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  1. skyturtles

    Galvanic Goggles

    Very metallic, but also kinda floral in a sweet way. This is my fourth Phoenix Steamworks that I'm testing, but unfortunately, so far, it is my least favorite. Musk I like, but flowers, not as often. This blend burns my anterior nasal cavity just a tad too much. I will be passing along this lab fresh frimp.
  2. skyturtles


    Very floral, light yet sharp. I'm not a fan of lavender when it's the star, but it's nicer when it's an herbal afterthought like it is here. The honeysuckle and jasmine are almost sweet. This is nice but it isn't for me. I will be passing along this lab fresh frimp!
  3. skyturtles


    Wet & fruity! Hold on though... it's doing something as it's drying down. There's something synthetic that my nose doesn't like. Cherry medicine-like, almost. Very tiny bit of smoke, not enough imo. The lily is there a bit, adding to the fruitiness in an aromatic way rather than a straight floral. I cannot really detect any spices. This lab frimp is a few months old now, and I think I'll be passing it along to someone who may enjoy it more.
  4. skyturtles


    Lab fresh frimp! Wet on my skin, it's a juicy burst of jasmine. It quickly dries into something... drier? That must be the myrrh. I'm still learning myrrh. It's so hard for me to put my finger on it, no matter how many times I've come across it in blends. But that has to be what's going on here, since jasmine and rose are so easily identified. As it dries down further, the rose becomes more apparent, and I'm just not a fan of BPAL's rose note, so that's a shame. Passing this along though it is nice initially.
  5. skyturtles


    I love musk, but I do not love rose. Too much laundry, too much Daiso. Watery and clean and floral, mostly. Was nice in theory, but I do not know many mascs that would wear this tbh. Passing this lab fresh frimp on.
  6. skyturtles

    The Ghost

    ~First review of 2023!~ Can you imagine how delightful it would be if everytime there were a ghost nearby, one could smell "The Ghost"? It's crisp and clean, floral and hazy. This isn't something I would reach for, but it's pleasant enough and well blended. I have an imp that is quite aged, which has seemed to make it classier rather than trashier (some ladies be like that).
  7. skyturtles

    The Necromancer

    I absolutely cannot get enough of this one! There is a slight resemblance to Doc Constantine's Sassafras Strengthener, something herbal and bubbly and sweet without being gourmand. It's somehow refreshing. Does it feel expensive? Yes, that too. The cinnamon is not overwhelming in the slightest. The lilac does not make it a floral. Leather usually makes me nauseous, and that is not happening here. I LOVES IT. My only complaint is that the label on the bottle seems of a lesser quality than what I have come to expect from BPAL. I'll chalk it up to their recent move.
  8. skyturtles

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    I've had this for a hot minute and just realized that I hadn't reviewed it. I purchased a bottle of it used, lightly tested. It took me awhile to appreciate it, honestly. It starts off very latte-heavy, which can be a turn off for people who don't like coffee (hi). However, as it dries down, there's some snake oil and a little bit of spice that mellow it all out. There's not a whole lot of pumpkin, imo. For me, I see this less of a autumn scent and more of a winter scent, due to its warmth. It's cozy like your favorite sweater. My favorite part is after it's dried down for a long while, it's this elegant rich snake oil essence that you can't get enough of.
  9. skyturtles

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    I really like this. The only other one in this series that I've tried is the Robotic Scarab, which I liked so much I purchased a bottle. I may have to do the same thing here for Mechanism. If you have read A Dead Djinn in Cairo, or A Master of Djinn, THIS is the scent of that world. It is steampunk, it is ancient, it is mechanical, it is sacred. I haven't dabbled in too many teak-prominent blends before, and I like what it's doing here. The tobacco doesn't take over like I find that it often does, and the vanilla gives it just a little bit of sweetness. I'm sorry, did I say little? Because as it dries, it almost goes gourmand - not complaining though! I'm going to be obsessing over this lab fresh frimp before I make the big bottle decision.
  10. skyturtles

    Black Lily

    It's just... floral. A lily, I guess. Yay flowers. Passing this fresh lab frimp along to someone else.
  11. skyturtles

    El Dorado

    I enjoy "incense," but I'm just not getting that smokey goodness from El Dorado. It comes off as quite leathery, actually. Not in a good way to my own tastes. I must not be a big fan of copal. Passing this fresh lab frimp along!
  12. skyturtles

    Deep in Earth

    They hit the nail with this one. It's wet, mossy, rich soil, rotting wood, after a rain. As it dries it gets a little more floral. I would love to have soap that smells like this honestly. But as a perfume? I'm just not sure. I can see the resemblance to Zombi. It's quite sharp to the nose, and that aspect seems to only increase as time goes on. I wish it weren't so, and the dark mystery of the forest would shine. (fresh~ LAP FRIMP)
  13. skyturtles

    Drider Crossing Guard

    Ooo, this is different. It reminds me of a sexy, expensive soap. (in a good way.) There is no sweetness, and very little woodiness. It is earthy for sure, with just a touch of green. It is dry but not burning. The black plum tea gives it just enough fruitiness to round out the spiciness of the pepper and nutmeg. Warm without being cozy. Reminds me of sandalwood for a strange reason, and I say strange because I don't like sandalwood but I do like this. Keeper! (lap frimp btw!)
  14. skyturtles


    Much lotus, much rose. Such floral. Sweeet. Not for me, it's a pass! (wow I've run out of words today)
  15. skyturtles


    Fresh from the lab frimp! I'm not sure if it matters but I gave everything a few days to "settle." Persephone screams ROSE. That's all I'm getting, and it's a bitter crisp rose, rather than a dusty powder rose. On the dry down, I get a hint of the juiciness that others rave about. I can only smell it when I'm not trying to, if that makes sense. I wish there was more of it, though, because the rose is beginning to nauseate me. If I sniff my wrist directly, all I get is that rose punch in the nose. I'll be passing this along!