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  1. Thacerine


    Favorite pastime: stealing crusty bits from used frying pans. It takes all kinds. Chunks of sweet carrots and dates mushed with nuts, topped with crumbles from a pie-like spelt and barley crust. Well, the forum won't let me post a new topic, so instead of making one to merge I'll just reply here! I can't believe no one has reviewed this yet, but here goes... In the bottle: Something vaguely sweet but not familiar enough to identify - my guess is this is the carrot note, because it reminds me of an unbearable sweet carrot soap I once made the mistake of buying. Behind that, there's a definite buttery "crust" peeking through. On skin: The sweetness disappears pretty quickly, sending the buttery crust note to the forefront. After some drydown, the sweetness comes back and balances with the crust. This definitely reminds me of something I've tried before...I think "Drink Me," perhaps?
  2. Thacerine

    Marquise de Merteuil

    If I try really, really hard I can imagine some peach in this...other than that, this is another scent to toss into my "smells like department store perfume counter" pile...just a bunch of random florals and things I don't recognize or particularly like Pity, peach blends always get my hopes up...
  3. Thacerine

    The Chariot

    Another unsuccessful frimp for me, I'm afraid My first impression of this was fruity bubblegum. (I've read that in people's descriptions many times, but this is definitely the first scent to strike me that way.) On my skin the bubblegum goes away, but the fruitiness smells very artificial, which makes me sad because fruit scents are usually my favorite. Sure enough, within a few minutes I start to get a definite plastic note, and before long plastic is all that's left. Oh well, at least since it was free it's really no loss; maybe I can find a loving home to pass it along to
  4. Thacerine


    Um...everything Aredhel said. Times three. I had no hope for this (seriously, I was wondering if this frimp was an April fool's joke from the lab or something...myrrh? ylang ylang? patchouli?) and I got just about what I expected. This is not just dirty hippy sex. This is dirty hippies trying to make their sex smell pretty by throwing a zillion flowers and a bucket of baby powder on it. Lust? 'snot for me.
  5. Thacerine


    In the imp my first whiff was much sweeter than the description led me to expect. It reminds me a bit of Port-au-Prince or even Hellcat, with a bit of a tangy zip too. Very yummy and nothing like its description. Trying it out on my skin, it quickly transforms to something more familiar with its own notes, smokey and leathery and pipe tobacco-y. But the sweetness slips back in after a moment! I can’t decide if the sweetness makes it me, or the other notes make it too masculine. I think some of the sweetness is coming from the cherry wood, but it also smells like there’s some sort of spice in it. And wow! This thing grows some serious throw as it dries! OK, I’ve made my mind up now, I LOVE it! *wails* Why did I have to go and get all these LE decants? I’m doomed!
  6. Thacerine


    First hits me as sharper than expected; the mint almost struck me as medicinal for a moment. The mint is definitely winning in the imp, I don’t smell any chocolate at all…or coconut, or vanilla, or anything else If I really focus, there’s something creamy hiding in it. The mint only gets stronger on my skin, at least when it first goes on. It does slowly let some coconut peek in, but it doesn’t seen to have any intention of going away Upon drydown, this is a nice mix of coconut and mint, light and sweet. I like it!
  7. Thacerine

    Sugar Skull

    Vibrant with the joy and sweetness of life in death! A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits. This is my first scent from the big LJ decant thing. In the imp it smells like brown sugar and bubble gum. Wet on my skin the bubble gum comes out, that fresh bubble-gummy smell when you’ve just opened a brand new pack and it still has that powdery layer of sugar on it. Some other candy-like smell starts to poke it, reminding me of a candy I can’t quite place, though it’s a little like candy corn and a little like caramel. Then another friend shows up, molasses! Which I don’t much like as a taste, but the smell is fantastic because it reminds me of all the baking my mom used to do for our Christmas gingerbread parties. Mmm, so homey! Even the slow morphing of the molasses smells like it’s being baked, LOL! Final verdict: smells EXACTLY like our kitchen while we’re prepping for the big gingerbread bash! I love it! …too bad all I have is 1/3 of an imp…
  8. Juliet always turns into SweetTarts on me for some reason, so that might be good
  9. Thacerine

