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  1. Lycanthrope

    Blue Lotus, Violet Petals, & Orris Concrete

    I nearly missed this, glad I checked Facebook after seeing Beth's NOT EVERY MOON IS A SUPERMOON (Karen) post. Thank goodness! I was like ah. Many of my favorite notes all together? Into the cart. I have some infused jojoba oil with Blue Lotus, as the EO itself is rare and precious - this is from Nature's Gift and was an oil extraction of the lotus petals. I can smell the slightly funky, cold, but also deeply sweet aroma of lotus. It's hard to describe, but to me, the lotus absolutes have a slightly... deep, almost rubbery (but not in a bad way!) note, which is blended with a very intriguing, hypnotic... otherness. It has always straddled the line between striking and stunning, like push/pull, slightly repellant but so much so that you have interest in still smelling. Sort of like my relationship with mugwort, except lotus on me goes to sublime hypnotic background of smooth, soft-spoken floral on me. As the blend dries, I get a bit more of the sweeter topnote of violet petals. Though, if you waved this at me description unseen, I would not describe this as violet primary (slightly sad, but also, super glad this reads as more lotus forward without being bubblegum lotus). If there is orris it is providing a very subtle dustiness in the backdrop, but is also not overriding the lotus. I have been a staunch collector of Blue Moons, and though they vary, I think many have blue lotus, and I absolutely love how it remains discoverable even with repeated wrist snorfling. I admit... I blind bought a few. If you love lotus, with a hint of a deep blue-purple cloud of florals supporting, please to get this blend.
  2. Lycanthrope


    I need something gentle, charismatic, inspiring, and why not a Twilight Alchemy Blend? This is very strongly rose and melissa (that topnote of lemon balm), also with a thin but present note of honey floating above the rose. Initially the rose is wet, quite dewy, damp, with a bit of time it softens a smidge but this is still very rose forward. The jasmine now comes out a bit as a smokey almost incense-like topnote, you can tease it apart from the rose, and then... wow, there's the sweet smush of a subtle but strawberry pulp. Though I'm not getting much immortelle (helichrysum) it may be hiding under everything or supporting the bright floral/fruit that is the initial weartime. I'm a huge rose amplifier (Elizabeth of Bohemia? Ehhhh?) so after some time it still reads very much as a dewy real rose. I think that tempering the complete floral is the honey, vanilla, and butter. Benzoin is vanilla-like (and I am a smidge worried about using benzoin directly on my skin as it -can- be a sensitizer), though none of that is a primary note. Throw: intense! Immense! Lasting Power: <in progress> but so far, hours
  3. Lycanthrope

    Raccoon Moon 2020

    Starts off very slushy, and dirty, and atmospheric. Kind of like day old dirty snow, but not in a bad way. I smell a little bit of that wintergreeny top note of birch. It passes through a bit of a phase where it smells like Yggdrasil before aging morphed it super minty, and then... yes, florals. This is quite unique! I would say there are raccoons now rutting above me, but it's just my neighbors. Oh... wait...
  4. Lycanthrope

    Sip of Glass

    Cheers! Shards of white musk and brittle white olibanum glinting with muguet, Riesling grapes, ambergris accord, and elemi. Wet, it's a subdued champagney scent, with maybe a hint of aquatic (ambergris?). Immediately on, I get a TON of the ambergris as a salty waxy resin, then the olibanum (frankincense) delicately in the background, first... then, well, here comes the muguet, as a chorus of waxy flowers, just rising to the middle of the pack. I can definitely get a bit more of the smoky olibanum as time passes, any hint of champagne is not overpowering. Oh! There's maybe a hint of my beloved Sea of Glass, but it... doesn't go all the way to that crystal clarity, it's a bit more fluffy with the powdery white musk and ambergris working together to ensure this is not super high pitched. I'd say maybe it's a variant of Sea of Glass with more smokyness due to the olibanum. Now that I smell this on me, I have to wonder if Sea of Glass (which has no listed notes) also has a bit of ambergris accord. I'm not sure what elemi smells like. My brain does this thing where I see 'elemi' and think 'emu,' which are not the same thing... This is an interesting scent for sure. Throw is low-moderate, but when I get a whiff it's arresting.
  5. Lycanthrope

