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  1. AAddictson

    Hearth v2

    I adore this. I really like both versions of Hearth, and to me this smells like a mixture of sorts between the 2004 and 2005 versions with evergreen/xmas tree mixed in. I think I may prefer it to both original versions, suprisingly - it's more complex than 2004 (which I remember as mostly pipe/cherry tobacco) and less smokey than 2005 (though there's still definitely the hearth/smoke scent in this version). Anyway, I adore the wonderful forumite who picked this bottle up for me!
  2. AAddictson

    Beaver Moon 2005

    I always worry with resurrected scents of my all-time loves that they will be somehow different from the original version. Beaver-versary is, to my nose, no different than Beaver 2005. I may need a few more bottles.
  3. AAddictson

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    XCIX (99): I received this bottle in a swap, and the original owner described it as woody verbana. From the bottle, I get the same thing. On it reminds me quite a bit of TP'd Trees though the verbana is heavier than the woods. The wood may be cedar, but it could be almost anything (I suck at notes). It is pretty strong and stays true to the smell in the bottle. There may be some ozone in here as well, though it's not headache-inducing to me the way so many ozone scents are, but it's definitely got a fresh quality to it. Previously reviewed by Champagne. DCCCLXXXV (885): Another bottle received in a swap and described to me as "gummy bears soaked in bourbon and made into jello shots." I completely get the description on first sniff from the bottle - I definitely am getting drunken gummi bears with something that reminds me of chocolate, but I think that's the alcohol note which seems foody to me. On my skin it is very similar but I think I'm getting some grape in the booziness. Previously reviewed by sookster. DCCCLXXXVII (887): Another bottle from a swap, described to me as macerbated violets and evergreen branches. In the bottle, I definitely get the evergreen or pine tree scent - very christmassy. On my skin, I'm not entirely sure I'm getting violet, but for a split second I think I do before the evergreen takes over (as often occurs on my skin). Wow! Now that it's had time to dry, I definitely can smell the violet, and I must say this is amazing. It's a sweet almost candied violet along with the pine/evergreen background - two of my favorite smells ever. Yay!
  4. AAddictson

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct. CMXVIII (918): In the bottle, um, uh... Slightly sweet and purplish/reddish. Wet on my skin, I still can't tell what's in this. I do like it - there almost seems like there may be some cherry in here. I have no idea what else is here though, except to say that it's something my skin chemistry is turning to soapy, powdered bandaid. Honestly, I have no f'ing idea what's in this or even what it might smell like on skin that doesn't pervert it. CMLXII (962): In the bottle, a mid to dark green. Grass maybe or celery? Interesting. Wet on my skin it is very similar, though it is starting to lighten as it warms up. Some sweetness is creeping in, and it is vaguely reminiscent to Green Phoenix on me at the moment. Something else is creeping forward now... Lemon? Definitely still grassy, but it's turning a little yellow now - sparkly lemonheads and grass. The first time I tested it I swore I got watermelon, and that was only about three hours ago. Confused on the notes, but I do know I like it, whatever it is. Wait - I wasn't wrong; it just takes awhile to come out... I think that is watermelon! It reminds me of grass with some watermelon hard candy in the background. Weird and a morpher. I smell it and all I get is dark green grass. Then a minute later, I sniff again and it's sweet and fruity hard candy. I like it.
  5. AAddictson

    CCNow or PayPal

    I just took part in a group order that totaled close to $1000. You can bet it didn't fit in the PayPal comment box. I'm sure the character limit is causing a lot of headaches for the Lab, having to match the separately emailed orders with the PayPal payments. I hope it gets changed soon. (Edit for clarity.) Not a flippin' chance! I tried it so many different ways, abbreviations, taking out all the vowels (), using the product code (but that was just way too confusing ), then when I got down to the individuals imps I had to just give up and put a note that I've emailed the order seperately, there was no way it was going to fit. I put the transaction ID in the email and as much detail as possible and used the same heading for the email and paypal subject line so they know which Paypal transaction it belongs to, but it must be such a headache for them . Does anyone know if there's been any official word form the lab as to what to do if the order won't fit the 300 character limit? Ah, I just asked this same question in the "How to Make a PayPal Payment" thread... I was about to put through my Halloween decant circle order and I can't fit all the individual bottles in the field either. So, yeah - not sure what to do. I didn't put through the order and came here, hoping to find an indication of how to proceed, but it looks like there is no official word yet. I suppose I can just write that I want the Pumpkin Patch set plus all the Halloweenie 2008 bottles and all the Sleepy Hollow bottles and the follow up with an e-mail to the lab just in case... 300 characters. PayPal is so dumb sometimes. I think I will start with an e-mail to PayPal help complaining about the character limit. Not that it will matter. PayPal has one of the most frustrating customer service departments I have ever had to deal with...
  6. AAddictson

    How to make a paypal order.

