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  1. murqmaid

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    was this a one time thing? cause i love it!!
  2. murqmaid


    pleasantly surprised by this one. it's not my usual style and i normally don't do fruity, but the white musk and oakmoss prevent it from becoming too sweet. Fae is just pretty, peachy, and fresh. i've been enjoying it in my locket during these heat waves.
  3. murqmaid


    sweet and a lil spicy, with a gnarly patch that reminded me of #occupywallstreet. for me, the apricot here dominates. i'd say this is 70% apricot and 30% patch, but i tend to amp sweet notes like heck. the apricot is super juicy and innocent, bordering juvenile (for me), but the patch is broody and menacing.. kind of a strange mix. i much prefer fae and don't see myself wearing this often, but i'm glad to have tried it
  4. murqmaid

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    a pale frankincense that dries into a soft, warm, resiny lace. i'm not sure what copal smells like, so i can't speak to that. there's a a wisp of sweetness that gets ALOT stronger during the drydown; but the blend as a whole isnt sweet at all, it just has a slightly sweet element. this is a resiny version of everything i hoped antique lace would be: dusty and elegant. i wish it had more throw, but i'm thrilled to have it in my collection
  5. murqmaid

    Death Cap

    this was originally suggested to me as a sleepytime scent. at first sniff, i didn't think it would work- but it kind of does? i can understand how others got a teensy bit of coconut; but this reminds me more of an oily, old playdoh that sweetens up a bit from the warmth in your hands. unlike other scents that set a tone or depict an attitude, death cap is so unobtrusive that it's strangely calming. i don't really want to focus on anything when i'm trying to fall asleep, and even soft, ethereal scents like zorya p are distracting for me. death cap kinda just lets you be, without any judgement or preconceived notions. not sure if this warrants a bottle, but i'd gladly welcome all the unloved imps to my collection 🙂
  6. murqmaid

    Like a Girl

    musky, clean, light, feminine stays very close to the skin and has little throw. pros: this is very wearable, and the vanilla is just beautiful! i struggle to find vanillas i can wear, but this one is just so airy... i suspect the frankincense and sandalwood have a hand in this, but i can't detect them directly. cons: this is pretty, but it might be too simple for me. i personally can't justify the purchase, given the abundance of interesting oils at the same price point. i'm glad to have tried this, and will be holding onto my decant 😌
  7. murqmaid

    Children of the Cornucopia

    this is a GORGEOUS sweet patch with a tickle of tobacco leaf at the very end. this is my first hay scent, so i'm not sure where it lies between those two notes. wet: oh YES that's definitely patch; a much sweeter and less herbaceous kind than i'm used to (dirty, stanky patch kid here). dry: this patch is innocent and angelic, but still adds depth to this blend. there is something that lifts and brightens, probably the hay? the tobacco leaf adds a sweet note right at the end of a whiff. if i smelled this blind, i would probably say there was vanilla bean, but i'm pretty new to BPAL and have an untrained nose. this is very warm and inviting, a perfect fall scent. if this were a still in a movie, i'd imagine sun beams shining through a piece of amber, or through a curtain of perfectly balayaged caramel hair. this is very unisex, and a total keeper for me
  8. murqmaid

    Alabaster Vulva

    this just came in the mail today from a swap purchase. i let it rest for an hour, but was impatient because the reviews sang such high praises! wet: on me, the narcissus/daffodil is SO STRONG. it takes front and center stage on application. dry: after a few minutes, the heady florals tone down and are rounded by what i think is the orris root and amber. as other forumites have mentioned, it's a very sheer, "white" blend. it reminds me of something my mother would wear, because it's feminine, soft, and kind of old school (chanel 5 was her signature scent). i get the *teeniest* bit of vanilla and bergamot, but both are completely drowned by DAFFODIL. if you like classic, feminine florals, this is probably for you. i'll let this age a bit before testing again, but i have a feeling this just isn't for me.
  9. murqmaid

    Sweet, but not sugary?

    @supreme_c0rt: dear senpai..... i have shamelessly lurked all of your reviews and recs i find them all to be very helpful, detailed, and well written. i noticed we have similar tastes too, esp in regard to leather and a preference for "masculine" scents. the haute macabre i purchased from you is my precious re ask the nearest hippie: i actually really enjoy the hemp note in this, and the bottle is becoming one i reach for often. would the patch in this be considered the "dirty" kind? re goblin: it was spot on with the image it invoked (i immediately thought of underground lairs, fires, and loin cloths), but i found the grungey coconut too heavy for wear. seeing the vanilla notes spelled out like this is super helpful, thank you c0rt! now i've gotta retest my imp of coiled serpent, and get my hands on a kabe ni mimi decant...
  10. murqmaid

    Sweet, but not sugary?

    ah, yes, I saw that you mentioned Death Cap in the sleepytime thread... more incentive to get my hands on it on the list it goes!
  11. murqmaid

    Sweet, but not sugary?

    Hey guys, BPAL newb here with limited olfactory vocab and experience. although I love leather and musk, I've been trying to expand and find a sweet scent that isn't sugary or gourmand... also iso the perfect vanilla. I recently acquired bottles of Are You Digging on My Grave and Antique Lace 2017, both of which are just too dang SWEET on me. Tombeur, O, and Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure were also too sweet. I can't pin down what TYPE of sweetness this is, which happens to be the kind I'm avert to. sugary? honey? please halp?? I also recently sampled Fae and liked it's peachy, fruity, goodness, which caught me by surprise. it's definitely not the same kind of sweet aforementioned, but how would one describe these differences in sweet? scents that piqued interest are listed in my signature, under ISO. commentary for what you think would jive/wouldn't, are welcome. Are You Digging On My Grave Snuggly musk, milky puppy breath, upturned earth, and a gently-gnawed bone. Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure Black patchouli, honey, and thick vanilla amber. Antique Lace 2017 Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes. Tombeur Deadly and seductive: vanilla-infused sandalwood, blood musk, antique patchouli, vetiver, lavender, bitter almond, amber, and a trickle of Snake Oil. Fae A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss.
  12. murqmaid

    Sleepytime BPAL

    update: from the suggested, so far i've tried: Morocco, Lola Lee Loo, Halfling, Paladin and Morocco. imo, Morocco and Paladin were the best fit. i didn't think i'd like the arabian spices in Morocco, but now i understand why it's s a fan favorite 😍 Halfling was too nutty for wear, but cute AF. cozy den, flickering hearth, hearty oatmeal before slaying orcs kinda feel.
  13. murqmaid


    received this as a frimp, and wasn't sure what to expect based on the notes. this is definitely not something i would pick out for myself out of the imp: reminds me of powdered soap in elementary schools/truck stops.. also, Gain laundry detergent??? wet: musky and soapy, with a cool, nose-tingling sensation in the front. my brain registered mint, but it's probably the horseradish/wasabi dry: gain with a woody backdrop. there's a floral I can't quite pick out (heliotrope?) that keeps rising. the wasabi moves to the end of the whiff and gives it a nice lift. really strong throw. verdict: not bottle worthy, but i was glad to try something different and new
  14. murqmaid

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I love reading these type of descriptions you guys!!!! @feyofthefellwood Dana is definitely a priority on my wishlist.... I'm trying to be patient with putting an order in, but how long can I wait??? This is definitely turning into a a semi-micro-obsession..... and I'm am enjoying the distraction
  15. murqmaid

    "Frosted" scents

    Can someone explain what it means for a scent to be frosted, icy, or frostbitten? Thank you!