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    Le Serpent Qui Danse, Bliss, Dragon's Milk, Mouse Circus, Cheshire Cat - sweet, floral and foodie scents in general! Peaches, tea, apricots, roses and geranium make me swoon.

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  1. viscosefiddle

    Nibble Nibble Gnaw

    I was hoping this was going to be cakes, kennel corn, delicious chocolate and a sugar shack party. Unfortunately, all I get straight out of the bottle, to initial application and even drydown is straight up BOOZE. Like, Holy Mother of Rum. Jack Sparrow would be all over this if he smelled it. From the bottle to initial application this is sharp, sharp rum on me. Like someone opened a bottle and cranked it under my nose. I kept sneezing, and wanted to give it a shot. One hour later: The rum has... Somewhat mellow out? It's still center stage and noticeable, but the nuts, cakes and chocolates are starting to peek out. Sadly, this mix with the rum just makes it smell sour on my skin. The initial sniff on my wrist is sweet rum but something smells "off". A second later, the aftertaste is sour and I cannot find myself enjoying this scent at all. Selling my bottle, sadly.
  2. viscosefiddle

    Resin Cast Meat Skull

    Oozing with red currant jelly, spiked with crunchy lumps of meringue, and discharge from sweet cream cheese pustules. Got a chance to sniff this at the Midsummer Scream event, and while I initially didn't think this was going to work... It totally did. This is ALL sweet/foody on my skin. From the bottle: Red fruit - strawberry, almost? And sharpness. Somewhat cough-syrupy, but Hell, I'll take a shot. Initial Application: Strawberry cheesecake. This almost smells like a Beaver, but the sweetness of red currant is what makes it different. It has that cream/cheesecake-yness that I associate heavily with Beavers so that's taking center stage. My nose is constantly registering this as strawberry for some weird reason even though it's not. It's pleasant, and very very sweet. 30 Minutes Later: ....I can't believe I'm saying this, but, Strawberry Suf.. Is that you? It's warmed up A LOT and this is all bakery goodness with red fruit jelly. The warmness of the fruit is what reminds me so much of SS but it still retains that "cream cheese" Beaverness to it. The best way I can describe this is if SS and Beaver had a baby.
  3. viscosefiddle

    Where do I go from here?

    I'd definitely say you like the softer florals and a mix of citrus and heavier notes (musk, incense, resins). Have you tried boozy scents? I'd go with Bon Vivant or Bordello; they're sweet and not too foody, but (on me anyway) they smells like incense and fruit.
  4. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    You guys... You GUYS. There is so much awesomeness here.
  5. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    This is such an awesome list - I'm definitely going to check out what I can at Dark Delicacies and the rest shall be a scavenger hunt!
  6. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    Oh lord... Oh LORD. The hunt begins now for Cake Smash, Unicorns and Unheavenly cities.
  7. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    Oh my goodness! I never looked up Boo until now and it sounds like it would smell so delicious!
  8. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    But that's what makes it so fun! Haha, thank you again for your recs!
  9. viscosefiddle

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    Ouuu!! I have tried Strawberry Moon and recently got a bottle of it It's so lovely! I'll definitely check the other ones!
  10. Heya everyone! So after much sniffing and testing, I've begun to get a better 'feel' for what notes/scents I like. But being fairly new, I'm still wadding through the beautiful madness that is BPAL. I've got a few hardcore favorites but I'm always looking to expand! So I wanted to pitch some of my favorite notes/scents as well as some notes/scents I don't like and see how bad the habit can get with your recommendations! Muwhaha! Scents/Notes I love: NOTES: Peaches, apricots, sweet sugary vanilla, sugars, sugary honey, sweet or light roses, lavender, violets, gardenia, sweet cream, sweet milk, coconuts, marshmallows, sweet incense. Anything sweet/fluffy/floral/foody SCENTS: Dragon's Milk, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Cheshire Cat, Bliss, Mouse Circus (Coraline), Strawberry Sufganiyot, Beaver Moon 2007 and 2010, Madame Tracy, Marie, London, Katherina, Aristocratic Couple, Mare Nectaris, Terra Vigors, Ivory Vulva, Youth's Disengagement, Josie (The District), A Rosy Colour Paints Her Claws, Roses Pearls and Diamons. And then there are scents that don't fit my usual descriptions but worked really well! Like Drink Me, Black Lotus, Morocco and Anesthesia. Scents/Notes I don't like or don't mix well with me: NOTES: Patchouli, heavy musk, smoke, fire, leather, spices, woods, dirt, super 'green' floral scents, overly 'tangy' or 'bubbly' scents: for example, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat smells like Sprite on me. Overly "dark" scents or heavy/dark incense. SCENTS: Old Demons of the First Class, Zombi, Bayou, O (I know, know! It just doesn't mix well with me), Splatter Comedy, B-Horror, Vice, Perversion, Signor Dildo, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat, Pleasant Embrace, Snow White, Two Five and Seven, #20 Love Oil, Eat Me, New Orleans, The Lady of Shalott, Mata Hari, Love Me, Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba. Phew! Okay! That was a HUGE description! But thanks for reading everyone!