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  1. mmcfa2


    2019 version- very different from the early versions much lighter, Warm and pleasant, but lacks the raw masculine note of past. At this point the patchouli is barely present. May well change as it ages, but I would not have recognized it based on past bottles.
  2. mmcfa2

    The Witch Queen

    Lovely! Softer and more sophisticated than I had imagined. the incense of bien loin d'ici lurks around in here, but is lifted and complimented by spices and plum. If you like Scheherazade,Lampades, morocco, bien loin d'ici and the more spice tinged scents, this one fits right in, but also has a drift of florals not present in the former. It is more sophisticated than any of the former, but carries some of the same notes, and all are merged very well! I am late to the party, but very pleased in my purchase. Lingers for quite a while and releases surprise wafts throughout the day. The red musk is not overpowering at all, but seems to really give it longevity.
  3. mmcfa2

    Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

    Remember a million years ago when victorias secret sold candle wax warmers with a strawberry rose scent? The same one that wafted through the stores? Very much like this! It Is a lemony rose and sugar, and somewhere a strawberry scent arises out of the middle. Very playful and also short lived. In the end it is just a whiff of rose alone. Very girly, and fun, but not a long term coveted scent for me.
  4. mmcfa2

    Body, Remember

    Creamy floral with smooth dark coconut carrying the blossoms. I never get the fruity notes others are talking about. It is very very nice, But it does not linger on my skin for very long.
  5. mmcfa2

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    dark, bitter smoky. Remains bitter throughout, almost a burning rubber smell. I was very disappointed in this one.
  6. mmcfa2


    Dirty, green, bitter, and an underlying sweetness. Very much like digging in the garden! In the end ( about an hour later) It smells as if you brought the flower inside, and left the dirt outside. Lovely scent journey!
  7. mmcfa2

    Midnight Kiss

    This one has aged beautifully! The result is somewhere between Wanda and Bloodlust, minus the cinnamon. I did not like it as much upon purchase, the cocoa made it overpoweringly dark chocolate, but now it is warm and delicious.
  8. mmcfa2

    Womb Furie

    K=Just like the original, welcome and warm. easy, sweet, creamy, just awesome!
  9. mmcfa2

    The Pearl in the Volcano

    I don't like this one as much, at least not fresh. The Myrrh +Vetiver SCREAM on my skin for quite a while before settling down. I will be letting this one age for a while. Too sharp for the moment.
  10. mmcfa2

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    Beeswax, white patchouli, and honey. Smells exactly as you would expect, except the patchouli is lighter than usual and does more to anchor, rather than overpower the scent. I like it, and I like all the ingredients, so this one is easy to wear and enjoy.
  11. White gardenia, oakmoss, champaca blossom, magnolia leaf, vanilla orchid, and tobacco absolute. This is really wonderful! The oakmoss, magnolia, and gardenia give a sophisticated lift to a base of creamy and sweet perfume. The tobacco makes it slightly golden and carries through the whole wearing. The champaca binds the florals together in a swirl. This is probably my very favorite of the whole luper series, and I can wear this for work, on a date, as a comfort scent. It is really really wonderful. My only sadness is that it does not linger into the next morning If you like white hothouse florals, but want to bring them to a more sophisticated level, this is your scent. all of the notes are identifiable, but blend well also. The oakmoss really makes it sparkle, lending substance to the florals that they do not have on their own. Second bottle ordered already of this and Snakes Kiss. Even if you are not generally a fan of florals, this is worth a try!
  12. mmcfa2

    Snake's Kiss

    Amazing from first sniff to finish. If snake oil has to age before you wear it, try this instead. The spices are less present and the playdough smell of new snake oil is completely absent. The trade off is a shorter wear time, about 6 -8 hours in warm weather, and a lower throw, which can be a good thing. Grabbing a second bottle, and maybe a 3rd before May!
  13. mmcfa2

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Very lovely, slightly green on application, as if Lady of shallot ran into Womb furie. I really really like it through all the stages. Final drydown is vague creamy snake oil and stays that way for several hours.
  14. mmcfa2

    Nasty Woman

    aniversary review after aging, DRY! very dry patchouli and fig. It is odd to call Fig dry, but it is in this blend after aging. I get little vanilla, but I do get bourbon still. would be worth trying with a dab of vintage snake oil! You guys don't EVEN want to know what I found in my stash. Lets just say i have bottle dating back to tall and blue in decent volumes... I think Beth has my retirement in her bank account!
  15. mmcfa2


    Wild English roses, French gardenia, vanilla, honey, golden ginger, blood orange, pine resin, pink pepper, crushed berries, tuberose, bergamot, and geranium. I bought this one in the cold of winter and did not really " feel" the scent. I reopened it this spring and now am glad to sample and wear it! It is a floral, fruity, playful scent with a good grounding in spices that keep it from going too far. Clear, bright, playful and delightful for this weather. I usually wear resins and woody scents, so this is quite a change up for me, but in a good way. I think the pepper, ginger and cardamom save it from turning me off. The dry down or me is honey and rose with a whiff of dry spice.