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  1. skyturtles

    High-Strung Daisies

    Soft and sweet. A feminine spring scent. Cutesy floral with cotton candy. Not unpleasant, but not what I gravitate toward. Passing this imp of unknown age on to someone else!
  2. skyturtles


    I did not like this. I have an imp of unknown age. It comes off quite leathery to me, which is not a scent I enjoy at all. I do get the murky aquatics. It leans masculine in my opinion. I will pass this on to someone else.
  3. skyturtles


    This is... interesting. It reminds me of the buttered popcorn jelly belly flavor. It's sweet, but buttery. I don't really get a lot of cinnamon, honestly. It's a pretty neat scent, surprisingly unfloral despite the description. Though I find it intriguing, it's not something I think I would grab on a regular basis. Therefore I am going to pass this imp of unknown age on to someone else. It's a win, just not a win for me.
  4. skyturtles

    Hollywood Babylon

    I. Love. This. It has been my go-to imp for weeks now, and I'm probably going to have to purchase a bottle. ("oh no!" screams my wallet) It's sweet incense, glamorous and glittering musk. When I look at the notes, it's no wonder I love it, since it has some of my favorite notes of all time: red musk, vanilla, strawberry, cherry... I'm not a huge fan of amber so I'm glad that I don't get a lot of that here. If anything, it keeps the fruits from becoming too syrupy. The heliotrope adds an extra dimension of complexity but does not overwhelm. YUM ❤️
  5. skyturtles

    Windward Passage

    Clean, aquatic, salty. Reminds me of men's cologne or soap. It gets nicer as it dries, but I'm still not really a fan. (Imp of unknown age)
  6. skyturtles


    Not a terribly strong scent. Floral with a hint of citrus. Too flowery to be a candy, but too sweet to be a flower. Definitely feminine. I'm going to pass on this imp of unknown age to someone who would appreciate it more.
  7. skyturtles

    Schmendrick 2021

    Disclaimer: I don't like chamomile. This comes off as quite foodie, probably due to the sage, caramel, and raisins. It is more herbal than it is sweet. (Raisins aren't really sweet anyway.) As it dries, it smells more and more like a kitchen. Herbs and spices and some disinfectant in the cupboard. In a masculine way. I'm not really a fan. Thanks for the empty frottle though!
  8. skyturtles

    Love Me

    This is a lovely, dark red-orange in my imp of unknown age. Wet: A sweet, musky floral. As it dries, I get a bit of cola, which I love. Though the sweetness of cola is syrupy, there is a sharpness there that is not quite spice, but close. Like a warm afterthought of cinnamon. It's probably something like carnation honestly, which I usually associate with sharp spice anywho. Just a tiny bit of orange peel or something is trying to say hi as well. This is fun; I'm going to keep it!
  9. skyturtles


    This is nice and girly and fades quickly. It's a quite green floral. There's something almost citrusy about it as well. I like the scent of carnations but not so much white tea. I'd like some musk or spice thrown into this. Perhaps it would be good layered with something else? I'll be passing this along to someone who can appreciate it more than I. My imp is of unknown age.
  10. skyturtles


    Red musk yessss I love red musk. I don't know what civet is. I tried looking it up, but all I get is a nocturnal tropical mammal. Debauchery does actually have the midnight jungle feel to it, now that I think about it. Oh HELLO now I know what it is. It's not poop but it's kind of poop. I don't know how I feel about this all of the sudden? I mean I do enjoy the complexity, and I keep on sniffing myself trying to figure out what exactly is going on. I guess this would be a nice scent for when I'm feeling like Catwoman or something. (My coworker just mentioned that the office smells nice now; I have been immediately identified as a culprit so I think I'm gaining a reputation for testing perfumes.) I'm going to keep this imp. It's a little strong for office-wear, as most of my red musks are, but maybe good for around the house or going out.
  11. skyturtles


    2021 Version I suppose this isn't exactly what I was expecting. The spicy apple cider is very prominent. There are damp woods, and off in the distance something sweet is cooking. It took my awhile to put my finger on the menthol, like Tiger Balm. Can't unsmell it now. As it dries, the sweetness from the apples comes out a bit more. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It makes my nose tickle a little bit. I may pass it on.
  12. skyturtles


    Fruity and floral. I do think it smells feminine and "Japanese," if I may be so bold as to claim a country for the scent. I don't think I would ever wear this, but it is a quite nice blend. It might be the first I've come across that has daffodil as a note. Maybe that's why I find it especially fresh. The jasmine is not overwhelming, thankfully. The white musk is clean and prevents the whole blend from becoming household cleaner-like, and the plum gives it a sweetness that prevents it from being just another floral. My imp is of an unknown age.
  13. skyturtles


    Wet: Very herby, very green, kinda minty. As it dries, the woodiness comes out. I think this is very fitting for a tree-based scent. My nose burns a little bit. More dry: Very sandalwoody. My office says I smell like an Indian grocer. One of my co-workers thought I was eating curry at 8:30 in the morning. Not my cup of tea. (My imp is of unknown age.)
  14. skyturtles

    Pumpkin Spice Absinthe

    I loooove this, I just wish it stayed longer!! I adore pumpkin spice, and the addition of the absinthe freshens it and makes it sparkle. I wouldn't call this boozy, but it's definitely yummy. I associate absinthe with a strong licorice-like flavor, but surprisingly that sharpness is absent here. Like I said, I just wish the freshness that pops when it's immediately wet on my skin would linger longer. It fades away, but the scent as a whole lasts a long while after. I have a third of a bottle of this that I purchased, and I'm thinking I need to get my hands on some more... (I have the 2021 edition; please let me know if this review needs to go elsewhere! I couldn't find the proper thread.)
  15. skyturtles


    I have an imp of unknown age. It's a quite feminine scent, frankly. The jasmine and myrrh are both strong, and I suppose there is a bit of rose I can pick up as well. This isn't for me unfortunately. Way too floral, and it bugs my nose a bit in that burning way.