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    I tend to favor super aggressive scents (but not vetiver). Spices, incense, red or black musk, a certain amount of patch, but also honey, berry type fruits, non-foody vanilla, and occasional booze and chocolate. Black Temple Burlesque Troupe, Cafe Mille Et Un Nuits, Loved To Death, The Phoenix Having Burst Her Shell, and Ivanushka are current LE faves. O, Scherezade, Alice's Evidence, Tis The Voice Of The Lobster, Chimera, and Snake Oil are my current GC faves.

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    I started as a punk in high school, then I was a goth for about five years in my early twenties, then I was nothing for a while - just a regular adult, I guess - and now I've gone back to being a punk again. It's weird, because I made a very definite decision when I got divorced: that I was just going to pick my life right where I'd left it off when I met him, at the age of about nineteen. Now people continually think I'm roughly eleven years younger than I actually am, on a pretty regular basis. That period has been deleted from the time stream.

    I have two cats who are all the male companionship I need. I have definite hoarding tendancies, but try to keep as tight a leash on that as possible. I work 3rd shift at a hospital as a secretary (nothing happens here). I like Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Teen Wolf (god help me), but I'm not so hot on Game of Thrones or Supernatural. I mostly read fantasy and strange fiction novels, I'm stupidly proud to be 1/16th Scottish, and I have a bizarre superstition that the state of my fingernails is the best indicator of my overall health.

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  1. sunqist

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    My two favourite "go with everything" glosses are Departing Like Smoke, and Kill-Devil (I use this with sweeter scents). I would actually think Departing Like Smoke would go nicely, and still let Haloes shine, if you happen to have some of that. I do, and I don't wear it often enough, so I will give that a shot and report back!
  2. sunqist

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    Any suggestions for a hair gloss to go with Haloes? I'm not much of a fan of Bio or Antikythera Mechanism (to the point where I no longer have either), and Black Vanilla and Cardamom should work but cardamom tends to lend everything a deodorant note, sadly. Haloes is one of these that's so perfect on its own that I'm scared to add the wrong thing and spoil it.
  3. sunqist


    Wow, lots of different experiences for this one. I like beeswax, I like strawberries, and hard candy is questionable (sugary notes in general can go really wrong on me). This smells like the hottest strawberry acid I can imagine. I love it. I get none of the smooth mellowness of beeswax, although it probably is doing something in the background. I think the hard candy is doing an interesting "sugar burn" thing. It's not as sweet or foody as I imagined when I ordered it. On me, it's like Hollywood Babylon, but with the red musk replaced by pure aggression.
  4. sunqist

    Dead Leaves, Frankincense, and Copal

    In most of these, the dead leaves start off really green smelling, like they aren't DEAD leaves until the drydown. With this blend they go on much dryer to begin with, much less acrid. That said, on me they tend to disappear into the frank for the drydown. I really only get copal if I huff my wrist super hard. It's there, and I'm sure it's modifying the blend, but mostly I get the frank. I'm enjoying it, but I don't think it's going to be my One True Love dead leaves blend.
  5. sunqist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Well, maybe I can wear Vanilla Fields as a perfume and then SC as a hair gloss. That's probably my best option anyway. I'm really not looking forward to anything involving jasmine or geranium, so hopefully the synthetics in a drugstore perfume will lay flat and just let the other notes take over.
  6. sunqist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Sigh... Vanilla Fields I see this has been asked on here before, but never really answered (except for Celeste from the Post, which is described as a more grown up version. Oh, and Antique Lace, which is to laugh). My gentleman friend has requested that I wear it for him, and although I was a teenager in the 90s, I don't remember that one specifically. I'm sure I could just go down to Walgreens and pick up a bottle for five bucks, but there has got to be a better option. Also, I've seen some chatter on line about how they've reformulated it, so I don't even know how much it would smell like what he remembers. Worse comes to worst I guess I can pick up a vintage bottle somewhere, but I have a little time so it's worth asking.
  7. sunqist

    Chaos Theory VII: Fougere

    #38 - I don't know what the heck is in this, but it's pretty fantastic. I'm not at all familiar with the fougere family of scents, so I don't know what's the base and what's the chaotic overlay, but this certainly smells like a designed perfume. Actually, it's entirely possible that the chaotic notes are too faint to smell, and I'm just getting the fougere base, but that's fine. It lasts a long time, it doesn't morph very much, and the throw is reasonable. I don't know why I'm bothering to review it, because I'm keeping it forever!
  8. sunqist

