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  1. Lycanthrope

    Tahitian Landscape

    Ever since the Tiki Lounge scents, there has always been a soft spot in my heart and hole in my wallet for tropical and coconut scents. I'm one of those guys who likes the idea of summer rather than actually sitting in it, so tropical florals mixed with pineapple, coconut, anything that elicits the concept of summer and the Tropics is a call to me. Cold sniff from the bottle, it's a mix of a warm coconut meat, not husky, and mostly awapuhi (ginger lily/maybe the red torch ginger?), with a smidge of Alba botanical's Gardenia shampoo (a staple of mine). It's a bit more foody at this point, like the coconut meat is strong and forward. It settles pretty quick though as the palm fronds come through as a slight grassiness, but also a bit of a... green plant-yness (yes I know, that's not a word), but this is reminding a lot of 'Under the Palms' from Yankee Candle, which featured a very fine coconut kissed with greenery, with a slight rubbery sappiness that elicited a realistic aroma. At this point most of the florals I am getting are subtle, but well blended. I get hints of watery freesia, the frangipani isn't too high pitched, and the usual flashy florals like gardenia and plumeria aren't dominating the scent. It really is, like the painting, a zoomed out scent of the landscape as opposed to focusing on the individual parts. I suppose still the torch ginger is more flower than spice, though overall this is a warm, well blended tropical floral green. Meaty foody coconut has definitely receded this far in on wear and it is quite nice and not overbearing. Thumbs up and definitely a try for anyone who likes a wearable tropical floral that is more on the subdued and conceptual side.
  2. Lycanthrope

    Vanilla Cream, Pistachio, and Macadamia

    Aw man, ever since turning forty, my frequency of Menage a Troising has declined precipitously. That being said, every now and then, this old, grizzled, gray furred wolf stirs and gets intrigued by the skimpy underpinnings of a delectable and promising trio, so when he, bleary eyed and without a budget, stumbled upon this combo, he was 'huzzah!' and 'stir forth my loins,' as well as 'maybe I'll have ramen this week!' to get this into his paws. From the bottle sniff, it's an interesting, very pistachio-forward nut smell, with just a bit of that vanilla butteryness. I detect no macadamia... yet. This is that moment when you've opened that door and your Grindr trio for the night appears. Trepidation and definitely a lot of 'not what I was expecting' is the name of the game... as I slather a smear on my back of my hand, it mysteriously smells extremely strong of... butterscotch? But just for a moment, maybe that's pistachio as he ruffles vanilla's hair a bit. Macadamia is down the hall, complaining that there's too many stairs and 'is this guy worth it?' The butterscotch, odd sharpness, fades, and I think there's maybe the smell of a leaf or some kind of greenery. Maybe pistachio nutmeats. Nutmeats. Heh. Oh wait, macadamia stumbles into view. I don't usually encounter macadamia, it's just rare, or maybe I'm just not normally macadamia's type. At this point it's mostly pistachio and macadamia leaning forwards, the macadamia leaving a sort of... toastiness... aura around him as he sidles up close. For me, maybe too close? I am reminded of a very distant memory of that One Christmas Everyone Gave Us Mauna Loa Macadamia Clusters But We Were Too Kind to Not Eat Them For Weeks Afterwards, wherein my childhood was schmears of milk chocolate and pieces of macadamia lodged in my back molars, desperately trying to dislodge the creamy triangles, but instead only amplifying the nutmeats swirling in my mouth. ... nutmeats. ... heh. On me, fairly quickly, the two nuts become pretty indistinguishable and vanilla remembers he left ... something... in his car, and has to go. No! Don't go! You're the basic bro I wanted in the first place! Pistachio looks a bit irritated and resigns himself to just, I guess, putting his hand on my shoulder, while Macadamia leans his bony thigh a bit too sharply onto my crotch. Ow, bro! Bruh! My nutmeats! (heh) This has pretty low throw on me and very modest sillage, which I guess is good, since when I'm done, Mr. Nosy Rosey McPeekison has her apartment door cracked wondering what all the hubbub is, but by then, all the guys are gone. Certainly if you like the smell of nutmeats, fire up this baby, but it's nuttier and less creamy on me than I thought. And all I really wanted was vanilla playtime, hah hah. Oh, Grindr.
  3. Lycanthrope

