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  1. Jenjin

    A Glimpse

    I was gifted this bottle and worth a shot right? It's fine in the bottle, I didn't notice anything unusual, but on the skin it takes a turn. I can't say i'm getting an an indolic smell, but it does give me a "public restroom" sort of vibe. Clingy and strangely floral (warm skin is the culprit here). It does dry down to something mildly soapy, like fresh out the shower type vibe.
  2. Jenjin

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    Weird, this one reminds me of something in Paper Phoenix but the notes are completely different. Could be the sugar? It's a bit like Paper Phoenix with much more creaminess. I get mostly hay just after application and as it dries all the sweetness rises up. It really captures my heart, shimmering citrus over a squishy-creamy backdrop, not quite strong or distinct enough to register as "rice milk". The drydown stays relatively pale, but the finish has just enough of a punch to keep things warm and delicious. Rendevous in the Rice Straws is simple yet transformative, like a vacation in a bottle. This reminds me of being someplace tropical, wandering into a spa where you get into a warm bath filled with flowers, then a sugar scrub and massage. A fragrant, cuddly, musky cloud makes the air smell like paradise.
  3. Jenjin

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    This is so delicious, like a spice cabinet filled with fresh tobacco and sugared vanilla. I love the warm, seductive vibe and the tobacco is almost rum-boozy at the beginning, which burns off into a golden spice brown sugar. Why am I wanting to drink a White Russian? Almost a creamy candy overall, like those hard, milky coffee candies except the zinger is resinous tobacco. This is what angels smell like
  4. Jenjin

    Gingerbread, Fir, Myrrh, & Mahogany

    Brown spices, bread, woods and resins mixed in with the fir. This is an unusual combo I could see someone wear to a holiday pageant, maybe dressed as a gingerbread person with those striped socks and mitten hands. The polished mahogany note comes on strong after a few minutes, like spicy, shiny wood with the a tiny bit of evergreen myrrh smoldering below.
  5. Jenjin

    Banana Cream, Black Coconut & Raw Chocolate

    Same banana note from Sloth coming on strong in the first inning. It smells like banana candy and a tiny bit of vanilla. Banana perfumes make me happy, so novel and fun. After a few minutes, like other reviewers, the coconut becomes the top note along with the creaminess of the chocolate. Poof! the banana is completely gone and this is all yummy coconut creaminess, like eating the top, fluffy layer of cream pie. Wonderful for hot summer days, but I could also see wearing this on a cold, frosty night. Delish!!
  6. Jenjin

    Songs of Autumn VII

    Soft, green and figgy just at first, the sweeter woodsy notes come out during the drydown. I am in my second year of growing figs in my backyard, and finally they have fruited. This is very much like smelling my little plump figs. Hints of harvest day, walking through a wooded outdoor market filled with winter squashes, melons and fruits. I love the gentle sweetness from the sugary honey, mixed with evergreens and mosses. Delicately beautiful, this is another unexpected gem I am so glad I got to try.
  7. Jenjin

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    Oh WOW! I passed this by when it first came out, thinking it would be darker and too masculine for me. This takes be immediately back to my childhood. My Mom would buy the glass jars of Lipton instant ice tea. I hated to drink it, but loved the scent of the powder just after the paper was torn off the top and a "poof" of tea smoke would rise above. I'm getting little wiffs of that experience, along with the smoothness of gorgeous cashmere. The leather is rich and smooth in the background, mixing with the tobacco it really does smell expensive!
  8. Jenjin

    Two Westeners

    Salty, sweaty leathered hides, i'm picturing pirates working the deck of a creaky ship tied to ocean shores. Barnacle crusted trunks down below and burnt candlesticks stubbed out. This smells like a classic BPAL to me, another one from "A Picnic in Arkham" mashed with the lab's beeswax note. Editing to add the drydown is luscious, shaggy leather, really nice.
  9. Jenjin

    Abalone Vulva

    Pink, pearly beachy aquatic without going soapy! I could see this in the GC sitting right next to The Sea Foams Milk and Y'ha-Nthlei. They would be the coolest mermaids. I do get a tiny bit of bubblegum just after slathering it on that fades away. The pink musk is very gentle, smooth without being overly sweet, a strong crystalline water note jumps forward on me after it's completely dry. This is uplifting, fresh and makes me feel like i'm on an exotic vacation, sitting by pink oceans illuminated by the amber setting sun. An experience to wear and the perfect 'tropical' for me.
  10. Jenjin

