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  1. Threemoons

    ICDX 11

    Tardy to the party on this, but broke out my frottle proto of this today. LOVE IT, but I wish the grapefruit was longer-lasting. At the end of the day this dries down to a sort of light white floral musk on me after the initial glorious blast of grapefruit and sugar.
  2. Threemoons

    Witches' Tea

    This isn't my usual style of blind-buy, but I glad I got it. Oddly enough, on me I get some kind of vaguely soft woody note, not much blackberry, but there is a hint of some kind of sweetness there. Definitely not a tea note and not a gourmand, but I like it!
  3. Threemoons

    Chocolate Chypre

    I let this one rest for a while before breaking it out, and now I wish I had ordered a backup. Delicious, dry cocoa with smoky mossy notes. SO nice. Great on its own; I also layered it with Cacao & Patchouli Root HG.
  4. Threemoons

    Pink Moon 2023

    I was a little nervous RE the tulip and daffodil notes as they can go pooey on me, but I'm SO glad I got this. Starts out sweet but dries down to a sort of light pink floral musk with notes of strawberry bubblegum. Dries down to stay very close to the skin, which is great because if you wear it on a grossly hot day out (like I just did) you won't be "that person" amping perfume all over the room. Shockingly, though, it did last a LONG time after drydown even after I sprinted 10 blocks each way in humid, pre-thunderstorm 98-degree NYC weather. Sooo nice.
  5. Threemoons

    Toad Venom

    Bought this for the green musk and it did not disappoint. In the bottle: Wet, cool earth and damp mosses with a little something floral in the background. On, wet: Getting an almost cut-grass fresh green note, with a bit of petrichor. Dries down to a glorious dark green vegetal musk -- no animal musky notes to speak of here, no leather, just glorious green musk. It's as hot as blazes here today and I had to do a quick outdoor errand and when I got back into my AC'd work area I could smell the awesomeness of me sweating off some of this. Wish I had gotten a backup.
  6. Threemoons

    Ejaculate of Serpents

    OK, was really looking forward to trying this one, glad I got a backup. Like many have said, this is NOT what I expected but I like it anyway. In the bottle: Getting BPAL's Snake Skin plus a bit of dark wet stone. On, wet: The spikenard especially runs to the front of the line, along with a tiny wee bit of incense and a bit of a dried plum afterthought. Drydown: Granted, I put this on and then had to take a very brisk walk for a chore, and threw on a denim jacket because it was cooler this AM but was hot when I got outside. So, I worked up a good sweat. When I got home, this had settled into a VERY new leather/leather polish/shoe repair shop blend -- the resinous side of this one got amped into infinity on me. Still, I LOVE Snake Skin and the Lab's leather and resin notes in general, so this was a happy accident for me. If you really dig STRONG leather notes this one is for you. It may be a skin chemistry thing but on me, I wouldn't know this had a fruit note if it wasn't for the power of suggestion of reading the notes. I know what my "go out dancing on a hot night" scent is gonna be because this is leather goth in a bottle.
  7. Threemoons

    Blue Silk Rose

    Well, it's a good thing I really like this one because I just spilled the entire bottle of it on my bed and pants by mistake. Anyway, this is really all about the rose and violet together, with the resins taking up the third seat mostly. Think of it as a non-sweet version of Hope and Faith. Liking this a lot!
  8. Threemoons

    Abalone and Peach Blossoms

    On me, this dries down to an amazing salty, almost milky peach blossom with some glistening citrus streaks in it. Incredibly wearable. Takes a few hours to develop from a seawater and plum blast to the final item, and it's lovely all the way.
  9. Threemoons

    The Serpent in the Roses

    Been wearing this for 2 days now and it may be my new favorite Snake Oil variation. It's by far the most "office friendly" blend. It nails the "bruised roses" note perfectly -- this is "Snake Oil goes to a florists' shop and buys a dozen roses from the discount rack." Absolutely perfect balance of Snake Oil, spicy rose, and a hint of what I'll call rose amber. PS I got 3 backups already but may need to order more.
  10. Threemoons

    Elf Mutiny

    Well this is different in a good way! Reading the notes, I was expecting a fruity resinous red thing. Instead, I got a bunch of red fruits that dry down to the most amazing light, daytime wear friendly red musk with little hits of berry. Nice!
  11. Threemoons

    Snow White Rider

    Wore this one to a Special Fancy Grown Up thing, and it was the right pick. This is a very sophisticated blend that goes from Snow White's florals tinged with sandalwood to a lovely white leather and sandalwood with little sparkles of white rose all over it. It starts out very femme but spends a long time in a neutral zone, before drying all the way down after many hours to that lovely white leather and sandalwood with snow.
  12. Threemoons

    Pink & Blue Candy Canes

    This smells like idealistic childhood kindness in a bottle! In the bottle and on the skin initially I get a lot of sweet mintiness along with the cotton candy note; as it dries down the peppermint takes a back seat to the lovely blueberry cotton candy note, with an occasional brighter berry note popping in from the strawberry notes. Pulled this one out for the first time in honor of Trans Visibility Day!
  13. Threemoons

    Honeycomb, Lemon, and Sugar Cane

    Agree with everyone else noting that this one is summer sunshine in a bottle. Wore it for a schmancy fundraiser yesterday; today, layering it with Honey & Neroli HG. Anyway, this trio is absolutely amazing...somewhere between home-made old school lemonade, lemon slices sprinkled with sugar, and a bit of fresh cut honeycomb. If you are leery of the Lab's beeswax note, I am not sensing any of it at all here, so slather away! I almost couldn't make it out of bed this AM and woke up to no Internet (had to tether my phone to my work deck while half-awake) but after brushing my teeth and freshening up and a liberal re-application of this, my mood was much boosted! And it really does lend itself to layering; glad that my eye fell on my bottle of Honey & Neroli HG. Could also see layering this with some of the Shunga HGs from years past, especially the V*lvas.
  14. Threemoons

    Snake Oil

    Today for my birthday: The very ends of a bottle of a very VERY aged release of this! Delightful!
  15. Threemoons

    Cherry Red

    OK, been wearing this for the past 4 days solid, and it gets better and better with time. It's a perfect balance between "little kid/candy cherry" and "just starting to do grown up red musk as a teen." The sweeter side, as others have noted, really is like the red licorice Twizzlers and the cherry Free Bank Lollipops from my childhood, and the red musk just kind of hangs back in the background grounding everything but is definitely there. This is a great gateway scent if you're afraid of red musk. I LOVE red musk and therefore had to have this one, but it's a lot less potent than in other blends. Also getting pops of the Lab's maraschino cherry blend; reminds me of some of the cherry HGs from a few Lupers ago (which I may pull out later for layering purposes).