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  1. murqmaid

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    a strong tobacco at first that mellows out with a smooth back drop of rice milk. im *in love* with rice milk and wish it were stronger here, but im glad it made an appearance. i dont get any frankincense, but im totally okay with that. this scent is elegant, feminine, and just makes me feel so luxurbrioussss. so glad i held onto my bottle 🥰
  2. murqmaid

    The Grave-Pig

    loved this when it was wet, as it was mostly "dirt" and patch, with a little bit of sweet from the fig. really loving the dirt element to this, which i suspect are the "mushroom caps" and oakmoss notes. grave pig would've been a bottle buy if it stayed in the wet phase. as it dries, the fig takes over, and it just becomes too forwardly "feminine" for me (i prefer to blur those lines, and sometimes feel uncomfortable smelling "pretty"). HOWEVER, this scent really allows you to enjoy the fig without it being too overwhelming or cloying (for me, eden was this way, and i suspected the honey). death pig is really lovely and i like it. very wearable, and imo, "office appropriate." as it's dryin, i'm sniffin, and i'm likin it.. i'll need to bury this in more dirt before buying a bottle.
  3. murqmaid

    It Wasn't Just a Phase

    i was hesitant to write this reivew but wanted to get something down because so little has been said. i've skin tested this a couple times now, and i still don't know how to feel about it. wet: spicy, moss fougere with musk. the nagarmotha is yelling at me, and i don't like it. dry: i prefer it much more in this phase. the musk is strong and balancing, and it really makes this blend enjoyable for me. the nagarmotha has settled down *alot* and i'm getting to enjoy the other woody notes i love (patch, moss) verdict: i like this when dry, but it isn't a bottle for me.... i prefer it over st. lois; and it's definitely an interesting one to test and analyze. this imp should definitely go to someone who will love it more than i.
  4. murqmaid

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    yuuuuuuuuuuusssssssss, this is such great news! I hope those crumbling pages come out too. can't wait to read your review @niffler
  5. murqmaid

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    bumpity bump! i've yet to find a delicious book smell that isn't too heavy on the leather or the sweet. recently tried library ghost from poesie and liked it; but i'm not too keen on that marshmallow note and wished the polished wood/books was stronger. really looking forward to trying bookcase package from the latest weenie release
  6. murqmaid


    wet: opium, violet, and incense smoke. i'm actually liking this more than i had anticipated, but i wasn't sure what to expect, as i'm not too familiar with violet, oilbanum, or plum. i'm getting a little bit of that spicy vetiver. there is no cacao in sight. i can definitely see the japanese incense smoke comparison. drying: the vetiver has disappeared, and the violet is getting louder. verdict: too much heady florals for me (i don't think volet and i are the best of friends), but it's an interesting scent to smell and would be lovely on someone else.
  7. murqmaid

    So Below

    i'll have to admit i was a skeptical reading so many before me mention the coconut. i don't like the sun tan lotion coconut, and most coconut scents have always smelled somewhat artificial and cloying to me. if you feel the same way, i think you should give so below a chance before writing her off. wet: very, very sweet. just on the edge of OH GOD NO sweet, but please remember i tend to be sensitive about these things . i'm loving this warm amber and i'm fine with the patch being an afterthought, since i've already got a ton of it and are seeking more variety. there's something adding a complexity here that i don't recognize, which must be the copal and cardamom, as those are notes i have the least experience with. i wish i could turn up the volume on those two, because i'd love to know more.. drying: so below becoming less sweet, allowing the other notes to come forth and shine. i'm getting more resins, which i freaking LOVE. the coconut is dark, husky, and compliments the musk perfectly. it *is* noticeably coconut, but it's not typical, obvious, or screaming at you coconut. this is starting to remind me of Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru, but i prefer this (kabe was beautiful, but there was something too nutty? about it for me. i'm not sure if that was the vanilla husk, but there's a similarity here, and i'm suspecting it might be the copal or husks). HM scents are becoming a regular hit for me, and i understand why this is part of the collection, with it's sexy, broody allure. no doubt i'm going to keep my bottle, and i know this will age beautifully.
  8. murqmaid


