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  1. Lately I have wondered about my "rank'.  I am trying not to be insulted, but that has been my rank for like 8 years. No fun.

    1. neptuneanblues


      It has to do with how many posts you have. it looks like you are really close to 200, it's possible it may change then? Not sure where the numbers that correspond with ranks are listed these days. I was able to change my "rank" to something of my choice at some point, but I'm not sure whether that's still a possibility... mods may know! 

    2. Fiam


      Thank you ! Great advice! I will post more! 

  2. Fiam


    I LOVE this! Makes me think of Mouse Circus. I cannot find the unique funnel cake Midway vibe, like I had hoped, but as its own thing, this is just gorgeous! I want to use my first bottle within the year, because I think the Midway notes may fade with age. When I focused on finding Darkness, it reminded me of the The Body Shoppe Poppy. But during a blind sniff...(random grab of a bottle to see if I recognize my collection ) I found it to be well blended and opium didn't dominate. I second the "juicy" that Donkehpoo wrote of in the first review. This is why I love BPAL... there is always something new under creation!
  3. Fiam

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar maintains its cookie-like body and presents the sugar crystals, as if "on top", during the dry down. Despite the descriptors, I did not find it too sweet and even detected a buttery stage deep in the background. Very fun, but not for impatient, it opens up slowly and has surprises along the way. A win for me!
  4. Fiam

    Sugar Cookie Snake Oil

    Straight from the Mailer: In the bottle it's very light in both the Sugar Cookie and the SN. I feel the ageing process may allow it to strengthen. On skin...no sweetie sugar bomb here, the spices from the Sugar Cookie are politely supporting the SN base in the background. After a second testing and allowing it to sit for 3 days after possible mail shock: I am finding this absolutely lovely! Not an in- your-face scent, but a soft Snake Oil with a velvety round edge. I even got it by my scent intolerant partner. It's a keeper and I will reach for it this Holiday!
  5. Fiam

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    When I saw this release, I immediately bought 2 bottles. The labs plum note is exquisite, black plum sounded even better and marshmallow is, well...collectable! Fresh out of the mailbox, I could not contain myself and tested a tiny amount. The marshmallow is the first scent that escapes from the bottle, (no resemblance to Stek... more like, grain?) it quickly burns off as the black plum marches in with confidence and sophistication. I do think of Prunella when testing this, but this is very fresh, so I'm not getting the "powder" I did with Punella and thus, I prefer Marshmallow and Black Plum. I gravitate to the sweet scents that Beth offers, and I would not think of this is overly sweet or sugary. It's a total win for me and I will report back when it has settled for a few days. (Might just have to elbow my way back and claim more.)
  6. Fiam

    Breakfast, Or Something

    Pink fruit, sweet and vibrant! I'm not detecting any milk, but this bottle has aged a few months, so I wager the notes are blending. On my skin it has a medium throw and a surprisingly medium longevity. I LOVE this, but it does not even faintly remind me of breakfast.
  7. Fiam

    Burnt Cocoa Bombs

    It's burnt, alright, like stuck to the bottom of the pan. After 20 minutes I'm getting the bitter cocoa wafting out of the smoke. I'm reminded of the Gorobble, but with bitter chocolate. A very unique scent, even for a 'fumie chocoholic. Plans include aging and layering.
  8. Hello,  If available, I would like to purchase. 

    1. Brunch Witches

    2. Badgered by Dragons

    3. Zombie Apocalypse 2009

    4. White Chocolate Strawberry White Pepper truffle

    5. Spiked Punch

    6. Rangoon Riptide

    7. Cake Smash 

  9. I have the Weenie 2011 Apples, all save one. (No Black Apple)  What do you think is a good price for them? There are 4. My Glittering of the Stars is BNNU. The others are lightly, cleanly tested. 

      These are gorgeous.  I overspent this holiday and stressing the bills. :sad:

  10. I have the lovely Yipe!   PM me here if you'd like me to wrap it up for you! What were you thinking is a good price?

  11. Fiam

    Thousands of Lights

    Ah! I dug this one out because it's Christmas Eve and I adore the story of the Little Match Girl. The candles are burning in a Victorian parlor at Christmas. The oil is almost 8 years old and all the scents have blended seamlessly. I LOVE it!
  12. Fiam

    Blackcurrant Pie

    This is a bitter berry pie that is not overtly sweet or gourmand. There is something in the dry down that reminds me of Alleviate The Frenzy and a Tom Ford perfume. Not any TF in particular, just how it settles in the dry down. Very unique, actually, I am impressed with it.
  13. Fiam

    Sticky Eyeballs and Floppy Entrails

    I just found an aged bottle. It's lovely, however not at ALL what I expected from the description or the reviews. Marshmallow- like but NOT as in Stekk or Marshmallow Poof. The strawberry has taken a hike, maybe due to aging. Licorice remains, a very sweet anise scent. My take away..Sugary Marshmallow & black licorice. Editing to say I FOUND strawberry. My nose must've been saturated when first tested.
  14. Fiam


    Totally different scent from wet to dry. Wet: Soft Flowers and carrier oil Dry Down: Elizabeth Taylor’s Sapphire (or at least my memory of it) Longevity and throw is significant at this stage (2 hours and it smells just applied.) Verdict: A work of olfactory and alchemic art and why I love BPAL
  15. Fiam

    Fortuna Liberum

    I've been after this for a while, finally got a decant in a little 1 ml bottle. (the kind with the twist cap) So it's been an aged a year with some air around it. Wet in the bottle: fresh natural Orange Blossom and a Vanilla so true it could be a dessert. The orange blossom reminds me of Henri Bendel's scent from years ago, very true to the fresh blossoms on the tree. Under that I think I detect incense. (what?) Upon Application: Creamsicle is there but not cloying. Exactly what I loved about Jiggery Pokery, but not as sweet. Dry Down: The Orange Blossom is outta there...a very fast morphing...it's going into its last phase, However I'm getting powdery incense instead of strawberry or honey. Unfortunately for me it did the "incense" thing, So I'm not fond of the dry down.