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  1. Threemoons

    So Judgey Hair Gloss

    Finally getting around to reviewing this one! I forgot how much I love it. On me, it's a sort of bitter lemon, almost spa-like, smells like a fancy high-end cocktail. Definitely a bit of the fizz/champagne thing going on also but it's not the star of the show; on me, the bitter/herbal lemon is.
  2. Threemoons

    Twilight Grooming Scene

    This one has aged so gorgeously. Revisited this one after a long while. In the bottle: Getting really lovely orange oil and green leafy/chypre notes, emphasis on the orange, almost like orange oil and orange tree leaves crushed together. On, wet: Rushes into an almost spa-type thing; getting a very clean resin of sorts in the background, with slightly more complex florals in it. Drydown: I'm left with a lovely faint floral (the violet note?) with a hint of orange oil lingering in the background.
  3. Threemoons

    Cold Moon 2020

    Okay, so just got my bottle last night; showered this AM and put it on along with the matching T-shirt, and drinking some fudge-flavored iced coffee from Bones Coffee, so I am all set to go on this one. In the bottle: Straight-up perfect Fudgesicle from afternoon snack time at summer camp growing up. As in perfect sensory memory match. On, wet: Fudgesicle note bursts open along with a few bright sparks of some kind of winter garland thing...getting a bit of white chilly floral and a hint of fresh evergreen balsam. Now it's festive fudge that you get from the candy counter of a Christmas tree ornament shop! Drydown--after about two hours it dries down to a sort of sophisticated cocoa powder, snow notes, and that chilly winter garland thing with tiny glimmers of balsam in it. Really pretty and so comforting -- again this is one of the most memory-triggering scents that I've come across in a while. How do you do DIY room sprays? Thanks!
  4. Threemoons

    Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

    In light of the Georgia runoffs, I opened my new bottle of this. WOW what a lovely and uplifting scent. In the bottle: Fresh peaches and peach blossom, and something like sweetgrass. On, wet: Grassy note opens up a little bit, along with some real jasmine notes (NOT cat pee jasmine for those adverse to it) but it's still All About Peach Trees. Drydown: This reminds me of heat shimmer in the summer, in someplace with a peach tree. It's a wonderful summery scent for the winter of our discontent. After drydown, some kind of woody note is in the background; again, if this is the cedar note it's NOT cedar chest strong; it's more like aged cedar lawn furniture and again, peach, florals, and sweetgrass stay front and center on this one.
  5. Threemoons

    Berlin Girls

    Started the new year partying like it's 1921--broke out my unused bottle of this. Wow, does this one switch up on me. In the bottle: Sweet floral with an overlay of strong hot red pepper. On, wet: Here's the crazy part--if I put it on exposed skin (inside of elbow, etc) it opens up into a floral thing with some berries and maybe a back note of patchouli. BUT if I put it on under clothing--shoulder blades etc--I get a spicy patch leather thing going on. Really two sides of the same coin; think femme dom from a naughty nightclub during the Weimar era--they really nailed this one! Long morphy dry down lands on (for both clothed/unclothed areas) into a dry complex floral with little pops of patch and amber. I always do my best to try to get BPAL KS exclusives and I'm glad I got this one.
  6. Threemoons

    Coffee Beans & Copal

    This is one of the last few Yules that I have from last year that I haven't formally worn yet. Another case of ageing making a huge wonderful difference! When I first got it, I got a blast of coffee beans, something sharp, and then...not a lot. Now it's lovely. In the bottle: Fresh black coffee beans, like when you open a new bag of unground dark roast beans, braided with very sharp, resinous whiffs of copal that are almost like lemon furniture polish but not quite just. On, wet: The notes mingle more and mellow each other out; the coffee bean gets more assertive yet smoother and the copal calms down into a gorgeous fresh resinous smoke kind of thing. Drydown: After several hours of running back and forth between my apartment and different chores/shops, it dried down to this gorgeous, resinous powdery thing that is almost like a light bronze amber if that makes any sense; both the coffee and the copal had totally melded into something else. Nice!
  7. Threemoons

