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    Blends: Samhain, Beaver Moon, Rose Red, Lughnasadh Notes: Mullein, sugary stuff, violet, vanilla, wine


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  1. aessedai


    Updated wishlist as of Jun. '12 Mokey Red Bourbon Vanilla Massage Oil Halloween: Las Vegas Halloween: Montreal Womb Furie Smut (any year) Snake Oil (any year) Womb Furie The Vine Blackbear Moon Jolasveinar Yule Midwinter’s Eve A Wonderful Light The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree Queen Mab Tamora Fae Katherina Le Serpent Qui Danse Also, any BPTP massage or bath oils, or soaps! Esp, BPTP STREUOBSTWIESE soap & yoga pants, too! Notes I like: Peach, Violet, Coconut, Vanilla, sugar, anything like Snake Oil, berries, fruits in general, fruity florals Try me! I’ve been out of the BPAL loop for a long, long time. I am also interested in Haunt products. Mostly scrubs and oils.
  2. aessedai

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    This is like a sip of bubbly root beer on a summer day, in a saloon with faded yellow curtains, worn thin, fluttering in a warm breeze.
  3. aessedai

    I"m looking for a scent like a ripe cornfield.

    Maybe Scarecrow?
  4. aessedai

    Crypt Queen

    I had the most profound reaction to this, at first sniff. I'm still enthralled. I feel, and smell, as though I'm a wise, wise woman, walking a woodland path, hair flowing and threaded through with brambles, hands berry-stained and sticky with pitch. This is the best. I must find more, somehow!
  5. aessedai


    Upon application it is pure green plant life. It slowly morphs into green, but spicy green, like maybe a bit of woodsmoke...
  6. I haven't worn or smelled it in years, but... Magus comes to mind.
  7. I suggest Luperci. There are quite a few other wonderful tree/earth scents, but I can't call them to mind, presently.
  8. aessedai

    Scents like henna?

    Some people say that henna smells like hay. Maybe try Scarecrow and do a note search for "hay" or "green."
  9. aessedai


    On me this was Jacob's Ladder (amber) meets the green of Sri Lanka (aforementioned mossy note?) meets Black Opal. A wonderful blend, overall.
  10. aessedai

    The Jersey Devil

    Mmm. Pine, cedar and berries. A girlhood vacation in Maine, in a vial:)
  11. aessedai

    Where is this scent?

    Hope this is the right place. In a swap, among lab labeled imps, I recieved a decant labeled "Night Blooming Jasmine." Is it possible that this is a SN that was never reviewed? If not, does anyone know who might have created this oil? It's pretty awesome!
  12. aessedai

    Good flirty scents?

    Persephone seems this way to me. The rose is sexy but the pomegranate keeps it light.
  13. aessedai

    Lick It

    At the onset of it I get a soft mint and vanilla. Later it sort of turns into this car freshener smell that I really like, and have actually be hoping could be captured in a fragrance oil.
  14. aessedai


    A scent inspired by Beatrice, Rappaccini’s delicate, beautiful, innocent and deadly daughter. A fragile, winsome, poisonous blend of rare, precious and graceful flowers, rich blossoms and spicy perfumes that passes heavily, as a broken heart, across the borders of Time. Sadly, on me, this smelled like baby wipes. Occasionally some florals peeked out. Off to swaps!
  15. aessedai

    Jacob's Ladder

    I read a review in which the reviewer said that Jacob's Ladder strengthens over time. Sort of the reverse of a fade. It's the truth- so hold on, folks! Upon initial application it smells sort of faint and perfumey. So, I sniffed my wrist and put up a bunch of decants right away! After a while, though, I was catching whiffs of something yummy. I assumed it was another oil somewhere around my computer. Turns out Jacob's Ladder really blossomed- both deepening and intensifying in fragrance. I love it now, and am out buying (back, in some cases) decants!