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  1. freyasfae


    This is luxurious as described when first applied, but once it dries down it becomes very soft on me, mostly amber.
  2. freyasfae

    Scherezade Hair Gloss

    This scent is so damn sexy and applying it to my hair - just like makes it even sexier. This was my first exposure to Scheherazade, and I will probably be buying a bottle of the perfume oil now, too. I mainly get spiced red musk from this - almost foodie. I love it.
  3. freyasfae

    Alice's Evidence

    This was a frimp, so not something I would normally pick, which is a part of the fun, because I am surprised by how much I like it. I would usually avoid such a foodie scent, but I find myself very drawn to it. This is fruity, but subtely so - balanced by the ginger and rum which add spice - but again I still wouldn't think to describe it as foodie. It stays close to the skin, but I like that. I am on the fence about keeping it in my collection or not, but one of those BPALs that is just worth the experience.
  4. freyasfae

    Midnight Mass

    Wet has a BPAL woody note I have smelled in many other BPALs, but can't recall specifically right now, followed up incense, and then something fruity (could be red wine like some folks have mentioned). As it dries, the red fruit comes out more and the wood recedes into the background - the incense literally is like just a puff when you sniff, then it's gone. Throw is very minimal - even for me, and I like my scents close. Like others, I am hoping some aging will make it a little stronger.
  5. freyasfae

    Snow-Covered Landscape

    This is just beautiful. I can't stop sniffing myself. It's gentle and soft, sweet florals. It makes me think of Yule scents because it has these pretty florals, but it's also "cozy" - which is probably due to the ambergris accord and ambrette seed. Like everyone notes low throw, but that is what I prefer, I like having to get up close to sniff - and I don't get a headache either. Not sure if I will get a bottle of this, but will definitely use up the imp.
  6. freyasfae

    The Poinsettia Gown

    That is a heady jasmine, funnily enough the rose helps soften the edges of the jasmine, but it's still so much FLORAL. I tried to let it settle on my skin, but ultimately wiped it off because the jasmine was just too much. It's elegant, classic - definitely feels like the vintage postcard image that inspired the scent.
  7. freyasfae

    To a Wreath of Snow

    This is fruity sweet on me - I am not really sure why. If I move in closer (once dried) and sniff deeply, I get a well-blended floral-ish perfume. I don't pick up distinct notes (and I am pretty keen on BPAL's lavendar notes). I think this just may be a skin mismatch for me based on other reviews?
  8. freyasfae

    La Befana

    Well, parma violets are a newp for me. I thought the dust and charcoal notes might balance it out, but on me this is all violet candies...and not much more. Like high quality violet candies which may be some of the other notes creeping in, but my skin is just amping all candy and sweets for the most part.
  9. freyasfae

    Winter Scene in Little Russia

    I will be buying a bottle of this. It hits all my notes: herby lavender (courtesy of the tea) sweetened by the BPAL snow note, and the smoke gives it this lovely depth and interest. I favor "pale" scents like this, but the pine smoke sets it apart from my other pale scents.
  10. freyasfae

    The Cherry-Tree Carol

    Like cherry cola wet, but almost immediately rounds out once it settles on the skin. Still very cherry and red berry, but more balanced with woodier notes. I think it really represents the name and description. I used to be averse to cherry and berry scents on my skin, but have found myself increasingly drawn to them. I don't think this is a keeper for me, I think I need something more subtle, but a lovely experience to test.
  11. freyasfae

    Rosewater & Myrrh

    I thought this would be a homerun for me as I have come to love frankincense and myrrh, and rosewater is always a favorite. But I don't think I like myrrh without frankicense. It has a medicinal/licorice quality that the rosewater just adds powder, too.
  12. freyasfae

    Marshmallow Snow

    Definitely the BPAL snow note, sweet as one would expect, but once it dried it had this touch of spicy fruit to it that I can't place - like bubblegum, but like fancy bubblegum, like a hipster got a hold of it. I love the BPAL snow note and marshmallow note, but I fear together may not be for me.
  13. freyasfae

    Horn of Plenty

    Today I tested this scent while I went for a walk in the surprisingly chill air (for May in Texas), which really emphasized what a "warm" scent this is, very golden. I get almond like a lot of others, and it does get powderier the drier it gets which reminds me of amber. I would have selected this on my own, but I got it as a frimpie with a blind bottle purchase. It's one of those where I have a feeling while I am still a little unsure about it, I can imagine returning to it again for that warmth.
  14. freyasfae

    Lavender, Sea Salt & Rain

    This is like a triple scoop of some of my favorite smells! First hit is the lavender, followed by the rain, and then the sea salt. A blind bottle purchase because it had all my favorite things, and I was right to do so. When it first arrived, the lavendar was super strong, but once it settled down, I could detect the others though it is definitely lavendar dominant. I keep sniffing myself. Definitely a clean scent - I kept thinking I smelled fresh from the shower or bath.
  15. freyasfae

    Philostratus’ Phoenix

    This is mostly honeyed incense on me - a rich honey with a lot of depth which I think may be from the amber. Honey can be iffy on me, so this one is a pleasant surprise - and I think the amber has a lot to do with that. I don't think it's a keeper for me as I have honeys I prefer more.