    To Lesbia

    A smoky, Japanese incense bomb upfront. It's alot like straight up smelling a joss stick, maybe sinking your face into the whole box. This is the good stuff, think the ultimate Shoyeido, all aromatic woods, resins and spices. I'm getting myrrh, frankincense and Egyptian amber along with the floral, a goth lover's dream. After a few minutes the blood red carnation opens it's dewy petals, swirling around with the deep-dark background in a magnificent way. I could definitely see this in the OLLA collection. Meditative and relaxing, I want to languish in this scent. Lazing around on brocade cushions with bamboo wind-chimes, the breeze blowing through carnations in the garden dreaming of long-lost love.
  11. Jenjin

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    This is rich and has my favorite, rooty patchouli in it, syrupy, with tiny whiffs of something "purple" like sweet grapes or wine. What a warm, spicy treat! The copal is sticky and ceremonial, a luscious little nugget. This isn't the smoke when the resin is burned, but more like the plant itself, deep-green, earthy, husky weeping golden sap. The vanilla is deep, like freshly sliced vanilla pods and sweetens in the drydown, grounding down the velvety sandalwood. All the notes swirl together beautifully into a transformative dream: I am sitting at the base of the World Tree. The fires that burn at the "Gate to Heaven" are being prepared, and I am breathing in deeply as our passage slowly comes to light.
  12. Jenjin

    Cooling Breeze

    Obsessed with finding something similar to Rendezvous at the Bath, my favorite green tea blend. Also, i've been smashing and burning tons of juniper berries lately. They are so sweet and fill the air with sugared sap, so I was hoping this might take me to that same tranquil space. This goes on very similar, clean, spa-like and i'm getting all those fat, plump little berries. Juniper berry is VERY different from straight up Juniper, I think of them as little conifer raisins. The green tea and sandalwood are also there, mingling and giving it a deeper richness. I'm not getting much of the bamboo, which typically goes bitter on me, and here is mostly a 'still-water' note. The drydown becomes even sweeter, almost ladylike, and i'm picturing a Japanese garden with a beautiful geisha sipping sugared green tea.
  13. Jenjin

    The Snipe's Beak Trapped in a Clam Shell

    High-end elegance, like an ethereal jumpsuit with a jaunty birdcage hat. I'm a huge fan of spicy tuberose, and the lab's couture-type fragrances, perfect for wearing to a fancy pants outdoor soirèe, or between satin sheets. What beauty lies beneath the surface upon warm, sun-lit skin. Reminds me a bit of "Ava" and "The Bride", while coming across as even more complex, and enchanted.
  14. Jenjin

    Halite Phoenix

    I'm getting buttery salt water taffy without the sugar. Like rolling up a handful of freshly dug beach salt and mixing it with cream and crystals. Very much like sniffing a star I think, if a star were a giant sparkling salty rock you dug from silver mud. I'm a geology nerd in the worst sort of way so all of these make me dream. Brava!!!!
  15. Jenjin

    Perfumey scents

    Have you tried Media from American Gods? I LOVE Ava too and probably reach for Media more often. Fake News too, but it is a little more unisex if you're into that at all.
  16. Jenjin

    Shadow Embrace Bath Oil

    When I use the last drop of my backup bottle the tears will flow. I love this more than Castitas and that's saying alot. It is probably the most beautiful scent i've ever encountered. The End
  17. Jenjin

    Lucy’s Room Home & Linen Spray

    Deeply elegant, this transports me into a dark, lily-lined chamber heavy with swinging censers and torn lace. Utterly beautiful and sophisticated, it gives my shabby living room a lux tone, with gothic shadows and black bats. None of the florals dominate here, the rose is so very deep and pitched with purple opium, while the lily adds decaying spice. Something about this makes me feel like i'm within a vampire costume shop, velvet curtains and capes all around, rich with long forgotten cologne and blood stains. Part of my wants to tuck this away, so I have plenty left for next fall, but when I spray this all around, it makes everything enchanted and filled with romantic gloom. The best atmos are tranformative and Lucy's Room takes me directly to Dracula's castle, I can practically hear Lucy hissing in my ear. LOVE
  18. Jenjin

