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  1. Threemoons

    Dark Pumpkin Mead

    Got this as a frottle with a huge order, finally daring to try it along with more of last year's Weenies. In the bottle: DEEP honey mead--there used to be a local brand in Upstate NY--along with toasted spices and a hint of pumpkin. On, wet: Spice note heats up very quickly, with a good hit of cinnamon in it. Almost burnt/dark honey notes come out as long as the rest of the other spice notes after a bit. Drydown: A really sweet cloud of pumpkin spice mead! Amazing wear length, medium throw, morphs a lot during drydown. Definitely one for the honey and pumpkin spice fans!
  2. Threemoons

    La Calavera Catrina

    Wanted to go all autumnal today, and still trying out some of last year's Weenies, so reached for this. I am normally not into really dry florals/the Lab's deal leaf note so much, but this is amazing. In the bottle: Sharp dry leaves, with a hint of fresh cut green flower stems. On, wet: The dried floral notes start to diversify and bloom out, as well as some kind of really gentle white rose. Drydown: After several hours, the sharpness of the dried leaves is gone and I am left with a very fresh, light, bodega bouquet scent--I know carnation isn't listed but I am getting carnations and marigolds and chrysanthemums from the corner bodega that you would grab on the way out to someone's place for dinner. Much fresher and lighter than I thought it would be; very clean.
  3. Threemoons

    Sour Lemon Smut

    So, getting in the mood for fall by digging out some Weenies from last year. Can't believe I haven't tried this one yet! In the bottle: Add me to the list of people who say that this is Lemonhead candies, perfectly. On, wet: More lemon hard candies, lemon sugar on lemon sugar. Drydown: Still lemony with an almost dark caramel note in wisps in the deep background? It's Lemonheads with depth. Very unexpected but very nice as I love the Lab's lemon scent and I love the lemon candy aspect of this.
  4. Threemoons

    Patchouli Pumpkin Hair Gloss

    Okay, so got a notice that there is no hot water in my building today (revamping the boiler for the winter) so I needed something to layer on over yesterday's Silkybat. Reached for a random HG in my collection and pulled this. It's been a while and WOW this has aged gorgeously. Very gentle blend of pulpy pumpkin with just a hint of pumpkin pie spice--that's really the front of the gloss--with a faint shimmer of dry, warm patchouli in the background. This is first and foremost a Lab Pumpkin Thing; the patchchouli gives it enough backbone to stand up to layering or use on its own. I hope they bring this back as an oil or even another run as a HG.
  5. Threemoons


    Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet, as I have a bunch of backup bottles and use it for layering on the regular! There's a reason why this sells out in two nanoseconds every time it is up for restock. In the bottle: Very approachable patchouli with...something sweet? On, wet: Getting the tiniest hint of some kind of fondant -- that's how the sugar note is expressing itself on me. Also, the patchouli deepens a bit--not in an offensive way, but the bottom note of that real, non-fake patchouli root is definitely there. Drydown=stays very stable, and strong, with crazy good throw and wear length. I usually layer this with other things that need a sweet, patch punch but I sometimes forget how wonderful it is on its own.
  6. Threemoons

    Thirteen (13): August 2021

    WOW. SO glad I got this one. Wish I had gotten a backup. In the bottle: Expensive chocolate truffle coated with raw cocoa powder. Oddly enough in the bottle, I get a strong roasted unsweetened hazelnut scent also. On, wet: Am I the only person alive who still remembers those REALLY expensive/fancy chocolates that are bottle-shaped, filled with a liqueur that matches the fancy foil wraps? Well, I do. They were always a Very Special Treat at either Easter or Xmas for the grown-ups, and I got to pick one. Fast forward a million years later; I have a friend who used to do huge house parties every New Year's Eve and he would have boxes and boxes of them all over his huge apartment, and I tried every single one with childish wonderful abandon. This perfume, on wet, reminds me so much of the rare bottle chocolate filled with herby Chartreuse, or possibly Benedictine, or maybe a mouthful of both. Chocolate as a candy and not cocoa comes out, along with a nice blast of gorgeous mixed Medieval medicinal herbs. Drydown: Dry sweet mix of herbs, with a floating layer of powdered sugar mixed with raw cocoa, which comes back to the party after a break. So balanced and pretty; it lands exactly squarely between a gourmand and a sweet herbal blend. I SO wish I had gotten a backup.
  7. Threemoons

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Odd, but this is a little bit like how I thought Peach Brandy Snake Oil WOULD smell. Really a combo of peach cobbler, peaches in syrup, peach blossom, and peach pulp with sweet cream and vanilla ice cream on it...
  8. Threemoons

