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  1. Fiam

    Go Slow

    I am glad to start the ball rolling by reviewig this one first. From the description, Go Slow is TOTALLY my jam. I love all the BPAL fizzyies and search for years for a whiff of a BPAL lime scent. The sloe gin is very much like the champagne note however it's drier and seems to mellow out quicker. The lime is expressing itself like the zest from the peel, delicous but not too sweet. It dries down to a realistic sloe gin. I really like this one and may go for a second bottle before they go away.
  2. Fiam

    I'm Close

    A Watermelon BPAL is hard to find anyway, so when I read the description I ordered a back up... I was hoping for that same realistic note from Tis the Voice..Lobster. (an OOS GE that i only sniffed in an aged imp) ...Now I wish I ordered a few back ups.
  3. Fiam

    Pink Silk Peony

    As fool for anything with cotton candy, I immediately ponced upon Pink Silk Peony and found it lovely and unique. On my skin, I found it very floral with the rich sweetness of the cognac but my skin ate the cotton candy and could not find any of its ethereal sweet vibe. My second testing was on the cotton cuff of my sleeve and the bright sugary "cotton candy" peony was right there! 8 hours later, my cuff is still all "rose creamy"! The White Cognac lends a bit of dryness and longevity to the experience. I like this one, not a love yet, but it is very different and I do love a Peony!
  4. Fiam

    Secret Donuts

    Every once in while there is gormand release that makes me say "There is nothing else like this!" And Secret Donuts is just THAT! Just when I thought I had experienced all the foody, delicious BPAL scents... I drone on and on about Midway, Golettes, King Cake, Suf Everything...but now I meet you, Secret Donuts! And I LOVE YOU!
  5. Fiam

    Banana Pancakes

    Banana Pancakes is delightful! Better than just a novelty, it’s what I was hoping to get from Pancake Breakfast, with of course, banana! I perceive it to be almost caramel-like and ever so slightly…slightly boozy. I have found the exact candy this year’s Yule banana scent reminds me of, and it is Banana Jelly Belly jelly beans. The golden yellow ones with tiny black spots! I wish I could send you all one so that you may concur.
  6. Fiam


    Spumoni is the scent I am most excited about this Yule release. Total nostalgia for me, so I blndly ordered a back up just to stare at the bottle. After weeks of resting, I am finally testing. I forgot the scent notes and didn't have the note suggestion pre-programmed in my head upon starting. Initial wet stage: Not what I expected, it reminds me of Detestable Putrescence from the Gris Grimley release...melty ice cream. Also a mascarpone-like scent, sweet and sour, is wafting by. The chocolate is reading as a perfume less realistic than I hoped. Drying down: Now I can tell there some nuts and cherries. I’m trying not to be disappointed but my skin is doing worky things with this one, I will need to re test this on a cotton cuff... …And YES! There is the Spumoni...on the edge of my cotton sleeve cuff! Now I smell the candied version of the above descrption. AMAZING! It’s growing on me! Not a ❤️ yet. but it’s very interesting and enjoyable as long as it doesn’t involve my skin.
  7. Fiam

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    It's Snake Oil alright, only sweeter... sweeter in a chewy, round manner. In other words...there are no edges to this perfume, radiates perfectly blended. It seems to get stronger as it wears, treating me to a very grown up doughnut scent. (must be the musk...but I cannot be sure as I really don't like musk and I LOVE this) Sexy, sophisticated and best for cold days. (When I tested it on a South Fla 80 degree spell, it didn't express the same "magic". It's a BIG scent with great longevity, I think it will only stregnthen as it ages - going to be dynamite!
  8. Fiam

    Boozy Lemon Bars

    I do believe Boozy Lemon Bars minced itself right into my TOP FIVE FAVS! For me, it's the PERFECT SCENT 😍 Lasts all day on my cotton sleeve, transports me to better days and lifts my mood to the stratosphere! I have a backup bottle already and see myself hoarding this. Don't be afriad of the Booze.
  9. Fiam

    Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

    This one is a surprise and not what I expected. If I sniffed a piece of fruitcake that smelled like this...I would eat it. The Fruit in this Cake is marachino cherry dominating strong out of the bottle for a delightful (and my favorite part of the) scent experience. The big marachino cherry gets outta the way quickly as a sophisticated Bourbon saunters in, sits down and stays awhile! What I am surprised by is what notes are NOT there. I cannot pick out traditional fruitcake spices. or...they are minimal, so well blended they don't spike or dominate. But to my nose, they are just not there. No cake or cakey-like sugars or batter, either. The dry down is light, and stays close to the skin. Happy to have this Kentucky Boubon Fruitcake in my collection as it's unique to have a spicefree Yule Boozy scent.
  10. Fiam

    Fake Banana in a Fuzzy Sweater

    Fake Banana in a Fuzzy Sweater is a guessing game and the bottle is laughing at me as I try to guess what it is make of. The Fake Banana....it's not too sweet, overripe or green. Nor is it laffy taffy. The Fuzzy Sweater...I do get a little cashmere, warm and round with a little fresh chopped wood scent....and the banana is still there all the while. It leans unisex to masculine to my nose. Reminds me of 7 Word Story: Sloth but without the blackened cacoa or tobacco and I prefer this to 7WS Sloth Will be very interested in experiening this after it ages a while.
  11. Fiam

    Pomegranate Cider

    Big juicy Pom at the onset, making me think of Black Pomegranate SN, but that lovely moment is only around while sniffing in the bottle. When it's out running around, the scent is a mix between the cider note and deep red FRUIT! Dry Down left me smelling the spices and the peppercorn as well as the Pomegranate. The longevity of my application to cotton sleeve cuffs lasted several days. I look forward to aging this lovely bottle of Pomegranate Cider as I think it will mature into something even better.
  12. Fiam

    Shortbread Diamonds

    Shortbread Diamonds reminds me of 2021’s box of cookies except dryer. Something about it reminds me of a very expensive fragrance, Xerjoff Lira, but without the citrus. A sophisticated cookie!
  13. Fiam


    Marranitos is a gorgeous christmas cookie scent! I really felt like I walked by a kitchen when the spice cookies were coming out of the oven. Not sure how this ended up in my cart as I'm usually leary of spice, (cinnamon is a death note for me) but this blend works in harmony. This is reminiscent of gingerbread but very different than labs gingerbread note. I solidly conclude that BPALs gourmands keep evolving and improving!
  14. Fiam

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    Santa Doesn't Need Your Help is a KEEPER! I did buy it because of the book, the hysterical name and because of the above reviews. I usually have to find homes for all my lavender "stab in the dark blind buys", but this bottle is going in my high prioirty drawer! Here's what I found... Lavender and Sugar Plum are a most surprising match! Forget what you know about each of them, because they are a different joy when they meld together. Scent memories of Plush Viscera came wooshing back, but SDNYH is not the morpher Viscera is...well, was. The Marshmallow is just enough to sweeten and support. It's not the main player. I may need a back up before they Yules float away.
  15. Fiam

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    Oh yeah! This is what I was hoping for! I LOVE the above reviews and agree 100% Starts with a Peppermint blast easing into the Lab's Marshmallow Note. I am not getting the Pineapple vibe some have reported, but there is something that is expressing bright or tart, It is popping out within 5 mintues of application. Wearing surrounded by a marshmallow peppermint cloud for about 20 minutes or longer. The bright-ish vibe mellows as expected. Dry Down to soft, well-behaved marshmallow that is slighly perceptable and very wearable around scent sensitive "critics"... Like I kind I live with. I LOVE this, like....obsessed!