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  1. semuelle77

    Pecan Pie Oud

    Bakery scents typically do NOT work on me. Anything with honey or sugar notes amps so much sweetness that I gag. The cherry cream scent was sticky cough syrup. Awful. This scent is magic. I am one of the lucky ones for whom oudh does not stink. I love it. This scent is oudh heavy, with a light nuttiness backing it up. I鈥檓 sure thee are some very subtle spices mixed in there, but none that stand out. It is beautifully blended. As it dries, the scent lightens up quite a bit. I fear I would need to apply this heavily for a stronger throw and duration, which is a bummer since we only get the imp. If this ever is made in bottles I will be first in line to snag one. This scent is warm and cozy, yet sophisticated. I will happily take it off the hands of anyone who is not a fan!
  2. semuelle77

    Sustained Boos

    I have no ideas what "aldehydes" are, but everything in this scent blends together so well. No one note stands out above the others. This is a rich, resinous, cozy scent. My husband really likes it on me, and I feel comfortable and content when I wear it. It is like slipping on that perfect sweater that is soft and cozy, yet somehow make you look like you've got it all going on.
  3. semuelle77


    This is one of those scents that I really like, but have no idea why. I get leather very strongly. I don't really detect the other notes, but I know they are back there rounding it all out. It is very masculine, which does not generally bother me. It has amazing staying power. I applied it at 7AM and I am still getting good wafts of scent at nearly 1:30PM. Olisbos is very straight forward, which makes me wonder how it would work for layering. I can see combining it was a subtle musk scent or possibly patchouli. I may have to experiment. All that to say I quite like it. I've had my imp since it was first released though only rediscovered it buried in my husband's drawer (sneaky theif!) I had a half bottle somewhere that got lost in our last move. 馃槩 I don't know that I'll go crazy searching down a bottle, it will definitely snag one if I stumble across one for sale.
  4. semuelle77


    I just received a bottle in the mail yesterday from a fellow forumite. This morning I applied for the first time. Fleshly wet on the skin....whoa boy! Patchouli! I'm guessing black patch, as it is eye wateringly strong and sharp. This is (as mentioned by many) incredibly dirty smelling. Were I not a seasoned lover of patchouli I would probably wash it off at this point. That is how strong it is. I love me some patch, though, and know how much it morphs as it dries. I smell absolutely nothing else. Only patch. 20 minutes later...The patchouli is starting to calm down and round out a bit. It is slightly less "in your face." I'm starting to pick up something else in the background. Possibly the tobacco? A coworker just stopped in my classroom and commented on how nice it smelled...over by my door on the other side of the room! I had opened the bottle over there, so maybe that explains it. Luckily, she is a big fan of patchouli. (She was super excited to learn about BPAL!) Dry...I get just a hint of the cedar other have mentioned, but not much. (Thank goodness, since cedar smells like BO on me!) There is just the tiniest bit of sweetness right at my skin. It could be the vanilla. It almost have a slight coconut tinge to it. It has faded tremendously, which is a bit disappointing. I'm hoping it is just that my nose is a bit stuffy. I don't think I could apply any more than I did without the wet stage being overwhelming. I have some cocoa absolute at home that I may need to layer with this to help bump the cocoa note. Otherwise, it is a great patchouli. Almost a SN, but a bit rounder. Overall: I'm glad I snagged a bottle, but will not be hunting down backup bottles. This is definitely a bold scent, not one I would wear every day. Perhaps it will be for those days I need a bit of a boost in confidence or if I am feeling particularly fierce.
  5. semuelle77

    Svarta F枚nix B贸kafl贸冒

    I am so glad I did not judge this scent by how it smelled the first time I wore it. It was not freshly shipped, but perhaps needed settling a bit. It didn't seem to hit the mark. Today is a whole different story! I applied it much more heavily this go around and I think that helped. This might be one of the coziest blends I have ever worn. I just want to wrap myself in a think sweater and sniff myself all day. There isn't one specific note that sticks out for me. Everything is so well balanced and blended. It reminds me, not so much of a public library, but of sitting in front of a fire while reading a book at a lodge or very old home. There is an aged-ness to it. It smells like my idea of an ideal day: cozy blanket, kitty on my lap, a cup of tea, and a really good book. Home and comfort and contentedness. Super double bonus that it is the only bottle of bpal that my internet-shopping-shy mother has ever ordered for me!
  6. semuelle77


    This is definitely my favorite RPG so far. I鈥檓 honestly not sure what oud smells like, so I can鈥檛 speak to specific notes. To me, after a not great wet stage, Half Elf turns into a light scent that seems to become part of my skin. I kept getting subtle wafts of it throughout the day. It made me think of freshly bathed skin, cleaned with the most amazing smelling soap. The kind that you buy at a little boutique when you are on vacation and ration the rest of the year to make it last as long as possible. Heck, it may smell a bit like a soap I buy every summer in Cape May that is made in France and contains musk. I鈥檓 going to wear it again tomorrow and slather a bit to see if I can up the throw and life of the scent. This is absolutely going on the 鈥渘eed to buy鈥 list.
  7. semuelle77

    How do YOU layer with single notes?

