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  1. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hmmm .. this is not really what I was looking for. I was looking for a recommendation for pure Egyptian Musk, not neccesarily from BPAL. I bought Shining beak of pure horn last year because it had Egyptian Musk in it... but it was to toned down on the musk for me. I searched on the Labs site directly, but couldn't find anything that resembled "my" Egyptian Musk. I have been searching the web the last few days and there seem to be as many Egyptian Musks as there are seller O.o I guess I have to trial-and-error from different sellers
  2. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hello everyone hmm ... how to begin ? I bought a bottle of Egyptian Musk on ebay, which was .. approx 10 years .. ago. I loved this Musk. It was perfection ... and much different to most BPAL I owned, so this was great for when I felt like a lighter scent that day. So now I finally used all the Egyptian Musk I had - and I don't remember the seller ( although her handle on ebay was Arwens-Abendstern ) She sold me a 50ml , in an unmarked glass roller ball bottle. I am not sure if she ever told me where that EM was from. And most of all it really pains me .. *THE* Holy Grail scent ( next to quite a few of my BPALs) is GONE. Now I was wondering - has there ever been a Single Note Egyptian Musk BPAL ? Do you have any suggestions for a Egyptian Musk for me ? The one I had was floral without being flower-y , strong but never overwhelming. I *think* there was Sandlewood and a mellow musk note that clung to me for DAYS ... even without applying every single day. I have tried Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk, and even though this is nice, it is not what I was looking for ... So ... any ideas ? All the best Lucy
  3. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Snake Pit recs

    I LOVE Cottonmouth ! Its very floral and airy, with just the right *OOOMPH* from the Snake oil. Also - Boomslang !! <3 I normally don't do chocolate, but this feels more like a warm cake- y blanket to snuggle up with Really really hoping that the Snake Pit will be back soon *fringers crossed* I need to stock up on cottonmouth and Boomslang
  4. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    A Shining Beak of Pure Horn

    Wow. Just wow. I ordered this purely for the Egyptian Musk ... but BOY .. A few years ago I bought 1 Liter ( ! ) of a TERRIFIC Egyptian Musk in Egypt on a street market, and sadly this is running low now... I have tried about 50 different Egyptian Musks, but I was always disappointed, because none of them could come anywhere near the stuff I bought from that vendor in Egypt. Shining Beak starts out very clean and green, with a soft flowery base .. I am not good at picking out notes, but this smells overall like Spring to me. As it dries, it becomes more sophisticated - the young, springy scent calms down and mellows into something incredibly grown up .. its Sandalwood, but old, carved and lovingly kept sandalwood, like a kind of box that my Grandmother kept her wedding jewelry in. It is creamy without being foody, crisp without being dry and musky without MUSK ZOMG IN YOUR FACE. The Egyptian Musk plays beautifully - it is soft and a little powdery and it reminds me of ... something ... I can´t put my finger on it, though. This scent is just beautiful. I think it will age into pure glory. A little goes a looooong way ( on me ) too ... I applied 2 drops via glas wand this morning and it is still there .. like a "yourself,but better " scent , clean skin , warmed by sun ... but the sun at dawn, not in the morning. Am I making sense ? Well ... if not - SEE WHAT ITS DONE TO ME ?? Definitely a keeper ! Get it while you can ... its amazing.
  5. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Gingerbread Snake

    Oh my ... I had high hopes for you, Gingerbread Snake ... :/ I bought this last year and I LOVED it in the bottle. I only tested it once but it was very harsh and bitter on me - liked burned cookies and smoke. So I tuked it away in my wooden BPAL cabinet and let it age. I re-tested it last week ... still no luck It was harsh and artificial, the burned notes and something really plastic- y that I never experienced with any other Snake Oil variety before. I wear Snake Oil in the Pumpkin Patch a lot, also plain ol' Snake Oil .. and to this day, they have always been pure sultry goodness on me. Alas ... I will let my Gingerbread Snakes go ... off to a new and better home
  6. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Best BPALs for SUMMER - is it hot, sweltering, sticky outside?

    Snake Oil ... definitely !!
  7. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    can anyone help me find the sexiest animalistic musk?!

