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  1. niffler

    Sherlock Holmes

    In the frimp, this was... weird. I had no idea what to make of it. Something "creamy" with a bit of leather and cologne that seemed intriguing at first but on second sniff reminded me strongly of rot. I think my brain misinterpreted the greasepaint as some kind of industrial chemical gone moldy. In the end, I figured my nose was simply broke and skin tested it. Dry, this became clean leather and rosin and tobacco smoke. Which is fine in concept; I love Rogue, which is mostly leather and rosin. I just do not like the wet stage of this scent.
  2. niffler

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    In the bottle and on the skin this is pretty much the same for me. Creamy smooth, luscious vanilla. The sandalwood does most of the heavy lifting to keep this from being too sweet. I get a couple flashes of the other notes, but mostly this is vanilla/sandalwood with a wisp of something pale and floral hovering about six inches above the rest of the scent. I imagine it would layer well with anything sandalwood or pale floral. Works wonderfully as a sleep scent for me.
  3. niffler

    ISO suggestions for a LARP Character

    Whip? Leather and rose seems like a good combo for this character.
  4. niffler

    After the Winter

    Ever been slapped in the face with an overwhelming sense memory? I got that with this scent. It reminds me so strongly of being in Hawaii visiting with family that actual tears appeared in my eyes. It's uncanny. The greens, the coconut, the warmth and hint of sweetness with that twist of orange blossom, just reached straight into my amygdala and said "Hey, remember this?" Ok, so the scent itself is lovely and tropical. With vanilla and coconut and amber you'd think it would be pretty sweet, but it's really not. Something about the combination of the greens and the orange blossom (the baobab leaf? is that the miracle worker here?) is sour and a bit spicy? It's unexpected in that way of exploring a whole forest of flora and fauna you've never seen before. Incredible. I mean, I'm probably biased. But I love this.
  5. niffler

    The Enkindled Spring

    In the bottle, this is a jolt of pure spring. This is so green, it almost smells citrusy or carbonated. Like Sprite, but leaves and grass, if that makes sense. I get a whole blitz of spring flowers initially and I can pick out tulips and daffodils for sure. The initial throw is surprisingly strong, even though it tones down very quickly. Dry, this still has a nice wash of green under all those flowers. I can smell peony very late in the dry down; I'm not familiar enough with star magnolia to pick it out. What a beautiful, naturalistic floral!
  6. niffler

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    The notes speak for themselves here. Hay, grasses, and herbs are all present and accounted for. This starts off very sharp, like the dry grasses and weeds that scratch at your ankles if you don't wear jeans and boots when you walk through a wild field. I have no idea which specific wild herbs are in this blend, only that there's about a fifty fifty chance of them having sneaky thistles. Everything sweetens up with hay in the drydown... way more than I expected, actually. This stays pretty close to the skin for me after the initial gust of herbs. I adore how fresh and crisp this is. Trees and leaves get a lot of love in the fall, but this celebrates the tall grasses that swish in the wind and the clear blue sky overhead.
  7. niffler

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    In the bottle this is a very light translucent gold, all apple and orange blossom with a hint of cedar underneath and a bloom of saffron at the edge. Fresh, airy, very well blended. It reminds me a bit of Sjofn. I can't pick out anything specifically amber or oud. Much the same wet on my skin. It starts to warm up with amber and honey, but the oud keeps it from being too sweet or powdery. I must say, I tested this on two different days and the first time had an odd stage in the middle where the honey and oud were fighting and vanilla stepped in to put them in a timeout. The honey and oud might not have become friends exactly, but in the second test they refrained from throwing down. Not sure if this was from letting it settle some more or a shift in my (monthly) skin chemistry. Either way, amber and vanilla definitely sweeten the dry down and it stays harmoniously golden. The end result is beautifully sophisticated. This isn't going to be an everyday scent for me, but I will savor every time I wear it.
  8. niffler

