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    Shub-Niggurath, Mme. Moriarty, In Night when colors all to black are cast Notes I like: plum, black & red musk, vanilla, tea, tobacco, myrrh, sandalwood, marshmallow; I rather stay away from: orris, heady florals, aquatics

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  1. Something_Diabolical


    This smells like warmth. Like the smell of a lit stove. I didn't know what to expect from the promised "fire" note but it smells like the heat around a fire without any smoke. There is nothing acrid about this. This is honeyed slightly vanillic amber that's super warm and comforting. A keeper so far.
  2. Something_Diabolical

    Snakes Basking in the First Sunbeams of Spring

    In the beginning the honey note is a bit funky but that subsides quickly. It still smells like sniffing a jar of dark honey while wearing snake oil but in a good way. The orange blossom makes it brighter and sunnier but it's never in the forefront. I don't get any grass or cinnamon from this. It is just light enough to be warm weather appropriate but still stays on for a long time (a few tiny dabs lasted ca. 8 hours for me). I think this is beautiful and I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the next months.
  3. Something_Diabolical

    Baby’s First Ballista

    Even though I'm not necessarily a fan of oak this one's quite lovely. It still reminds me a bit of furniture but it's well balanced by the sugar cookies and vanilla. It's very sweet when I directly smell my wrists but when I get the occasional whiff and already forgot I wear perfume I think "mmmhh what smells so nice". Also this scent seems to remind me of something I cannot put my finger on.. and I guess it's the aforementioned "furniture" aspect I get. It's almost sparking some kind of childhood memory but my cobwebby 24 y/o brain has lost the main part. I think I'll use up my decant but won't be upgrading to a whole bottle.
  4. Something_Diabolical

    Al Azif

    Didn't care for this too much when I tried it first but I retested it today, aged 3+ years (both me and the imp) and I think it's really growing on me. I can't pick out any notes but incense and something sweet. The sweetness is not cloying at all and it's all smooth and mellow. It's skin close and doesn't have much throw on me. Would be my only complaint cause otherwise I really like it.
  5. Something_Diabolical


    This is a summery spa scent like some of the previous reviewers said. Based on the notes I expected it to be weaker and not so long lasting but it stays on really well. The tea is not harsh or bitter, the lemon just adds a little freshness without coming across cleaner-like. I guess the honeysuckle is what's making it sweet and soft. Overall a well blended scent. I don't think I need a bottle at this point but I'll keep my imp.
  6. Something_Diabolical


    This is so good. Smells like sexy ginger cookies. Very ginger forward but not sharp or nose-tingling. Overall a warm, inviting and sweet scent. Will probably need more in the future.
  7. Something_Diabolical


    This was a straight-up generic aquatic scent bordering on stale perfume. I didn't smell any vanilla in this but I think I got an idea of the lily which I don't necessarily get along with. At least here. Reading the reviews I can definitely second that it's soapy smelling. I didn't like this at all and washed it off because it was giving me a head-ache.
  8. Something_Diabolical

    Miskatonic University

    It's weird because I don't get much coffee from this. Probably a tiny drop of coffee mixed with a lot of milk and probably caramel syrup. The wood notes come out when it dries and I definitely get dust from this. These become more prominent the longer I wear it but it remains sweet. It IS evocative of dusty tomes and polished wood. Something I'd wear for bedtime or when I'm reading.
  9. Something_Diabolical

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    Since I like red musk but I'm a bit picky and this scent has been mentioned a lot in recommendations for best red musk blends I blind bottled this. I purchased mine directly from the lab and it's relatively new. I don't regret it at all. It's lovely. In the imp I get mostly dark plum and other unidentifiable fruits (so... pomegranate and currant) and a bit of patchouli. It's not sharp to my nose, but quite tart. The tartness increases a bit when it dries down but it behaves and even later it get a little bit sweeter most likely from the vanilla. Stays on well and is noticeable throughout the day without reapplication.
  10. Something_Diabolical


    Sweet pumpkin, spices and the tiniest bit of peach that makes it a little fruity. It's one of those that stays close to the skin and is rather faint at least for me. I used up my imp but I don't think I'll need more since I prefer scents that are a bit stronger.
  11. Something_Diabolical

    Vixen Hair Gloss

    I received a tester of this in a swap with just enough left to spray a few times. At first I thought I was smelling snake oil which is probably the patchouli and something really sweet. It isn't overpowering so far and the ginger adds some subtle spiciness. I like it and it makes me want to try the perfume oil.
  12. Something_Diabolical

    Gingerbread Sin

    Initially a blast of gingerbread, lots of baked goods. Sin comes out more the longer I wear it and plays really well with the gingerbread. It fades to a spicier Sin with a little kick from the ginger. Really pretty and long lasting.
  13. Something_Diabolical


    I already swapped away one imp of this but with my last order I got another frimp so i thought I'd give this another try. In the imp it's very citrus-y and sweet. It bites my nose a little. No cleaner association though. It stays like that after application and smells really strong to my nose. Kinda like expensive perfume too, I guess that is the copal-floral-mix. Mellows a bit after a while but stays linear and very noticeable. I can see why people compare it to Angel by Mugler which I hated (basically head ache in a bottle for me). Compared to this one I like Xiuhtecuhtli a lot more, find it even enjoyable but I think it isn't necessarily my style and it makes me slightly anxious about developing a head ache while wearing it (didn't happen so far but I guess that's the association with Angel).
  14. Something_Diabolical

    Heart-Shaped Beanie on the Metro

    I got this as a frottle from the lab. It's something I'd never have chosen based on the scent notes, I mean floral and sugar... Usually not on my radar. But it is a really pretty scent, a little sweet, a little sour from the orange blossom, the rose adds some freshness. It's a really "happy" scent, at least it makes me happy. So far it behaves on me and stays pretty linear, nothing goes funky or soapy like florals sometimes do. I think I'll keep my bottle.
  15. Something_Diabolical

    Gingerbread Mummy

    This is really yummy. I tried this and another Gingerbread scent and I think I need more perfumes with this note. In Gingerbread Mummy I don't get any of the notes but the Gingerbread and Vanilla. I think the marshmallow butter just adds sweetness. It doesn't smell like butter at all. Just lovely sweet gingerbread. On me it lasts quite a while but doesn't have outstanding staying power. Potential bottle upgrade.