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BPAL Madness!


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A paean to all the Wicked Queens, Evil Stepmothers, and other misunderstood villainesses throughout history and lore. Lends an aura of majesty, refinement, strength, and a deep, brooding malice. A sophisticated, womanly scent: rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose.


I had an imp of this lying around and just tried it on without knowing the notes.


I got a dominant jasmine (but not a high-pitched one), and the warmth of a little rose, and something that seemed kind of ambery, but not quite. I also got something a bit woody and musky. The rose seemed mostly red, but also a bit pink and innocent.


I read the notes and saw myrrh listed. Then I could smell myrrh! It seems to be the part I thought was amber-like.


I still smell something a little woody and musky in this, at least on my skin. After drydown, the woodiness starts to smell like oudh.


I like this. Think I'm good with the imp, though.

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The rose is indeed subtle in this.  The jasmine is not.  Very jasmine heavy floral.  Sumptuous smelling.  Wicked reminds me of a simpler Obsidian Widow, which I prefer when I do have the occasional urge to wear a heavier floral.   This isn't really my type of fragrance, but if you like jasmine, check it out. 

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