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  1. Threemoons


    Been wearing this for 2 days now, and definitely starts very strong with the champagne note but over time you get this great sort of "champagne and pumpkin cheesecake truffle" thing going on. Definitely matches the description perfectly.
  2. Threemoons

    The Shadowed Veil

    Another morpher on me that vaguely reminds me of an amped up version of Snake Oil almost! In the bottle: Almost but not quite gourmand toasted vanilla and pumpkin. On, wet: The patch and a bit of the resinous wood notes start to come out. Drydown: I'm mostly getting a toasty pumpkin with whiffs of woody resins and a good hit of vanilla, and just a hint of something cool like the leather note.
  3. Threemoons

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    Finally broke open this one because it's Friday and I'm wearing one of my favorite T-shirts while working from home and I was in the mood to handle something powerful today! In the bottle: A slice of fresh apple followed immediately by a BIG rush of apple pie spice. On, wet: The Snake Oil starts to come to the front and the initial blast of pie spice calms down a bit. Drydown: This is surprisingly tame upon drydown. I'm getting a 3-way split between the SO, pie spice, and fresh apple. It's actually much more "fresh" than I expected it to be. It's like I'm walking outside at one of those Pick Your Own Apple places, which also inevitably have a pie counter and locally-made scented holiday candles. Autumnal for sure, but light enough to wear year-round. After a few hours I also get an incredibly clean "after-whiff" which is almost like plain white soap. Not sure what it is but the whole thing ties together nicely.
  4. Threemoons

    The Little Owl

    Been wearing this one for two days now, and at the end of the day, the tonka, vanilla, and beeswax are the main notes that come out -- getting almost no vetiver, but there is a little bit of a background "darkness/herbiness" that keeps the vanilla from becoming a gourmand on me. I kind of wish the sandalwood and vetiver were more forthcoming, but they are definitely playing a role in keeping this from becoming a tonka candy bar on me! This would be a fun one to layer with a harder-hitting patchouli or leather scent, I think.
  5. Threemoons

    Pomegranate, Patchouli, Moss, and Fir Needle

    Another lovely holiday morpher on me! In the bottle: Sweet pom juice and fresh-cut fir. Already, it smells like a super high-end Christmas boutique. On, wet: As it warms up on the skin, an almost green patchouli slowly starts to develop -- very woodsy/fresh evergreen forest with damp soil and a bit of snow. Still, the patch on me is more woodsy, hence my "green" comment -- this is not a dry nor a classically funky patch on me. The whole thing smells like a very posh Xmas potpourri of some sort. Drydown - slow and gradual. Eventually, the fir resin loses its edge, and I'm left with a sort of dry fir bark thing with wisps of patch. Starts out with high throw, eventually gets closer to the skin. Actually a really elegant holiday scent.
  6. Threemoons

    Red Musk, Sugared Amber, and Red Berries

    I let mine sit for a while before trying, based on what people wrote here. It's wonderful on me. In the bottle: Berries, I want to say black currants, with a hint of amber. On, wet: More berries start to come out--blackberry? Raspberry? Hints of something non-berry and darker starts to bubble up, along with a few bright sparks of almost candy-like berries. Drydown: After several hours, the red musk and amber start to show up; after a day of wear it settles into a very soft amber and almost pink-red musk. A morpher on me! Low throw and medium wear length.
  7. Threemoons

    Supposed to be a Pretzel

    OK, like many of the other reviewers on this one, was expecting a punch-you-in-the-face gourmand. Instead....In the bottle: Salty popcorn and a hint of warm bread, with something vaguely soft cottony on the very edges of the background. On, wet: Holy clean cotton, Batman! The vibe changed instantly the second this hit the skin. Still some of the popcorn-y note but with a BIG white aquatic/soft cotton note -- like eating fresh popcorn on the beach while sitting on a very clean, bleached, white cotton towel as the ocean breeze rolls in. Gradually, the "popcorn salt" becomes "sea salt." Very heavy "going to the beaches of NJ near my grandparents growing up/getting snacks on the boardwalk" memories happening right now. Dries down to a very close-to-the-skin warm clean cotton and slightly salty blue-floral aquatic with an occasional "popcorn/bread" spark popping up. So yes to everyone else who noted that this one is a "stealth aquatic" because it is. Also, I normally amp the heck out of butter and salt notes but this one is behaving itself, so go ahead and try this if you're concerned RE amping. It's like having a bottle of Summer Near the Beach handy for when it's -200 below "F this it's too cold" and it's sleeting/freezing rain outside.
  8. Threemoons

    Three Pairs of Shoes

    Okay, this is absolutely, 100%, NYC half-storefont shoe-shine and repair shop. Leather old and new, resin, and even that sort of odd dry-cleaner chemical smell. I absolutely love it. Has a long development on the skin but that is what I wind up with. No vanilla, nothing sweet, just this insanely wonderful 100% replica of shoeshine/repair places. No other way to describe it. Getting a backup.
  9. Threemoons


    2021 version: First time cracking this open for the first night of Chanukkah in 2022! In the bottle: Cocoa with a hint of something almost like orange flower water--I'm thinking the Droste orange chocolates--and toasted hazelnuts. On, wet: Opens up almost immediately into a true sweet cocoa powder, but not TOO sweet -- there's still that floral element, a nut note, and almost something a teeny bit boozy like chocolate liqueur on me. Drydown: This becomes a soft, luscious cocoa perfume on my skin; stays close to the skin; notes of nuts and a teeny bit of florality linger on. Really glad I got this one and held on to it.
  10. Threemoons

    Fleece Skeleton Onesie

    This one really is very much almost exactly like the description. Very freshly washed poly-fleece and I really AM getting hits of makeup -- not just my standard Urban Decay/Sephora blend eyeliner but some classic lipstick notes as well--hard to describe but it's definitely an "opening up my makeup bag at the club" kind of thing. Very glad that I snagged this one finally!
  11. Threemoons

    High School Hair

    In the bottle: Cherry Manischewitz! On, wet: A bit of a mulled wine thing going on; must be the clove. Also, getting a bit of an almost sweet woodsy musk compounded with a hint of chestnut. Drydown: Getting a kind of woody musk with a hint of sweetness. Actually a really nice holiday scent!
  12. Threemoons

    Pumpkin Rum Cake

    Does what it says on the tin! Getting a very boozy, cakey sweet thing!
  13. Threemoons

    October 32

    This one is a total morpher on me. In the bottle: A very sharp blast of the Lab's Dead Leaves note. On, wet: A nose-tickly wool scent shows up behind the dead leaves, along with a hint of amber. Drydown: After several hours I kept smelling something sweet, and I realized it was the cream note mixed with the amber on my skin. Interesting one! Starts out almost harsh but dries down to a very mellow thing.
  14. Threemoons

    Bobbing for Ball Gags

    I had to get this one based on the description. In the bottle: LOTS of apples with a bit of honey and an undertone of leather. On, wet: Apples. Lots and lots of apples, with a thin layer of amber and honey floating on top. Drydown: The leather FINALLY shows up, but it's a very light, dry black leather and not my favorite pervy new black leather jacket leather, and of course, it's also blended with....apples. This starts out a very "wet juicy" scent but dries down to a powdery veil on the skin. May need to layer this one with BRD or similar.
  15. Threemoons


    Continuing on with the Ginormous Yard Skeleton...in the bottle: Violets and the salty "tear" note. On, wet: The florals open up more and I get a tiny peek of sandalwood, along with a hint of pumpkin pulp. Drydown: An ALMOST marine salty dry sandalwood with a bit of lavender and the occasional poof of violet.. Low throw, medium wear length.