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  1. sarahjay

    Red Lantern

    This absolutely fantastic aged, the notes have smoothed out in a wonderful way & the tobacco is no longer dominating in an unpleasant way (to me). love it. edit - mine is the 2006 version.
  2. sarahjay

    Midnight Mass

    this is just lovely. in my mind I thought that it was like anne bonny, so I dabbed some midnight mass on one hand and some anne bonny on the other... AB is much more woody, and stronger. M.Mass is sweeter and warmer, with less obvious throw. so maybe I need that second bottle of M.Mass after all! I think it would also be great for layering with a floral scent, gypsy queen stlyee. I'm so pleased I received this in time for christmas eve! eta - I wore this on christmas eve and also to church christmas morning - I'm liking it more and more. I agree with YBNBut (below) about the myrrh - it reminds me on annubis too (which for me, is a good thing! )
  3. sarahjay


    when I dabbed a little of this on there was something in it that I just don't like - reminding me of hesparides - a kind of rotten, burnt smell. I felt sad that I wouldn't like it when everyone else seems to love it... however when it dries down it's lovely. creamy, figgy and the almonds are not too strong. it's not too coconutty. it's beautifully warm. I'll be giving it a few more goes for sure.
  4. sarahjay


    I had thought that the pine and eucalpytus would be sharp and strong, but so far Rome's all rose, rose, rose on me. quite suprising. I'm not sure it's me - but if you're a rose fan I would def. give it a go
  5. sarahjay

    Santa Eularia Des Riu

    the jasmine is strong in this one for me - but I like jasmine, so that's ok. the jasmine/citrus blend is soft and lovely to me actually, with the herbs in the background. it's making me think of chiroptera - with the jasmine replacing the lemonbalm. this DOES smell mediterranean to me - lovely I like this a lot and would think of getting 5ms sometime.
  6. sarahjay


    I have been so lucky in my latest order with the new wanderlust blends and baghdad is no exception. it's a really lovely perfumed wood when first applied, just like the perfumed chest mentioned earlier. it's warm and sophisticated and I can picture an elegant persian lady with lots of kohl wearing it. I think I will be wearing it more in the autumn, it just has that kind of vibe for me
  7. sarahjay

    Sri Lanka

    this is absolutely beautiful it is smooth and lovely - the cedar is not too sharp, the sandalwood is glorious, the myrrh is warm, the smoke is not too smokey and the patchouli is spicy but not too heavy. I only tried a little dab on my thumb and I just couldn't stop sniffing (I'll update more fully at a later date). I think it would be lovely on me, but also fantastic on my old man - can't wait to try it on him - I think it would be very sexy on him. I just got an imp because sometimes I find cedar too sharp - but I'll be buying 5mls before too long I'm sure edit sept 9 - I'm about to order 5ml of this, I really love it. I thought that I would adore baghdad and like this, but it's the other way around, suprisingly (to me).
  8. sarahjay


    ooooh this is lovely. it does indeed start off *very* jasmine, with some other heady floral - must be the lily. (actually it reminds me of Bnever's '2 hearts beat as one' if any of you are familiar with that). as it dries I can smell the clove and the vanilla too - the sandalwood is grounding without being too sandalwood-y (not that I would mind, I love sandalwood). it's not too musky - just warm and womanly. a really smooth, warm, sexy blend. a 'grown-up' scent. I love it! I'm so glad I got 5mls
  9. sarahjay


    I thought I had reviewed morocco long ago (but can't see it). I have a 10ml bottle of this & love it, but haven't worn it much lately as I've been wearing more spring like floral blends. I've got it on today & I'm blown away all over again by its loveliness - my bottle is 6months or so old now & it's aged beautifully and it's fantastic when used with lush's potion
  10. sarahjay

    Blood Pearl

    this was a frimp from the lab & I don't think I would have ordered it! but it's delicious, absolutely lovely. not too coconutty, but soft and warm. I would buy a bottle in a flash, but I've already got (& love) blood amber & I don't think I need both. I've passed my imp along to a friend but I'll def. consider buying a big bottle when I use my blood amber up. delicious. thankyou lab btw - am wondering how different 'blood musk' is to red musk? because red musk usually goes to powder on me.... but didn't notice this with blood pearl
  11. sarahjay

    Milk Moon 2005

    this is lovely, but I do wish the mintiness would hang around a little. it's so creamy and milky on me, but I don't actually like milk to drink & don't think I want to smell like it. I've already agreed to swap it as I already have bottles of spooky and chaste moon and like those more.
  12. sarahjay

    The Ides of March 2005

    I really like this! I was so unsure from the description - I thought it would be too 'cologne-y' but it's not at all, once it's dried down. there's something in it that reminds me of silk road - it's like silk road's greener, fresher cousin. wish I'd bought more than one bottle...
  13. sarahjay

    Discussion of all things Amber

    oooh I'm rather excited to read that as I have a bottle on order... I'm loving my Ides of March
  14. sarahjay

    Mi-Go Brain Canister

    each, peach, pear, plum on me they smell like babies' bum... I thought this would be too fruity for me & it is, light melon-y fruit it's true, but still... I wanted to try this & I'm glad I did, but it's not me. but if you love fruity I think you'll be very very happy. I'll stick to the berries which seem to like me better
  15. you want something with a hint of orange in to be like SDM - not sure what that would be. bliss is more like cadbury's dairy milk, velvet is drier with the sandalwood & all I can remember about gluttony was that I had to get rid of it as quickly as possible... maybe bliss layered with an orangey something would be good.