bottle: Very fresh, green, cut wildflowers. On, wet: A sort of incredibly vibrant, humming, ALIVE green musk starts to buzz up. Drydown: Powerful floral green notes stay, along with an "after whiff" from a distance of an almost green leather/oil musk. When I hugged Mom after getting out of the car, she said "Ooooh you smell SO GOOD--I dunno, smoky but not really? Musk?" She really liked it, which made me very happy and helped me get through the day.
  15. Threemoons


    OK, just got a bottle of the OG 2006 release and I am HERE FOR IT. In the bottle: Slightly dusty/moldy leather and rags, with a hint of sourness like bath towels that need to be washed. On, wet: Almost dried blood red musk along with more damp leather and dust and a touch of mold, almost sourish. Drydown: This is the PERFECT anti-Xmas scent--it's a ball of organic decaying leather and rags, used to wipe up some very not-for-kids DARK red musk. Keeps that sharp organic edge for a long time on, even though it is low throw. So glad I snagged this.