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  1. Estamets

    Shotun Samhain Swap 2021

    FIRST QUESTION: what sizes do you wear for jewelry purposes - rings, etc. No rings please. Necklaces of pretty much any length are appreciated! Earrings that are super hypo-allergenic (I can do gold, silver, and surgical steel posts). I rarely wear bracelets. Question: what's your favorite fall food based treat? Ummmm...... any fall fruits. Ciders : apple, mulled, etc. Mulled wine. Pumpkin pie/pumpkin bread/pumpkin everything else: pumpkin, not just pumpkin spice . I function at my highest when I don't eat gluten. Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call? Any is great! I would prefer a zoom/skype/phone call vs a physical spell, but I accept any and all manifestations of good energy. For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? Anything handmade with love! Anything curated for me with care! Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK? I love local art stuff, and interesting treats that you can only get in your neck of the woods. Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters? Sure, especially if they're related to the changing seasons and celebrating the passing of time. I don't do floral smells for my body, and I don't scent my house. What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance) I mentioned this in my questionnaire, but I'm looking towards a big... hatching is the visual that's coming to mind, oddly - a new growth spurt, which I would love to support in any and all ways possible. I'm also finding that time is passing by without my noticing lately, so anything that helps me take notice and celebrate the change in season would be great. Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry? Yes. All the books. Many books. I like pre-loved paperbacks or Kindle editions. I love to read magical realism. I enjoy poetry. I'm not the best audience for an art/photo book. Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in? Not specifically, but anything that fits into my other gift genres is great. Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented? No preference, but I would only like to receive a candle that has a ritual/spiritual significance, since I don't scent my spaces (and I also sell very nice candles in my gift shop that I can take whenever I want). Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? No makeup or nail polish, please. Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)? I can't think of anything right now. I trust your instinct! Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need? Not that I need, but I do knit and spin and I like adding thoughtful yarns and fibers to my stash. Homemade treats...any likes and preferences?? AND YES, I am also wanting to know what flavor/s of fudge you would love to get if I happen to be your Adept All of them, please. All of the fudges. I don't like raspberries, raw celery, onions, or caraway seeds.
  2. Estamets

    Honey Hair Gloss

    Oh gosh. I love the BPTP hair gloss formula and what it does for my hair. And I am so sad about the burning plastic disaster that is this scent for me. I don’t know if it’s a funky batch, but I recoil when I smell this in the bottle, and it’s not any better on my hair, though it does all the beautiful hair gloss things for me! I was hoping for a light honey scent to augment my mostly light, soft, sweet perfume rotation, but this one is straight to the swaps pile 😭😭😭
  3. This is a vat of peach preserves in the making. Dark, gooey peach made shiny and caramel-colored with piles of sugar. There is a perfume-edge to this, which could be an animal musk, maybe? Or might just be a tart edge from the peach… For the first time ever, I wish I hadn’t watched Tom & Galen’s review; it made me expect baked goods where there are none. This has rested two full days. Maybe those cream, marshmallow, and vanilla notes will emerge with more time, she types hopefully?? I blind-bottled TWO bottles based on those notes and the T&G review, and I would dearly love to love them.
  4. Estamets


    Lavender marshmallows. I LOVE this blend. I usually run (quickly) away from lavender blends, but the lavender here is fresh, without the sharp medicinal note I get from most lav scents. All the other notes bend together into fluffy sweet pillows. There are whole buds floating in my bottle!! Verdict is still forthcoming on whether it helps my sleep (it has been a very stressful week, so hard to gauge), but I definitely look forward to slathering myself with Sopor before bed!
  5. Estamets

    Frenum Bath Oil

    Lovely balance of cucumber, light cherry blossom, and other crisp green scents (which all blend together for me). This is a perfect hot-day bath: refreshing, light, cooling. Product-wise, BPTP bath oils moisturize my skin like nothing else has ever done. Love, love, love. At night, I’ll also dunk my hair in the bath, then braid it and sleep without rinsing. The next day, it’s gotten a nice deep moisture mask that rinses clean with shampoo.
  6. Estamets

    The Great Sword of War

    Fresh imp from the lab: herbal orange smash! I guess maybe there was a hint of chocolate when wet, and I can track some earthier notes if I squint sideways at it, but it’s really just juicy, stepped-on citrus, and bright, nasal-clearing herbs. Oddly, I’m here for it.
  7. Estamets

    Gula Bath Oil

    All dark chocolate, all the time!! This is gorgeous, and I don’t find it foody at all. I don’t get much of the other notes, but if you like deep dark pure cocoa, you’ll love this. I live in a dry place, and my skin may be more dry than others, so keep that in mind. Also I’m a bath oil newbie so this may be *duh* for some folks, but I would have found this useful: The way I used this was by adding a couple of teaspoons to the running bath water (I heeded earlier reviews that a little goes a long way!). When I got in the bath, my legs immediately felt softer, and the smell pretty much disappeared. So I added a bit more, and noticed oil drops floating on the water. I splashed around with my arms, and those drops disappeared, along with the rejuvenated scent. After that, I applied small amounts of oil directly to my arms, shoulders, and chest, and soaked in the water. Now that I’m dry I smell only the faintest whiff of cocoa, and only when I snuffle my skin, so I think there’s a direct correlation between noticeable scent and how much oil is floating on the water (as opposed to soaking into my skin). I expected my bathroom to be a choc-splosion, but there’s barely any scent left at all. (Will update if the spouse says something different when he gets home.) My skin is so, so soft and luscious. Will definitely continue using, either in the bath or directly on moist skin.
  8. The first review freaked me out because lavender and I do not get along! But there is no lavender in Earl Grey tea, and no lavender in this blend either, whew! There is, however, a very clean note as the first reviewer notes. Wet, there's a similar medicinal quality to some lavenders, so I totally see the comparison, and agree that this is flirting with Drier Sheet Land. The laundry note recedes quickly on me, and a barely pre-ripe peach emerges. A peach when the flavor is fully developed, but the juices aren't going to run down your wrists. This is my favorite time to eat a peach, but right now this perfume is “eating that peach next to a drier vent.” Currently, all I’m getting is sharp peach laundry. No black tea, bergamot, milk, or vanilla syrup; no woolly sweater. I am desperately hoping those bass notes show up after more rest!!
  9. Estamets

