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  1. IntelligentPotato

    Dried Strawberries, Red Musk & Bourbon Vanilla

    While wet, this reminds me of fruit snacks, but some really good-smelling fruit snacks. I really like it in this stage. Once it dries, the strawberry fades more into supporting rather than front and center, and it becomes mostly red musk with some strawberry and bourbon vanilla. It goes from being a real sweet and kind of juicy scent to a muskier and more lightly sweet scent.
  2. IntelligentPotato

    Red Mandarin, French Lavender & Juniper

    On wet after a few seconds, the red mandarin really stands out to me and is a lovely, sweet orange citrus. The juniper is about equally as strong with herbal lavender more in the background. As it dries, the three notes blend together very beautifully. The lavender and juniper together read almost like a minty pine to my nose, and they really go together well with the sweet citrus. I really love this, even though it only lasts for a couple of hours before it's mostly faded away.
  3. IntelligentPotato

    Lemon Peel, Marshmallow & Orange Blossom

    On wet, I mostly get the lemon peel. As it starts to dry, I get more and more of the marshmallow until it becomes the main thing I'm smelling. There's some orange blossom in the back, pretty subtle, but there. It is nice and sweet marshmallowyness with some bright citrus.
  4. IntelligentPotato

    Tengu Demon Using His Nose as a Phallus

    In the decant, I get mostly just red musk. On wet, the notes actually blend together on me and are surprisingly subtle. There's just some red musk and then everything else is indistinguishable from each other. After drydown I still get red musk as the base but am now able to pick out the sandalwood and black pepper from each other, and there's just a subtle smokiness to the scent. Even after drydown, though, everything seems kind of muted on my skin compared to what I was expecting. Even the red musk isn't particularly strong on me, and the black pepper doesn't really jump out. The scent is fine, but not something I'll need more of.
  5. IntelligentPotato

    A Cute Kid

    Strawberry bubblegum that I get more of the sweet strawberry and less of the bubblegum from with a pile of chalk dust right behind it. I barely get a bit of lavender. Definitely reminds me of drawing on the driveway with chalk and especially of just making colorful piles of chalk dust.
  6. IntelligentPotato

    Kommt Mit Zacken Und Mit Gabeln

    Initially in the decant and while it's wet I really pick out the sage and animal musk. Then when it's dried down, the sage blends in more with the other plants so it's all foresty with soft, furry musk and amber. It makes me think of finding a nice, comfy spot to rest in the forest in the middle of the day.
  7. IntelligentPotato

    Bon Vivant

    This starts off as very fizzy and sweetly fruity. Eventually it dries down to a soft strawberry sugar type of scent. There is a lot of throw on this one, and it's such a delight to wear.
  8. IntelligentPotato


    This smelled like a freshly cut open coconut on me. A just-ripened and warm coconut ready to be drank. I don't get any water or shea butter, just very strong, sweet, milky coconut. I don't know that I want to smell this coconutty, but maybe I'll be more in the mood for it when it's hot out. It lasted a long time on me; I could still smell it almost 10 hours after putting it on.
  9. IntelligentPotato

    Mouse Circus

    This is mostly buttery, salty, freshly-popped popcorn on me with an underlying sweetness. It doesn't last super long before it fades to the golden wood smell with a bit of sweetness. This is a really nice, enjoyable scent before my skin eats it.
  10. IntelligentPotato

    Lump of Coal

    This smells exactly like a bowl full of fudge brownie batter in the bottle/wet. Once it's dried, it smells like brownies just out of the oven, still gooey.
  11. IntelligentPotato

    Apple Sugar

    Wet, it smells like a very crisp, red apple. After it dries down, there's a soft sugariness with the apple still there, but slightly less prominent. Eventually the apple mostly fades away. It only ended up lasting a few hours on me, but it is a really nice apple scent. It really makes me crave a nice, fresh, juicy apple.
  12. IntelligentPotato

    Squirting Cucumber

    While wet, it's like a freshly cut open cucumber, very crisp and juicy, kind of watery. There's a hint of grass. When it dries, it gets more grassy. A very clean, green scent. This seems like something that'd be great to wear on a hot summer day to feel cooler and more refreshed.