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    Favorite BPAL scents so far: The Tell-Tale Heart, Chimera, Snake Oil, Absinthe, Lucy's Kiss, Blood Rose, Black Cat, High John the Conqueror, Anne Bonny, Scherezade, Luna, La Fee Verte, Depraved, Bastet, Kali, Alone, Dana O'Shee, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Sudha Segara, Sugar Skull, Velvet, Midway, Tombstone, Samhain, New Orleans, Snow White, La Petit Mort, Blood Moon, Bengal, Jolly Roger, Sugar Cookie, Gypsy Queen, Tulzcha, Black Opal, Smut, Monster Bait: Bloody Mary, Shanghai Tunnel, The Unheavenly City, and so many more... I love most foody, spicy, woody and warm scents, and some florals; some favorite notes include amber, clove, pepper, cinnamon, cocoa, sandalwood, ginger, patchouli, cedar, myrrh, cardamom, benzoin, tonka, vanilla, almond, rose, jasmine, citrus (except for the occasional "lemon Pledge" reaction), and others. Sometimes aquatics and I don't get along because they smell like laundry detergent on me, and I have trouble with coffee notes, but there are always exceptions to the rule! I don't have very many "no's" on my list of scents. :)

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    paganism, politics, ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt, European and world history, writing, reading, music, art, crochet, crafty things, coffee, tea, vegetarianism, cooking, baking (food in general!), gardening, yoga, mythology, aromatherapy, alternative and herbal medicine, etc...
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  1. Capriquarius

    Pumpkin Queen

    In the bottle: Butter! Cinnamon toast? Pumpkin! First applied: Mmm, this is Jack's sexy girlfriend. (yes, an overly simplified statement, but it's what comes to mind!) The orange peel and mandarin are dominant to me now. I almost smell like a pomander orange. Later on: This becomes spicy and oh-so-beautiful. The amber, ginger, and cardamom jump to the forefront, with a soft, creamy pumpkin note anchoring the scent. I've found my perfectly wearable pumpkin!
  2. Capriquarius

    Three Brides

    This scent is so evocative of the painting! Beth really did a brilliant job of translating a feeling into a fragrance, IMHO. I tested this immediately after receiving my order, and had promptly forgotten the notes that were in it. When I read the description I was surprised to be reminded that it contains rose and mandarin. This is so well blended that I don't smell rose at all, which my skin usually amps like crazy. I smell the amber, tonka, and white flowers like whoa, however. It all melds together into a creamy, spiced floral that is amazingly feminine without turning to soap or powder on my skin! To me, Three Brides smells so elegant, without evoking images of my classy grandmother. It is a real winner and so worth the extra couple bucks I spent to get it. Love love love it! P.S. This scent lasts for at least eight hours on my skin, and has stayed strong on my favorite scarf for three days.
  3. Capriquarius

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    I have to be the "ditto" reviewer here, and say "Chocolate Snow White" is quite the accurate description to my nose...but also it reminds me of Midway somehow. Either way, it's delightful and very wearable on my skin, with much more complexity than a straight chocolate scent. I LOVE IT.
  4. Capriquarius

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    I was hoping with fingers crossed that this would be my perfect Snake Oil variant, since it is inspired by Beth herself, and I was not disappointed. This is just so creamy, spicy, and beautiful. I can't really describe it further than that, but I do know I need a couple more bottles of this before it is gone. Bravo!!
  5. Ahh...the weather is so hot here today, and I'm glad I stumbled across this thread....here are my favorite summer scents: Aizen-Myoo: This makes me feel clean and cool no matter how sweaty I get! It's tart, citrusy, and not too sweet. I even made some into a spray with distilled water, which I keep in the refrigerator for extra-cold goodness. Tulzcha: If this weren't LE I would slather it on from May to September. The mint and cucumber are perfect for hot weather! Lick It: Again, the mint is cooling and lovely! And of course, Envy. In the hot weather I usually feel lethargic and even ill, so light scents that don't make me nauseous or give me a headache are key!
  6. Capriquarius

    'red' scents

    To me, Bengal is a very exotic, red/gold scent. I associate heat/spices with red, I guess. I think Velvet is very much a fuzzy, chocolate brown scent, and Tombstone is brown/sparkly gold cedar and vanilla. Alone, Anne Bonny, Scherezade and Blood Moon with their combination of notes are very red/brown for me, as well. And I agree with whoever says The Lion is a gold scent. On that note, so is Coyote!
  7. Capriquarius

    I need more Cherry!

