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  1. Fiam

    Sticky Eyeballs and Floppy Entrails

    I just found an aged bottle. It's lovely, however not at ALL what I expected from the description or the reviews. Marshmallow- like but NOT as in Stekk or Marshmallow Poof. The strawberry has taken a hike, maybe due to aging. Licorice remains, a very sweet anise scent. My take away..Sugary Marshmallow & black licorice.
  2. Fiam


    Totally different scent from wet to dry. Wet: Soft Flowers and carrier oil Dry Down: Elizabeth Taylor’s Sapphire (or at least my memory of it) Longevity and throw is significant at this stage (2 hours and it smells just applied.) Verdict: A work of olfactory and alchemic art and why I love BPAL
  3. Fiam

    Fortuna Liberum

    I've been after this for a while, finally got a decant in a little 1 ml bottle. (the kind with the twist cap) So it's been an aged a year with some air around it. Wet in the bottle: fresh natural Orange Blossom and a Vanilla so true it could be a dessert. The orange blossom reminds me of Henri Bendel's scent from years ago, very true to the fresh blossoms on the tree. Under that I think I detect incense. (what?) Upon Application: Creamsicle is there but not cloying. Exactly what I loved about Jiggery Pokery, but not as sweet. Dry Down: The Orange Blossom is outta there...a very fast morphing...it's going into its last phase, However I'm getting powdery incense instead of strawberry or honey. Unfortunately for me it did the "incense" thing, So I'm not fond of the dry down.
  4. If you have still have the following....


    1. Blood Popsicle  (bottle)

    2. Improv Zombie Scene (partial bottle)

    3. Obligatory Peach (bottle)



    1. Heart shaped beanie on a metro

    2. Fortuna Liberum

    3. Fortuna Huiusce Deim

    4. Happy , Boundless & ...

    5. Khysee

    6. Laura Howard

    7. The Waltz

    8. zoe & the goat

    9. roof goblins

    10. Puegot Punch

    11. Lawn Gnome

    12. Lilith Poundcake


    also would be interested in all the Violette Market.


    Crossing fingers.


  5. Fiam

    Son of biggerCritter

    This aged beautifully! On skin, I can not get more than a 20 minute longevity in its perfect balance. But the oil on my cotton sleeve is glorious Coconut Vanilla Lime. I’m over the moon with this and ISO.
  6. Fiam


    Blind purchased, due to the hype. The notes were not attractive to me so I did not expect this magic that is Ava. It does remind me of Butterflies, Flowers & Jewels Attending. Believe!
  7. Fiam

    King Cake

    This one is AWESOME! The description does not include rum, but wet in the bottle it made me think of Hot Buttered Rum & Anne Beany, As it wears the cream cheese frosting comes out. 20 minutes later it goes into butterscotch. I'd say the Lab is improving their gourmands.
  8. Fiam

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Any BPAL scents close to Aramis New West for Women? Just saw a 2011 recommendation to layer 51 with Lightning. Anything close since 2011?
  9. Fiam

    Fate's Jester

    Speaking truth to kings, beggars, and popes alike, immune to retribution and lordly wrath as he flings wise quips like cream pies and barbed arrows. A motley tunic, festooned in bells: red currant and lemon peel over sugared patchouli and a bit of buttercream. A huge "Huzzah" to this Jester! Opens with a bright citrus-like sugar. Fresh and sweet, like smelling a lemon poppy seed cake. As it wears the Red Currant supports the brightness of the lemon, keeping me away from the scent memory of a lemon scented cleaner. The Patch is playful, delightfully tethering it to the ground or it will all float away. Substantial longevity and mild throw. Now I want to get out my bottle of Cherophobia 2016 and side by side test them.
  10. Fiam

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Vial of Holy Water is very close to Kilian's Forbidden Games. I'm side by side testing now.
  11. Fiam


    Just procured a bottle of this long sought-after scent. It's aged almost 10 years. The label is adorable, meaning...it makes me care about the tale and the thought behind the blend. In The bottle: Forest herbal and crisp leaves... the ageing makes this stage lovely. Wet On Skin: Deep warm clean musk. Arms length throw and intense longevity. One touch to this oil and scent is on for the duration of the day. After 2 hours: Still kicking out powdery musk. The throw is "keyboard" length. I like it, it's trippy.The label art is beyond cute.
  12. Fiam

    Boo Bam

    Green, Fresh, & Herbal Without being prompted by the description I would never think bamboo, palm frond or hibiscus individually. The silage is SWEET! Very different than what my nose perceives when it's near my wrists. I am hoarding BooBam, folks.
  13. Fiam

    Lab Rat

    This is CRAZY TALK! Many personalities one bottle. I'm getting non-stop leather with multiple notes swirling around. Each time I open the bottle it smells like something different....citrus, champagne, absinthe, fruit, floral, herbal. sweet, smokey, anise, b-vitamins. Sour patch kids, It's INSANE!
  14. Fiam

    MVJBA: Pancake Breakfast

    In bottle: Maple Syrup on Pancakes - Smells divine! On skin: I'm not getting any berries, but the goat butter peeks through on dry down. I swear I smell the cooking stage, like the frying pan and all. 20 minutes later: Maple Sausage. (either that or the label art stuck in my head) My favorite "breakfast syrup" scent is still Pumpkin Patch V 2009
  15. Fiam

    Embalming Fluid

    My skin chemistry is LUCKY with this one. Applied from an aged imp... Lemon, then it is reminiscent of Calyx by Perscriptives. Not at first mind you, it was hours later, after exercise and in the 90 degree Florida heat. I'm wondering "who has Calyx on"? Oh hell yeah, Bottle Right Now!