    I second Hunter Moon. I prefer HM04 by FAR to HM07, but 04 should be almost impossible to get due to its rareness after all these years - its raw and untamed, with a bit of smoke,dark red wine and IMO something that could be blood+animal musk. Its my all-time-holy-grail scent. Also I would recommend Ivanushka If Bambi had a scent, Ivanushka would be it. Not very sweet tho, but definitely fur and animal musk. Chimera would be a good one too, but it needs quite a bit of age to it.
  8. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    White and "Light" Musk Recommendations

    I´d recommend White Phoenix - its pure White Musk on me. Not sure how hard this one is to track down. And also Numb ( which could be hard to find,since it was released 2005 ) - its white musk with violets.
  9. lucyintheSkywithDemons


    I won a partial bottle of this on ebay. Actually I only bought it to complete my Seamus statue with it.. In the bottle it is - indeed - dark and fruity. I love the patchouli in this, its kinda heady and beautifully aged. The plum starts out sugared but calms down very fast to leave me with something vaguely spicy-sweet smelling. All in all I really like this and I am so happy I finally got my statue completed. Hellion V2 proto: I won this on ebay too - but Hellion and V2 are VERY different to my nose. On skin V2 smells more like Hunter Moon 2004 to me - its fruity and musky, untamed and wild. It smells more like an old bordeaux wine, dark red and almost sirup-y, but not sweet. Rather thick and *I know it sounds strange* its texture feels like blood. I love both versions, but to me V2 is the more wearable one - Hellion is for worshiping...
  10. lucyintheSkywithDemons


    Oh Numb - how I love thee... When I got my first bottle of Numb in 2005 it was instant love. Since then I made it through 3 bottles - and I still own another 3... To me, Numb is the perfect white musk + violet - scent. Its simple and pure, yet not chilly at all to my nose. It has some strong similarity to Estee Lauders "White Linen", without the strong alcohol-and old lady-vibe of WL. It stays pretty true on skin and it lasts all day on me. I will cry when I finish my last bottle.
  11. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Pink Snowballs

    I love Snow White , but sadly we don´t get along AT ALL. Same with Pink Snowballs...*sigh*... once applied it turns into cat pee right away. I really wonder which note that is, because only Snow White ( no matter what year.. ) does that on me. Oh Snow White - I love you so much, why must you betray me over and over again ? Of to swap you go, Pinky Snowball..
  12. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Hunter Moon 2004

    This is - by far - my most loved and cherished BPAL EVER! I can´t believe I never reviewed it before.. ? I love Hunter Moon 2004. Unfortunately it does not last long on me - but for the time that it does, it makes me feel wild and untamed and almost a little drunk. There is this dark red wine, with an almost sirup-y ( but not sweet ) feel to it, wood, dry leafs and ... fangs. I loved to read " Elfquest" and this blend captures Cutter, Skywise, Amber and all the others like no scent I have ever smelled before. I am so glad I got 3 bottles of this jewel in a bottle. It started my love for BPAL years ago, along with Ice Queen - and I suppose this love will never end...*le sigh* For those of you who might not get the chance to try this gorgeous blend, I recommend Lampades as a very close and very good replacement. It has the same depth and this "red" vibe to it as HM04 has. I know that Lampades has cranberry in it, so I suppose there are cranberries in HM04 too.. no matter what, this will be my all time favorite. :love:
  13. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    All about plum!

    Second Prunella - its gorgeous! If you like plum, you will love her!
  14. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Hay Moon

    Love it ! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hay Moon is one of my all time favorite BPAL. On me, its sun-warmed fresh mown grass and sun-dried hay in a light summer breeze... its wonderfull, golden and absolutely perfect. I addicted my best friend with this one... She is from Iraq and her skin is a bit darker then mine - when we both wear Hay Moon, mine is warm grass and golden hay and on her skin it turns into a "sexy as hell all afternoon sex in a haybarn" - sort of scent... the difference is amazing and glorious! I never noticed SUCH significant differences in one scent - its amazing. We both adore "our own" Hay Moon...
  15. lucyintheSkywithDemons

    Banana Peel in a Graveyard

    This one is amazing. When it showed up in the GC I was fascinated and had to order a bottle - and I am not disappointed! Strange thing - first opened, it smelled strongly of sweet banana ( me loves me the smell of banananana ...*nom* ) I closed the bottle again and handed it over to my boy - and all we could smell this time was Graveyard Dirt - PURE GD, nothing else. We tried this several times - and everytime the same thing.. either GD or banana. On : this must be the longest lasting oil EVER. I put it on yesterday at noon, just to give it a skin test .. and I can still smell it now, after a shower and 12 hours of sleep.. its amazing. Kind of a dusty-sweet fruity dirt , not quite patchouli-like, as I don´t get any patchouli out of this. Its a gentle " memento mori" scent, if that makes sense... ( propably not, but that just came to mind..) I´m glad I got a bottle. I don´t think I will wear this often, but it is a real scent-sation, so to speak... Rating 5/5