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  1. Threemoons

    Butternut Squash, Patchouli, and Green Fig

    Not sure quite how to describe this one...maybe "Festive Gourd Lite" for people who don't like the clove in Pumpkin Spice Whatever? In the bottle: Something sharp and green, and a blast of LOTS of cinnamon. As in Olde Timey Candle Shoppe Cinnamon. On, wet: The fig note starts to open up, and the whole thing reminds me of some Very Expensive Hand Soap, Hand Cream, and Dish Detergent scent that someone got me from Williams-Sonoma a zillion years ago...think spicy fig. Drydown....Will Patchouli please come to the courtesy phone in the lobby or find a Scent Lobby Employee because you're not in the system. Not getting ANY patch on either drydown or all day outside wear. Ditto for any butternut squash, although as noted I am getting an overall sorta PS vibe on this, but nothing Festive Gourdy really standing out. I can sort of see the green cardamom thing, but I'm not getting a lot of it. Overall, this is a very almost mainstream "holiday spice" thing on me, minus the clove blast. OTOH if you amp cinnamon you may want to shy away from this one. May re-try after giving it a little nap in the crates. EDIT -- a DAY later, I wake up and finally smell the patchouli. The cinnamon blast has calmed down a lot and it's more of a fig and very light patch blend.
  2. Threemoons


    Wore this yesterday and this AM. In the bottle: Fruity, boozy, and lush, with a hit of incense in the background. On, wet: Getting a sort of floral red musk added to the fruity boozy note as well as some red patchouli. Incense starts to drift to the front of the line. Drydown: A foodie, fruity funnel-cake base, with a layer of rosy red musk and incense floating on top! Medium throw and wear length; while on it kind of floats between the upper and lower notes.
  3. Threemoons

    Lavender Buttercream

    Doing the "alphabet" this month; fell behind a few days, but today L is for this lovely scent! So glad I got it. It pretty much is what it says on the label. In the bottle: Strong, herbaceous lavender. On, wet: The lavender gets hot on the skin, fast, and then starts to calm down. After a bit of a drydown, the buttercream steps up. Drydown: The herbaceousness of the lavender calms down to more of a culinary lavender, and the buttercream finally takes its place alongside its partner here. My only complaint is that I wished it had more throw and wear length. I really like this and wish it was a GC because it's so beautiful in its simplicity. If my local bakery had cupcakes that smelled like this I would be tempted to get one every day!
  4. Threemoons


    Well, this is an odd one on me...got a vintage bottle on eBay. In the bottle: Boozy prune juice. On, wet: More boozy prune juice with brandy and orange peel. Drydown: A black pepper/spice note steps up finally! Also getting a sharp resin of some sort. Mind you, this is a very old bottle, and is nice and thick. At the end of a long wear I'm left with a whiff of spices. Long drydown, low throw.
  5. Threemoons

    The Jersey Devil

    Been wearing this for a few days, want to review before I shower In the bottle: Blackberries and pine needles. On, wet: The "forest floor" note picks up, with some of the cedar scent. Drydown: A teeny bit of the tomato leaf finally comes out. It still stays very strongly a berry thing on me; I would call this a berry-forward woods perfume with a few hits of pine.
  6. Threemoons

    Gingerbread Campfire

    Well this one is a sleeper hit! When I first got it, it was very bottle-tight and almost plasticky. So I gave it a rest. Cracked it open today for Alphabet September, and it is much better for it. In the bottle: Damp smoke--a lot--and a hint of spice. On, wet: Getting a deep red ginger thing, both fresh ginger and dried ginger, with a real spicy heat to it. Drydown: A combo of fresh grated ginger, dried ginger, damp smoke, and secondary smoky patchouli almost. Loving it. Gets more woody old campfire/patch the longer it wears. Medium throw but long wear length.
  7. Threemoons


