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    crafty stuff-knitting, jewelry making, soapmaking, etc.
    I'm also brownbear on Ravelry. I really haven't been spending as much time on here because of Ravelry and work now.
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    bpal- coyote (the first one i ever tried on), chuparosa, EBM, venus, mantle of venus, cerberus, hellfire, haunted, devil's night, clove SN, shub, al-azif, you get the idea other-honey, ylang ylang, amber, musk, almond, hazelnut, walnut, marashino cherry, certain roses, certain vanillas, certain fruits, demeter's cosmopolitan cocktail


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  1. brownbear


    While wet it is very very bright, white florals. Almost airy. As it dries I am getting lots of jasmine and some honeysuckle. The lavender is more in the background for me and not as noticeable. It has calmed down, softened, and is still bright florals, but not as blindingly so. I don't wear a lot of flowery florals, but this is nice. It makes me think of taking a walk in nice weather when everything is blooming. Not sure I will wear it very often though.
  2. brownbear


    Somehow I never tried this one before now. In the imp- lots of vanilla, but not too sweet. It's a dry vanilla. The other notes make it interesting and not as sweet as well. On my skin unfortunately, it changes like just about all the vanilla scents and turns to a plasticy, overpowering scent. My husband says it smells powdery on me, but he thinks all perfume smells powdery.
  3. brownbear

    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull '07- My first reaction is that I love this. It is so sweet and it isn't going bad on my skin like most sweet scents do. It's also a little smoky. Yummy.
  4. brownbear


    Mmmm I love clove! I really don't get much of any of the other notes, but I do like it. I think I am also getting some other spicy notes, like cinnamon. It's a keeper.
  5. brownbear


    All I am getting is the heather. It is soft, but I don't really like it. It's not my style.
  6. brownbear

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    This one is very much like the description on me. It starts out as mostly the spicy floral and then the plums come in underneath. It is nice, but I don't think I will wear it as much as everything else I have.
  7. brownbear

    Monster Bait: Closet

    Sweet. I am getting the blackberry note, but not the specific cake one. It is like a combination of tart blackberry juice with added sugar and something else that I can't place. It is good, but I am not getting any wear out of it.
  8. brownbear


    Dark! It gets very soft after just ten minutes. At first I wasn't so sure that I liked it, but now it is pretty interesting and pleasing. I really like the lab's patchouli. I don't really get any plum though. I was just going through my bottles deciding which ones I had to get rid of (I'm moving and need the space. I have too many unused oils.) This one was almost sent out, but now I have to keep it after one last try.
  9. brownbear

    Red Phoenix

    Red Phoenix on me is dark, moody, and spicy clean smelling. I've had this for a while and honestly have only worn it once. I think it is time for it to be moving on to a more appreciative owner.
  10. brownbear

    Pink Phoenix

    I like the fruity sweetness, but the vanilla is doing what it always does and it is ruining the prettiness.
  11. brownbear

    Monster Bait: Underbed

    Hmm I thought I had already reviewed this, but I guess not. Monster Bait: Underbed is very sweet cassia on me. Probably not my first choice, but I do like it. It's warm and comforting.
  12. brownbear

    The Death of Autumn

    Dead leaves and the dirty ground when I know you're not around. Shiny tops and soda pops when I hear lips make a sound, when I hear lips make a sound, Can't help thinking of this song for this scent. To me it is dead leaves, dirt, and old wood. It warms up later. Not sure I'd get much wear out of it.
  13. brownbear

    Purple Phoenix

    At first this was juicy wet. It was fruit. And yes, it was purple. After a bit the grapes took dominance. Then it was less juicy and more floral, but dark. Overall, I do like it, but I might layer it with some clove or something to take the grape down a bit.
  14. brownbear

    Litha 2006

    I love it!!! This goes on my new favorites list. The first time I wore it I got flowers, then sweet flowers, then soft honey. I wore it again today and the first whiff was orange peels and honey. Mmmmmmmmmmm Then it was floral and sweet and now honey. I love this so much.
  15. brownbear

    Temple of Dreams

    There is something in here that reminds me of a note in some of the more herbaceous voodoo oils. I can't place it though. The scent of this is herbal and a little sharp. Probably rosemary or lavender. It is dark green (the scent not the color of the oil).