    'red' scents

    The Red Queen was very much red and brown on me -- not surprising, since it's cherries and wood
  10. Thacerine

    Oils To Help with PMS and Periods

    I usually can't stand patchouli -- to the point that I nearly tossed my imp of Imp in the trash -- but then I tried it during "that time of month" and suddenly POOF! It was fantastic. And what's even weirder was that it didn't smell so noticably different from before, I just suddenly liked the smell
  11. Thacerine


    In the imp it surprised me, especially after reading other peoples’ reviews. While I do catch the piney-ness, I’m also noticing a definite sweetness and some mintiness too. The mintiness becomes almost a separate note on my skin, competing with a woodier pine and something almost aquatic. Ends up very green, minty and piney. Overall good.
  12. Thacerine

    The Red Queen

    In the vial: cherry cough drops & wood-wood-wood. Sharp! The cherries smell a lot yummier the second time I open it, but wet on my skin they mix oddly with the wood. As it dries: this mahogany is giving me a completely different impression than any other wood has so far, and I like it. It’s…fancier, and older, like an antique jewelry box or some sort of heirloom. Like I’m in the home of a very elegant old lady, very proper and beautiful. Maybe it’s the velvet helping that. It does turn a bit medicinal after a bit, with something dry or dusty slipping in. Very much a red queen Something about this goes very well with Moulin Rouge, heh. It’s solemn or formal, but not sad, it’s strong-willed but not forceful, just confidently present. I like it. Maybe not enough to buy a big bottle, just because it seems like it would only fit to wear for certain occasions, but then again I'm picky like that. My perfume has to match even more than my clothes.
  13. Thacerine

    Mata Hari

    Too sharp, like men’s cologne; alcoholic and floral. The alcohol goes away on my skin, but as everyone else said…JASMINE. Overwhelmingly, unpleasantly jasmine. So much it makes my eyes water. I was really hoping I’d be able to get away without that, but I guess I’m not among the lucky few there. I mean, “vanilla, fig, tonka bean and mahogany, spiced with a drop of coffee bean”--*that’s* what I bought this for. *That* sounds delicious. This is just jasmine. Poop.
  14. Thacerine

    Black Pearl

    OK, this is my first review to actually post, so be kind First sniff:Coconut & vanilla, round sweet flowers, a hint of the sea. Me likey. In the vial (on a second sniff): it was more floral than I’d expected, with the coconut sort of hiding and peeking out now and then. Once it hit my skin, the coconut jumped out like it was under a magnifying glass. Fortunately, it calmed down as it dried (not that I don’t like coconut, but WOW. It would’ve been overwhelming.) The coconut was still strong, but with the flowers coming up to fill in around the edges, it wasn’t the kind of coconut that makes me think of food (or worse yet suntan lotion—ick!). Really it was more like…the *idea* of coconut, if that makes any sense. It turned out really beautiful, I feel like I can’t do it justice just talking about the notes I smelled in it because what I really got from it was this wonderful mood, a beautiful mental scene I’m sitting on an old wooden porch swing, swaying slightly in a soft breeze on a warm summer day. The day feels lazy, and I can hear a hint of music drifting in from far away, but mostly what I hear is the sound of the waves crashing in on the shore. I have a cool drink in one hand, and the other is wrapped around the shoulder of someone I love as I lean on him and we look out on the ocean. It’s the middle of the day, comfortable and relaxed, but not at all sleepy, just aware that I have no obligations, that the whole day lies before me and I don’t have to do anything but enjoy my love’s company. Ok, I’m done now really. Definitely loved this smell...it almost felt wrong to wear it when I was too sleepy to appreciate the music it was singing though, like it deserved better from me. The only question now is where I'm going to get the money to put a bottle of this into my next order.
  15. Thacerine

    Scents similar to Jaqua?

    Mmm, those sound good enough to eat! *drools* Ha, looks like I may be coming up with another imp order soon...I really shouldn't, I just got the CnS for my last one! But those sound....mmmm...