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    BPAL: Morocco, Dorian, Alice, Odin, Jareth, Streets of Detroit, Ava, Blood Popsicle, Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller, Lust, Velvet, Imp, Antique Lace 2017, Faiza the Lady of Serpents, Snake's Kiss, Revenant Rhythm, Alleviate the Frenzy. BPTP: Frankincense and Clove HG, Rose Red HG, Peacock Queen HG, Tombstone HG, Revenant Rhythm HG.

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    Painting and art, TV shows about subcultures or told from an interesting perspective, textures and color juxtapositions, Indian food, positive psychology, interview podcasts, gender studies, comedy, aura-coated crystals.


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  1. RedPersimmon

    Voluminous Red Blanket

    High-end, fancy oudh incense with a hint of cherry and rose. Not indolic at all. Not bad, but not my style.
  2. RedPersimmon

    Pulmonary Valve

    A little sharp--maybe the musk or the tobacco flower. Soapy and a little heady overall.
  3. RedPersimmon

    Right Ventricle

    Mouthwatering citrus burst in the beginning. Dries to a faint, resinous citrus-benzoin.
  4. RedPersimmon

    Sinoatrial Node

    Cheery, light. Lemon ginger apple, then champagne gets stronger. Verges on lemon cleaner.
  5. RedPersimmon

    Left Atrium

    Starts out citrusy and fresh, but ends as dryer sheets.
  6. RedPersimmon

    Chordae Tendineae

    Red musk softened by amber and orange blossom, with carnation providing a touch of spice.
  7. RedPersimmon

    Cake Smash v6

    I've never tried the original, either. On me, this is a foodie vanilla with a big dose of almond.
  8. RedPersimmon

    Blueberry Pumpkin Muffins Hair Gloss

    Pumpkin spiced muffins with a bit of blueberry. The blueberry note was more pronounced when wet. Pretty strong if you spray it on your hair near your face! I could smell it all day and it's still almost overwhelming. Next time, I will make sure to spray it more on the back of my head.
  9. RedPersimmon

    Sherlock Holmes

    A smooth, kinda sweet, watery fougere. As mentioned before, this is a cousin to Jareth and Dorian. I really like this! Yummy without being foody. A hint of strawberry. I feel like this has tobacco flower in it. I don't get the Lab's usual deep, dark tobacco here. It has that clean and round thing going on and when it's done right, tobacco flower is one of my favorite notes. Probably has white tea in it, too.
  10. RedPersimmon

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    I get beautiful, nutty, fresh-from-the-rice-cooker basmati rice when I first apply it, but then the champaca keeps getting stronger and stronger until it just takes over. I think I'd like the basmati rice note paired with something that isn't so strong.
  11. RedPersimmon

    Crêpe Aux Fraises

    I put a little of this on my collar and I was immediately transported to a glorious strawberry vanilla cream cloud! This is much better when it's not directly on my skin. It's not the artificial strawberry that is so prevalent these days - I think the orange zest helps.
  12. RedPersimmon


    Starts out smelling like chocolate, fried dough, and almond cookies, but ends up as nutty gingerbread on me.
  13. RedPersimmon


    Mmm, tropical fruit! The banana was an interesting addition, too.
  14. RedPersimmon

    Womb Furie

    Acquired an aged sniffie of this, which smelled lovely in the imp. On skin, it became baby wipes. Not TOO surprised, since Snake Oil doesn't work on me.
  15. RedPersimmon

    Old Demons of the First Class

    Root beer + patchouli. Like Server Gremlins but more opaque, less sheer. I like it best when it's applied lightly. Drydown is a bit smoky and warm. Full. Vanilla without the sweetness. And a touch of something like soft tobacco. Large, warm, cozy, enveloping. Also a bit perfumy--the musk, perhaps? This phase reminds me of Odin. Powdery, deep, masculine but not bitter.