    Rapture Pig

    The end is nigh: sweet pink musk, spun sugar, red currant, candied rose petals, and rose jelly. In the bottle, this is a strong, very candy-like rose, a bit of Hope, but there's definitely sooooo much sugar, even a bit of Sugar Skull sweetness? The jelly, spun sugar, sweet, candied, so much... makes this a very powerful sugary scent. The red currant does add a bit of sharp snappiness, but it's presenting floral forward (and that flower is... ja... no, ROSE). Initially on, I get much more of the red currant, but only for a moment, and then a hint of a kind of pastille candy, maybe a conversation heart, but then the conversation becomes a shouting, shouting match of ROSE, PETALS, ROSE, with maybe a bit of cotton candy and bubblegum peeking around, but always walloped by the rose! The color I get is definitely a pink. Pink, catastrophic, end-times pink, like, the world is engulfed in a deluge of petals, and there is no escape. With some time, it still remains rose-forward but is not a single like 'The Rose' or 'The First Rose,' there's enough extra sugary-ness and crystallized sugar around that it is a candy rose. Much more potent than Hope. Much, much more so.
  6. Snake Oil and threads of pale lavender with shadowy oudh, sweet oakmoss, violet leaf, and rose geranium. Wet, gritty, deep lavender. On skin, immediately the deep, husky oudh is apparent, over a very purple cloud of lavender. With a bit of time, the dark oudh deepens, even, getting a touch of that feral quality. Mostly getting a dark green, velvety leaf from the oakmoss/violet leaf combination that is not terribly overbearing. Generally rose geranium shrieks on me, but I'm not getting much of that character at all. The Snake Oil languishes in the background as a bit of exotic sweet, but it's primarily a rich lavender-oudh. It's so... very potent, this is a scent that does not take prisoners. Over even more time, it fuses into a very smooth, velvety blanket of deep oudh.
  7. Snake Oil, mimosa, neroli, crushed herbs, and star jasmine.  Bright mimosa in the bottle with a hint of spices. On the skin, this is a swoosh of mimosa petals and neroli. This reminds me a LOT of Mania, for some reason. There's not strawberry listed as a note but I get a very edible candy sweetness/floral. With a bit of time, there's a bit of a uniform greenery, almost like... basil? or some kind of neutral herb, adding some light leafiness to the floral fruit, then it starts getting closer to an orange / orange blossom aroma. Hanging in the far back is a whisper of the deep base of Snake Oil, but it's not overpowering. With time, it actually even veers a little into lemony-citrus territory, and I wonder if the mimosa is doing some of that. Overall very light, youthful, quite unique. I like it!
  8. Ice-rimmed minted-slushed Snake Oil and winter’s last snowdrops swimming in a small pool of melted sleet. This is so... very different. Wet, I get a very gravelly ice, just like Black Ice's sleet and slush note. I don't know what I'm getting as a rocky scent. It's not a very sweet mint, for those concerned this is a Yule-bright peppermint. It's quite dark, muddy, in fact. There's a bit of a gray-blue coldness to this. Distant, and I'm not getting a lot of Snake Oil's general sultry red-ness. I wonder if maybe the snowdrop is adding a bit of a strange, waxy petal-ness over the slushy snake, but it's an intriguing combination. If there's some salt in it, I'm getting some of what BPAL's salty note does to me, which is a touch of tortilla-corn. Very odd. I'll keep at wearing it. It's not quite what I envisioned it to be.
  9. Lycanthrope


    The membrane enclosing the heart: white sandalwood and rice milk shimmering with sheer vanilla, white amber resin, frankincense, and a drop of sweet clove. This smells very smooth in the bottle, sweet woods. On, this immediately brings to mind Liz but without the pepperyness or the smoldering smoke. I'm getting more of the vanilla and amber, and less of the milk and smoky frankincense. The clove, if present, truly is just a little drop since I'm not getting a very strong spicy vibe. This stays very close to the skin, and does have light throw, but it's silken smooth, and remains a non-foody vanilla floating over a dry, medium weight sandalwood. I'll have to give it more wear time.
  10. Lycanthrope