    Crane Moon 2022

    This is a bit of a marvel. It's been a while since I've reviewed a scent, but here goes: I was so very intrigued by the description for Crane Moon that I immediately bought two bottles, and I don't regret that I did. Wet, it has that same type of 'wing and feather' feel that is present in things like The Raven and in particular Crow Moon, but whereas the other two veer a bit more towards dark violet/floral and definitely the darker, shadowy side of things, Crane Moon starts off with that same sweet feathery medium/high tone. I can feel the slight dry, bitter cedar and cardamom floating above the sweet vanilla/sandalwood combination, which is what I think is the similar feather-scent in the other birdy scents. On my skin, the cedar and cardamom continue to dance a bit and give this potentially sweet scent some balanced depth without being overtly spicy. The orris root dusts things up a bit, kind of like how I'd imagine a cascade of white feathers would smell if they were falling around me. I can definitely see that if a crane was mostly white with a few accents of black on wing tips, that the dry woods, dry spice, dry root give it a shadowy side without going full raven (that's so?). I am not getting too much direct ambergris, but I think it's giving a smidgeon of aquatic feel, like the water the Crane is standing in. As I wear this, the cocoa emerges here and there as a dry tickle that again grounds the whole scent and balances it. There's plenty going on in this scent but overall it has a similar feel to other avian aromas but with a bit more dryness probably from the cedar and cardamom combo, kissed with a bit of dry cocoa powder (not chocolate!). Very wearable and I think a great evening scent.
  4. Lycanthrope

    Thirteen (13): May 2022

    Well, this is definitely a bit of a detour from the usual 13s, which to me have generally read like a spicy melange of dark dusty cocoa, punctuated with like spicy bits and cinnamon, allspice, and the like. Like a swarthy cocoa and maybe some tobacco like tones. This is... well. On me, it's definitely honey forward but lapping at the back is a maple type of snap. I amp rose, so oddly, the rose comes up but not super strong (a surprise for me) but I can pull the petal out in the mid notes. I get a lot of the caramel like notes which are a bit of a crisp and burnt sugar. Swirling in and out is a rock crystal like note. I think I'm hallucinating? A bit further away from application and with my nose snorfling higher up, I swear I have a bit of that Pfefferneusse powdery sugar tone, but then the rose rises a bit and is now mixed with cocoa (but less than past 13s, I feel). It dries down on me to, oddly, a honey bear's head encrusted with white sugar. This is actually kind of what I wanted Sugar Skull to do on my skin!
  5. Lycanthrope

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    I can't add much to the above. This is a strong, very flower forward lilac, with enough greenery to smell like the leaves and the twiggy twigs (yes that's an official biologist term dammit) so it has some true plantiness (also a term). If you were a bit concerned it would have a lot of the glassy and amber notes like House of Mirrors or the like, it does not. I really like it. I also own a metric boat-ton (not a real term) of lilac scented things so I'm good to not hoard. I do prefer my lilac shaken and stirred with other things, but if you like lilacs, this is a definite winner. Plantiness of the twiggy twigs.
  6. Lycanthrope

    A Chocolate Cat

    Super desserty and syrupy-liquor sweet in the bottle. It definitely has a bit of a claw to it initially! On my skin, it goes towards smoky notes real fast, the toasted/caramel to the forefront, but in the scorched sugar way. There is cocoa and it's a bittersweet dark cocoa note. I do like the vetiver adding a sort of ... rooty dustiness to the whole feel, whereas the amber and musk give it a prowly tone. It's kind of like... a cocoa-dappled and incense bathed Bastet? It really smells like huffing a box of Hershey's Cocoa, with like, honeyed nuts or the idea of them in the background as it dries down which is pretty fascinating.
  7. Lycanthrope

    Violet Fog

    I feel like as one of the resident violet lovers, I have to review this! Just got it today. Wet it smells like one of my holy grails, Stealthily, Stealthily, and a few of the notes are similar (orris/iris, violet, lavender) with the addition of sandalwood and champaca. It smells very, very similar initially but on drying down, the champaca brightens it with a bit of an interesting bubbly tropical floral tone. If there is sandalwood it's quite subtle and a bit on the dry side. It smells a bit like the smoky, hazy purple entwined notes of Stealthily but with a nag champa incense stick lit in the distant corner of the room. I do like this, but I also have a lot of Stealthily, so I may just enjoy the single bottle (un-stealthily adds 17 to virtual cart)
  8. Lycanthrope

