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  1. vampkat

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

  2. OMG...worst fear ever..I LOVE my chaos blend, yet I have NO idea what is in it. It's DIVINE though. CC1X I wish they made more than one bottle..I would hunt this down like nobody's business.
  3. vampkat

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    That's SUCH a cute bottle!!! I want one!!!
  4. vampkat

    The Blood Garden

    This is *MY* scent. I need 10-20 bottles. On me it's clove and dragon's blood and dark sexy sweetness. I don't know how it works out so nicely, but it's PERFECT. If anyone has any unloved bottles, feel free to shoot them my way!! lol
  5. vampkat


    This is such a beautiful flowery soft scent on me. I didn't think i was going to love this as much as I do, but I see I am definitely going to need a second bottle of this before it goes off. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist when I had this on yesterday.l
  6. vampkat

    search engine stuff

    Funeral Oils are listed under Ars Moriendi. Just scroll down and you'll find Sheol. Well, I found it in the end, but for people who are new (like me) it's pretty hard to navigate the site when you don't know some of the pages names have changed, there are sections IN the sections, etc. Clicking on the link does no good for finding and/or adding the oil to your cart. (which I only use for paypal anyways, but it's easier to use to keep prices and such straight) Maybe This could go under suggestions for the site?
  7. vampkat

    search engine stuff

    Is there any ways the section AND the "title" of the area can be listed with the search engine results? Of maybe make the section a link? I just searched all over the site for sheol, because I couldn't find funeral oils, and the links only take you to the forum review site, not the page the oils are on.
  8. vampkat


    Wet: Hmm..I have no idea what is jumping out at me, bjut it's being held back by the patchouli Dry down: ICK My nose is being assaulted by patchouli Dry: GET IT OFF!! ZERO
  9. vampkat

    White Rabbit

    Wet: Wow...I'm definitely getting the black tea and pepper. Dry down: Oh wow. the ginger is making a cameo now. This is a major morpher on me. Dry: Hmmm...this one is now all tea and sweet ginger. It's pretty darn yummy! 7 out of 10
  10. vampkat

    High John the Conqueror

    Wet: Wow..grapes! *tries not to chew on hand* Dry down: o...something else in coming through with the grapes. Not sure what, but so far this is yummy. Dry: OK, the grapes are still there, and it makes this smell just like grape hard candies. I'll give this one a go on days I need a pick-me-up and see if it works. 5 out of 10
  11. vampkat

    Black Phoenix

    Wet: Oh wow. i have no idea what is in this, but it's pretty and strong. Dry down: The strong note (maybe a dark cherry?) has taken over It's very....THERE. Dry: Ok, This is a fabulous scent. It's like really dark fruit, with something else thrown in. I have GOT to get a bottle of this! 9 out of 10
  12. vampkat


    Wet: Ohhh! This IS a very clean scent. Dry down: um...same. Dry: ok so honestly, I have no way to describe this..lol. it's clean, fresh, soft and gentle. I am really loving this. It reminds me of a fresh spring morning when you just HAVE to put the landry on a line to try to catch that sunshine. 9 out of 10
  13. vampkat

    Lady Una

    Wet: I'm smelling the leaves and some spices Dry Down: Oooo, something sweet is coming out, maybe the honey? Dry:OK! Everything mixed together VERY nicely. The spices and leaves and honey and all are there, but there doesn't seem to be any fighting among them. I really like this! 7 out of 10
  14. vampkat


    Wet: I'm getting apricot and orange, and it is sharp! Dry down: the orange is coming out more. Blue Sad I wish I liked orange more then i do. Dry: Ok, the apricot came back out. it's a toss up. I dunno...it smells alot like citrus cleaning supplies on me. My kitchen smelled much like this when I used the new citrus mr. clean eraser. pooness. Blue Sad 3 out of 10
  15. vampkat

    Dana O'Shee

    Wet: OMG I love this. The milk and honey are jumping out. the grains do add another scent, and it's all just FABULOUS. Dry down: wow, this one is growing faint, but it's the same as it was wet. Dry: oh no! where did it go? I have to put my nose right to my wrist to smell this one, but if I can make it work in a scent locket this is DEFINITELY bottle worthy. 9 out of 10(for lack of throw)