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  1. freyasfae

    Blue Blankie

    I blind bottle purchased this because 1) Lilith's lavenders are some of my fave BPAL lavenders and 2) all the notes. It doesn't disappoint for me. I did have to let it rest for several days after it arrived because the lavender was PO-TENT. It's a sharp, herbal, French lavender like slo said. Once it settled, I have been wearing it off and on, here and there to get my feel for this review. 😀Wet it is still a sharp lavender, which is fine by me, I love my lavenders strongly herbal. Once it settles, the rose comes forward, and I find it softened by the skin musk so it's like a pale, pink, dry rose (I didn't find it rose dominant like others, but my skin eats up lav and rose). I love it. I don't just wear it as a sleep scent, but that's because Iavender and rose are two personal faves that I will wear all the time.
  2. freyasfae


    Oh, the plum blossom with a touch of rose is apparent right away and very lovely. Surprisingly delicate - good for spring, and even a light floral for summer. I don't much of the sandalwood right away, but once it begins to dry down the spiciness from the sandalwood and incense come forward and round out the delicate plum blossom and rosehip. I can't decide if it is a keeper or not, but it is very lovely.
  3. freyasfae

    Black Lily

    Mmmm, this is dark and sexy. I like it! A classic floral, but with a dark, sexy twist. A great scent for spring - like a date night out when you want to feel sexy. A definite keeper for me.
  4. freyasfae

    The Star

    Mint, lemon, sugar, maybe even coconut? Strong with lots of throw. I didn't expect this to be so foodie! It's delicious, but a little too foodie for me to wear.
  5. freyasfae


    Smoky honey musk, tobacco leaf, lavender, golden amber, Damask rose, hay, orris root, white sandalwood, and bourbon vanilla. Wet this was overpowering on me, so I quickly wiped it off, but then when I sniffed where I wiped it off, it was much better! Powdery amber combined with the other powdery-esque scents makes very a very potent scent. The lavender adds just a hint of sharpness to it - and the smokey honey musk is really not smokey enough for my tastes - it's more like smokey-esque, and, well, I like something closer to actual smoke.
  6. freyasfae

    Kumari Kandam

    I thought it was some weird body chemistry on me, but it looks like other reviewers also get fruity from this scent. I can smell some of the other elements in the back (spicy incense, ocean salt, a touch of decay), but it is mainly fruity florals on me. Someone else described it as "fruity...snow" which seems apt. The fruitiness dies down a bit as it dries, but it is still very fruity on me, and I don't really like fruity. Off to a better home for this one.
  7. freyasfae

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    The tobacco is a minor player on me, but of course ymmv. I have only experienced 2017 Day of Skulls. The florals are strongly present at first for me. The florals were very strong on me, too - like I could swear the floral is jasmine. Once it settles, it is more beeswax, woods, and light tobacco, but I really didn't like the strong floral at the beginning.
  8. freyasfae

    Dead Leaves, Coconut, and Champaca Blossom

    I love the smell of a headshop/hippie/metaphysical store, but often the scents don't work on me or they smell too overpowering. This is definitely like my favorite metaphysical store, but toned down and more delicate. Well-blended to the point where the dead leaves are very subtle - I like dead leaves cologny smell and in this it's a background note that rounds out the coconut and champaca. I like the sharpness of it, but it's not sharp at all in this, which is just fine. I think I found my first BPAL dead leaves for summer! I may need to get a bottle of this...
  9. freyasfae

    Day of Skulls

    Right when I apply, it smells like jasmine - in fact, I am shocked that it is not a note listed. Perhaps it is something else my nose is less familiar with? It takes awhile for the "jasmine" to calm down then it goes much softer to smell more beeswax with florals, and eventually it becomes more beeswax and light woods and tobacco. I really don't like the initial app, so don't think I will be buying a bottle of this.
  10. freyasfae

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    I just read the reviews on this. I have a decant yet to test, so tomorrow it is happening!
  11. freyasfae

    The Dead Hour of the Night

    The pine in this doesn't have that cleaning liquid scent to me, which is great. I think the mist and other notes keep it from going there - instead, for me, combined with the opium it has a very languid effect, but like a languid of cold nights, deep in the forest, like a dark fae - yes, this to me is the scent of the unseelie court.
  12. freyasfae

    My Little Themysciran Princess

    I have worn this one several times now, especially when I am wearing my Wondy shirt, yet I haven't written about it yet, which is unusual as I usually review scents right away! When I wear this, it's not distinct in the sense of oh, I am wearing something with rose or vanilla or whatever - it's just overall warm and cuddly with the leather as a backdrop that all the other scents rest on. I have tried a few saffron scents and not loved them, but I decided I had to try this one regardless because of the other notes and the theme, and glad I did because it is lovely - it is definitely little Wondy, sneaking out to train with Antiope. Not sure if I want to buy a bottle (mainly because I am having to be very stingy right now!), but going to keep wearing it during fall and winter and see if I cave.
  13. freyasfae

    La Calavera Catrina

    This is the 2017 version. This is the epitome of what I would call a "green floral" - something akin to wildflowers, but a little more sophisticated and even herby (probably the dead leaves and chamomile). Unfortunately, after awhile, it goes a little sharp on me - reminds me of a hairspray I have used before, yet I am not completely put off by it. The vanilla is well-described from others as "rounding it out" and quite prominent on me and the rose is very subtle. Good throw. It is definitely more later summer/early fall. I think per reading other reviews, I am going to put this in my BPAL box to age until next late summer and see if the sharpness wears off. I like sharper scents, but even this is a bit too sharp.
  14. freyasfae

    Dead Leaves, Violet Candy, and Sugar Crystals

    Violet tends to do soapy and/or powdery on me, but I thought with the Dead Leaves and Sugar Crystals, this one was worth a try. It does have a slight sense of soapy and powdery, but the sugar counteracts that to a degree, and the Dead Leaves linger in the background, like a backdrop to the violet and sugar. I am glad I tried it, but this won't become a part of my regular dead leaves rotation.
  15. freyasfae

    Pink Snowballs

    When I whiffed it, I was worried it was going to go playdoh on me like Hope and Love did. This one almost does that - but stops just short. It is delightfully girly, but I don't see myself wearing it because it is sooo girly. The kind of girly of playing in mom's make-up and playing at being an adult.