    A Night In the French Quarter

    Aw man. There's always one blend that catches me by description, and likely the one with violet... this is definitely sweet, deep blue-violet, and sultry. I would call this a bit like The Stranger but a smidge fruitier (the plum is quite juicy in this), but also like a mix of night flowers and incense. The wetness / petrichor is not a blazingly wet rain note, but perhaps there's a very subtle kiss of a dirt or dust note, definitely not super forward, but this grounds it a bit into evocative rather than lush night garden. Again top wet, this is vacillating between plum and sweet violet petals, which I am totally ok with, in the end the plum seems to dominate, and the osmanthus lends a bit of a fleshy sweet citrus-like floral note, I think the lavender is present but very subtle, adding that kind of subtle, roof of the nose tickling aura that it can do, without dominating or making the blend herbal (at all). Again the petrichor is just a glaze of wet slick, not oily or excessively marine. There's some incense swirling in the background, maybe from churches or rituals, but it's far in the distance. What is in the forefront is a sweet, smooth, violet-plum aura with a touch of relaxing lavender buzz. I like this a lot. It reminds me a smidge of Stealthily, Stealthily but deffo fruitier and a bit smokier.
  9. Lycanthrope

    Dragon Slide

    Buttery cake and chocolate Andes mints fresh on, with a bit of true Lick It! like peppermint candy coming to the forefront. The Andes mint chocolate fades pretty quick, perhaps that's the white chocolate angle, and then it gets some of the buttery vanilla ice cream notes like Detestable Putrescence, but then it settles and still gives me a strong Andes mint vibe. Weirdly, after the initial whoosh of the ice cream richness, it goes a bit dark chocolate dry again and then... Oh, yes, this is Thin Mints. Oh maaaaaaan <review ends abruptly>
  10. Lycanthrope

    A Little Piece of Eternity

    This is very environmental. Reminds me a bit of Halloween: New Orleans (the Atmo Spray). In the bottle it's all grassy oak, like the smell of dirt under a big tree in a park. On me, it gets a bit of the dustiness from the orris root, and the osmanthus and/or olive blossom, kind of like the Panacea Succor... very calming, and a bit potent on the olive floral note. It's a very distinctive, grounding sweet, slightly savory aroma. It reminds me a lot of 'The Olive Blossom' mushy green soap from LUSH (which is amazing!). The oak is still in the background being all oaky, and then with a bit more time, the olive blossom recedes a smidge to let the scent of Spanish Moss peek through, draping over the oak, which persists at grounding this in a very wearable, but still quite environmental fragrance.
  11. Lycanthrope

    Velut Luna Statu Variabilis

    Huh. Though the 'saltwater note' is not listed, something about the combination of these notes brings to mind the somewhat (on my skin) tortilla-chip like salt note that is in some of Beth's oceany offerings. I have no clue what's doing this! Maybe a combination of the snappy carnation, or the benzoin rich resinousness, mixed with that slight high pitch indole of ylang-ylang. Regardless initially it's a bit distracting but may be my own skin chemistry. With a bit of time, on me at least it still keeps that same smush of salt, which may actually be what happens when I get a lot of lush petals of the rose and carnation type together. It's sidling a bit adjacent over time to me like a tamer Peacock Queen, or Pink Snowballs - all dewy, but then the dewy floral veers into vanilla, but then I smell only the buttery part - oh, that's it - I'm getting a bit confused with the interplay between slight foodiness, probably brought up stronger by the benzoin which is making it detour out of the road of foody and into the road-adjacent resin incense vendor. But only slightly. We still have the flowers from before. They still read mostly as carnation, but the ylang gives a more indolic exotic bite on top. Clearly this perfume has a lot to say! It is also complicated. Over time it goes more towards floral than vanilla, and is definitely not sugary syrupy sweet, but maybe the pink part is tea roses. I think with more wear, this most resembles the Yule Pink Snowballs, but with added oomph with the carnation pepperiness and the ylang.
  12. Lycanthrope

