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'red' scents

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Can anybody reccomend any scents that seem to immediately make you think of them as being 'red or brown' (also gold)? Many of my favorites give me the impression of being one variation or another of these colors and I'm looking to expand my red/brown collection of scents even further. :D


A few of my favorites:


Variations of Red:


Fenris Wolf



Variations of brown:


Buck Moon


Pit and the Pendulum

Fallen (more of a variation on a very light resinous color/gold variation than brown)


Thanks in advance for any help :P



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Spellbound. Whenever I smell it, I get an impression of vivid, glowing red and gold. Morocco's also good, in a soft lightly-browned red way.

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brimstone and burial are both brown to me

zombi might be good for brown (with a touch of red due to dried blood and roses)

anything with dirt in it makes me think brown

therefore, straight up graveyard dirt may be your best bet now that i think of it

jazz funeral too perhaps

(is this your association of brown?)

(or do you think like more chocolate or nutty?)


what's your association / perception of red ?

like do you think more of blood, or fruit, or of heat & spice? or even roses! ? they're red.

things with dragon's blood or red musk (even though it smells bad on me) or with myrrh or with cinnamon might be good

chimera is good for cinnamon. blood is great too. & mars is the red planet ;]

bordello is red to me, very cherry

red devil, red phoenix, red queen... sheesh there's more than i thought

i suggest you search "red" ha


hope i helped more than confuse hehe

good luck

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To me, Nosferatu is a muted, dusty brown with tiny flecks of dark, dark green, the color of old, dried herbs.

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To me, Bengal is a very exotic, red/gold scent. I associate heat/spices with red, I guess. I think Velvet is very much a fuzzy, chocolate brown scent, and Tombstone is brown/sparkly gold cedar and vanilla. Alone, Anne Bonny, Scherezade and Blood Moon with their combination of notes are very red/brown for me, as well. And I agree with whoever says The Lion is a gold scent. On that note, so is Coyote!

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I second The Lion- it's very golden.


You might want to try Dragon's Heart for a reddish brown. It's really nice.

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Other people have pointed out The Lion, but for me that's more of a gold with a dab of red. I'd add Wolf's Heart to the list, not just because of the dragon's blood in it -- it has that faint metallic tang to it.

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(I love the questions that involve putting a color to a smell--my brain works like that all the time, and so these questions are fun!)


Blood Amber=red and gold

Sed Non Satiata=reddish brown

Sin=reddish brown

Blood Lotus=red and pale yellow

Lilith=dark purplish red

Khephra=golden brown

Cerberus (discontinued)=dark red and brown

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Faustus seems very deep crimson/soft brown to me (it has cinnamon and frankincense, I think, and something else). It is lovely.

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Fenris Wolf: to me is brown brown


Blood Moon: Red Brown

Red Phoenix: Red Red

Sin: brown

Samhain: Brown/ochre

Bordello: Red/violet

Smut: Red/Brown

Dracul: Red/brown

Montresor: Burnt red/violet

Snake Oil: Brown with a strip of creamy beige

Haunted Palace: Brown, flecked with gold

Hellfire: Brown/black

Helle's Belle: Light Brown/gold

Grandmother of Ghosts: brown brown brown grey brown black brown


Alright, so this isn't BPAL, but when I think red brown I also think of Arcana's Burlesque. (Don't hurt me!)


Edited: Best slip of the finger yet. Spelled "Snake Oil" as "Snail Oil"

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Coyote is golden brown to me.

Cerberus=deep brown

Blood Moon= deep auburn

Port au prince=brown and fizzy

Smut= medium reddish brown

Death Cap=gold mixed with brown

The Great Sword of War=brown

Red Lantern= red-brown and some charcoal too

Tombstone=dry brown

Hearth= reddish brown

Kali=sort of red brown

Wrath=red (but that could be the color influencing me)

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Wow, so many suggestions so quick after posting! Thanks guys, this forum is so helpful. :P When I have more time at lunch tomorrow, I'll start compiling a list from this of imps for my upcoming Moon order. My mind often associates a color (or combination of colors) with a scent pretty quickly after smelling it (even when I don't know the notes very well), so everybody's suggestions have been very informative to me.





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When I write my reviews, I write the name of the scent in the colour I associate it with. It may not always be spot-on since there are so few hues to choose from, but here's a list of red/brown scents based on that (regardless of whether I like the scent or not):


More reddish:

Red Devil


Marquise de Merteuil

Fenris Wolf

Dragon's Heart










More brownish:




Gingerbread poppet

Penny dreadful








Centzon Totochtin


Devil's Night


Freak Show






The Red Queen


The Hesperides

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Mmmm. I'm all about the red scents...


I think that red musk is what is the biggest tip for me in this sense, although I also like the red ginger and the Dragon's Blood.


My top five red scents would be:

1. Mme. Moriarty

2. Count Dracula

3. Red Moon (either version)

4. Blood Moon

5. Red Phoenix

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