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    I'm a little all over the place, but I love anything with ginger, pumpkin, dragon's blood, or bourbon vanilla in it, as well as most things with narcissus (which surprises me to no end). Ooky, Smut, OLLA-Ava, Jack, Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chevre, Gingerbread anything, Shub-Niggurath, Sugar Cookie 2012, (hubby: Jolly Roger (omg, Jolly Roger!), Egg Nog, Red Lantern, Bliss, Neutral, Parsifal, Biggercritter, Dragon's Milk/Tears/Blood,etc. - and most things with vanilla or amber, and I'm having a lot of fun layering things - usually with Gingerbread Snake to give me some ginger, although I dearly with I could get a bottle of Mother Ginger for its bright, sweet gingery-ness! Other notes I love are carnation, pear, pumpkin, fig, currants, if they're buried, opopponax, tonka, musks.... I absolutely cannot wear the lab's verbena, and their jasmine or gardenia as a dominant note is also a no-no. Their almond is also iffy as it goes awfully sharp. Patchouli and I don't often get along either, but if it's buried enough I can pull it off, though I think that's the note that turns to pure incense and I really can't stand that. I don't like scents that smell like something is burning or was on fire at some point, and the ozone note makes my nosehairs curl! Mint is not my favorite thing either. Anything that evokes cold, I guess, is not my thing. My skin turns things spicy, so the way it turns those notes spicy is not something anyone should ever smell. This may be a no-no, but my favorite non-BPAL I can never be without is Coco Chanel parfum - the older, good version. Not the faux-Coco they're putting out now. I used to have strangers crossing rooms to ask me what I wore after I passed by them - with the old version. Alas!

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    I never know where to start with these things - sci-fi like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, X-Files, Fringe, and whatever the Marvel movies fall into. I love make up way more than I ever should - it's probably my greatest vice, especially duochrome anything. I'm super pale, so it's hard to find foundation over the counter, so I love indie mineral companies (Aromaleigh especially!) because they're the only ones that offer non-bismuth pale foundations. Ummm, hm. I love to make jewelry making Swarovski beads and sterling silver, and I enjoy bead weaving, but it's very time consuming and tedious, so I don't do much of it, though I might try a pay it forward on here... sometime? I believe in ghosts, having been witness to some seriously weird stuff myself, but I really super hate watching scary movies! That said, some of my fave books to read are zombie ones, and I love The Walking Dead with all of me, but then I could watch Michonne and her sword stand in a field and stare at grass and just bask in her badassness for a few hours and be happy. MORE STRONG, BUT CARING, FEMALE CHARACTERS IN MEDIA, PLSKTHX. I swear if they kill her off that's it for me and that show... did I digress? I think I did. Very happily married for 19 years and we are childfree by choice, except for our precious furbaby kitty, Fintan.
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