    A Vigilant Eye at Heaven’s Center

    Ok, so I definitely love the color of the hair, and I adore Beth's takes on 'green.' With so many notes, I had no idea where this would go - would it be tropical, like a jungle, right velvety leaves and wet dampness? Would it be fruity from the apple and neroli? Or could it go herbal with the coriander? Sweet with the amber? This is a bit of a morpher. Splashed on it is immediately a bit apple juice-like, wet and bursting with an almost top note of cider fruitiness. Afterwards I get a bit of the coconut and palm leaves - a smidge in scents like Black Pearl or other nautical scents, and then a kiss of fig leaf. The whole thing then cools a smidge, with a very simple mint. I can feel the cooling on my skin but this is not wintery. It's, breezy, for lack of a better term. The tea leaf brings to mind Holiday Moon, although this still stays very much smooth, slight apple, mint. The labdanum and amber are not supremely forward, but something has to be grounding this, and it is definitely not just a series of top notes. I think it's like... a bunch of light pastel and bright yellow green balloons, swirling in the breeze. It has pretty light life on me, but it's very pleasant. The cooling is a nice touch. It dries down to a light granny smith apple touch with maybe a hint of crushed herbs and the velvety part of a leaf.
  13. Lycanthrope

    Blue Lotus, Violet Petals & Orris Concrete

    I nearly missed this, glad I checked Facebook after seeing Beth's NOT EVERY MOON IS A SUPERMOON (Karen) post. Thank goodness! I was like ah. Many of my favorite notes all together? Into the cart. I have some infused jojoba oil with Blue Lotus, as the EO itself is rare and precious - this is from Nature's Gift and was an oil extraction of the lotus petals. I can smell the slightly funky, cold, but also deeply sweet aroma of lotus. It's hard to describe, but to me, the lotus absolutes have a slightly... deep, almost rubbery (but not in a bad way!) note, which is blended with a very intriguing, hypnotic... otherness. It has always straddled the line between striking and stunning, like push/pull, slightly repellant but so much so that you have interest in still smelling. Sort of like my relationship with mugwort, except lotus on me goes to sublime hypnotic background of smooth, soft-spoken floral on me. As the blend dries, I get a bit more of the sweeter topnote of violet petals. Though, if you waved this at me description unseen, I would not describe this as violet primary (slightly sad, but also, super glad this reads as more lotus forward without being bubblegum lotus). If there is orris it is providing a very subtle dustiness in the backdrop, but is also not overriding the lotus. I have been a staunch collector of Blue Moons, and though they vary, I think many have blue lotus, and I absolutely love how it remains discoverable even with repeated wrist snorfling. I admit... I blind bought a few. If you love lotus, with a hint of a deep blue-purple cloud of florals supporting, please to get this blend.
  14. Lycanthrope


    I need something gentle, charismatic, inspiring, and why not a Twilight Alchemy Blend? This is very strongly rose and melissa (that topnote of lemon balm), also with a thin but present note of honey floating above the rose. Initially the rose is wet, quite dewy, damp, with a bit of time it softens a smidge but this is still very rose forward. The jasmine now comes out a bit as a smokey almost incense-like topnote, you can tease it apart from the rose, and then... wow, there's the sweet smush of a subtle but strawberry pulp. Though I'm not getting much immortelle (helichrysum) it may be hiding under everything or supporting the bright floral/fruit that is the initial weartime. I'm a huge rose amplifier (Elizabeth of Bohemia? Ehhhh?) so after some time it still reads very much as a dewy real rose. I think that tempering the complete floral is the honey, vanilla, and butter. Benzoin is vanilla-like (and I am a smidge worried about using benzoin directly on my skin as it -can- be a sensitizer), though none of that is a primary note. Throw: intense! Immense! Lasting Power: <in progress> but so far, hours
  15. Lycanthrope

    Raccoon Moon 2020

    Starts off very slushy, and dirty, and atmospheric. Kind of like day old dirty snow, but not in a bad way. I smell a little bit of that wintergreeny top note of birch. It passes through a bit of a phase where it smells like Yggdrasil before aging morphed it super minty, and then... yes, florals. This is quite unique! I would say there are raccoons now rutting above me, but it's just my neighbors. Oh... wait...