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  1. Threemoons


    Wearing this for the first time today. Truly gorgeous. I'm getting a resinous, spicy, yet uplifting background overlaid with healing flowers and herbs.
  2. Threemoons

    The Squishy Cushions

    Alas, I also really wanted this one to work on me, but I wound up giving it up as a swap. Oudh and jasmine can both go either way with me; the oudh being more problematic. I get ZERO rose on this, just overpowering sharp oudh with jasmine; also getting a cat-pee note overall that I never got on any BPAL before. Zero rose. I tried giving this a full day to dry down, I finally got a hint of rose at the end of the day with a tiny hint of "nice" jasmine but the oudh just never really quit. I feel bad; I have 10 boxes of BPAL and really wanted this one to work.
  3. Threemoons

    America's New Gods

    Okie dokie...wanted a challenge/something fresh today so I reached for one of my older boxes in search of items that I haven't opened yet. Came across America's New Gods and pulled it. Let me tell you folks, this is NOT a beginner BPAL scent and NOT what you buy someone as a BPAL intro. Like others have said, it's a difficult one. In the bottle: Almost overpowering fresh plastic--not vinyl, more like a freshly set-up temp office space--the simultaneous collision of freshly-unwrapped generic computer keyboards and mice, of new thin clients that still have their stickers on them and have been running all night and getting hot; new spools of wire and cabling, the somewhat gross smell of brand-new carpeting squares, the smell of new cheap office chairs, and the odd scent of piles of freshly-torn off plastic wrap and packing peanuts. I started to have second thoughts. I put it on anyway. On, wet, initially: Aldehydes blow up into an almost effervescent explosion of new-car smell--that smell of new, chemically-treated fabric x10, along with something like the silicon spray that you treat new suede shoes or sneakers with. I got dressed and hoped that nobody would kill me on the subway. During the course of my 2-train commute, the scent kept shifting as I moved around--I had layers on today (T-shirt, zip hoodie, leather jacket) and whenever I moved little poofs of chemical smells emanated from me. By the time I got the office and threw off my jacket and unzipped my hoodie, things had finally calmed down. For the rest of the day, I smelled like...new suede shoes. Really. As in when you mail order new suede shoes and they just smell like...new suede. Maybe the same shoes after you treat them with one coating of silicon shoe spray and let them dry overnight. So, on me anyway, it dries down to an OK New Suede Thing that is really unisex. However, it's also absolutely unpairable with anything else. I MAY experiment with it in a Clocket, but I'm afraid it will stay too strong without my skin chemistry. I wouldn't call it a miss, but it definitely needs to be used in small quantities and I'd get an imp first to see how your skin chemistry responds. PS the only thing I could see pairing this with would be Whip or Riding Crop to really get the Full Leather Thing going. And seriously folks, if you know anybody with a shoe fetish they will love this. I mean, I think of every single year of High School when I got my new black suede ankle booties for the school year and sprayed them....Sorry for the long review but this one really threw me for a loop. Oh yeah, medium throw but LONG wear length on me.
  4. Threemoons

    The Flame of the Bear

    For me, this is the ultimate Winter Woods Blend--all the evergreen resins, and a hint of not-sweet, not-cloying bayberry. Love it.
  5. Threemoons

    A World of One Color

    This is really lovely, and really matches its haiku. On me I am getting some kind of tonka husk, a lot of cedar, and a sort of odd cool not-foodie berry note...frozen berries? Unsweetened berry granita? Stays close to the skin, but lasts a long time; I was getting pops of the tonka note and berries all day against a background of faint cedar. REALLY nice. You really do feel like you're in a dry, warm temple made of precious woods while its snowing outside and you're watching the light on frozen tree berries.
  6. Threemoons

    When the Frost is on the Punkin

    SOOO gorgeous. Getting raw pumpkin, dry-leaf amber, and some shimmering sugar snow...SO nice! There is a bit of spice, but it's not a Pumpkin Spice Bomb...
  7. Threemoons

    406: NOT ACCEPTABLE v1

    I get a lot of black pepper and marine notes in the bottle, along with undernotes of green tea. On, it gets both more green tea-e and the marine note develops more. Black pepper blast hangs around for a while also. Long unfold, medium throw and length.
  8. Threemoons

    Pickle Hair Gloss

    Okay, finally got my mitts on a bottle of this, and using it as a HG and body spritz. I thought it would be much stronger on me as I tend to amp vanilla, but a ton of people said it was like high-end tropical suntan oil which is what I was going for, so I gave it a shot. SO glad I did! On me, the "lotion" note dissipates quickly and leaves behind a very soft, faint veil of vanilla and tiare with some coconut notes. Luckily, it is NOT a gourmand-y blend on me, which is what I was hoping for. Unlike a lot of my other faves, which tend to run to the very strong (think patchouli/creosote/red musk notes) this one is not only office safe but job interview safe and NYC Gross Sticky Summertime safe. So so gentle and pretty.
  9. Threemoons


    Wow, first! This is a SUPER fresh garden cucumber smell; it even has a sort of "fizzy" edge that reminds me of the fuzz on cucumber vines. Fresh, light, vegetal. Reminds me of picking cucumbers in my grandma's garden when I was a little girl, right down to the fresh sappy/sharp smell of the freshly-twisted cuke stems.
  10. Threemoons

    British Invasion

    This one is such a morpher on me...goes from strong smell of brand new suede shoes, to cheap high-alcohol men's aftershave with leather, then morphs to a sort of woody/almond thing with some citrus, down to a resiny non-gourmand almond with wisps of bergamot...
  11. Threemoons

    FORMULA FFSST5: Hospital

    On me, this is another "blink and you'll miss it" scent. In the bottle: Almost nothing; getting very faint whiffs of an almost citrussy iodine and clean cloth. On, wet: Very faint metallic ozone notes start to pop up. Still very light, almost not there. Drydown: An almost invisible linen and ozone scent. Perfect for really hot summer days; just wish it lasted longer on me.
  12. Threemoons

    FORMULA FFSS8: Spaceship

    This one on me, like a UFO, only appeared in flits and was almost invisible. I got a sort of citrus vapor that flickered in and out of being detectable, and at the end of the day had settled against my skin as the faintest sweet skin citrus.
  13. Threemoons

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    Okay, I'm going through some Great BPALS of Ages Past and pulled this one today. It has settled down SO nicely! Gorgeous incence herby dark floral on me.
  14. Threemoons

    Some Heraldry

    I have a bottle of this and it's ageing gorgeously for me. It was never super-masculine on me, but now it really wears like an expensive woman's sandalwood soap, like the old catalog item from Caswell-Massey. It's NOT like the Chinatown Bee Flower sandalwood soap, nor the Mysore Sandalwood soap from Indian shops. Sweet tobacco flower is what I think the floral side is, and I am getting more of a light/floral sandalwood rather than a masculine one. The leather is really staying in the background on this one.
  15. Threemoons

    Sweet Potato Musk

    Tardy to the party but finally got my hands on this. Loving the maple syrup note; finding it oddly comforting in my scent locket today even though it's as hot as hell in NYC and this is such a fall/winter scent!