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  1. Vexelite

    Dragon Bell Z

    Immediately after arrival this was mostly dragon's blood with a fruity background, but after resting it has totally changed. Now it's sweet, jammy berries with a sweet dragon's blood supporting. After a while the berries give space for the sugared violets to shine, very pretty but also adding to the sweetness. I liked it more when the dragon's blood was stronger, but it's a great scent for berry lovers who don't want their berries fully gourmand.
  2. Vexelite

    Hay Absolute, Cacao, & Cardamom

    This reminds me of Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg and Hay Absolute, but make it autumnal with cacao and cardamom. I'm happy with the amount of cacao, I think more cacao could overwhelm the hay and make it too gourmand for me. A very cozy and comforting scent.
  3. Vexelite


    I loved the creamy floral opening on this and expected the dry down to be lovely as well, but it pulls very sweet and a bit artificial on my skin when dry. I still liked the smell, but had to scrub after an hour or 2 because it started to induce a head ache, which is quite rare for me. That's when I realised: Vasilissa smells exactly like Electro Mart, a Korean electronics chain store! I guess not many people will recognise it, but if you want to smell like Electro Mart, this is it! It's a smell I've always liked actually, but also gave me head aches from time to time. My partner enjoys it (and agrees on the Electro Mart part) and doesn't get head aches, so it's definitely a personal thing.