    You might want to try Blood Kiss!
  8. I think that first of all, you needn't worry too much about wearing the wrong scent at the wrong time of year if it's a scent you love. It's not like "Perfume Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Not Wear Kumiho After Labor Day". Anyway, that being said, if you want to find a citrus scent that is maybe a bit warmer and richer, for winter wear, I would recommend: -Sudha Segara- I know there is no citrus in the description, but on me it is very much orange/ginger/milk. It's warm and comforting from the ginger, and I think very appropriate year-round. -Carnal- This one is mandarin orange and fig, so it's a balanced, yummy scent for anytime. For very summery citrus scents: -Moxie (although this is a Panacea blend, so you can't buy it in imp form) -Kumiho- again, no citrus in the description, just white tea and ginger, but it's sharp and citrusy to my nose. -Embalming Fluid- green tea, aloe and lemon! -Shanghai- green tea, lemon verbena, and honeysuckle -Calliope- lavender, mint, bergamot, verbena, thyme, sweet orange, etc. How do you feel about berry, plum, or other fruity scents? The following are lovely, with fruity notes plus added depth and sweetness, but are a bit warmer and darker in feel, so could be nice in colder weather as well: -Morgause (purple fruits, incense, & violet) -Bordello (plum, amaretto wine, & blackcurrant) -Bathsheba (carnation, plum, & Arabian musk) -Lady Macbeth (Bordeaux wine, red currant, thyme, & wild berries) Hope that helps!
  9. Capriquarius

    How to mix a mojito?

    mmmm, I love mojitos!! My recommendations are Envy (predominantly mint and lime), and Juke Joint (which is boozy with sugar and mint). By themselves both are lovely, but you might try layering them to get a really yummy mojito smell. I was also thinking Grog might be a good one to try, but probably only if you layer it with a minty scent. By itself it is verrry buttery dark rum.
  10. Thanks so much for the recommendations! My friend currently is totally out of perfume and hasn't been able to pick out specific notes but we actually did track some Victoria down on eBay a couple of days ago! As soon as it arrives I'm going to sniff it and try to find a similar BPAL that way. But wow, you got further than I have in a week trying to find notes or even a description online, so thank you! That helps a lot. She still wants to try some imps, so I'll definitely be making an order. So far she's tried a few of mine and really liked Velvet, so we might have something there...
  11. My friend used to wear the original Victoria perfume by Victoria's Secret, and her stash finally ran out. I recently introduced her to BPAL and she really likes the idea of it! I Googled Victoria and I can't find any description of the notes, but I was hoping some of you genius perfume wizards are familiar with the scent and could provide some similar oil recommendations! Thanks in advance!
  12. Capriquarius

    Daffodils, Narcissus, Paperwhites... and Hyacinth

    I think Asphodel is the ultimate daffodil BPAL! It is lovely indeed. Also, I think Eos might be a good one to try. It doesn't have daffodil listed as a note, but it does have buttercup, and is a soft, glow-y sunny scent. I love it! Desdemona is another nice springtime fresh floral, and despite its name, Shadow Witch Orchid is very "daffodil" to my nose. Hope that helps!
  13. Capriquarius

    BPAL for Good Luck, Good Fortune, Good Karma

    First off, to you and your mom! It's really sweet of you to want to make her feel better. I did a search on your mom's favorites and found that they seem to have floral/green/woodsy commonalities. For a combination of both purpose and fragrance, my recommendation would have to be Has No Hanna. ("Brings a rush of good luck, lifts the spirit, and helps alleviate depression.") I think it has a fresh, feminine fragrance, without any of the weird herbal undertone of some of the voodoo blends. Water of Notre Dame might be nice, too! Also, some perfumes to try that she just might love based on scent: Salome', Namaste, Iambe, or Queen Mab. Hope that helps!
  14. I don't know which, if any, of these voodoo blends you've tried, but you may want to consider: Has No Hanna, Wolf's Heart, Van Van, Water of Notre Dame, or even Block Buster. I love them all and really notice that they help me. Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo is wonderful, too, but I have a hunch you maybe tried it and felt it was too candy-ish. Soo...that being said, High John the Conqueror is awesome, and it smells slightly sweet, with maybe gardenia or magnolia? I tend to wear that one to work, as it's unobtrusive. Also, it tends to work best, IMHO, with improving others' opinion of you, rather than your own self-image. Maybe that's just me. I think you might also have good luck with some of the Panacea blends (unfortunately they're only available in 10 ml, but you could check the swap forums), like Moxie (smells like citrus), Succor, Lustration, or Quietude. Also as a side note, Sudha Segara is my comfort scent! I always wear it when I'm feeling down. Good luck and I hope you get through this tough time! ETA: Diana, you read my mind!
  15. Capriquarius

    BPAL for fancy, elegant and formal occasions

    Ooh, how about Swank? 'Cuz the name just sounds cool...seriously, though, it could work. Also, I think Black Opal smells really expensive. Some other ones that might be good: Belle Epoque, Versailles, Empyreal Mist? A rose scent might be lovely, too, if you like those. My favorites are Lucy's Kiss and London (going with non-LE options). Hey, whatever you choose, enjoy it! Get yourself a fabulous dress, sit back, and just watch the show. It'll be an entertaining evening, if nothing else. You'll probably get to sample some awesome food and drink!