    Temple of Dreams

    Woof. Prepare yourself: this does what it says on the tin! I’ve worn this 3 or 4 nights, not in a row. I have found it most effective when applied to the front of my neck. Vivid, somewhat gnarly dreams. I do have issues with stress dreams, so I’m going to wait use this again until I’ve spent the hour before bed watching videos of cute bunnies or something. I applied with intention, but my subconscious obviously has its own ideas about what I need to work through. Scent wise, it’s light & herbal. My spouse said “ooooh what are you wearing? You smell different,” an improvement over when he kicked me out of bed to shower when I tried a tiny dab of Somnus on my temples 😂
  10. Estamets

    Snake Skin

    Beautiful! Soft brown leather a’la Haute Macabre and Western Diamondback. A hint of sweet Snake Oil. Something lovely and resinous when I bury my nose in it. Perfectly blended. Subtle yet consistent throw. Going on 5 hours and I still get gentle whiffs from my shoulders.
  11. Estamets

    Brown Jenkin

    It's been a minute since this guy got some love, so lemme pour it on. I wouldn't have believed that something could be both DRY and SNUGGLY, but here we are. The overall effect is sweet on me, with a slight edge from the sandalwood. There's a faint hint of perfumed smoke from the incense. This is coconut husk, not coconut, and I get all the brown husky beauty of that note with zero sunscreen. The orris is dry, yes, but also creamy, and the musk plays nicely with my skin, making this addictively huffable. Lovely throw, and the scent is soft enough that I can enjoy it without being afraid of blasting anyone else with it. Brown Jenkin is in my top 10.
  12. Estamets

    Snake Smut

    This is primarily cardamom, which I amp, and which happily stays RAWR biteable (rather than screechy or scared-cat-sweaty). The bright cardamom is softened by brown leather, with juicy Smut in the mid ground. Snake Oil is there, waaaayyyyyy in the background, and I’m pretty sure it’s what’s blending everything together and keeping the cardamom in check. I am SO excited to see how this ages, and I’m really glad I invested in 3 bottles 💃
  13. Estamets

    Deadly Nightshade Honey

    Golden, waxy honey with a hint of plant underneath: a juicy floral or a delicate berry. Maybe both? Not at all similar to BPAL’s Belladonna. This a nice honey blend, and makes me think of spring!
  14. Estamets

    Radiant Abundance

    I can’t speak to the effects of this one yet (will update if I notice anything!), but am happy to share my notes on the scent! Perfectly balanced; no single note stands out and everything is behaving on my skin (no screaming cedar or nauseating heliotrope), but I can track each note if I put my mind to it. It wants to lean into Baby Wipe Territory; it never gets there, but that adds an interesting, and I would say useful, edge to the experience. This is a clean, glowing scent. It feels more like a scent for creative and emotional abundance than specifically financial abundance (they’re all intertwined, but you know what I mean). As the notes say, it is nurturing, like a hug from my kindergarten teacher before I go on stage for a tap recital. It feels like transluscent, pale-gold sunlight. Short throw: perfect for a pre-endeavor meditation, or a wrist scent that I could whiff secretly while in The Thick of Things. I would happily use this as an atmo scent during a writing session. I imagine it would add a clean, warm safety to a space without smelling like an air freshener. Hoping this makes nightly dinners with my co-habitating mom and mom-in-law a little softer for me.
  15. Estamets

    Enraged Bunny Musk

    ...late evening arm test... In the bottle: a whole lotta not much. Wet (8pm): soft, puffy white, maybe the teensiest hint of lemony herby something? It's a light version of the lemon edge I get from sugar cane notes. But mostly this is soft and gentle, barely-there. Early Dry (8:15-9:30ish): still soft and white and puffy and fluffy and delicate. Baby's breath doesn't have a smell to me, but if it did, this is what it would be. I don't get any clover (I imagine the top notes have aged out of this bottle), and the whole effect is soft and fluffy without being baby-powdery. Late dry (???am): OH MY GAWD -- many hours later, when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I sniffed my arm expecting the soft sleepy time pre-bed scent, and was jolted awake by THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, GOLDEN, SHINY MUSK. HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. It's almost ambery in its metallic vibe, but definitely sex-forward. A complete 180 from the earlier scent. My semi-asleep brain decided this is perfect for date night because it's soft and sweet at the beginning, then ragingly sexy and assertive right around (I think?) after dinner cocktail time. Late late dry (7-10am): there's still a nice sweet, gentle, skin scent, very different than the early dry stages - more vanillic. What a joyful fucking journey. It's *actually* date night tonight, so I'm going to test my theory and see how it goes.