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  1. skyturtles


    Wet immediately out of the imp, I got that sportiness that is probably the fir, mint, and whatever other stuff they put in masculine deodorant. On my skin those notes are still present, but the musk, clove, and orange blossom also appear and makes it all turn into a wonderful, slightly wintery, sexy scent. The evergreens and mint keep in clean in that cold inhale sort of way. The spices warm it up, and that slightest hint of floral keeps it complex while the black musk ties it all together. I'm a fan!
  2. skyturtles


    Ooo, there's a lot going on here! I like it. "It smells like I stuck a pine tree up my nose." says my partner. I, on the other hand, like the refreshing briskness. It's a sharp contrast to the muskier, darker blends I usually go for. I wasn't previously familiar with hyssop, and think it pairs nicely with the frankincense, which typically overpowers things with its resin smokiness (though I still do love it!). I'm not a fan of oakmoss so I'm glad it's not a power player here. Though there's not a strong boozy factor, this does remind me of a nice floral, gin-centric cocktail. There's some sweetness but mostly just green and clean. Someone else mentioned it being a cold & wintery scent, and I think I can get behind that notion as well. (My imp is of an unknown age.)
  3. skyturtles


    Ahhhh I don't know what happened, I think this imp has overaged because I smell some sort of poopiness. I'm aware that I have access to an adult vocabulary but that is seriously what comes to mind. I had high hopes because I like a good musk, especially red, but I had to go wash this off immediately. In the imp it smells lovely, and the color is stunning. But something icky happens immediately on my skin. Blech. Why poopy? 😭
  4. skyturtles

    Strangler Fig

    I have an imp of unknown age. Wet, it is syrupy sweet, which I don't necessarily mind. There is a bit of earthiness, warm and wet and woody, like the bottom level of a rainforest. We're nearly in a musk territory. I'm a fan! The figginess comes through without turning into a dessert. I don't think I'll need a bottle but I'll be holding on to this imp.
  5. skyturtles


    Ugh, not for me. The oakmoss and copal are quite strong; this surprises me as I usually think of patchouli overpowering everything else that it is paired with. I can't find the heliotrope, but then again, I don't know what I'm looking for. My imp is of unknown age and I'm not sure how that affects the blend. I see how other people can define it as "dusty," as in dusty leather-bound books that might have moss growing on them. Leans masculine and dry.
  6. skyturtles


    Out of the fresh from the lab frimp, I get a sharpness, like evergreen or household cleaner. Not what I was expecting from the title. However, wet on the skin that sentiment fades quickly enough, giving way to berries of the antioxidant and holiday variety, reds and purples, intertwined lovingly with luscious aromatic greenery. A winter wreath. As it dries down, some soft spices and black tea emerge. It's reminding me of a Lush product I used some years ago - can't recall the name. Further dried down, the sage is a lovely addition that I wasn't expecting. All in all, I'm a fan of this for a cold weather scent. A Xmas Wxtch, if you will, brewing in the kitchen.
  7. skyturtles

    Abolish ICE

    Purchased this bottle from the lab for a friend's birthday, and of course I have to test it. Out of the bottle, oh sweet booziness! Toffee and Bailey's or Kahlua. Wet on my skin, that alcohol note thankfully dies down a bit. The spices come out to play a little more. As it dries, the syrupiness resides as well, and the sweetness is a dusty, warm sort. This is not my cup of tea (I don't care much for either caramel or coffee things) but I hope it's right up my friend's alley! P.S. A little bit goes a long way!
  8. skyturtles

    Blood Kiss

    I am most likely going to end up purchasing a bottle of this. It's probably my favorite GC blend to date. I've sat down to try and write a review about 5 times now, and failed, and now my imp is nearly halfway gone! I smell: vanilla, cherry, smoke, spices, honey, bourbon, musk... These are a few of my favorite things. I pick up different notes every time I sniff myself, something I enjoy. The throw and lasting power are both great.
  9. skyturtles


    Eeeep, nuuuupe, this is not for me. I tried out this fresh lab frimp before knowing what notes were in it. I immediately picked up on the leather, which is nearly always a nope. Looks like there is also vetiver, another eeehhhh. I tried passing this off to my partner, who is more masculine than I, but they also scrunched up their nose in distaste. It's getting stronger the longer it dries, and I think I may wash it off... Someone mentioned it has the "new car smell" which is definitely on point and definitely something that historically makes me nauseous 😅
  10. skyturtles

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    First of all, the oil in the imp (unknown age) is a beautiful red color, which made me think it would have red musk or the like as a note. Imagine my surprise when I opened and sniffed the imp! This is my first experience with violet, and I think I'm a fan. Roses and lavender do not do it for me, but violet? Perhaps... The vanilla gives just a hint of sweet smokiness, but does not overwhelm at all. In fact, if I hadn't read the notes list, I wouldn't have been able to pick it out. Gardenia gives it a smidge of powdery green. The longer it dries on my skin, the spicier it gets... I think I've found my first floral winner! My partner says I smell like baby powder but I promise, I don't.
  11. skyturtles

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Fresh from the lab frimp! Always appreciated. I get the pink grapefruit and peppermint right away, and can easily pick up the lavender and another floral note if I concentrate - I'm assuming that's the geranium/zdravetz. All of these notes are not things I would generally pick in a scent, but it's interesting how they all come together. My partner says I smell like "laundry" 😅 I'll be passing this along, as it's a wee bit too clean and green for me.
  12. skyturtles

    The Divine Scientist

    I LOVE this. I picked out an empty bottle of The Divine Scientist as a free sniffie, and was so intrigued that I knew I had to have more. My bottle just arrived yesterday and I am so glad that I treated myself with it. It does smell Divine, the scent of clean light and enlightenment. A moment of clarity in a church or temple or shrine, where the priest or priestess is wearing really expensive garb. The aldehyde keeps it all from smelling like a forest or a gin tonic. Elderflower is always lovely in the way that it does not overpower and instead enhances anything it's paired with. I would say that this is gender neutral. TLDR; this is one of my top favorites.
  13. skyturtles

    Blood Rose

    I've had a string of rose scents that just aren't doing it for me, and unfortunately it smells like Blood Rose is joining those lowly ranks. I had my hopes up because, hey, "Blood," one of my favorite things. Maybe it's BPAL's rose note, because this is new for me to unlike rose as much as I do lately. Sigh. All I get is soapiness and baby powder, with the faintest hint of wine in the background.
  14. skyturtles


    Out of the imp (of unknown age) I can pick up on the red musk, which is typically a friend of mine. Just that hint of sweetness, mmm. Wet on my skin I immediately get the roses mixed with the amber. Unfortunately it seems to turn sour. I'm reminded of old moldy paper. I think I'm learning that roses are hit or miss on me. When combined with the amber, which I'm usually not a huge fan, something goes awry. Oh well, another one to frimp away!
  15. skyturtles

    Wolf's Heart

    I've got an imp of unknown age. The color is a gorgeous bright red. Out of the imp there is a sweet dragon's blood hint, but that disappears pretty quickly on the skin, overwhelmed by what I think is jasmine. There's a tiny bit of clove in there I think, but the jasmine dominates. I wish the scent matched the color more! My partner really likes this, but me, not so much. I have a few friends who really like jasmine, so maybe this would be a good gift for them. The longer it dries, the powderier it gets. I cannot speak towards its purpose as a voodoo oil; only as a perfume. Edit: I paired this with some RPG Neutral and I like it a lot more!