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  1. greeneyedgirl

    Delight in Disorder

    Holy moly. It's as if Smut and Vice got down and dirty, and this is their love child. I'm digging it.
  2. greeneyedgirl


    Fig has always reminded me of sweetened iced tea. Makes a very sexy skin scent, definitely a winner for me!
  3. greeneyedgirl


    I love vanilla florals and Ava did not disappoint. Vanilla & tuberose are out front and I can barely detect the mandarin and almond, but they're there. Gorgeous blend!
  4. greeneyedgirl

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Moldy soil smell would definitely describe it!! Yes if you have Druid and test the mystery oil with it please report back
  5. greeneyedgirl

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Ah ha! Mystery solved!! Thanks
  6. greeneyedgirl

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I have three imps of Bordello – two I got fresh from the lab (one I ordered, one was frimped) and one from a forumite. I got the lab fresh ones first about two weeks ago. Expecting it to smell like plum, amaretto, wine and currants, I was flabbergasted when I sniffed my imp and got spinach. A very green, earthy spinach. Both imps smelled exactly like this. Having just gotten back into BPAL and not having a sophisticated sniffer, I knew I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and doing a skin test would be the way to judge. Still green, leafy vegetable. I've done this a couple times now, so I know it's not a cycle issue. I've rolled the imp, also, to see if that would make a difference. Still spinach. Fast forward to this past weekend when I received another imp of Bordello from a generous forumite here. I noticed that the oil in her Bordello imp was clear, and the lab ones had a golden tinge. Decided to give it a sniff and lo and behold - I got a wine, berry-purple smell! What I had always thought Bordello would smell like! Not only that, but it smelled familiar. It smelled like the frimp of Druid I received with my order a few weeks ago. The same order where I got the green-smelling Bordellos… Is it possible that the Bordello imps were mislabeled and they are actually Druid?! I’ve sniffed both the forum-acquired Bordello and Druid side by side and they are kind of similar. Or do these scents smell similar? I read the Druid reviews and it's supposed to smell very green so I feel this may be what happened. Wanted to see if anyone received these two recently.
  7. greeneyedgirl

    #20 Love Oil

    Imp: yes, that's potent alright. Heavy floral, really don't think this will work on me but I'm going to try it anyway. Wet on my skin it's pointy florals, my skin amps it a ton and it isn't pleasant. This love formula did not love me.
  8. greeneyedgirl


    Imp: herbal berries and green tea - fresh and pretty! Wet: tea is definitely the dominant note, as it dries the berries take over. The herbal sage and green tea blend perfectly with the tart berries. I like it a lot, though the scent doesn't last long on my skin.
  9. greeneyedgirl


    Imp and wet: really heavy floral. I don't get any blackberry, even when it dries down. The heather I've smelled before is lighter and greener, this is very perfumey and fragrant, but not in a good way. Just not for me, washed it off.
  10. greeneyedgirl


    Imp and wet: Vaporub. As it dries down on my skin, the grape and rosemary come out more. It gets sweeter but the mint is way too overwhelming unfortunately.
  11. greeneyedgirl


    Vial: amber, is that cedar? Wet: Sweet wood. Reminds me of being out at my dad's house, he has a guest cabin and this is exactly what it smelled like. I can smell the warmth and wish I could be there right now. This is so comforting due to the memory it brings out. Liquid summertime.
  12. greeneyedgirl


    I was very curious on what BPAL's milk chocolate note smelled like so I bought this from a seller here. In the imp and wet: hot cocoa powder. It really is as if I just opened a packet of hot cocoa and dipped my nose in it. It stays very rich and milky. Bliss is not something I would wear out, but definitely a scent I would put on for a night in at home.
  13. greeneyedgirl


    I got this as a frimp fresh from the lab. Vial: sweet but spicy Wet: reminds me of cinnamon red hots, very powerful. As it dries down the scent softens and the rose comes out. I usually do not like/ can't wear rose and my skin tends to amp it a ton, but this is the only rose scent I've tried so far that isn't INYOURFACE rose. After a few hours I get the milk and honey with a slight trace of the florals. It wears very light. I can't see myself ever getting a bottle but I'll keep the imp and see how it ages.
  14. greeneyedgirl


    Vial: Golden amber. It isn't dark on me, it's bright and sunny. The amber is perfect. Dry down: it's getting a soapy feel to it, almost citrusy in addition to the soapiness. Dry, I am pleased as punch it didn't go powdery. Most ambers I have tried go full on powder after a while but this one doesn't. WIN!
  15. greeneyedgirl

    Hollywood Babylon

    Hollywood Babylon has been on my wishlist forever, I finally ordered an imp with my last order. In the vial and wet I get cherry cough medicine, but it's much better once it dries a little. It's very sweet but the amber helps to make it not cloyingly so. Later on I can detect the vanilla and the red musk comes out but the black cherry stays out front. Definitely need a bottle.