    Mitral Valve

    A pressure drop as a result of relaxation: French lavender, luminous Corsican juniper, benzoin, honeyed carnation, wild hops, and blue musk. Very much a beautiful lavender when wet. I anticipate this would be an excellent bedtime scent. After it sits for a while, I'm getting a bit of that rich slightly sweet resin from benzoin, but it's just a hint. The carnation is a delicate white whisper in the background, just enough, without being too flashy. I love carnation. There's a bit of a hoppy/herbal backdrop from the juniper and hops together, grounding it a bit. I think the blue musk (which generally evades my detection but is present) is lending an ethereal whisper glow to the whole blend. It's so elegant and restrained! TKO for me is nice but often too sweet, this seems a nice alternative. Going to give it some wears, including bedtime. If this helps me drift off to sleep... there may be multiple bottles of this in my future...!
  11. Lycanthrope

    Unicorn Junk

    Coconut foam, Siamese benzoin, Himalayan cedar, translucent petals, lilac milk, and mallow. From the bottle, this smells buttery, coconut, marshmallow. I'm excited. Fresh on, this is milk, chewy, syrupy coconut milk, with the benzoin adding a bit more depth to the foodiness. I'm really looking for the lilac or petals... but am not really finding either. It's settling into a very rich, dense, marshmallow/vanilla resin scent, with a little sprinkling of coconut. Hrm. Either the flowers are so well blended that they're hard to find, or perhaps this is more about the foodier notes. It's still very potent, and would please coconut lovers and marshmallow lovers.
  12. Lycanthrope

    Snow Moon 2019

    Definitely fresh, bright, tart yuzu from the bottle. A bit of a departure from past Snow Moons? On, the yuzu does its thing, and gets a bit... settled, and then I'm getting white apple and yuzu, a very fruity moon. I can get a bit of the snowdrops and a very, very faint slushy pine, but at least on me, the fruits really keep it up and I still get a rind-y orange/yuzu, almost kind of sangria-like in its intensity. I'm not getting musk, not on myself at least. My chemistry must be super weird, since I invited the Queen of the North to my party, and instead of being Isabelle Humprettia the Third, all reserved, icy, and judgy, I'm getting Becky Noonan from Delta Tri-Kappa-Phi-Pi-Delta, who has brought her own fixins' to make a proper southern (or Japanese fusion?!?) white wine sangria, with sliced apples and yuzu. Becky's fun, don't get me wrong, but this is a bit of a surprise given the moon concept.
  13. Lycanthrope

    Two Pairs of Lovers Atmosphere Spray

    Green tea, oakmoss, frankincense, mint absolute, and raw green patchouli. Definitely not what I was expecting, but marvelous. When I first sprayed this, the combination of notes read forward to me as 'Christmas?' 'Pine?' That probably was the oakmoss and tea together conspiring to make me dream of Yules. That burned off quickly though to reveal a very fresh, tasty mint. I think it's a combination of peppermint and spearmint, since it's not the sweetest pepperminty scent, but like the perfect butter mint, and then behind it is a swell of gritty, growly patchouli. A little smokyness from the frankincense, but not enough to launch it into incense territory, it's a very unique, cold, green, chewy, patchouli-mint. Yay!
  14. Lycanthrope

    Honeyed Honeysuckle Atmosphere Spray

    Well, now, this is a beautiful floral with a hint of sweetness. It's the best honeysuckle ever. On me, honeysuckle gets all sharp and shrill, so I have to be careful wearing it. In the air, though... oh my. Please don't miss this if you're a fan of BPAL's honeysuckles. If you do, you'll... totally... suck...le. :L
  15. Lycanthrope

    The Tigress Atmosphere Spray

    Red musk and sweet golden amber with red agarwood, leather, labdanum, black tea, orris, and lavender. Wow! Well, this is definitely very, very leather-forward. It's the cool leather note, and when first spritzed, I swear it's almost a sprayable harness, hah hah! In all seriousness, there's a hint of the lavender present when you're smelling the top of the sprayer. When dispersed into the air, yes, leather is very apparent, but behind it is a very well blended warmth, although it's a bit of a stand-offish warmth, if that makes sense. The amber, musk and labdanum give a bit of support, but in no means do I get resinous from this at all. It's very sensuous, but also callous, in only the best way.