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  1. DangerInRed

    The Apparition

    This smells really, really familiar. It must smell like some product, but I am not sure which. It is very fresh but high-end/classy, and I would say unisex, if not leaning masculine.
  2. DangerInRed


    A very creamy amber and vanilla! There's something else in the background which must be the spices, which rounds out the scent and keeps the vanilla from going plastic and the amber from going baby-powder. I didn't get much mandarin, if any, and only a hint of gardenia.
  3. DangerInRed


    This smells like sweet strawberry cake on me! The throw is fairly faint, but quite delicious. Hasn't even gone plastic on me yet, which many vanilla-based scents do.
  4. DangerInRed

    Enlightenment of the Courtesan Jigokudayu

    I expected this to be more floral, but I think I agree with Lit Chick in that this scent is very "second skin." To me it's great, the perfect amount of sweetness, not too strong or too soft or too floral. The coconut didn't smell suntan lotion-y AT ALL. It's just beautiful, and I am glad I took a chance on buying a bottle unsniffed!
  5. DangerInRed

    Trachelophorus Giraffe v3

    Trachelophorus Giraffe v3 is a bit of an enigma to me. It was described to me as hard to pin down, having a green quality but also a warm sweetness. I definitely get both of those things here. Normally I am not a fan of scents that have any kind of "green" in the description, but this is actually pretty awesome. You can smell the green-ness, and also something that is kind of earthy and woodsy, and a sweet component that is reminiscent of Ecstasy of Infatuation to me. This is a very interesting blend, for sure!
  6. DangerInRed

    Scent for Halloween?

    I am wearing my Sugar Slathered Candy Apple for this Halloween, along with my Treat Inquisition shirt (the orange one from '07 I believe)!
  7. DangerInRed


    VERY musky...this reminds me of old-fashioned perfume! I can see where it could be masculine, but I think it's more gender neutral, a sweet musk...almost a hint of amber as it dries down.
  8. DangerInRed


    I am kind of surprised that this isn't as highly sought after as previous event-exclusive frimps. It is quite delicious, and I for one am happy to have bedbugs It smells like gingersnap cookies with a hint of orange. The throw is moderate and it lasts for a few hours, not bad in my book.
  9. DangerInRed


    This has been on my "to try" list for a while...possibly since it came out years ago! This is a very subtle on me, close to the skin, I can see how this would be sensual. It isn't quite patchouli but has that kind of vibe, it's slightly woody-resiny. I am not getting anything very sweet at the moment, though I think it is starting to go that way the longer it stays on my skin. I think I could do with just a decant of this, but I have a bottle, will have to test more to see if it's worthy of staying.
  10. DangerInRed

    Aphrodite v3

    A light, sweet white floral. Smells a lot like Gardenia to me, but it could be a relative...maybe something Hawaiian? I am liking this more than I thought it would, it doesn't have the sharp green-ness to it that v7 has.
  11. DangerInRed

    The Infernal Lover

    Sweet red musk. I must amp red musk because it smells really similar to any other scent with red musk that I've worn, especially smut. I dunno if this will be a keeper yet, but I bet it will age nicely!
  12. DangerInRed

    MB: Underbed v1

    This is a lot spicier than the original. To my nose, this is strong cinnamon/nutmeg/clove spicy cocoa cookies. I may be imagining hints of coconut too, but I think they're in there, just buried underneath. Despite the spiciness, did not irritate my skin!
  13. DangerInRed

    Cherry blossom

    Voyeurs Among Cherry Blossoms and Jingo are my favorites! I think Cherry Blossoms are in Hanami, too.
  14. DangerInRed

    Lamia v3

    Lamia sounded so good...alas, it is almost all clove on me...maybe a bit of carnation too, but otherwise it's practically Clove SN.
  15. DangerInRed

    Aphrodite v7

    The reviews are pretty spot on for Aphrodite. She is lush greenery and roses...the greenery was prominent at first, but now the roses are coming out to play...and there's a hint of some other flower as well. I may keep it just for the name, as I am not that big a fan of green scents, but I'll see...