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  1. inhumation

    Elf v4

    I was generously gifted with a tester of Elf v4. I'm pleased to report that it is good, but not good enough to become a holy grail for me. I get the same perfumey vanilla note that I get in Ava.
  2. inhumation

    Blueberry Picking

    This is one of my favorites. such a fresh and happy scent! I get lemon verbena and grassy flowers, with maybe the slightest tinge of lavender and blueberries. very beautiful and complex.
  3. inhumation

    Single Note: Stage Blood

    I don't get any cherry candy or dragon's blood at first... it is overwhelmingly, nauseatingly blood on me for ages (very similar to what I got in blood popsicle, minus the "chilly" aspect). I do eventually get a hint of cherry, but it's fleeting. sad.
  4. inhumation

    Some Strangeness in the Proportion

    this has the same vibe on me as two of my absolute favorite bpals, vasilissa and mouse's long and sad tale, except with a touch of bubblegum-ish sweetness from the pink pepper. I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle of this!
  5. inhumation

    The Unsteady Governess

    I don't really get violet leaf, but straight-up crisp and astringent white tea.
  6. inhumation


    this smells like orange blossom honey in the imp. On skin, it's orange blossom honey with a touch of saffron. it reminds me of Imaginer, but without the peppery kick. It's a fairly simple, cozy scent.
  7. inhumation

    Braving the Ice

    this didn't work for me at all, I get really overwhelming stinky, buttery cookies. it's the same fake buttery vanilla note in detestable putrescence, which also didn't work for me. no mint, no pom.
  8. inhumation

    Little Flora

    Like almost everyone else, I don't know what peonies smell like. Little Flora smells like a light floral mixed with cream, just like the description. It is a strangely dry scent, with no sweetness to it at all. definitely not foody. this one would probably be really nice layered with a sweet note.
  9. inhumation


    Ah, nicely aged! sharp berry wine and myrrh at first which dries down to a subtle cake note. Quite lovely.
  10. inhumation

    Halloween: Montreal

    This smells like the artificial perfume of the potpourri and candles section of places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond when they start stocking up on autumnal themed stuff. Pass.
  11. inhumation

    Peach II

    this one was pretty straight-forward: effervescent, fizzy orange soda!
  12. inhumation

    Visions of Autumn III

    I was a little worried about this one since honey usually goes to powder on my skin. I didn't have a problem with the honey at all, but rather the perfume was practically non-existent for me. I get a vague whiff of sweetness and patchouli, and that's it. Off to swaps.
  13. inhumation


    callidora was really strong - the husband complained that he could smell me across the room, and that I smelled like "squashed fleas" (!). to my nose, callidora smelled like aperotos eros + something dark and stinky, perhaps the cacao. it was not bad, but not an everyday kinda scent.
  14. inhumation

    High John the Conqueror

    it smells like cherries when wet and then dries to a soft dragon's blood. I like both so this one was a win for me!
  15. inhumation

    Dana O'Shee

    I had the same experience as aviatrix did - smelled quite sweet and beautiful in the imp, but is practically non-existent on my skin.