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It is the lady of midnight and she has arrived! She of Two Faces, She Who Eats Filth, the Death Caused by Lust – Tlazolteotl – is the Aztec goddess of the regenerative function of the earth, human sexuality, and fertility. She represents the active female principle in the eternal cycle of life feeding death and death feeding life. Her arms, dressed in flayed skins, embrace mirrored principles of sin and purification: she inspires lust, depravity, overindulgence, vice, lechery, and licentiousness, and is also empowered to cleanse and forgive moral, spiritual, and fleshly sins. Her scent is a melding of her symbols and offerings: chapapote and black copal with cacao, black honey, maize, and cotton blossoms.

I found this imp at the bottom of my Yule bottle box and had never tried it, so decided to give myself a good slather before my shower this morning.


What a lovely scent on my skin! It smells like a very dusty incense from the copal, the cacao isn't foody but gives it almost a patchouli vibe, and the cotton blossom keeps the vetiver in check. This is a smokier, darker version of Nasty Woman on my skin. Fitting for the goddess it represents. This is a bottle worthy blend for me!

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I received an imp as a goodie from a forum member from whom I made a purchase. I was almost going to skip it, expecting that the notes would not work on me. Honey is usually overwhelmingly sweet and almost none of the chocolate scents have worked. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot! This is one of the most interesting blends I have tried. As many have mentioned, it morphs constantly from application to dry down. I felt like it was a different scent each time I inhaled. Once it settled it was this lovely not-foodie, not-floral, kind of resin-y mix. I can’t pick out one particular note, it is so wonderfully balanced. I think the cacao give it a deep, grounding element. At one point the cotton blossom came to the fore, but then backed off to coexist beautifully with everything else. I know this isn’t a terribly precise review, but I’ll just say everyone should give Tlazolteotl a try. It is a sophisticated, gorgeous blend!

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I get a sense impression of a black jewel. A faceted black onyx but clearer, with a light within it.


At first it has an acrid, fume-y note. Chapapote means ashphalt and I guess this is it. I thought it might be too harsh/masculine but now I love it.


The maize and cacao are a bit like patchouli but this doesn't misbehave on my skin. The cotton flower is a light white floral scent over the top giving me that sense of a light inside the darkness. 


It starts out similar to a sophisticated Oriental type scent. It dries down softer and sweeter as the honey comes out more. On me this is not a long lasting scent. 

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