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    From five bottles of RR hair gloss, I got three that were tall and skinny, and two that were Boston round. The labels were clearly designed for the taller bottles, though.
  9. sunqist

    The Agricultural Building Atmosphere Spray

    Chicago has some of the worst weather in the country, some of the worst violence in the country, and some of the worst politicians in the country. And yet some us love it so. To me, one of the reasons its so magical, despite all the problems, is that if the wind is just right, and it's well after dark, and you're walking around certain parts of downtown or the gold coast with friends on a rare beautiful summer evening, the streets smell like chocolate. This is not that scent. I was hoping it would be, even though it's not presenting itself as such. Just the thought of a Chicago themed chocolate atmosphere gave me hope, though. I'd say Bittersweet Chocolate bath oil is much closer. This is nice, but it is very much milk chocolate, with maybe just a hint of almond at the end. It's rich and beautiful milk chocolate, and I'll most likely use up my decant, but I won't be hoarding it on Etsy or anything. I can just walk around downtown.
  10. sunqist

    Whiskey, Candlesmoke, and Musk Atmosphere Spray

    This doesn't smell exactly like Drambuie, but it smells very similar. Not in a way where it smells like booze, but just in that smokey, sweet, rich way where Drambuie smells like the nectar of the gods. I love this. It's my imaginary boyfriend smell, where I've been spraying it in my hoodies to pretend a boy just finished wearing them. This is the first atmo I've really liked, and I'm considering buying a backup so I can have imaginary boyfriend smell forever.
  11. sunqist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My co-worker who is a nerd and who I nerd out about BPAL to, even though he could not care in the slightest, just confessed to me that he likes Donald Trump's cologne. I immediately found the notes: The fresh mix of basil, citrus, cucumber, green notes and vetiver give this scent an airy coolness that is never overpowering. The smooth aroma of wood adds masculinity, and a touch of mint gives this cologne a crisp and energetic feel. And promised him I'd find a BPAL corollary. Ten seconds of searching has not come up with anything yet. I'm obviously going to keep trying, but if this looks familiar to anyone, let me know! I'm not much for the fresh or minty scents, so even if I started to read a note list like this, my eyes would glaze over before I got to the end.
  12. sunqist

    Krampus' Shadow

    Really? Birch tar is a thing I'm loving now? Something about this is magical, and I'm guessing that since I've seen plenty of musks and plenty of patchouli, birch tar must be that magic ingredient. It smells like I'm wearing a boy's sweater, you know, like a new boyfriend or a crush. I love it on me, but I'm going to have to buy a bottle in case I get a boyfriend, because I would make him wear it all the time. Not the most compelling review, but I have always had a problem with other non-resin wood saps and tars going badly on me, I'm just so excited for this to be as amazing as it is.
  13. sunqist

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I don't think Masabakes was anybody else's favorite discountinued GC, but I recently tried Septemer Midnight and found it not dissimilar. It's not quite as heady and it didn't last as long on me, but it's a very similar myrrh note, and the fruits give it a similar vibe.
  14. sunqist

    Temperature and BPAL

    Welp, I just pulled an envelope of decants out of the mailbox. Five decants and imps of various origins, four were totally normal, one was completely frozen through. Depending on then the mail came, it was probably outside for 2-4 hours, and temperatures were in the teens. The vial did not burst, and it took maybe thirty seconds to melt when I held it in my hand. Totally weird.
  15. sunqist

    The Phoenix, Having Burst Her Shell

    Mmm. This is exactly what I wanted Eastern Comma to be. I found that to be a bit dusty and overwhelmed by the hay, but this is straight up smouldering dark orange. The patchouli really makes the difference for me. I didn't get a ton of amber or musk, but they're definitely there, making themselves known. I do find that the orange disipates after a few hours, leaving a slightly powdery patchouli, with just the barest hint of citrus if you really snuffle it. I think my best course of action would be to get a bottle and and slather it, reapplying throughout the day. That way I can probably use it up before the citrus notes age out. Yes, that is exactly what I will do.