    I tried Snake Oil with patchouli (both). Since SO is not great on me to begin with, I found that it helped to temper the sweetness a bit. I layered Boomslang with a chocolate absolute that I was given years ago. It really amped up the dark chocolate. It made it absolutely delectable.
  8. I have just gotten my hands on a few single notes (Vanilla Orchid, East African Black Patchouli, and Sumatran Red Patchouli.) I love the idea of using these to boost or transform other blends. How have you layered with your single notes? Which do you have and what has been a winning combination? Do you have any guidelines, for lack of a better word, for how you decide what to layer? Thanks!
  9. semuelle77


    Nope. I don't know if it is the lotus, because lavender usually smells okay on me, but this was a complete miss. I applied only a swipe and was overwhelmed by the fruity bubblegum scent others have mentioned. It was so off putting that I had to go wash it off after only five minutes. I know it should morph with drydown, but I just couldn't wait it out. It is a rare bpal that I react that strongly to, in a negative way. I so wish it had worked on me. Off to the swap pile...
  10. semuelle77


    I don't remember when I bought Clemence. It was at least two years ago, if not longer. (I completely lose track of bpal time!) When first applied, Clemence smells sharp and...dirty? Not in a sexy way, in an actual dirt sort of way. This is pretty typical for patchouli, particularly black patch. (Is that what's in there?) My husband once commented that, freshly applied, it smelled like bug spray. I've had to teach him the importance of letting the oils settle in the skin. After drydown, Clemence is a deep, spicy blend that is heavy on the patchouli. It is almost, but not quite, patchouli chai tea. It is cozy and dirty (in a sexy way) and absolutely wonderful. I don't wear Clemence often, but every time I do I ask myself why I don't wear her more. I tend to apply lightly in the morning, since the initial smell is so sharp and strong. I have to remind myself to slather, as Clemence softens considerably after about an hour, and lingers lightly for a while afterwards.
  11. semuelle77


    I tested this out at night because I was very doubtful that it would work on me, and didn't want to get stuck smelling it all day. What a surprise! It is not my usual taste. Once it dries down it is quite strong. It has tremendous throw. My husband sat near me on the couch and immediately asked what I was trying out. After settling it becomes a dry, sweet floral. It's a very summery scent, though I fear in the actual summer heat it may become overwhelming. The iris is definitely the strongest note, amping quite a bit. I wish the sandalwood balanced it a bit better, but it is still nice. I won't be searching out a bottle, but the imp will stay in my collection. I may try layering with some patchouli single note to see if it tempers the aggressive floral edge. I would give Nefertiti a 3 out of 5
  12. semuelle77


    I received an imp as a goodie from a forum member from whom I made a purchase. I was almost going to skip it, expecting that the notes would not work on me. Honey is usually overwhelmingly sweet and almost none of the chocolate scents have worked. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot! This is one of the most interesting blends I have tried. As many have mentioned, it morphs constantly from application to dry down. I felt like it was a different scent each time I inhaled. Once it settled it was this lovely not-foodie, not-floral, kind of resin-y mix. I can鈥檛 pick out one particular note, it is so wonderfully balanced. I think the cacao give it a deep, grounding element. At one point the cotton blossom came to the fore, but then backed off to coexist beautifully with everything else. I know this isn鈥檛 a terribly precise review, but I鈥檒l just say everyone should give Tlazolteotl a try. It is a sophisticated, gorgeous blend!
  13. Hello!

    I am interested in your bottle of Sumatran Red Patchouli SN. I am also considering a second bottle. How accurate would you say the Earl Grey is to the real thing?



  14. semuelle77

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    My husband and I were just chatting about BPAL and I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't BPAL and NV be the perfect marriage of geekiness?" Seriously, the lab really needs to do a collaboration with Cranor and Fink!
  15. semuelle77

    Suggestions for layering with Vanilla Orchid?

    Thank you! I will have to check those out. I think the scents that I have which contain orchid tend to be incense-y or full of resins. I'm trying to branch out. I attempted to layer with O today. It only served as a strong reminder that O does NOT work on my skin.