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    I bought 3 bottles of this blind, knowing I would love it. So glad I did! In the bottle: Big blast of peach and peach blossom. On, wet: Warms up fast, and I am getting something almost like peach ice cream with a hint of peach brandy. Some kind of vanilla thing is going on also; borderline floral vs. gourmand vanilla. Drydown: After several hours, this dries down to a sort of gorgeous sheer peach vanilla musk; all of the elements blend so perfectly that it's really hard to pick out individual notes. If this perfume was a garment it would be a peach and rose-gold embroidered kimono full of gold and peach embroidery. Really liking this one.
  9. Threemoons

    Cacao, Copal, and Palo Santo

    Total long, slow morpher on me! In the bottle: Dry, deep cocoa powder. On, wet: Copal warms up on the skin, and is somewhat smoky on me--wore it around Mom and she had asked if I had lit incense in the house! Palo Santo is in the background more as a booster. Hours later, after running around and doing chores, Mom asked me if I put a different perfume on and said it smelled more like wood! It was definitely the Palo Santo coming to the front. So, on me, this goes through 3 distinct stages---Cocoa, then the Copal, and then the Palo Santo. VERY long wear/morph time and throw. A real treat and actually very calming.
  10. Threemoons

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    Was going through old crates and I forgot that I had this one! It has aged SO nicely. Pitch-perfect on the popcorn ball element, all dancing around with yummy Snake Oil.
  11. Threemoons

    Burying Point Hair Gloss

    LOVING this in HG form, finally got it after getting the perfume. This is the earthiest, dirtiest patchouli there is--total deep damp earthy patchouli. I love that it has that deep, dark base note that real patchouli root has (I had a hank of raw dried patchouli root years ago). It is such a great layering scent also.
  12. Threemoons

    In Templum Dei

    Oh man...dangerously close to having ALL of the OLLA scents. Had a bottle of this that I had not tried yet. Sooooooooooooooo gorgeous. In the bottle: Gorgeous soft amber resins. On, wet: Resins sharpen up a bit but still a wonderful golden haze. Drydown: Still a radiant, wonderful, blast of light sweet golden resins. No other way to describe this. Need a backup.
  13. Threemoons

    Vampire Lace

    Okay, was going through some of my boxen looking for past purchases that I had not tried yet. Decided to reach for this one. WOW now I see why I let it rest for a while. In the bottle: HOLY CRAP EDNA CLEAN THE CAT BOX ALREADY. STRONG pooey oudh. Now, on me, oudh usually wears only one of two ways: Catbox or sex goddess. I really had fears dabbing this one on because all I was getting out of the bottle was strong, strong oudh/narcissus flowers. On, wet: Yup, poudh. Also, peeking through: A bit of a dry woody note and definitely lilies. Drydown: Oddly enough the oudh retreats and stays very close to the skin; at the end of the day I am left with a sort of corrupted floral with tiny hits of vanilla sweetness and a sort of skin musk tainted with the slightest bit of decaying flowers and wisps of wood. Funny how this reads SO differently on people.
  14. Threemoons

    Frostbitten Krampus

    OK I know this is a weird pick for a sweltering NYC August day...but I was going through some of my older crates and I hadn't opened this one yet, and was in the mood! In the bottle: Frost notes and Krampus' dusty rags with a hint of red musk. On, wet: Frost note starts to pick up in a chilly, minty, floral swirl, and the red musk asserts itself. Overall combo ALMOST smells like tough-guy sweat on a dusty T-shirt that has stale Doublemint spearmint gum in the pocket. Drydown: After a while, everything settles down and I am left with an amazing red musk/dust/minty floral thing; for the minty floral think really old school Doublemint spearmint gum with a hint of white florals. Overall effect is still Krampus-feral, but with that minty whiff. Good throw and good wear length,
  15. Threemoons

    Pecan Pie Oud

    CAME HERE TO SAY THIS HECK YEAH First of all, let me say that I need a whole bottle of this, STAT. I want to slather this on with abandon. In the vial: A blast of nutty, caramelly oudh. On, wet: Aaah, here's the test, as oudh is usually either "total sex goddess" or "cat box" on me with no room in between. Luckily, it's the former here! Oddly sexy-sweet combo of...pecan pie and oudh, with the oudh really elevating the vanilla notes especially. Drydown: A really interesting gourmandy almost skin musk kind of thing! Says close to the skin, a tad powdery, with lingering notes of pie crust, roasted nuts, vanilla, and caramel oudh. YUM.