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  1. crystaltongue

    High-Strung Daisies

    This is sweeter than my normal jam, but I love a carnation scent, and most of the Mad Tea Party, so when I had an opportunity to get an aged bottle, I took it. There is definitely a lot of sugar in this one, and I see where folks get bubblegum out of it, but to me the pepper and carnation keep it from being too boring or synthetic. Definitely more of a spring or summer scent, but as a cheerful pick me up for the brain, it serves delightfully.
  2. crystaltongue

    Things Are Fine

    Oh I am in LOVE. This is such a fascinating and sophisicated scent. The tea is very forward, and I swear is a very specific variety of white tea called white peony. The smoke is just the barest trace, lending an almost dusty note that reminds me of the faded incense in columns of the temple of neptune. The fallen leaves read VERY specifically as Japanese maple leaves. I would swear there is some kind of unlisted rain note in there, though it might just be the hinoki. A clean, complex scent, without too much throw, and perfect for a rainy Seattle autumn.
  3. crystaltongue


    The Shub-Niggurath, puts me in mine of a really good oatmeal cookie, but one with something sinister about it. The spices are the most prominent note, and there is something warm and sweet and foody under it. But there is also some other element to it, one that is just a bit evil. So, a delicious evil oatmeal cookie. A lovely scent for fall or winter.
  4. crystaltongue

    Lady MacBeth

    The single best word to describe Lady M is "heady". In the bottle, it is an unremarkable combination of wine and juicy fruit. On the skin, however, it gains an incredible complexity. The wine is rich and intoxicating; the berries and currants are ripe and bursting with juice; and the sage keeps it from going too sweet. I thought when I first put it on that it didn't have much throw - turns out that the throw just takes 15 minutes or so to arrive, and then it's STRONG. Not exactly my usual jam, but I will definitely be keeping my imp.
  5. crystaltongue


    2010 version here! In the bottle, it is a weird, unpleasant chemical smell. But on the skin, it immediately becomes sweet dead leaves with just a hint of smoke. It is a very specific dead leaf smell though - reminds me of walking through areas of Pennsylvania and Maryland in fall. Definitely different from my own Pacific Northwest dead leaves. I want to try layering it with some other fall scents for sure.
  6. crystaltongue

    Cutie Dragon

    This pairs SO nicely with honey hair gloss. A sweetnand delicious lemon pastry. The lemon is a fairly sharp one, but the scent is kepts from being too cleaning product by the sweet butter and honey notes. So glad I finally got ahold of it!
  7. crystaltongue

    Black Ice Sleeper

    A bright and bitter apple and ice scent, reminiscent of Morana, but less sweet and far less minty. Like Morana, it is spiritually similar to Snow, Glass, Apples, though not a true dupe. I definitely enjoy the tang of apple without candied sweetness, for variety if nothing else.
  8. crystaltongue

    Snow White Hair Gloss

    So happy that I got to snag a bottle of this at Dragoncon! I hadn't tried any hair glosses when this was last being released, but since then I had picked up both Teahouse on Nakanocho hair gloss, and it does lovely things for my hair, so I wanted more options that match my collection. I have SO many things now that either contain snow white, or are scent that pair with it harmoniously, so when I saw it on the table at D*con, I couldn't resist. I applied it on on damp hair this morning to provide some extra conditioning. Thus far, it's definitely classic snow white, albeit less aggressive without my body heat and chemistry amping it like it does on the skin. Like other hair glosses, the formula is light and doesn't make my thin hair greasy, even when I don't restrict it to the ends. On the whole, very happy to have this one. I hope to snag it's sister Rose Red hair gloss someday too!
  9. crystaltongue

    Sugar Cookie Snow White

    A lovely rich sugar cookie, more vanilla and brown sugar than butter, with just a HINT of snow white under it. I could maybe wish that the snow white was a little stronger in it, but honestly, I can just solve that by pairing it with Snow White hair gloss. I do appreciate that this is a less aggressive version that I can wear on days when I want just SOME snow white, instead of ALL the snow white.
  10. crystaltongue

    Witches' Tea

    The scent of dark, slightly fermented blackberries starting to shrivel on the vine as the season ends, combined with a hint of sharp black tea. Not all that much throw, but still quite distinctive on the skin. Oddly not very foody, for all that it's a berry scent. Definitely fitting for spooky season.
  11. crystaltongue

    A Little Silver Scimitar

    Oh, this scent is MAGICAL. Creamy and a little aquatic, aromatic with the tree scents. I was worried from the description that it might be a little too cologne, but in practice it is delightfully gender neutral. I love moonflower in most contexts, and it works very nicely in here. It doesn't have as much throw as some scents, so one might apply it a little more heavily if one wants the scent to be more than a hint, but that is fine by me. So glad I picked this up at Dragoncon!
  12. crystaltongue

    Imported California Peach

    A beautiful juicy west coach peach in the bottle, it's definitely still peach on the skin, but with SO much more going on. The nominal description is: "Bonita peaches, matilija poppy, citrus rind, hummingbird sage, chaparral currant, and California lilac." I am definitely getting the sage and lilac on the skin, and a bit of the citrus too. A perfect scent for an evening at Dragoncon!
  13. crystaltongue

    Conception by the South Wind

    Wet on the skin, there is something surprisingly cinnamony about this, without of course there actually being any cinnamon. As it dries down, the ambergris amps, as do the peach blossoms. Dry on the skin, I would say it is first sweet delicate sandlewood and amber, with a sweet and creamy underlayer of peach blossom and ambergris. Not sure I get much, if any, lily of the valley, but I also don't think it suffers for it. Probably not going to be a scent I reach for OFTEN, since it is a little potpourri for everybday use, but definitely nice all the same.
  14. crystaltongue

    Mysterious Techniques in Lovemaking

    VERY creamy on my skin, with a surprising amount of throw. Orris and coconut are the main notes, with jasmine and plum blossom taking a distant second. I don't individually detect the other notes, but there is a spicy, complex underlayer that lends interest after dry down.
  15. crystaltongue

    Forbidden Fruit - Resurrected

    This is one that you definitely need to let sit on the skin before you decide what you think of it. In the bottle, it is all amber and lotus. One the skin wet, it went through several odd stages of decaying flowers, before the citrus comes out, the flowers come back to life, and whole scent becomes lovely and balanced. It reminds me just a bit of several of the Lunar New Years scents, especially wooden goat. It has more throw than most of the LNYs though, at least on my skin.