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  1. Estamets

    An Orchard in Spring

    Apples, and I agree with doomsday_disco about the red musk. I can’t define other notes, though there’s a light floral in the sillage. This has a traditional perfume quality to my nose… which could be the lilac now that I think about it (I avoid lilac so not super familiar with it). Long throw. Pretty, and darker than I expected. The vibe is more crimson blossoms than white apple blossoms. ETA: throw lasts about 4 hours and is nicest at about 2 hours. A nice date night scent, methinks.
  2. Estamets

    Absinthe v5

    This is a supremely gorgeous cool vanilla spiced with a touch of anise - just enough to make it interesting, not enough to give me hangover flashbacks.
  3. Estamets

    The Garden of the Hesperides

    This is light and fresh: a perfect weight for a cool, late summer evening... which doesn't occur where I live so this is a transportation blend for me! I get tart-but-not-green apple flesh, the not-flowery floral of apple blossoms, and something kind of woody in the sillage. There are leaves in here: fresh, green, not crushed. Any honey is staying in the background. It's like laying in an apple orchard with a daisy chain on my head. Beautifully blended, it's really hard to pull out specific notes. And it's a bit of a morpher: the first time I wore it, my husband said "now THIS Is a perfume I like!" (he grew up in an apple picking town, and attributed it to that). The second time, though, he said, "meh, that's a little florally for me." I love it, and it's become a favorite when layered with a grassy OCYL scent.
  4. Estamets

    Bear Moon

    The same beautiful brown musk as Are You Digging On My Grave, and maybe Coyote? It’s dry and cozy: a wild den scent. Animalistic. Brightened by a tart wild berry jam-boysenberry and blackberry? I am transported to a hut in the late summer woods.
  5. Estamets

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    This is a sparkly, dark purple-silver scent. The lavender is dry & herbal, but not green or screechy. The marshmallow is more like silky warm fluff than poofy set marshies. I find this very wearable, even in the heat of summer.
  6. Estamets

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops, and Peppermint Canes

    This one goes on with a strong whiff of cocoa powder - it's not in the notes, but it's there on my skin. Dry, I get clovey after dinner mints. There isn't any marshmallow poof or gumdrop juiciness. This is more of an old timey spiced candy than the mixed bag of bright sugary flavors that I was expecting. It's growing on me, and I expect to get a lot of wear out of this during Halloween and Christmas.
  7. Estamets

    Fuck This Heat

    This does exactly what it says on the tin. I was expecting mint for some reason, so I got confused trying to find it - it’s not there! It’s not supposed to be there! The lavender is fresh & herbal but not screechy. The hops are true to life: gentle, cream-colored, and sleepy. The “sliver of ice” is silver-toned, menthol-adjacent, and NOT the Lab’s snow note. This is a perfume to wear for the reasons stated in the description. It’s an “I just walked out of a spa” smell.
  8. Estamets

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    I get a skinclose dry vanilla for about half an hour, then this disappears. Tucking it away for a few months to see if the vanilla develops.
  9. Estamets

    Pleasure Abundant

    This orange blossom & honey combo smells dark & deep on my skin. The peppercorn is most prominent when wet. This fades after about at hour to a barely-there, deep orange amber with a hint of frankincense funk (both against frank, that’s just what it does on my skin).
  10. Estamets


    This goes on with a lovely burst of mint and promise! Sadly, on my skin, this blend turns into mush. There’s a barely-there whiff of mallow but it goes in the direction of most florals on me: a gooey pile of week-old flowers. I don’t get any wood or nutmeg. I blame my skin chemistry for this epic fail. YMMV.
  11. This goes on light & incensey. Sadly, in the drydown something goes funky on my skin - that happens with incense notes sometimes.
  12. Estamets

    Iris Root, White Amber, and Blackberry

    In the bottle, this is bright blackberry. On my skin, the iris root comes to the forefront, and the blackberry turns into the barest hint of blackberry jam. The amber is only there to lighten the iris root into a floatier scent. I wish the blackberry stayed as delightfully bright as it is in the bottle. Skin-close. 1-2 hour wear time.
  13. Estamets

    Psalm 82:2-4

    This is a sweet (not sugary), pale pink crystal. It’s dry, but I don’t get any earthy husk. Mostly pale, lightly powdery, crystalline resin. A pink version of The Grey Columns. A shiny version of Zorya P. Throw is low. No morphing. Will update with wear time.
  14. Estamets


    Named after the Roman God of Sleep. This blend helps bring on deep, restful, natural sleep. I dabbed Somnus on my wrists and sleep mask last night. When my cat woke me up to attend his daily 3am opera, it was the first time I remembered waking up since I fell asleep. That. Never. Happens. I popped in my earplugs, went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up again until 7:15. That. Never. Happens. Either. I don’t feel particularly refreshed this morning (I have some REM to catch up on), but I will be using Somnus regularly from now on.
  15. Estamets

    Princess Pig on Stilts Playing the Harp

    In the bottle and wet, this is MILK. The milk dries away almost instantly, and what is left is a beautifully solid, perfectly blended mix of sweet, skin-close resins, a block of wood, and a chunk of unidentifiable fruit left over from breakfast. What there is not: spice, bubblegum, incense trails, floof, or fizz. I love how oddly non-fantastical this scent is. Throw is low - me, but no one else unless they huff my neck. Will report back about longevity. ETA: today this smells like a creamy, soft pink leather.