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    Ivory Vulva, Death Adder, Raven Moon 2012, Romanti.Goth, Haloes, Dorian, Blood Countess, Sed non Satiata, Perilous Parlor, Black Death, Black Rider, Stekkjarstaur, Blood kiss and Blood kiss bonbon, WILF, Womb Furie, Tombeur, Mother Ghost, Edith Cushing, Eve WSFU!! Wishlist/scents I would love to try: Jareth, Liz, The devil's pet baits, A rifled Jewelry case, Dragon's milk, Lion, Twinkle Twinkle little bat, Bread and Butterfly, Hunger, Depraved, Jailbait, Belle Epoque, Katharina, Tamora, Fae

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  1. Nemi

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    No problem I have joined the waitlist, so let's hope it returns!
  2. Nemi

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Thank you! Too bad Othello is out of stock...
  3. Nemi

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi I want to make someone get into BPAL, and their favorite scent is Egoiste for men. I had never heard of it to be honest. Does anyone know is there is a BPAL that might be close to this?
  4. Nemi

    Romantic Scents

    Yes, The Waltz has such a romantic feel! Personally, I think Snow white and Pink Snowballs are romantic and also Body Remember.
  5. Nemi

    Pears - different BPAL pear scents

    Popping in to say that pear-fans should try Bjugnakrækir! I was worried that it said "sweaty" pear lol but no need to worry in my opinion, the pear is wonderful and sweet! I like it a lot, but the Perilous Parlor is still my favorite pear.
  6. I agree with O, Perversion and Womb Furie as very sexy scents... Also I get compliments on Sed Non Satiata - a wonderful and sexy scent. Snake Oil doesn't work for me personally, but Death Adder - yum. So sexy. My new sexy favorite is Tombeur!
  7. Nemi

    BPAL blends with Opium

    Fettered in the Shackles of the Drug was nice, but the anise makes it not work for me. Tuberose/rose gives me a headache and I don't like jasmine, so that means Radiance is out also. I will definitely try Anathema and Belle Epoque the next time I order! And yes, Sprout, you should try Romanti.Goth. It is great!
  8. Nemi

    BPAL blends with Opium

    So happy I found this thread. Now I know I already have a favorite opium scent - Blood Countess. I also adore Romanti.Goth. I only have a decant though. So I use it only on very special occasions. I can't believe I have not tried Red Lantern and really hope it comes back this year. I also hope for more sweet opium scents! Has there been any other new opium scents lately? The Snow at Dusk is too sharp/strangely floraly for me.
  9. Nemi

    The Waltz

    So swift, so delicate, so smooth: champagne musk, ambergris accord, white rose, rosewood, and vanilla amber. This is so pretty. Even if they have very different notes, this reminds me a bit of The Waltz of the Flowers (fitting too right?), perhaps because it is a gentle floral with musk/vanilla, even if like I said the types of flowers, musk and vanilla are different. It is very girly to me, sweet and wonderful. In the end, it might not work for me because sadly rose is "sharp" on me, but all the Crimson Peaks I have tried so far are so beautiful! Even the ones that not work for me. And I can see how The Waltz will have a lot of fans.
  10. Nemi


    Like others have pointed out, I find this very similar to Scherezade, only stronger and more complex. I can really smell the saffron adding complexity - quite wonderful. I just visited Morocco and bought fresh saffron that I have baked with since, and part of the smell reminds me of the taste of the bake goods I made. It is very heavy on the red musk, perhaps a bit too much for me, but I am sure many will really adore this scent. Compelling, sexy, heady.
  11. Nemi

    Single Note: Candied Apple

    I wasn't understanding anything while reading the reviews. Is it the same scent? Then I got to the last one. Unfortunately, I feel the same about this scent. To me it sadly smells a bit sharp and artificial. Hopefully I can pass it along to someone who it will work better for.
  12. Nemi

    The Witches

    I really adore this scent. It reminds me of another favorite, Dorian in the Pumpkin patch, I guess due to the sweetness and pumpkin. To me it is sweet and lovely slightly foodie vanilla with hints of spice (but that might be pumpkin, since others have said this is a Weenie without spice). I'm so glad I have a partial bottle, and the label art is adorable as well.
  13. Nemi

    Iulia, L'Artiste du Diable

    This scent reminded me a lot of Lady Una. It smells of soft lemon and tea and spring.. But it fades away quite fast on me. I prefer Lady Una.
  14. Nemi

    Carnaval Diabolique

    This smell strongly of lemon in the start. And that is all I get from it. After a while, other notes come out, and I like it better. But by then, it is extremely faint. Sadly not a win for me. For a lemon scent I personally like Lemon scented sticky bat more.
  15. Nemi

    Uncomplicated BPALs

    I second Velvet if you like sweet and cozy and I also second Morocco if you like spicy. I have not tried many of the ones you mention, but I would like to recommend Obatala (if you like coconut) The Black Rider (if you like leather) Kill-Devil (if you like very sweet and honey) These are just some I find them uncomplicated. Some of the LE's I have tried are too much of too many things for me too