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  1. crow-toes

    Miskatonic University

    Irish coffee, mostly dominated by the brown sugar and whipped cream. The coffee is very much in the background, and I’m not picking up the dusty tomes. Incredibly sweet to my nose - not one I think I'll be wearing much.
  2. crow-toes

    Kobold Barista

    Oh my god, I love this. Delicious warm blended spices. Not sweet - just rich and cozy and decadent.
  3. crow-toes

    Box 116

    Pineapple rum cake, maybe? Lots of caramelized sugar scent, a dash of something boozey, and a faint whiff of pineapple. Very definitely smells of dessert - not my style, but an interesting combination.
  4. crow-toes

    The Apothecary

    Very fresh and clean, mild, and low throw. Comes across as a fancy but fairly neutral soap. Herby and slightly floral, very very minimal on the citrus. no individual notes are standing out. I'm unfortunately not getting any noticeable fig or ginger on my skin. Overall on me it’s… nice? Entirely inoffensive. But a bit boring and soapy for my tastes.
  5. crow-toes


    Wet: Wow, spicy, resinous, and intensely cocoa - nothing sweet, just smoky and earthy. It’s invigorating and complex. Dry: This scent smooths out a lot. It’s still spicy, but the cocoa is much more understated. Resinous, rounded, and balanced - but not as unique as its wet scent. Overall, I’m not sure I’ll often find myself in a mood to wear this, but it is a fascinating experience.
  6. crow-toes


    Musky with a touch of vanilla and honey. Not particularly complex, but pleasant and cozy. Fits in a similar sort of mood for me as Dee and Jezebel, but doesn't have some of the depth I love in those. Good for layering, but not a standalone for me.
  7. crow-toes


    Sweet and orangey. A very fresh scent, but not one I like for myself - too tropical.
  8. crow-toes

    Drink Me

    This one goes way too sickly sweet on my skin for me. Makes me think of Yankee candle shop? I'm picking up vanilla cupcake with pine and fake cinnamon, maybe. This imp is headed for the pile to share with my sister - sweet doesn't seem to do such strange things on her!
  9. crow-toes


    This is the sweetest incense- and resin-based scent I’ve come across. From looking at some of the other reviews, I suspect it’s the dragon’s blood? It’s a lot fruitier than I was expecting from the description, almost as if there’s some pineapple or other tropical fruit in the mix. I’m not getting the balsam coming out on my skin, and am finding myself wishing for more wood and smoke. Overall, it’s a nice scent, but not going to be my go-to for moody incense - and dragon’s blood might be getting some hesitation from me in the future.
  10. crow-toes


    I was a little hesitant about the marzipan notes in this, since I suspected it would be too overwhelmingly foody for me. I could definitely pick up the myrrh in the vial, though, so I was hopeful about how it might wear on my skin. Unfortunately, it got washed off early without me even picking up on either those notes. Something about this really doesn't work on my skin - it goes sour with a touch of cherry cough drops.
  11. crow-toes

    He'd Been an Angel Once

    No issues with oudh here! Lucky for me, since this was a blind buy of the full bottle. The inscense is very smoky, with leather and earthiness lingering underneath. To me, it invokes that little smirking smile Crowley gives in the show when handing over the book bag in the bombed church. I’m definitely a fan of this one.
  12. crow-toes

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    I didn't have the BPAL scent notes nearby when I was trying this out, and absolutely no memory of them (this definitely isn't an imp I picked out for myself - got to love samples for pushing my boundaries!). My scribbles reflect being incredibly baffled by what I was experiencing. To quote myself exactly: "Andes mints? With some bit of warm spice behind it? Maybe a touch of eucalyptus? Idk man, not for me." So, most definitely some chocolate, peppermint, and something more chemical. Maybe it's that cedar, or maybe the oakmoss? Either way, I'm now glad to see I was neither going crazy with what I was picking up from the blend, nor was my skin chemistry doing something really out of left field.
  13. crow-toes

    Dana O'Shee

    Oats and honey. Simple, cozy, and sweet. I feel like I smell like a delicious breakfast with this one. Not super “me” (too foody!), but I think I’ll reach for the imp occasionally.
  14. crow-toes


    Gorgeously cozy, with its heaviest notes bringing in warmth and all of the honey. I just want to bask in the scent of this one. Perfect vibes for curling up with a blanket, books, and a cup of tea.
  15. crow-toes

    Slate Black Clouds Tumbled Over Eden

    I was feeling like I was taking a huge risk on a blind buy with a bunch of untried notes. Ozone and rain? I had no idea what to expect. Glad I gave it a go, though! Moody, cold, ozone (yes, definitely ozone now that it hits my nose!) bringing threat of lightning, absolutely like a dark storm gathering in the distance - with a hesitant earthy base, like potting soil and concrete that hasn’t yet been touched by the rain. This is fascinating, very different from what I'm used to, and is going to be fantastic when the mood (and weather) is right.