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    Scherhezade, Bordello, CP: Crimson, Between Your Heart & Mine, OLLA Our hearts condemn us, Sons of Buri, Wolf Moon, She Crushes for Dead Men Deadly Wine, Blood Sangria, Road to Versailles at Louviecennes. Devil's Night '16, A Dusty Shroud, The Manuscript, Black Heart, La Mort (pickman), Library of John Dee, Love (pickman), Seminaris, Blood Moon FLE, Spinning on Graves, the HM CemeteriesLove: Pom & Incense, Woods, Berries, Wine, Cognac, Rose (but picky - not the powdery kind), Florals that aren't white flowers, hemlock, greenery (but like it with berries), Myrrh, Frankincense Avoid: jasmine, tuberose, lily, nuts, chocolate, most foodie scents, tobacco, honey, violet, rose the powdery old ladyDN: Rose Geranium, Vetiver (okay if integrated), anything with bread or cake

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  1. JMorgynWhite

    Triest Wilg

    First notes are ripe stone fruit and sweet then the powdery amber comes out and I guess the myrrh, there's a back drop of a really light floral and sweetness and that all dries down to this gorgeous musk that almost has a brittle white /light vanilla aspect I can't stop huffing my wrists. There is so much complexity here. I do love red musk but this isn't a classic red musk and has none of the bitterness that I was expecting. Seriously gorgeous and I think very elegant.
  2. JMorgynWhite

    Nautical Twilight

    Without looking at the notes: Nautical has an elegant purple flower element with some powder like violet powder? I don’t normally like violets but it has wisteria or lilac that captures my heart. Okay I looked at the notes. It's lilac and I love lilac and this really does it for me. The dry down brings out this wonderful complex dark stuff in the notes turning it very elegant.
  3. JMorgynWhite

    Civil Twilight

    Civil is bright and peachy on me Light and fresh like biting into a sweet nectarine maybe a bit of citrus underlying. The citrus is really close to the skin. The whole flower peach settles into this glorious thing. It's gorgeous and I'm in love.
  4. JMorgynWhite

    For the Love of God, Poetricia

    On me it's brighter and more strawberry raspberry currant than the rich wine I was hoping for. Sweet and light like strawberry candy. Pleasant but I did not get wine out of it. Totally wearable and if you love strawberry candy this is a light wearable version.
  5. JMorgynWhite

    Dark Lace

    I know it's bad right out of the mail but figured there'd be interest in first impressions. Dark is old house wood dark rich tobacco and mildew with some dirt but powdery a bit boozy- very complex. I love the complexity it seems like even a whisper of leather in the dry down. I don't get any of the vanilla cream but I have to say the dry down is gorgeous in that complexity. Another beautiful lace which I will be reaching for.
  6. JMorgynWhite

    Silver Lace

    I know it's bad right out of the mail but figured there'd be interest in first impressions. Silver Lace is glorious. Stars out skin musky and light green grass vaguely like dandelions and concrete? Wet Reminds me of one of the cemeteries and dry down is maybe is one of the unicorns - like deVos or allegory of chastity with that sheer vanilla. I reapplied when I got home but the stay power was really good. Keep huffing it.
  7. JMorgynWhite


    It's way more subtle than I expected from the description. Wet down it has red/patch with a hint of rose. Dry that all goes to a more elegant but slightly soured wine mixed with vanilla and the peony. Not sure I need a whole bottle but I'm tempted because I think this will age well.
  8. JMorgynWhite

    Shipwreck Graveyard

    Wowza. I'm not sure I love the wet wood of the wet down but the dry has me swooning. The wet down had me worried it was going to be hard wood all through but on my skin the dry is a deep woody musk that has me huffing my wrist.
  9. JMorgynWhite


    Wet down on me this is an artisanal grape soda but dry it settles into something more complex. I keep trying to figure it out. I forget about it and then get a whiff and it lifts me spirits. That in itself makes me want more of it. the dry dry down has that whisper of musk and cashmere close to the skin. I'm a wine and red fruit lover so I this needs to be in the rotation.
  10. JMorgynWhite


    Wow this one is really a surprise. I am not a big amber lover but the dry down is a powdery musk which is making me want a bottle. The leather is brown and really subtle. Gorgeous.
  11. JMorgynWhite

    Shadow Lace

    Its's a few days out of the mail now. In the bottle it's a cologne-dark-fruit with a bit of booze. Wet down it has a sort of an expensive perfume powdery element which makes me think of white musk with some ethereal incense and a hint of plum. I am not getting tobacco on its own but knowing it in other laces I can see that its there but I have to look for it. Dry it's faintly plum powder. The effect is super-elegant and sophisticated. To me it's one of the incredibly complex scents that reminds me of department store perfume I would go for. I adore it.
  12. JMorgynWhite

    The Earth Mother

    This one reminds me of a graveyard style scent on dry-down. It has all the forest/grass elements with a gorgeous dirt note - which I agree is dry - I want to say baked clay. The wet is almost boozy on me and masculine, but the dry down has the wondrous dirt with the pitch/pine that lingers.
  13. JMorgynWhite

    The Stream and the Waterfall

    I'm insane about this one. Reminds me of Beneath the Kotatsu- which it doesn't resemble but I think it's because it's def Shunga-like. I'd say peach and pencil shavings on wet then this amazing delicate creamy floral/fruit thing with the cedar on dry which makes it amazing. It's really subtle and ends up close to the skin which is why I think it reminds me of Kotatsu.
  14. JMorgynWhite

    Diabolical Fantasia

    I'm trying it tonight and I can't stop sniffing myself. It's a sophisticate. A hit of the bitter orange on my skin but the other notes all integrate and are darn amazing the smoke and the musk marry the tobacco - I generally don't like tobacco but it's a like a suggestion of it. The musk comes out on dry down. The orange is rindy and really works. It's gorgeous but the throw is short. Definitely going to need a wand cap or a lotion layer.
  15. JMorgynWhite

    Calumet 412

    Out of decant I get all of those notes together except for the aftershave - it stands out as faintly lavender lingering. I love oriental style perfume and I wouldn't say it's strongly that, it has a hint of it and the oak and bay rum. Wed down it has a slightly sour -not sure how its going to end up element. As it dries it morphs on me and the woods come up through the cologne. What is utterly entrancing me is what's left behind on the dry down. It's that sheer vanilla powder I hold so dear and I can't stop huffing my arm.