    Native Gold

    This is the 'poof' you get after pouring a big, frosty mug of root beer in a frozen mug. Smashing your mouth down into the brilliant, blanket of foam and savoring the sweet, creamy cloud. It calms down quickly as the cedar comes forward, giving it a base. Ahhhh, this is so lovely, drying down to a dry, herbal treasure. I would call it a skin scent, giving me an additional layer of sugary, warm sweetness. I've tried most of the lab's root beers, and i'm thinking this is absolutely my dreamcometrue root beer scent.
  19. Jenjin

    Benitoite Phoenix

    Funky, sweet musk, Benitoite has a sexy vibe, the "blue" almost like skin under pressure and rubs. A sultry, cool scent with a deepness very much like earth or sand inside a tide pool. It reminds me of being in the clay studio mixing earth on the pugmill, wet, grinding earth and sparkling pebbles turning and crushing with the water. The salty, creamy vanilla-like musk makes it animalistic in the beginning, like a sweaty, golem beast rolling down damp, coastal shores: "MY LIGHT FORM". It dries down into a cool and unusual vanilla on me, I would compare to Pediophobia. Over the years I have been pleasantly surprised by many of the anniversary scents, Benitointe included.
  20. Jenjin

    The Perfect Lavender

    Round Dance and Pere Noel are very candy-like
  21. Jenjin

    Cabbage White

    A tiny creature with a wingspan less than two inches wide, she thrives on diversity but has a taste for mustard. She may be small, but she is fierce: one cabbage white butterfly can be the matriarch of generations of millions. Orris root, orris butter, lily of the valley, and vanilla cream. The double hit of orris here transforms into a fatty violet, fruity, sweet and waxy floral with vintage overtones. I get a little bit of lily in the background, giving it a certain, damp coolness, like walking through a rainy meadow filled with silvery mist. The yummy vanilla is so creamy, it's alot like a delicious violet ice cream with the perfect amount of sweetness. I'm going to dot this on my pillow tonight because I find this incredibly soothing and perhaps the perfect sleep scent. EDITING to add that I opened and applied this the day it arrived and it screamed of talcum powder. I wasn't sure it was wearable for me, so I stuck it in my storage box and forgot about it. I think this one needs a bit of aging before testing.
  22. Jenjin

    Colemanite Phoenix

    Walking through soft sands and crushing stone, the purple blooming sage and brittle woods waft upward, while a big, orange dripping sun is melting into the landscape.Spicy, herbal and woody, i'm getting a different experience with each sniff. It is very transformative and literally takes me someplace else that is quiet and humming with beauty.
  23. Jenjin

    Pink Moon 2017

    The name of this moon refers to the color of wild ground phlox, a primary component of this Lunacy Blend, which is one of the most widespread floral signposts of springtime in North America. This Lunar blend is soft with phlox, tulip, daffodil, pink columbine, delphinium, pink carnation, peony, and muscari, dusted with pink sugar and honey, bourbon vanilla and a touch of the first strawberries of the season. Just after application, I'm getting a wonderful mix of mostly peony and spicy carnation. This is a gorgeous blend of some of my favorite girly florals with a tiny bit of strawberry which I would call more of a tart berry blossom. It's sweet, but not in a candy sweet way which makes this pinky more mature than some of the earlier, candy sweet versions. Imagine sinking your face into a big bouquet made of perfect spring with just the right amount of spice to make it sexy. The honey is barely there, and seems to be mixing with the daffodil to warm things up. I'm also getting the silvery moon lunar note when I smell up close. It's really nice and makes it all crystalline and illuminated. The dry-down plumps up and takes on a bit more of the pink sugar, but it's balanced by the spiciness of the carnation and remains like the sweetness of a nectar filled flower, rather than cloying cottoncandy. I'm looking at the moon through heart-shaped, rose-tinted glasses and it smells like happiness.
  24. I went through this for awhile when I was obsessed with Insects The closest GC scents I found to be similar are The Witch Queen and Bewitched. Neither have that green glittering smell at the beginning however.