    i love this one, and are contemplating a bottle. i know i'll probably reach for this often, and i'd like to have a larger reserve to include sniffies in swaps. everyone needs to try this! leather lovers especially. wet: BLACK LEATHER, the kind that reminds me of the black rider. very musky, powerful, and typically masculine. fighter is something i'd wear out into the field for work (sometimes i supervise macho contractors, and have to remind myself to keep my wits about me, being their woman boss). i'm definitely getting that steel, because the first image summoned in my mind was a turkish warrior on horseback, sword held high and glimmering in the sun. the musk is smooth, sweaty, and animalistic, but clean. this would be sexy as hell on any gender, if worn with confidence. dry: the black leather isn't as blatant anymore, but it's still in the crowd, glaring at you, reminding you not to cross it.. or else. this isn't a morpher, but that's fine by me. strong throw at first, but not for long. son, it becomes vaguely cologney. this reminds me of walking into the the men's macy's when leather jackets are in season. i death matched it between iago, and definitely prefer fighter. i feel iago is new leather/chemical/astringent; and fighter is more natural and wearable. verdict: one bottle please
  9. murqmaid

    St. Louis #1

    so i decided to try st. lois one more time before she was off to the swaps, but i must confess i've completely changed my mind about her. this scent really set off my neuroticism bc i have to know why this smells appealing? i even sketched a diagram of my arm to keep track of scents i was death matchin (and was also trying to stay busy, cause elections). note: this imp was not decanted, but part of a HM collection release in 2019. on wet: this immediately reminded me of coiled serpent because it has a "yogic" feel to it: dry, spicy, cleansing, but this is more flowery. i'm wondering where the extra spice is coming from, perhaps that bay rum??? patch isn't usually this spicy on me, and i can't think of any other note doing this. there is a sweet floral element which i suspect to be the tobacco, florida water, and olive blossom. i'm not sure what bay rum smells like, so i can't really speak to what it's doing here. drying: okay, this is getting sweeter and the florals are starting to amplify. it's losing it's yogic-ness!!! i liked it more in the wet phase. it's a floral, herbal, spicy, and a bit perfumey/cologney. this kind of reminds me of a chinese herbal store.
  10. murqmaid

    The Illustrated Woman

    pretty much just repeating what others have said- illustrated woman is surprisingly fruity, feminine, and sweet. there's more pine and patch when wet, but it's not pronounced at all, even when dry. that pine/patch is really holding back that honey and tobacco, which could've easily veered too sweet. i get the *tiniest* bit of smoke, but i'm REALLY trying to look for it, and i could easily be imagining it after reading the notes. very wearable and flirty. i'd love to find some soft pine to layer on top of this. still liked it enough to pick up a bottle
  11. murqmaid

    Baba Yaga

    this turned out better than i thought, but judging from the description alone i wasn't sure what to expect. at first it was all flowery, lilac-y, musk going a little aquatic??? on the drydown it's still mostly musk and moss, with a little bit of dusty, faint herbs (is this hay?). i find my impression of how earthy vs. herby vs. musky this is changes each time i test it. sometimes its more green, sometimes its just straight musk with a little bit of spice. doesn't have alot of throw, but lasts on the skin. after a while, i get a strong green note that reminded me of woman at the edge of the woods. not my favorite, but a nice surprise.
  12. murqmaid


    a very pretty, feminine scent. not cloying or overly sweet, but definitely sweet. very soapy smelling, i believe that would be the ambergris? i hardly get any sandalwood, but the vanilla and oakmoss come through during the drydown. the salt is ever present. overall, i like it. very summer appropriate. if this were a color, it would be light yellow with a flash of gold.
  13. murqmaid

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    was this a one time thing? cause i love it!! edit: will replace this post with a review soon
  14. murqmaid


    pleasantly surprised by this one. it's not my usual style and i normally don't do fruity, but the white musk and oakmoss prevent it from becoming too sweet. Fae is just pretty, peachy, and fresh. i've been enjoying it in my locket during these heat waves.
  15. murqmaid


    sweet and a lil spicy, with a gnarly patch that reminded me of #occupywallstreet. i'd say this is 30% apricot and 70% patch. the apricot is super juicy and innocent, but the patch is broody and menacing.. kind of a strange mix. i much prefer fae and don't see myself wearing this often, but i'm glad to have tried it. I love peach and apricot scents!