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    Jersey Devil, Scherezade, A Savage Veil Severe and Strong, Queen Alice, Schwarzer Mond, Light of men's lives, Sin, Dorian, Eat Me, Alice, Samhainophobia (but it seems to make my nose burn), aged Snek Oil | Non BPAL: Chanel Coco, Coco Mademoiselle Intense, Gucci Guilty Black, Serge Lutens Five o'clock gingembre, Miss Dior | Notes I like in no particular order(what I know so far): beeswax, musk especially red, carnation, honey, patchouli, vanilla, plum, bergamot, tea, clove, sandalwood, peach, spices (but no cinnamon bombs), some cake scents Dislike: too powdery, in-your-face-floral, some fruits like pineapple, grapes & banana, butter, aquatics

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  1. Something_Diabolical

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Ooh I love it. I'm not sure how the captured scent of a decadent treat like funnel cakes (which I've never smelled but I know it's fried and sugary) can make a strong perfume like SO more wearable. Don't get me wrong I like regular SO but it can get to heavy for me and the vanilla sometimes becomes to strong, almost candlelike. Here I get a sweet baked goods scent when wet and while it dries the snake oil becomes more prominent. Yep. Snake Oil and baked goods. For me it has just the right amount of sweetness. It is long lasting, I could smell it in my hair the next day. I think I'll get a bottle of this.
  2. Something_Diabolical


    I have a decant of the 2019 version. Damn these are some really damp woods. Like woods that have been set on fire and then heavy rain started. I also get some buttery slightly tart sweetness from the apples. Weirdly it's the sweet part of the blend that reminds me of Samhainophobia even though there are no apples listed in the notes of that one. I can not distinguish the other notes. I can see how I'd like the scent a lot but there's this dank smell, most likely the damp woods, that make it a little funky. I'm not sure if I want to evaporate this for others to smell as it might come across as musty basement. But maybe it's just my nose being weird right now because I sniffed too much perfume.
  3. Something_Diabolical

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    Vanilla with something boozy and slightly astringent which I suspect to be the cognac and the camomile mixed together. When I first tried it, it dried down a bit powdery but it didn't happen with later tests. I think the amber becomes more prominent when dry but it's rather complimenting the other notes than overpowering them. A really pretty scent.
  4. Something_Diabolical

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    This is almost all Dead Leaves when you sniff the vial and right after application. After a few minutes I detect the sweeter components of the blend. I don't get pistachio from it. It's more like... Dead Leaves with sweet cream. It's a green and foody type scent. It's nice. I will do some more testing with it and then I'll device if I want to keep the bottle.
  5. Something_Diabolical


    It's a strong scent that reminds me of clean laundry that has been washed with a lot of fabric softener. Nothing I'd wear as a perfume but I made a linen spray using my imp of Dirty and sometimes I spray it on my clean laundry before hanging it to dry.
  6. Something_Diabolical

    Endless Corridors

    Somewhat floral beeswax at the beginning. Then the "snuffed candle" aspect comes through. Fully dried it's a waxy, slightly burned scent when I huff my wrist but the wafts I occasionally get are mostly the beeswax. I mean it definitely smells like the description says. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it so I'll retest it later and see how it ages. EDIT: This is also very long-lasting. I put it on yesterday around 6 pm and now it's 3 pm it's still noticeable on me.
  7. Something_Diabolical

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    A cool-toned peach scent. It's slightly perfumey and floral. I think this would be great for summer. However it's a bit faint on the downside. Will see how it lasts during a whole day.
  8. Something_Diabolical

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Wow this is an interesting one. Normally it wouldn't be something I'd choose based on the notes since I'm not familiar with ambergris and lavender and oud are usually not something I look for. The reviews here got me interested in it and I wanted to try it yet I had no idea what to expect. From the bottle it smells mostly of fresh lavender with something soft and slightly sweet underneath. The lavender doesn't last long when I put it on my skin. While drying it becomes softer, sweeter and slightly vanillic yet not smelling like actual vanilla if that makes any sense. While I can not smell the lavender anymore I think it still adds a bit of freshness makes the blend a little bit colder. I tried one other scent with oud and I wasn't impressed by it. Here it is a non stanky one and I can not detect it at all. I have a few scents on my arms now and To a wreath is the strongest of them while still being delicate. It's a really pretty scent yet so unusual.
  9. Something_Diabolical

    Schwarzer Mond

    I have a decant from Schwarzer Mond 2011. It is a rich and quite sweet scent but not powdery. I can not smell any individual notes. And yes it reminds me of cola like some other reviewers. But it's still very wearable and complex. I'd buy a bottle if I find one for sale.
  10. Something_Diabolical


    Red musk and spices. I have no idea what saffron smells like. It stays pretty much the same after application and is really long lasting. I smelled it on my shirt the day after I wore Scherezade. It's a really pretty and unusual scent. Also a bit sweet but not too much. I'll probably get a bottle after my imp ran out.
  11. Something_Diabolical

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    While it smells absolutely divine in the bottle it seems like it's unwearable for me. After a while all I smell is sweet and cloying maple syrup amped to high heavens. Too bad. I'll try again with just the tiniest dab and see if it will make it any better.
  12. Something_Diabolical


    When wet it reminds me of cola or cola syrup. It's not bad but I don't get the association out of my head so it's all I'm smelling. Overall it's sweet and sour, slightly spicy and turns more powdery when dry. Oh well, cola scented powder.
  13. Something_Diabolical


    I'm wearing it right now and it's so nice. It starts rather masculine on me. That most likely comes from the woods. However it mellows out and fully dried I get more of the sweetness from Tonka and sandalwood only a hint of the masculine scent I got from the wet stage. I'm not really a fan of rose but rosewood seems to work out for me. I think I'll put this on my "wear more often" list and see if I want a bottle.
  14. Something_Diabolical


    Washing day for cthulu? Yep I also get the soapy aspect others mentioned. It's not bad but not really something I want to smell like everyday.
  15. Something_Diabolical


    There is a stage, shortly after application, that was really pretty to my nose. I think it was the beeswax that came out. Seems to me I like beeswax. Unfortunately this turned stanky on me in the drydown. Must be the oud. It smelled like a rotting piece of wood that was dried. Sometimes it gave me also the impression of really old milk chocolate that you find several years after expiration. (doesn't really smell like chocolate but it's the sweetness from the beeswax mixed with the stanky wood scent) Nope not for me.