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    Woody (especially sandalwood, teak, cedar and palo santo), tobacco, candle wax, resins (especially frankinsence), rose, sage, geranium & rose geranium, tonka bean, coffee, balsam, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, osmanthus and shea. Also welcome musk, jasmine, gardenia,neroli, labdanum, tuberose, orange, lavender, rosemary, honey, chocolate and coconut in certain proportions. Do not have a death scent. Adore BPAL and have not meet one I don't like, but present top three: The Antikythera Mechanism, Samhain 2014, In Templum Dei. Also love The Maj and Blackbird (House of Matriarch) and NAVA, Solstice, Arcana, Alkhemia and Possets...and some days just need a dose of Lush's Karma for old times sake.

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    Poetry, music, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, teaching, animals, scents and their magic, perfumery, gardening, stars, food, wine, olive oil, massage, reading, Chinese and Indian films, scrabble, human beings, colors, art, biking, language, travel, cultures...and etc.
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  1. Minh Scent

    Wolf Moon: Lupine Musk & Ambrette Seed Hair Gloss

    A cozy, cuddly brown musk, on the sweetish side. Very sniffable and easy to wear.
  2. Minh Scent

    Wolf Moon: Beeswax & Pine Needle

    This is a heavy beeswax with just a tinge of pine. It is a rich , beautiful beeswax. Folks longing for pine may be disappointed.
  3. Minh Scent

    Snow Snake 2023

    Yes! This is a great Snake! Beautiful SO and and Snow White (no mint). If you love those two scents, here's your hybrid.
  4. Minh Scent

    Pomegranate Ink

    BPAL's pomegranate has never worked well for me- too sweet. I do enjoy it if there is enough musk over it, like in Madam Moriety, but it totally ruined a tobacco scent for me, as well as the chypre in the 2017 Weenies September Midnight. (Oh, goodness, I am holding a grudge!😀) Reviews got me, though, and true to the accolades- this is a little stunner! Yes it is on the sweet side..but THAT ink vibe has just stolen my heart! There is also something powdery here and a few times I thought I almost got a sandalwood vibe. Whatever, I feel there is more going on here than just pomegranate and ink. Lowish throw, long lasting.
  5. Minh Scent


    I barely get lavender on first application, but the plum and sugared opium tar are indeed beautiful. Sadly, it is very light on my skin and disappears quickly. It barely lasted an hour on my wrists and I have to put nose to skin to smell it. (I check another perfume to make sure it was not my nose with the problem.)
  6. Minh Scent

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure 2024

    Yes, yes, I put this on and smiled big time because it is so...BPAL! I agree with the Banshee Beat/Revenant Rhythm vibes and the honey adds some extra sweetness to that perfect patch-vanilla combo. The amber reminds me of the one in The Sun's Treasure. Unfortunately I am not enjoying the longevity others are reporting, so I may need a rare backup bottle.
  7. Minh Scent

    Snootier Bat

    This is my second go with Snootier Bat. First try a few months ago, the black leather was too much for me. It is still a bit ACK on first application, but it now quickly morphs into amazing black musk and incense. It lasts forever and has a sweet edge to it. Gorgeous!
  8. Minh Scent

    Batty Snake Oil

    I am in an "oh my dear goodness I adore BPAL" mode. I was hesitant to put this on, because Snooty Bat was TOO MUCH LEATHER for me. This is a different leather. It is soft, warm worn...and, wow! The vanilla! It is very prominent and in fact, when first applied, I almost felt I had a mislabeled bottle because I got a very sweet with caramel tinged vanilla, hinging on bakery vanilla. In the dry down it is a souped up vanilla snake oil snuggled into a worn brown leather saddlebag. The spice is light and I cannot distinguish what kind of spice. One of my favorite sneks ever!!
  9. Minh Scent


    Put on this little imp without checking notes. Loved the woodsy opening and then it was a Snake Oil flanker wrapped in vetiver! Very Black Phoenix "type". Looking` at the notes, I guess it is the mullein responsible for the earthy/woody/green scent. Good back up if (god forbid) we run out of snake oil.
  10. Minh Scent


    The notes look promising, but the lemongrass is too powerful and takes over the scent on my skin. In late drydown, the rose makes an appearance. Nothing objectionable, just more of an oil burner fragrance. Agree with comments that it smells like a spa.
  11. Minh Scent

    The Umbrella Incident

    This is a sexy feminine floral on me. It is much more than just jasmine (although jasmine certainly is never just "just"!!) and agree there may be some magnolia in here as well. There is some leather, but I cannot discern the metal. Very, very pretty!
  12. Minh Scent

    A Medley of Vulvas

    What a gorgeous perfume! The dominant note on me is wax, supported by vanilla and honey. It gets prettier and prettier the longer I wear it and develops a delightful powderiness. I cannot smell the pink pepper, but my nose actually gets a bit of a buzz from it- the same sensation as when you smell mentholated medicine, but without the actual medicinal smell. One of the favorites of this year's lupers.
  13. Minh Scent


    It would be hard for more to deny that this is a pretty scent. What is not to love about those notes? Unfortunately, this is way too delicate of a perfume for me. If anyone is looking for an office perfume that can't annoy co-workers, but will make you smile, this is it! (Disclaimer alert- I am so in love with White Chocolate, Sandalwood and Lemon Peel, that I am now hard to please with more gentle sandalwood notes!)
  14. Minh Scent

    Black Silk Orchid

    Beautifully blended. The tuberose and black musk are light, so if anyone was cautious about those notes, probably no need. Black truffle? Does that mean the mushroom or chocolate? No matter, I can't pick out either. The ambergris is perfect, also soft. I get an intoxicating powdery smell into drydown. I can't stop sniffing, because it changes and to my nose/skin chemistry, the ambergris is the featured note. Like with the Blue Silk Rose, this actually smells like silk. Of the three flowers I smelled (Peony, Rose and Orchid), this is my favorite.
  15. Minh Scent

    Pink Silk Peony

    Hmm. The jury is out on this one. It is not as pretty as Tea Rose Lace, but it is indeed pretty and the sweetness (not foodie) is appreciated. It is more rose than peony on me. The rose strengthens as it goes longer into drydown. It's very girly, pleasant, Nothing to complain about.