    Bookcase Passage

    Let me first preface this by saying I had very high hopes for this scent. Old books are one of my absolute favorite scents--like, spend hours looking through the 70's sci-fi paperbacks in my parents' basement, cracking each one open to read a chapter and smell the paper kind of favorite. Polished woods dominate in the bottle and the first few moments on my skin. The bookcase is closed, and we're feeling around the paneling for that bit of decoration to press and open the secret passage. On my skin leather joins the party briefly, but once this is dry it's all about those dusty, crumbling pages. We're inside the bookcase passage and all the really good old books are in here, folks. Soft, sandalwood cobwebby, faintly vanillic pages. This is gorgeous. It's not at all sweet (on me), which may have something to do with the polish on the woods, or perhaps that's the leather. Either way, I love this and I'm so happy I blind bottled it.
  9. niffler

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    Good news @murqmaid... polished woods are front and center in Bookcase Passage ☺️ Not at all sweet either (on me at least). I'm waiting to write a review until this finishes doing its thing as the books/crumbling pages are coming out slowly.
  10. niffler

    I want to smell like a wizard...

    @biggest_ghost Honestly, I don't think there's a better place to look than BPAL if you want to smell like a conjurer of spirits. Pick a mood or a scent note and go through the lab's directory... Djinn for summoning fire spirits, Nosferatu for chatting with vampires over wine, Light of Men's Lives for the candles filling your wizard's tower, Azathoth or Oblivion for losing your mind whilst staring into the abyss... and that's in addition to all of Lucchesa's suggestions! Dee and Black Tower are beloved staples of my own little collection, so I must second those recommendations. Black Tower in particular veers towards the ghostly in my opinion. TLDR; Don't worry, you'll find something wizardly.
  11. niffler


    Fall in a bottle. It opens with a whoosh of spice and fir needle, which I found a touch overwhelming but not unpleasant. After the cardamom and nutmeg leap out wielding fir needles, black patchouli joins the party. Wet on my skin, it's pretty much the same as in the bottle. The drydown is where this gets interesting for me. Fresh pumpkin and sweet apple form the base of the scent and let the spices settle down a touch. I keep wanting to call the pumpkin dank... not in a bad way, but in that way freshly carved pumpkin is vegetal and not sweet. Maybe that's the damp woods; all the sweetness belongs to the apple. Towards the end of the drydown I got a nice vanilla note? None of the smoke mentioned by previous reviewers. This has all the feelings of real fall and no fake pumpkin spice. Long wear, decent throw.* *2020 version, fresh. I have not smelled or skin tested previous versions.
  12. niffler

    Strangler Fig

    One of the first scents I tested, but never reviewed. It's warm, green brown and a little fig-sweet in the imp. Beautifully earthy, definitely reminiscent of a living fig tree. The greens disappear immediately when on my skin, leaving warm caramel fig with undertones of wood. Sadly it then goes very powdery on me for a long while. It ends up smelling like a faint powdering of that sweet-spice craft store smell. I hardly ever wear it except to layer occasionally because my skin makes such a mess of it on its own.
  13. niffler

    Help to choose earthy scent

    The shades of "earthy" in BPAL are extremely varied and somewhat dependent on your skin chemistry. Are you looking for a green kind of earthy, pure soil earthy, patchouli earthy, or musky earthy? Do herbal or fruit notes appeal to you? Death Cap, Destroying Angel, and Grave Pig are all well-loved earth scents in the general catalog without florals. Patchouli and musk scents abound, as do forest/outdoors scents (recommendation threads linked). Some of the Halloween scents currently available might also be up your alley!
  14. niffler

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Reviving this thread! Considering that my favorite scents so far have been... not very bridal, I thought I'd importune the BPAL hivemind for help. Currently thinking of ordering/testing: After the Winter, Alice, Brisingamen, and White Rabbit. So, suggestions for an early spring wedding? I'm going to be difficult and say no orris, lily, or jasmine. Edit: Sjofn and Liquid Gold is in the Air are currently in the running, but neither last a particularly long time on me... not ideal. I have placed orders for several scents that may work and will update when I get to test them.
  15. niffler

    Sleepytime BPAL

    Not necessarily a good sleepytime scent, but several times now I've fallen asleep with Black Tower on. Each time I have unusually vivid, unsettling dreams. I haven't noticed any effect with other scents (good or bad), and love Black Tower when I'm awake, so I'm a bit puzzled. Perhaps something to do with the airiness/wateriness previously mentioned re: dreams, what with the ozone and ambergris... or maybe I just reach for Black Tower when I'm in a mood that would produce weird dreams anyway. 🤔