    I didn't see this asked/answered yet, so everyone forgive me if it's a repeat question... PayPal recently shrunk their comment field down to 300 characters. It's not long enough for me to list all the bottles from the current Halloween update. Has anyone here figured out a way around this? What did others do when faced with this issue? Hey, thanks!
  7. AAddictson

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    CCXXXVIII (238): In the bottle, I'm getting grapefruit with another interesting note I can't quite place. I think it's lavender. Wet this is tart grapefruit but the lavender creeps forward pretty quickly - it's a very interesting blend. Doesn't change all that much on dry-down, though after a few hours I'm left with a powdery grapefruit. Will try to swap it for something a little more up my alley, though it's growing on me in a weird way. Maybe I should sneak it onto my SO and see how it smells on him... (Prior review by veronicafranco) DXXXIII (533): In the bottle, sweet cherry. An absolutely gorgeous cherry. On my skin I get the same thing. On me this is almost a single note. Very yummy. A little too SN for me, since I never have the time to layer, so this will go up for swap... (Prior review by sookster) DCCCXLV (845): In the bottle, straight honeydew melon. Reminds me very much of what I remember Fee smelling like. Wet I'm getting a creaminess of sorts, though I'm not sure what it is - maybe a light vanilla. Once dry it seems to be a vanilla-edged melon scent. OMG, this is amazing. A keeper.
  8. AAddictson

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    I am horrible with notes/reviews, but in the spirit of Chaos I decided I should post anyway... CCXII (212): Straight sniff from the bottle makes me think "YUM." Fruity but with a slight tinge of mint (?). I am not a fan of mint, but this is so far in the background that it's giving the blend a creamy feel. And I smell bubblegum. It reminds me a bit of the fruity gums with just a hint of mint that I love. As far as the fruits, I think I smell some grapefruit but also some melon - a good mix of tart and sweet fruits with more of a sweetness overall. Wet on my skin I get a creamy sweetness with a hint of mint and bubblegum, and then the fruit starts to bloom. Not sure what fruit - I don't smell any one fruit note, and it reminds me of syrupy, sweet fruit salad. No mint now, thankfully. Dry it is sweet fruit salad gum. Sounds weird, I know, but I love it. CCXXIII (223): In the bottle I get tart pink grapefruit juice with something that makes it almost a little bit creamy (might be a light vanilla?). Wet I get less grapefruit/tartness and it first smells like sugar cane, but then the grapefruit/tartness starts coming forward. There's still a definite sweetness to it, but now it's also very tart. However, where grapefruit often goes sour on me, the sugary sweetness and whatever I thought smelled creamy at first is keeping it in check. So it's tart, but in a good way and on me it doesn't cross the line into sour. It dries down to a sweet and subdued grapefuit. I think there may be some greenery in here too, but my nose is very unsophisticated for someone with such a huge addiction to the smellies.
  9. AAddictson

    Mr. Nancy

    in the vial: strong lime with rum wet on skin: still getting strong lime, but there's something almost medicinal in it somewhere. that backs away quickly, thankfully, and i start to smell the sweetness - spicy lime turning into an almost foody tobacco, or is that the sugar cookie? dry on skin: OMG, yum!!! Spicy, tart (though the lime is now in the background), smokey tobacco and a bit boozy - it's a sweet booziness or a sweet tobacco and rum mixture maybe. Whatever it is, it's wonderful! after an hour: Wow! This has turned very sweet - spicy sugar cookies. I keep catching random whiffs of it (pretty good throw on me), and I am in love.
  10. AAddictson

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    XLVI (46): In the bottle this smells herbal and slightly astringent to me. Once on, it reminded me of something in between All Saints 05 and Samhain 05. Woody and incensy and very nice. Unfortunately, it soon turned to sawdust the way Samhain 05 does on me - wish I knew which wood note that is that my chemistry perverts that way. Broke my heart, since I really loved it at first and was praying it wouldn't do the sawdust thing... On it's way out to another forum member in exchange for a new CTIII. LXIV (64): In the bottle creamy coconut. I think that's coconut. I admit I'm about as note-challenged as they come... Once on, doesn't change much from the bottle. Smells like creamy coconut and reminds me of Elegba, but then again, I don't get any of the booze or tobacco in Elegba listed in the lab description. Unfortunately, I don't do coconut, so this will eventually find its way to another forum member as well.