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  1. skyturtles


    Zombi smells like a cyberpunk girl in high school. Juvenile and rebellious and a bit of candy with your brightly colored pleather. I don't get the roses so much, but I could see where the earthiness and moss com from. I would not categorize this as floral or even green. There is a spunk in there that is lively and youthful - but is it enough to raise the undead? I appreciated the frimp but I don't think I would purchase a full bottle.
  2. skyturtles


    Straight from the frimp, I am immediately reminded of Le Lethe, due to red musk being a pillar in both scents. I think I'm finding that red musk has a bit of an old, luxurious lady feel to it. You know the sort, who wears an excessive number of gold rings. On my skin, Scherezade calms down a bit as the earthier spices begin to shine. It's still quite sharp to my nose, almost irritatingly so, and I don't think I would feel confident wearing this at work nor at play.
  3. skyturtles


    Shanghai is very clean, almost soapy. I could see it doing well as a shower gel. I've used both honeysuckle and lemon verbena dish soap in the past year, so that me be an influencing factor. This isn't something I would normally pick out for myself, but I received it as a frimp about 7 months ago. I'm normally a huge fan of lemon verbena, but perhaps I'm learning that I prefer it as a standalone. I could see other people choosing this as a Spring or maybe Summer scent. It doesn't last terribly long once on my wrists, in my opinion.
  4. skyturtles

    Bram Stoker

    Here comes a slightly negative review, sorry. From the lab frimp I did get a bit of bergamot, but that seems to have disappeared rather quickly on my skin. I'm not picking up any hay. I guess that leaves the vetiver, though I have never encountered that particular plant in the wild and I'm no expert on traditionally male colognes, so this is just my assumption. It is a rather "masculine" scent, in my book. Leather and beards and gruff assertiveness. I also get a bit of powder / soap. I don't associate myself with those male traits per se, so this just isn't the scent for me. I was expecting something a little more mysterious, earthy, and elegant, I suppose. Vampiric, if possible. Maybe I'll just give this to my partner. I will say that it has a long lasting power. It sticks around without much fading.
  5. skyturtles

    La Petite Mort

    From out of the lab frimp I sniffed, and thought... formaldehyde? Cavity fluid? Maybe it's the name, La Petite Mort, that took me to prep room of the funeral home. I was surprised at how chemically it smelled. On my skin, however, it softened with the myrrh taking the lead, the ylang ylang following, and now it's powdery like a fiesty grandma. Since I'm a bit young for that label, I'm not feeling like this is the scent for me. It's still a bit heavy, though it does stay close to the skin. I don't get the "sexy" connotations that others seem to get. Oh well. I feel like it's tame enough for me to wear with my pantsuit.
  6. skyturtles


    Envy... something I don't want, so I guess it's true to its name. My initial impression both in the lab frimp and wet on my skin is soapy. Very clean linens. Laundry detergent? Not my cup of tea. It's a sharp scent, and I suppose that's coming from the mint and the lime. I can also pick up the lavender quite a bit, which might be one of my least favorite scents of all time. As a whole, it didn't last nearly as long on my skin as other BPALs that I've tried. This "green" blend is not for me, so I think I'll be giving it away to a friend or something.
  7. skyturtles


    When I first sniffed Vixen out of the frimp, I did not really like it. It's summer at this moment, and the scent came off as disappointingly winter-like. Luckily for me, it magically sparked to life on my skin. The sweet orange is immediately noticeable, but not in a fresh or floral way. Take that orange and put it next to a pool, massage some tanning lotion on it (or SPF 50 for pale gurls like me), and let it roast in the sunshine. I'm serious, it takes me back to Girl Scout Camp - I get a slight sunscreen note and I usually hate that chemically smell (maybe it's the amber?), but it works in Vixen. It's definitely a sexy summer scent for me (good timing, BPAL!) Like, maybe I shouldn't wear this to work... it's too much fun. ^^
  8. skyturtles


    Oh, Sjöfn. I received a frimp of this, and didn't even know who she was! I am ashamed to admit this, because of all the gods and goddesses, I have a connection to Idunna, the Norse goddess of youth who supplies the gods with immortality from her magical golden... apples. Yes, apples. So imagine my delight when I discovered that "Sjöfn" smelled unmistakably like apples! Not as sweet as apple juice, not as tart as a granny smith. It must be the apple blossom shining through to take your stereotypical apple scent to the next level. It's light, every so slightly floral, with a touch of sweetness. Golden; perfect for spring. I have not noticed a whole lot of difference between wet and dry - it's a fairly straightforward scent without too much complexity.
  9. skyturtles

    Blood Popsicle

    This was my first bottle purchase, and in retrospect that was quite bold of me since the description is a bit vague on the notes. (Side note: As someone who frequents morgues for work, let me tell you how much the smell of old blood is NOT something you want to be associated with - although anyone with a period probably has the same sentiments.) But since this is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I loved the concept, I took a chance and boy I'm glad I did. Blood Popsicle is complex, addicting, and strong. There is a bit of fruitiness going on, though it is not overly strong or sweet and is well-balanced out by other notes. My co-workers know when I wear this one and have called it "incense-y" so perhaps there's a bit of patchouli or champa or something else smokey-but-not-smoke-itself going on there when it's dried down. Personally, I find the scent more irresistible when wet, right out of the bottle on my skin. I once accidentally spilled a larger than normal amount on myself (I was a few drinks in and thought I had a stopper I guess?) and it was very noticeable. Like I said, it's a strong scent, and I like it that way. Since purchasing this, I immediately wanted the rest of the OLLA line. Just got June 23, 1868, so I'm getting there one at a time... (Blood Popsicle is better than 6/23/68 BTW just sayin)