    Received a frottle of this a while ago; finally cracked it open to play "alphabet letter a day" this month. In the bottle : Oddly slightly fruity amber with saffron notes. On, wait: Getting a very warm cinnamon and citrus thing when it first goes on. Fruity note from bottle dissipates and getting more of a "golden" feel to this. Drydown : I get sort of a golden sweet amber thing, with hits of saffron and sweet lemon. This is another one of those scents that on me, it smells different when it's on a covered body part vs an uncovered one. Alas, very low throw and wear length. I do like this one.
  8. Threemoons

    Eucalyptus, White Mint & Lemon Peel

    Looking for a perfect spa scent? This is it. In the bottle: A very strong blast of eucalyptus and mint. On, wet: Eucalyptus starts very strong, like Vicks Vapor Rub, and then calms down. I get an almost spearmint gum like note then with a hint of citrus. Drydown: Minty spa water with...something clean? Citrus not really lasting but overall effect is great for a hot day.
  9. Threemoons

    Demon Goggles

    New to me; so glad I got a frottle of this. In the bottle: Dusty, dirty tobacco with a harsh booze note. On, wet: Spicy hot ashes with a backnote of weed; gradually gets less boozy and goes more towards weed and dry dusty grass. End of drydown/long day of wear...Dirty gingerbread! I am not making this up. Gingerbread laced with a bit of brimstone. No idea why, but here we are!
  10. Threemoons

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    I got a bottle of this a while ago - the OG -- on eBay. In the bottle Snake oil with a bit of wood/dry wood. On, wet: The oakmoss and woody notes open up even more on the skin! Drydown: Something very close to original Snake Oil, but with a slight hit of woody spice to it, and a bit of a green note that pops to the front once in a while. Now I want the newest iteration to compare!
  11. Threemoons

    Frogberry Moon

    I am loving this so much. Yesterday I really needed a mood pick me up and after I showered I reached for this. In the bottle: Super berries and watery florals. On, wet--some of the musk starts to come out. I am totally in love with the Lab's blue and green musks and this did not disappoint. Also getting little pops of strawberry and grapefruit--as others have noted, almost bubblegum or candy but not quite. Dries down to a fresh berry and waterflower floral musk thing. Glad I got a backup of this!
  12. Threemoons

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    OK, finally got around to opening my imp of this; here to say what most others have; perfect sweet pea and vanilla. May upgrade to a full bottle and/or get one for wearing and one for layering.
  13. Threemoons

    Four Seasons Alchemy Lab

    Finally pulled this one out; needed something herby and fresh and this fits the bill perfectly. In the bottle: Lemongrass with a slight hit of sweetness and dustiness. On, wet: Getting sweet lemon drop and gingerbread vibes, with a slight note of darker background herbs and a bit of resin. Drydown: After a few hours, this settles into a sort of soft herbal blend with hits of citrus on me...maybe a pinch or two of the Lab's concrete note as well. Surprisingly refreshing for summer!
  14. Threemoons

    Papyrus, Cardamom & Balsam

    While doing some rearranging in my apartment, I came across a box of stuff that largely hadn't been opened yet; decided to try this one today! In the bottle: Oddly sour, like old, dry paper -- maybe the papyrus is bottle-tight? On, wet: Aaah, that's better. Notes start to open up and the cardamom softly steps forward, while the papyrus smells more like actual dried papyrus reeds. After warming up on the skin for a bit, the balsam makes itself known and throws itself over the other two notes like a delicate warm angora lace scarf. It's an odd wear in a way -- it stays very cardamom-forward on my exposed skin (aka crook of elbow, wrist) but when I lift the neck of my shirt to take a whiff it's very balsam-forward. Glad I got this one.
  15. Threemoons

    Nag Champa and Neroli

    Been wearing this for two days now after finally opening it. Really lovely and perfect for sticky hot summer days here in NYC. In the bottle: A smooth blend of Neroli with...something that one can't easily identify. On, wet: While the Neroli is the "up front" note here, it very very quickly calms down to this gorgeous sort of golden soft almost floral citrus and incense thing, and the two notes continue to meld more deeply with each other. After a few hours of drydown, one is left with a magical veil of mellow citrus-incense skin musk that stays close to the skin but lasts a long time, once the initial "citrus burn" of the neroli calms down. I can see myself layering this one with All the Things as well as wearing it on its own.