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  1. freyasfae


    Someone described this as fruity pebbles, and now I can think of no other way to describe it.
  2. freyasfae


    Sweetly, smokey gourmand, I think it all comes together as carmalized, or as some others have described tobacco-like. Well-blended, so it gives me more of a feel than specific scents. Like others have said cozy autumnal, but I wish it was a little less sweet.
  3. freyasfae

    On Imagination

    feminine, but not girly, there's a sexiness to it that feels breezily confident
  4. freyasfae


    This was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting it to be citrus, I kept focusing on the fig which is mostly a backnote to the mandarin, but really gives it some nice depth - hard to describe, because for me it doesn't stand out as a scent exactly (the fig), but it makes the mandarin less of a floaty citrus (as many citrus scents feel like on me) and it just gives it more substance. Gives me late summer, early fall vibes.
  5. freyasfae

    Urban Undine

    Ever since Sunrise with Sea Monsters, I love a good oceany aquatic. Love the touch of lavender (I also have Lavender, Sea Salt, and Rain - but find this quite distinct from that one that I can justify a bottle of this). I can't wait to wear this in the summer!
  6. freyasfae

    A Place of Seeing

    This was a little too sickly sweet at first, but once I gave it some time to dry, the amber-gilded sandalwood came forward and helped round out the sweetness of the rosebuds, vanilla, and marshmallow. There's a faint background note of something a little more citrusy which I assume is the bergamot. It is very pretty - and the amber sandalwood grounds it, keeps it from being "delicate pretty."
  7. freyasfae

    A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery

    Sweet, grassy florals. The typical floraly-ness of the lilies and roses is more hint as they mingle with the maple and sweet grass. I am not getting much of Lilith's lavender and Dorian, which is a bit of a bummer, as I really, really, really love Lilith's lovely lavender. I was hoping for a touch more of the soft herbaceous-ness of that. But all that said - it's a very beautiful scent, delicate - makes me think of...wind? Because it feels ethereal and evocative, I think of wind rushing through the cemetery and making the dead, maple leaves dance around the tombstones, and those fake rose and lily flowers people put out (not because anything in this smells "fake" - it's just the image I get).
  8. freyasfae

    Graveyard Guessing Game

    This is very strong on the tea when wet - that I figured it wouldn't be a keeper. But then I went for a walk and found myself sniffing it constantly - it had settled on my skin, the sweeter and more resinous elements came through (I am not sure if it is lavender frankincense or if it is once everything settles together that is the best descriptor of it - a bright herbal resinous scent), but it became a keeper then - not sure if I need a bottle though.
  9. freyasfae

    O Hushed October Morning Mild

    Because October is in the name I was hoping for a more traditional fall scent, but this is more in line with BPAL's green florals. Has a very clean scent upon first whiff, but the other notes keep it from becoming soapy. It's very complex - it intrigues me, but I don't imagine myself wearing it much, at least right now, so I think I will save the imp and see if next October I find myself drawn to it.
  10. freyasfae

    Brunette Wig Spray

    A little syrupy sweet with a touch of nuttiness. Makes me visualize pressed tobacco flakes which then I can see the connection to a brunette wig. Nicely done, BPAL.
  11. freyasfae

    The Mist was Spreading Home & Linen Spray

    What @alterosen said is spot on! I thought maybe it was just this not blending well with the usual scent of animal in my house...so I am relieved by their description.
  12. freyasfae

    Jazz Funeral

    Damn, I do love the BPAL graveyard dirt note. It's just so unique. That's what I get right at first, but then the sweet booze quickly marches in. Giving it some drydown time (about 30 minutes), the sweet booze mellows out significantly and it becomes a well-rounded evocative scent - it's got the lurking sweet decay (sounds bad but if you love NOLA, you get it) with the spice from the rum and the gardenia giving it a more sophisticated feel - which is very NOLA in my opinion.
  13. freyasfae


    I was expecting this to be a lot headier based on name alone, but it's a wet rose. I tend to amp rose, so I am not getting much in the way of cinnamon and incense, which saddens me, but considering that I amp rose, I am finding this to be a surprisingly light rose on me.
  14. freyasfae

    Block Buster

    I got this as an imp from a swap. I read Blockbuster and thought of like movie and when wet I thought red candies with a background of popcorn - but sophisticated. The notes seem more real and less fake red flavoring and fake butter. Then when I read the description and reviews, I realized perhaps it might be better described as cinnamon hard candies. It becomes less hard candies as it dries and more of a softer cinnamon scent. I am not a big cinnamon person, but what's unique about this is that it doesn't make me immediately think Christmas.
  15. freyasfae


    The first thing that hits me is the BPAL loam note from Graveyard Dirt and others, but with a spicy kick (the ginger and peppercorn, I presume). It doesn't take long for the fizziness to come out - again, I recognize this from the BPAL champagne notes. It's so damn interesting. One of those BPALs, I don't see myself wearing, but delighted I got to try such a unique scent. (My version is the pale oil - since reading other's reviews there's batch variation it seems.)