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  1. Hello! I have Coffee Beans & Caramel for you!  PM me! 

  2. Fiam

    Coffee Cream Pie

    There has been much said about Coffee Cream Pie in the above reviews. I am here because I can't keep it to myself...IT IS AWESOME! I have tried (almost) ALL of the BPAL coffee forward scents. including the many Lilith's, (Travelogue and earlier years, SN Guatemalan) so I didn't order this one immediately. "How different could it be", I thought. WELL for me it's a perfect balance of bold coffee and floofy, creamy, chocolate. (I guess that's the pudding aspect). WONDERFUL WIN for my skin.
  3. Fiam

    Noisy Goose Moon 2022

    The sweet floffy banana rum belts out with delight. then settles quickly into soft Frankincense. I wish the marshmallow banana rum lasted longer or played in the frankincense during dry down, but I can't find any.
  4. I wish I had purchased this one when I could! So beautiful! The plum is apparent on my skin immediatly, then the jasmine peeks in. Green tea is grouding the blend. Gorgeous! I want some!
  5. Fiam

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    This is a LOVE! I don't know why I snoozed on this for so long. Well, cinnamon is a death note here, so I was afraid....But now I have it and LOVE It! I wager my bottle is aged as I did get it from a forumite. So, it ages well! In the bottle I was reminded of Mother Ginger. As it dries I really DO get Funnel Cake! This is BIG WIN for my skin chemistry!
  6. Fiam

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    Ohh! This is so much fun! I love this all alone, but I also find Schrödinger’s Checkmark phenom to LAYER! The dry down is a fluffy wide patchouli marshamallow that sweetness is tempered, but still lurking. I'm finding that is doesn't morph much, except that the marshmallow seems to settle in and hang around more than I expected - It stands right up next to that patchoili and envelops it. The sweet patch scent was detectable on my skin after a few hand scrubs and a bath so...any of my gourmands from the Yule update that needed a boost in longevity (eyeing up my bottle of Banana Pancakes) now have a perfect buddy.
  7. Fiam

    Port Royal

    I do not know how I could possibly add anything of value to the aforementioned reviews, however I will say that Port Royale will be my signature scent for the Spring and Summer. The opening of Port Royale is clean and cheerful. From a blind sniff (not reading the scent notes) I smell fresh waves breaking on a Caribbean island. It develops slightly masculine as it sails into Bay Rum cologne territory. The fresh wet scent is my favorite part of this.
  8. LIttle bit of lemon, LOTS of honey! Realistic yummy honey! Reminds me of a lemon version of Sweets to the Sweet. (Sub lemon for the sugar) I'm not getting any cake. I think it will layer beautifully with something as I keep smelling it and looking for something else to magically appear. I will update when I find a few scents to layer with. Hope to be back soon!
  9. Fiam

    Scents I can't live without

    Well, I death matched Choco Musk by El Rehab and Mother of all Souls by Arcana, two of the most realistic chocolately scents and.... They both made each other FAIL. Alone I actually felt the chocolate vibe, but they so molecularly different that when I tested them side by side it brought out the worst in each. ALONE: Choco Musk is classic and can compete with scents up to 10 times the price...(Chocolate Greedy & Amour de Cacoa) Mother of All Souls is a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate! You can really hold each one as the scent drifts by.... But when your nose gets them within 10 feet of both open bottles, they strip each other of all the finery and all you smell is thier chemical component. Each of them behind a curtain.....throwing levers and pushing buttons frantically to get you to believe. And...I stopped searchng for chocolate scents all together after that.
  10. Fiam

    Go Slow

    I am glad to start the ball rolling by reviewig this one first. From the description, Go Slow is TOTALLY my jam. I love all the BPAL fizzyies and search for years for a whiff of a BPAL lime scent. The sloe gin is very much like the champagne note however it's drier and seems to mellow out quicker. The lime is expressing itself like the zest from the peel, delicous but not too sweet. It dries down to a realistic sloe gin. I really like this one and may go for a second bottle before they go away.
  11. Fiam

    I'm Close

    A Watermelon BPAL is hard to find anyway, so when I read the description I ordered a back up... I was hoping for that same realistic note from Tis the Voice..Lobster. (an OOS GE that i only sniffed in an aged imp) ...Now I wish I ordered a few back ups.
  12. Fiam

    Pink Silk Peony

    As fool for anything with cotton candy, I immediately ponced upon Pink Silk Peony and found it lovely and unique. On my skin, I found it very floral with the rich sweetness of the cognac but my skin ate the cotton candy and could not find any of its ethereal sweet vibe. My second testing was on the cotton cuff of my sleeve and the bright sugary "cotton candy" peony was right there! 8 hours later, my cuff is still all "rose creamy"! The White Cognac lends a bit of dryness and longevity to the experience. I like this one, not a love yet, but it is very different and I do love a Peony!
  13. Fiam

    Secret Donuts

    Every once in while there is gormand release that makes me say "There is nothing else like this!" And Secret Donuts is just THAT! Just when I thought I had experienced all the foody, delicious BPAL scents... I drone on and on about Midway, Golettes, King Cake, Suf Everything...but now I meet you, Secret Donuts! And I LOVE YOU!
  14. Fiam

    Banana Pancakes

    Banana Pancakes is delightful! Better than just a novelty, it’s what I was hoping to get from Pancake Breakfast, with of course, banana! I perceive it to be almost caramel-like and ever so slightly…slightly boozy. I have found the exact candy this year’s Yule banana scent reminds me of, and it is Banana Jelly Belly jelly beans. The golden yellow ones with tiny black spots! I wish I could send you all one so that you may concur.
  15. Fiam


    Spumoni is the scent I am most excited about this Yule release. Total nostalgia for me, so I blndly ordered a back up just to stare at the bottle. After weeks of resting, I am finally testing. I forgot the scent notes and didn't have the note suggestion pre-programmed in my head upon starting. Initial wet stage: Not what I expected, it reminds me of Detestable Putrescence from the Gris Grimley release...melty ice cream. Also a mascarpone-like scent, sweet and sour, is wafting by. The chocolate is reading as a perfume less realistic than I hoped. Drying down: Now I can tell there some nuts and cherries. I’m trying not to be disappointed but my skin is doing worky things with this one, I will need to re test this on a cotton cuff... …And YES! There is the Spumoni...on the edge of my cotton sleeve cuff! Now I smell the candied version of the above descrption. AMAZING! It’s growing on me! Not a ❤️ yet. but it’s very interesting and enjoyable as long as it doesn’t involve my skin.