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  1. macabre_fae

    Vampire Red Hair Gloss

    Dang. BPTP is on a roll with it this year. This is lovely! Vampire Red is a really sexy musky scent. It's sweet, warm, and enveloping. The red musk smells really similar to the musk in Hollywood Babylon. The only adds a slight sweetness that rounds out all the sexy muskiness going on and just makes it perfect.
  2. macabre_fae

    Lycanthrope Brown Hair Gloss

    Wow, this is beautiful. It reminds me of nuzzling a big fluffy sweater. It smells warm and is a perfect gloss for the colder months especially. The notes that strike me the most are the musk, cacao, and oudh. This to me doesn't smell like a blatant coffee scent, which I am really happy with because personally coffee and chocolate tends to go wonky for me. I don't know how many of you have smelled Burberry Brit Sheer, but the musk reminds me of that fragrance. Only better of course.
  3. macabre_fae

    Unicorn Hunt

    I don't like to leave negative reviews, but this is definitely a swap/sale pile bottle for me. It is totally not what I expected based on the notes in the description. I was hoping for a wine like scent, but instead I get heavy cinnamon and Christmas spices. It reminds me far too much of working at an arts & crafts store at Christmas time, and that is not a memory I want to rehash. I don't get any amber, no red currant, and no grape or mimosa. Just the cassis and maybe vetiver. No wine or sweetness at all. I don't have much to add to that, but I will say my love for The Abduction of Prosperine on a Unicorn makes up for my disappointment with this one.
  4. macabre_fae

    Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn

    Wow this is lovely! I know I say that about pretty much everything, but my husband even likes it and he has a super picky nose. That is saying a lot. I imagine if Elf was mixed with berries and sandalwood, this is exactly what it would smell like. I wouldn't call it foody though. Despite the berry it's not overtly foody -the berry isn't cloying, the sandalwood gives it a nice smooth background, and there's something else going on that smells wintery (which is where I get Elf from). It's absolutely gorgeous and I am going to thoroughly enjoy wearing it, especially in the fall/winter months. It's has a cozy feel to it. 10/10 for me!
  5. macabre_fae

    The Bride

    Oh, this is pretty! It is very feminine and I too agree that it has an aura of delicacy about it. The honey musk takes more of a backseat and lets the magnolia have more of a presence in this blend. The magnolia is subtle and fresh. If you can imagine a field of flowers filled with warm golden light and wispy sprites fluttering about and basking in the glow, that is how this smells. Overall, this is beautiful and a blend I'd pick up on days when I want to feel like an ethereal fair haired fairy frolicking in golden light.
  6. macabre_fae

    The Instructional Manual

    When I first smelled this I got the strong feeling of rememberance for some scent this reminded me of. I finally figured it out! I don't know if anyone is familiar with these perfumes you could get in drugstores called Juicebar. This one in particular smells exactly like Juicebar Cotton Candy perfume. If you haven't smelled it, I realize this doesn't help you so I'll give some more notes on it, I just thought I'd mention that! This smells like really sweet candy with a hint of something sour. I can't really add anything else. I love sweet scents but this one is not my favorite. Off to swaps. :/
  7. macabre_fae

    Adante con Fantasia

    Ungh, this is just beautiful. It's a golden haze of warm honey and musk. This reminds me ever so slightly of the musk in Lady Una which is one of my favorites. Every note in this is just perfectly blended. Just judging by the notes at first, I thought this might be a bit on the masculine side, but I was wrong. It is soft and just radiating warmth and sweetness. I am currently wearing this layered on top of A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites (which is superb btw), but I can see this going well with anything. Love this one!
  8. macabre_fae

    A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites (2016)

    Got my Luper decants today and this has stood out to me the most because it's so yummy! It is all berries and sugar, the vanilla is quite faint but rounds it out very nicely. If you like Bordello or other heavy berry blends you'll probably love this. Will be pursuing a bottle.
  9. macabre_fae

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    I got my bottle of this in the mail today, woooo! Unfortunately I too have a slight cold so I'm not sure how trustworthy my nose is right now, but I feel like I could give a decent review. First off, this is wonderful. The strawberry is enticing and the white musk + orris root are like the white silky sheets underneath. This strongly reminds me of Maenad without the bitterness of the poppy note. I feel this will be popular because it's not overly cloying and not lacking in sweetness, it's just perfect. The TP is winning at Lupercalia.
  10. macabre_fae


    I just found the perfume of my life. I wanted to love Boo as a perfume oil but it didn't smell as creamy and yummy as the hg. As someone has already said, this is everything and more than what I wanted from Boo. It to me smells like creamy vanilla and sugar. I really hope this returns again, or becomes a staple (please Beth? ) because I'm going to need more once my bottles are used up.
  11. macabre_fae

    Peach Pie Bath Oil

    Well I suppose I'm the first to review. I'll start off by saying this stuff is the best! I was expecting foody flaky pie crust and peaches, but it's just glorious peaches. Beautiful, soft and fruity. I am not disappointed and I would stock up on this one because it's just that good. I would also like to add to my review and say that it is a much stronger peach if you use it as a moisturizer. P.S.- The label is also a bit different. The design is gorgeous but the paper doesn't seem to be the usual glossy sort, so don't leave it in the shower/bath (like I did) if you want to keep it from getting damaged.
  12. macabre_fae


    Mm, this is quite nice. On initial application it's very lemony and sweet. The dry down is the best though, it's hazy and soft vanilla with honey. This is definitely my #2 out of the Halloweenie lot this year!
  13. macabre_fae

    Apple IV

    I like this one, but I have smelled others like it before. I don't get green apple, I get a nice juicy red apple but none of the other notes. Like I said, I like it but it's not one I'm really longing for a bottle of.
  14. macabre_fae

    Dead Leaves, Honey, and Oudh

    I'm afraid I'm not on the supporting side of this one either. I definitely smell the dead leaves, but that's all I smell. I was hoping they might be subdued a little with the honey and oudh. Nope.
  15. macabre_fae

    The Witches' Sabbath

    This was surprisingly my favorite blend of the 2015 Halloweenies. For me, it's a smoky rosy wine scent. I was a little afraid that the patchouli would be overwhelming but it is so well blended I don't really notice it. I really love this one and look forward to a bottle.