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  1. freyasfae

    Horn of Plenty

    Today I tested this scent while I went for a walk in the surprisingly chill air (for May in Texas), which really emphasized what a "warm" scent this is, very golden. I get almond like a lot of others, and it does get powderier the drier it gets which reminds me of amber. I would have selected this on my own, but I got it as a frimpie with a blind bottle purchase. It's one of those where I have a feeling while I am still a little unsure about it, I can imagine returning to it again for that warmth.
  2. freyasfae

    Lavender, Sea Salt & Rain

    This is like a triple scoop of some of my favorite smells! First hit is the lavender, followed by the rain, and then the sea salt. A blind bottle purchase because it had all my favorite things, and I was right to do so. When it first arrived, the lavendar was super strong, but once it settled down, I could detect the others though it is definitely lavendar dominant. I keep sniffing myself. Definitely a clean scent - I kept thinking I smelled fresh from the shower or bath.
  3. freyasfae

    Philostratus’ Phoenix

    This is mostly honeyed incense on me - a rich honey with a lot of depth which I think may be from the amber. Honey can be iffy on me, so this one is a pleasant surprise - and I think the amber has a lot to do with that. I don't think it's a keeper for me as I have honeys I prefer more.
  4. freyasfae


    So this is chocolate and rose. *shrug* Not my jam.
  5. freyasfae

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    Oh, hello! This is decadent on me though not particularly food - probably due to the frankincense. I feel very sexy everytime I put it on - I know a lot of folks describe it as otherwise, but that bourbon vanilla! Reminds me of Edith Cushing, but - when, aptly, she loosens her corset stays.
  6. freyasfae


    I was pretty excited about this one, but it is not what I expected at all. It's like lavender with dragon's blood and fades very fast. I don't think it likes me.
  7. freyasfae

    Diabolical Offspring

    My experience is pretty similar to other reviewers: mostly baby powder with a hint, a hint of something else. I would like it to be more overt honestly if we are talking Rosemary's Baby here.
  8. freyasfae


    I was wondering why this smelled so unlike it's description for me but then saw Soupy's descrip as honeysuckle and yelled "THAT'S IT!" (like Charlie Brown does to Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas when she asks if he has fear of everything). Though I get something a little woodier lurking in the background, so it's a complex honeysuckle, but I am just not big on honeysuckle.
  9. freyasfae

    A Song: When June is Past, the Fading Rose

    Definitely rose, but not powdery, dry though, but spicy dry and the richness of the amber. It really is floaty like something fading or a dream - hazy. Really, how does Beth do it?
  10. freyasfae

    Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

    This one was a bit of a no-brainer for me - Lilith's lavender, beeswax, incense, smoke - but I kept waffling. Glad I bought it before they disappeared because it is as heavenly as all the other reviews say. The incense makes it sweet, but not too sweet. The beeswax gives it warmth, while the stone just does something I can't even explain. The lavender haunts it is the best way I can explain it. So glad I purchased a bottle. This one will be on heavy rotation, particularly in the fall and winter. Oh, this is a must for those who love Wan White Humming, too.
  11. freyasfae

    Serving Gill

    Since I spilled my precious Sunrise with Sea Monsters, I have been trying to find my summer, seasalt scent. This is much more potent, but still gets me in the summer mood. Tangy is a way to describe this one, and while it's not my Sunrise with Sea Monsters, I still find myself reaching for it when I want to feel in the beach mood.
  12. freyasfae

    Vernal Equinox Full Moon

    This is very pretty - I actually was expecting to be greener than this, but it's not quite as green as I like, but then I really like my spring florals green.
  13. freyasfae

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    Picture it: almonds left on your pillow at a cute boutique hotel. That's what this is. Wet it's sweet almond, then as it dries, it gets a little spicier and fluffier - think fluffy sweet almonds. The sweetness dissapates a bit on the dry down and gets muskier, though a light, white musk.
  14. freyasfae

    Lilith De Milo

    This ended up spicier on me than I anticipated, and unfortunately, more powdery, too. On me, it's spicy powder, imagine white flecked with brown specks much like a coconut itself, but unfort it just is not working with my skin chemistry.
  15. freyasfae

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    It smells sweeter than expected in the imp - like a delicate sweet tea, but it just completely disappears on me. My skin devours it. I can't tell you what it smells like on my skin eats it so fast.