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  1. noirisnoir

    413 U.S. 15 / Miller Vs. California

    This smells like... Bacon? Yes. Bacon with a dash of dried parsley and a splash of water. Stuffed into a paper bag.
  2. noirisnoir


    This smells like dirty socks and tires on me. It's almost as bad as Whip, which is my least favorite BPAL so far.
  3. noirisnoir


    I bought this to summon just punishment for a very specific situation and figured I might use it on one or two other people as well. After what I experienced, I'm glad I used it in the situation I bought it for, but I will not be using it on anyone else. I kept this bottle in the bubble wrap until I was ready to use it and put it back in there when I was finished. I did not touch the oil. I highly recommend not smelling it. I wasn't going to but then did out of curiosity and immediately felt very unwell, and that wasn't just because it smelled bad. I held the bottle in my hand during the whole ritual, which lasted about 2-3 minutes. Immediately, my hand felt like I was holding something ice cold even though the bottle was room temperature. By then end of the ritual, my hand was so cold, my fingers were getting tingly. I have seen nothing on the BPAL forums or review threads that mention anything like this. So, while I was reluctant to share my story, I felt that I needed to. Please heed Beth's warning.
  4. noirisnoir


    This blend is so unlike anything I would ever think I wanted. It started out really bitter and pungent in the vile and, for an instant after it touched my skin, smelled like cherry cola. Then, it very quickly settled into what it is now, which is what I was hoping Scherezade would be. But even better. Still, I didn't like it right away, but it grew on me. I need this in a big bottle. It's the embodiment of Malificent from Sleeping Beauty. Sort of. Imagine that Malificent was made of flesh and blood and wind and smoke. Imagine her capable of doing great good as well as great evil. Imagine her poised and graceful in the middle of a snowy evergreen forest in the bitter cold, the smell of burning spinning wheels and the ghostly green glow of a calm, cold, undulating flame on dry wood emanating from her in a whisper that can be heard on the breeze whenever you're alone and the hairs on your neck suddenly stand on end. This is Voodoo. It makes me feel like I can do anything. *ETA -- Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! A couple hours later, and this has become super, super sweet. Take the above description, coat it in powdered sugar, take a whiff, and let the powdery cloud fill your lungs. That's what I've got now. It's turning my stomach. I'll have to try this one another time.
  5. noirisnoir

    agent provocateur

    French Love reminds me a lot of Agent Provacateur even though it doesn't smell like it -- if that makes sense.
  6. noirisnoir

    Tobacco scents

    Mr. Nancy is a fabulous, expensive, slightly sweet pipe tobacco on me.
  7. noirisnoir

    Dragon's Milk

    Right now, this smells exactly like a public restroom on me -- sort of rotting floral, sort of human waste. I hope it gets better. I've never worn unaged dragon's blood before, so if it continues to stink, I'll put it away for a few weeks and try it then. Ew.
  8. noirisnoir

    Black Opal

    A play of geological darkness and jagged brilliance. Soft and luminescent with flashes of black fire. This smells like my skin when I was in high school right after I would use one of those medicated face pads.
  9. noirisnoir


    At first, I really loved this. It was sweet and juicy and had a bright, sparkling note much like cola that kept the berries from becoming too much. Then it dried, and the berries descended and took over completely. It was way too strong for me and not my style at all. But, I know plenty of people who adore this sort of scent. This one is a definite swap.
  10. noirisnoir


    This is a really sharp citronella mosquito candle in the imp and for about the first 15 minutes on me. Then it turns powdery on me with a hint of really disagreeable citrus in the background. And then it gets really, really faint. Unless something miraculous happens, I won't be keeping this.
  11. noirisnoir

    Blood Rose

    In the imp, this smelled like candy and vomit. For about 20 minutes after I applied it, it was overwhelmingly berry and a little harsh for me, but it has dried down to something smooth, low-key, woody, and dark -- like the music of a cello swirling heavily through a flower garden on a hot, refined, yet decadent night. Edit -- Unfortunately, it fades to just a whisper in just over an hour.
  12. noirisnoir

    White Rabbit

    This is going to sound so cheesy. When I smelled it in the imp, it smelled like glowing red heart candy beating to the sound of a pocket watch nestled in the downy, salt & pepper fur of a very sophisticated rabbit. Then I put it on. And it smelled like lemon powder. Ew. ETA: I tried this one again today, and it was much better. I'm not sure if I changed, my body changed, or the scent changed with just a bit of aging, but I really love it. It's one of two scents that has made me emotional. From afar, meaning the 2 or so feet from my nose to my wrist, it smells very different from up close -- masculine and aquatic. I really love it either way. The only problem (and it's sort of major) is that it doesn't last very long and has pretty much no throw. I need to find a way to remedy that.
  13. noirisnoir


    Finally one that works on me! This is everything I loved about Dormouse but with something crisp that keeps the peony from turning soapy. I wish it had a bit more throw, and I don't know if I want a big bottle of it yet, but I'll definitely finish my imp.
  14. noirisnoir


    In the imp, this smells like crystals, pears, and tears. When I put it on, it smells like rose soap. Why do all the scents I don't like stay true to their imp smell when I put them on, and all the ones I love in the imp change to something totally different on me?
  15. noirisnoir

    The Unicorn

    Another lovely scent in the imp that turns to really flat, strong powder on me. *sigh* *Edit -- I'm not sure what happened, but this doesn't turn to powder anymore. It's green and fresh and yummy.