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  1. Threemoons

    Blue Unicorn Moon

    Pulled this one out again after not having worn it for a while. WOW. Aged very nicely. In the bottle: Almost a blueberry/vanilla taffy/frosting thing. On, wet: After an initial blast of sweet blueberry candy and vanilla, the bubblegum note starts to creep in, and gets increasingly more prominent during drydown (a good thing, because when I first got the bottle the bubblegum just faded away fast and left a Vanilla Bomb). Drydown is to a soft, light on the skin sort of blueberry bubblegum fluff with a hint of vanilla; sits lightly on the skin, medium throw and wear length. This is a happy fun scent! Oddly relaxing.
  2. Threemoons

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    Wore this one for the first time today. So hard to explain this one--the two things combine to make a totally different Third Thing on me.. In the bottle: Something very strange and green, like a fresh broken sapling twig in Spring, or trampled green grass or even cut dandelion stems with a backslap of odd resin? On, wet; The crushed green woody note slooowly begins to open up with some drier golden floral notes, but almost more like crushed sunflower petals. Whole thing gradually fades from green notes to gold, while getting stronger and more stable, think a light slowly turning on from green to gold and getting brighter. Final drydown is absolutely glorious but takes about an hour to get there--but then it sticks around all day. Great throw and wear length! Final wear is this amazing odd powdery deep gold floral/wood/skin musk, if that makes any sense! Normally I amp patch like a proverbial dirty hippie; here, you can't even really tell there is any in the blend, at least on me.
  3. Threemoons

    Pineapple, White Musk, & Blackcurrant

    Oooh, firsties! Anyway, very happy that I got this one; had not seen a pineapple note from the Lab in a while so jumped right on this one. I expected it to be a fruit-heavy knockout; in fact it's a very sophisticated scent. In the bottle: A punch of fresh, ripe, cut pineapple core, sweet and sharp. On, wet: The pineapple sweetens up just a bit as the blackcurrant starts to come out. The currant note is more of a sweet currant/currant jam, not like the sharp almost sour blackcurrants that I remember from my childhood (my paternal Grandma had black, red, and white currants in her garden). Once everything has a chance to dry down, the white musk makes its debut. This particular white musk is only nominally floral; think fruit blossom of some sort and leaning more towards a skin musk/light stone fruit musk I'd swear I was getting a teeny bit of peach in the final blend. Medium throw; this one sits ever so slightly above the skin. This one reminds me of a gauzy peasant blouse worn on a hot day.
  4. Threemoons

    Strawberry Moon v5

    Needed an uplifting scent today, so I reached for my new-to-me bottle of this, which I got as a frottle in an order (yay!). In the bottle it is sweet juicy perfect ripe wild strawberries. On, wet, it bursts out with a wave of jammy sweetness and strawberry blossoms, and then settles into something much more complex and different. White floral notes start to pick up, along with a hint of crushed green grass/leaves, and the scent settles in closer to the skin as a sort of...strawberry floral skin musk? Is that even possible? It's amazing whatever it is and perfect for summer.
  5. Threemoons

    Milk Moon 2020

    In the bottle, I get milk, honey, and fig, and the tiniest hint of white wood. On, wet: The wood and olive leaf notes start to come out and temper the sweetness a bit Drydown: The honey and date notes float back to the top, with just a hint of the milk in the background, with the tiniest hint of cedar on the back-whiff. Really gorgeous and very comforting. Low throw; stays tight to the skin, medium wear length.
  6. Threemoons

    Peach XIII

    Broke open my new to me bottle of this today. WOW it is gorgeous. It seems to have aged down so that on me, it presents first as a sort of peach incense, with a bit of an undertone of musk, but PEACH musk not red musk. So it's really (on me) peach musk and champa with the teeniest bit of patch underneath.
  7. Threemoons

    Erotic Vegetables Hair Gloss

    Have been using this for a while, but only getting around to reviewing now. I liked this one so much that even though I was broke as a joke at the time I got a backup. For me, anything with the Lab's tomato leaf note is an automatic win. On me, it's a very well-balanced mix of the tomato leaf and cedar, with a thin hard backbone of the clove husk tying things together. I use this one as an all-over body spritz by itself, or layered with other things with clove or cedar in it. If you get your mitts on this and Clove Cigarette from the special collab with Thorns, do it! I really hope that the Lab brings back this one some day (along with my Holy Grail HG, Fire HG, but I digress).
  8. Threemoons

    Snake Skin

    Glad I got a bottle of this in 2019 as my 2017 bottle is almost gone. Just cracked it open today. This is by far the best SO variation IMHO. The leather in the 2019 version is more of a white leather, like new leather unlined gloves or new soft ballet flats. The SO oil blend in it is rich and mellow and more of the dominant note here. I know I'm going to love layering it.
  9. Threemoons

    Left Atrium

    On this one I'm getting a gorgeous floral light amber; very ethereal, with a little sheer wash of pink grapefruit over everything. Stays very close to the skin; even though this is a Luper it's perfect for hot sticky summer days.
  10. Threemoons


    I actually like this. It's a bracing sort of resin on me, and yes, I am getting resin for sure, almost like bowling alley polish but in a good way. Definitely a little citronella on me. Citrussy, good for concentration.
  11. Threemoons

    Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Lime Zest

    This is a super candy shop blast on me. It reminds me of those expensive German strawberry candies initially, amped up to a zillion. Dries down to a general cotton candy candy shop thing. Medium throw and wear.
  12. Threemoons

    Sustained Boos

    This is the ghost of a heavy, dark scent--light effervescence but with a backlash of dark cold woods of some sort, and some resins, and a teeny hit of black cocoa powder. This one sits about 3" above the skin; hard to describe. Really liking it. Hard to pin down. Has little aldehyde pops also.
  13. Threemoons

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    This really does smell like a freshly-opened pack of Kreteks. Also, it somehow captures the scent of furniture saturated with clove cig smoke--think your favorite coffeehouse or downmarket Goth club/record store. Happy to say that I bought one of the very first bottles for sale at the NYC Oddities Flea Market. Glad I also got a backup when I could.
  14. Threemoons

    To Hope

    Opened this one today to deal with a stress attack, and it was the right move. On me, I get a really fresh fir forest/wetlands thing going on at first, followed by lots of damp golden florals. Low wear length. and throw alas; wish it lasted longer on me. Something about it reminds me of my very early childhood visits to the Pine Barrens in NJ.
  15. Threemoons

    Cacao & Black Moss

    Love this one. In the bottle: Raw cocoa nibs and a sort of dampness; I was instantly transported to some schmancy chocolate shop in Brooklyn that had reclaimed wood paneling. Sweet and dark with a bit of dust almost. On, wet: The sort of damp, dark sacks of cocoa nibs scent starts to pick up and the damp notes sort of assert themselves and cut down the sweetness of the cocoa. Again, there used to be a gallery in DUMBO in Brooklyn that was a converted spice and chocolate warehouse; it was falling apart damp wood that smelled like either spice or chocolate depending what room you were in. Drydown: After several hours, I get a dry, deep cocoa with the slightest bit of greenish musk maybe? A hint of decay? Anyway I really like it. Medium throw and wear length.