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BPAL Madness!

Squirting Cucumber

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While wet, it's like a freshly cut open cucumber, very crisp and juicy, kind of watery. There's a hint of grass. When it dries, it gets more grassy. A very clean, green scent.


This seems like something that'd be great to wear on a hot summer day to feel cooler and more refreshed.

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In the imp: Very wet, grassy greens but not particularly cucumbery to my nose. 

After wearing, it's cucumber. An actual liquid cucumber that I really should have expected, but somehow still surprised me with how assuredly cucumber it was. Not a zucchini or green grass or some other "fresh" plant, but a real, fresh cucumber straight from the farmer's market. It lasted quite a while on me as well, and stayed very true. 

Layers well with Envy and Apothecary. 


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