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  1. Nepenthe

    Warrior Unicorn Florals

    Maybe Deadly Nightshade Honey. It has a lovely, but sort of darkened floral note mixed with honey. I don't know if it's quite the right mood, but I love Titania, and I love Deadly Nightshade Honey when I want something with a bit of an edge to it.
  2. Nepenthe

    Luna Sanguinem

    A scent of dreams and portents, strange omens, and palpable mystery. The blood moon passing through the earth’s shadow: mugwort, moonwort, and black lotus reddened by pimento, smoked carnation, red musk, and red rose petals, all shadowed by tobacco absolute, bourbon vanilla, Peru balsam, leather accord, and myrrh. In the bottle: There is a musty herbal smell that overshadows the other notes. I think that must be the mugwort, it reminds me very much of the musty note in Winter Stars. Underneath, I can just make out a heady floral, but nothing I could identify. On skin: The mustiness fades almost immediately. It turns into something akin to rose incense, unlit and with a hint of something spicy. I get the impression of very red, very hot and very dry. (It doesn't seem like a head shop sort of incense at all, it is more familiar and feminine.) If I put my nose to my wrist I can make out tobacco and something vanilla. It is a bit like the Antikythera Mechanism, but instead of golden and oiled, it is red and scorched. It is a surprising smell, and I think giving a little resting time (I tried this just a few hours out of the mail box) might bring out more depth.
  3. Nepenthe

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I'd love to find a scent similar to L'Artisan's La Chasse aux Papillons, I'm not very good at identifying notes, but it's listed as tuberose, orange blossom and spice. I love that it smells very natural on me, more like a big bouquet of spring flowers than a perfume, but for me, the scent just vanishes in half an hour or so. Any tips would be totally welcomed! Thanks much!