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  1. Auspicious Q


    This blend has body and throw for me and I mostly get the vanilla lime deepened by myrrh and patchouli. The dry down lasts for at least half a day for me, which I really appreciate. This is one of my favorite fall scents that I find myself reaching for year after year.
  2. Auspicious Q


    This is a wonderful, sweet, but not overpowering white tea scent. There is honey here, but it is light, not heady honey. The fruits play a supporting role in the background.
  3. Auspicious Q

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    My discovery of late: Jolly Roger smells a lot like Walking the Prime Meridian
  4. Auspicious Q

    Goat BPAL? Hay and goats?

    Hello crazy goat lady! I am slightly unbalanced goat lady, so good to meet you! I am in a goat milk co-op, so I don't have my very own goats. Yet. I think the suggestions for goat perfumes have been spot on so far. You also asked for barn scents, and I recommend Eastern Comma, a dried tobacco and wood and oranges scent. Not hay, but it evokes a storage barn in late summer to me. I've also seen some chatter about the Mother Shub perfumes from a few years back.
  5. Auspicious Q

    ISO *Perfect* Winter Scent!

    Sparkle and Glitter from the current BPTP Yules is fir, snow and white chocolate, a unique take on the evergreen plus sweet snow idea.
  6. Auspicious Q

    Sparkle and Glitter

    White chocolate, fir, and a wet, aquatic snow. All three totally present with fir and chocolate at the front. It's a great combo, if you ask me.
  7. Auspicious Q


    When I first got this (2014), it was so faint I could not smell it much, and it had a sort of strange evergreen note I didn't like. Two years of age have rendered it exactly as advertised, sweet snow. It's beautiful! This is a sweet frozen aquatic note, it really does mimic that sweet scent the air gets when snow is coming. Medium throw, and a pink color from my synesthesia, for what it's worth. I love it, and I am just sad I don't have more.
  8. Auspicious Q

    Rain Scents

    I love aquatic and watery scents! I would also recommend Waiting (from the current Motherhood collection) as it really does have the smell of wet pavement. You might also look at The Stormhold (Neil Gaiman - Stardust), Thalassa the Galapagos Mermaid (Carnival Diabolique), and Plague of Frogs (Hellboy). There are several good aquatic scents in the Picnic in Arkham collection too!
  9. Auspicious Q

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    In Tennessee, the first part of autumn is still pretty warm. I like to wear Aristocratic Couple, Eastern Comma, and Deadly Nightshade Honey during that time. Edit, also Boo.
  10. Auspicious Q

    GC recs from the past 1-2 years

    This is my second bpaliversary, so I am not sure how new things are, but two of my favorites are Deadly Nightshade Honey and Egle
  11. Auspicious Q

    Boticelli’s Unicorn

    I agree with those above who compare this perfume to The Book from Florette's Purple Snails. The leather in this blend is much softer, however, and the rose is very well blended with the amber. It's a pink, vulnerable, warm, and feminine scent. I didn't purchase it in the end, because I already have The Book and they are in a very specialized family for my collection, but if The Book was too strong on rose or leather for you, or if you want a new rose/soft suede scent, I highly recommend this. It's beautiful and lasts and lasts.
  12. Auspicious Q

    The Initiation

    I bought this as a bottle this spring. This is amazing in cool weather. It is Glace peaches with wine and tobacco. Sweet, chewy, but deep and not too much. Very sexy.
  13. Auspicious Q

    'Pink' scents

    The Waltz and Edith Cushing from the Crimson Peak collection, Living from the 14 Anniversaries.
  14. Auspicious Q

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Joopjoop- the GC scents Embalming Fluid and Sea of Glass are some of my favourite light green scents. You might also check out Full Moon, Rendezvous in the Bath,and On the Porch in the Rain from this year's Lupercalias. If you like the herbal aspect of Catherine, Mummeries and Straining-to-be-Memorable Passages from the Scalia collection might please you.
  15. Auspicious Q

    Daffodils, Narcissus, Paperwhites... and Hyacinth

    You might check out the notes for Ladon and Dawn:Mourning Victory.