    Frostbitten Black Phoenix

    Okay, today I had another "happy rediscovery." Last year I got both Black Phoenix and Frostbitten Black Phoenix. I had done preliminary sniffs of both but had not gotten around to FBBP. This is even LOVELIER after a year of chilling out with the pals in the crate. In the bottle: Honeyed marzipan, with some kind of white floral. On, wet: I'm getting some dark fruit notes, like deep dark plums, coming to the party along with that marzipan and honey note. It's a very rich, dense scent. Drydown: Surprisingly, a lot of the almond/marzipan notes fade and I'm left with a plum/floral sort of skin musk with an echo of honeyed sweetness. Lots of folks reported strong rose with this one but I am not really getting anything that shouts "only rose" out of this, but there is a lovely white tea rose element her. Really gorgeous and festive.
  8. Threemoons

    Mountain Temple

    Ok, rare case where I let a BPAL age a whole year! Today I reached for my bottle after trying it when I got it last year. When I first got it, it was all sandalwood on me and no pine..it's not that I didn't like it but I just moved on to other things. Pulled it out today again and WOW. Total switcheroo! In the bottle: LOTS of fresh pine and a hint of snow, with the tiniest wisp of sandalwood. On, wet: Pine, spruce, and snow notes, sandalwood is in there but getting drowned out. Drydown: Gorgeous sandalwood incense/skin musk notes, almost, with dried pine wood in the background. Gorgeous!
  9. Threemoons

    Weisse Maus v4

    Very interesting blast from the past; got a bottle just recently. In the bottle: This reminds me of very old-school high end perfume from the 20's: Green, sharp floral with a bit of aldehyde/almost hair spray tinge to it; wana say almost like an ancient bottle of L'Air du Temps as remembered from my Grandma's vanity but with a fresher bend. On, wet: Opens up with more white florals--maybe a touch of linden blossom as well as jasmine? Also a sort of waxy/paraffin note like a non-wax candle or expensive lipstick? Hair wax? Drydown--Notes stay stable but you get more of the "cosmetic" scent and white floral musk--think the powder/changing room for a Berlin cabaret in the 20's. Love it.
  10. Threemoons

    Pumpkin Doob

    Wore this for a Zoom job interview that I knew was gonna be 50% bullshit by weight. Suited up, but afterwards put on real clothes and slathered myself in this while placing a Drizly order--no legal weed in NYS yet alas. Anyway, onto the perfume: Yeah, that's some sticky icky alright. Raw herb flower. On, wet: The PS starts to come out a bit, and it's a sharp, strong Pumpkin Spice that somehow accentuates the higher notes on the herb. Drydown: Spicy 50/50 split of fresh herb and PS. I must smell like the good stuff (haven't smoked in a zillion years) because when my Drizly order came, I got the HUGEST smile from the delivery guy and it wasn't just my large tip, I am sure...
  11. Threemoons

    Day-Old Ham

    Finally got an imp of this; I NEED a full bottle NOW. I LOVE IT. IT'S HAM. IT'S DAY OLD GLAZED OVERSALTED ROASTED HAM. I want to bathe in this stuff and take in all of the hammy goodness.
  12. Threemoons

    Blue Moon 2020

    I'm getting a gorgeous blue floral aquatic skin musk thing with this. It's as lovely as I thought it would be.
  13. Threemoons


    Got a frottle of this with a big order! In the bottle: I'm getting mild eucalyptus and grapefruit with a bit of bitter herbs. On, wet: A dry, cool note picks up--getting some fresh mint stem and a whiff of some kind of resin. Drydown: I'm left with a soft mint and mild eucalyptus blend--not Vicks Vapor Rub eucalyptus but more of a dried flower arrangement eucalyptus blend, with pops of citrussy resin. Rather nice! If anyone here got it back in 2014, how was it then?
  14. Threemoons

    Pine Smoke Hair Gloss

    I loved this when I first got it, and it's aged beautifully. The pine needle/sap/bark note is still the star of the show, but it sparkles bright against the deep background of incense notes--it is NOT a "cleaning product/cat pee" pine by far! I'm having fun using it as a layering scent as well as on its own.
  15. Threemoons

    A Demon and Her Unholy Basketball

    SO glad I got this--it reminds me of a PS version of Fire HG almost! In the bottle: Lots of pumpkin spice sugar with maybe a bit more of a burn to it/some caramelization? On, wet: The brimstone note starts to pick up a bit. It needs to be fully dry before the red musk note starts to peek out, and unlike a lot of other BPAL red musk blends, in this one the red musk actually stays in the background/more of a middle note. Really liking this one; shoulda been a Weenie! 😃