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    Woody (especially sandalwood, teak, cedar and palo santo), tobacco, candle wax, resins (especially frankinsence), rose, sage, geranium & rose geranium, tonka bean, coffee, balsam, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, osmanthus and shea. Also welcome musk, jasmine, gardenia,neroli, labdanum, tuberose, orange, lavender, rosemary, honey, chocolate and coconut in certain proportions. Do not have a death scent. Adore BPAL and have not meet one I don't like, but present top three: The Antikythera Mechanism, Samhain 2014, In Templum Dei. Also love The Maj and Blackbird (House of Matriarch) and NAVA, Solstice, Arcana, Alkhemia and Possets...and some days just need a dose of Lush's Karma for old times sake.

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  1. Minh Scent

    The Umbrella Incident

    This is a sexy feminine floral on me. It is much more than just jasmine (although jasmine certainly is never just "just"!!) and agree there may be some magnolia in here as well. There is some leather, but I cannot discern the metal. Very, very pretty!
  2. Minh Scent

    A Medley of Vulvas

    What a gorgeous perfume! The dominant note on me is wax, supported by vanilla and honey. It gets prettier and prettier the longer I wear it and develops a delightful powderiness. I cannot smell the pink pepper, but my nose actually gets a bit of a buzz from it- the same sensation as when you smell mentholated medicine, but without the actual medicinal smell. One of the favorites of this year's lupers.
  3. Minh Scent


    It would be hard for more to deny that this is a pretty scent. What is not to love about those notes? Unfortunately, this is way too delicate of a perfume for me. If anyone is looking for an office perfume that can't annoy co-workers, but will make you smile, this is it! (Disclaimer alert- I am so in love with White Chocolate, Sandalwood and Lemon Peel, that I am now hard to please with more gentle sandalwood notes!)
  4. Minh Scent

    Black Silk Orchid

    Beautifully blended. The tuberose and black musk are light, so if anyone was cautious about those notes, probably no need. Black truffle? Does that mean the mushroom or chocolate? No matter, I can't pick out either. The ambergris is perfect, also soft. I get an intoxicating powdery smell into drydown. I can't stop sniffing, because it changes and to my nose/skin chemistry, the ambergris is the featured note. Like with the Blue Silk Rose, this actually smells like silk. Of the three flowers I smelled (Peony, Rose and Orchid), this is my favorite.
  5. Minh Scent

    Pink Silk Peony

    Hmm. The jury is out on this one. It is not as pretty as Tea Rose Lace, but it is indeed pretty and the sweetness (not foodie) is appreciated. It is more rose than peony on me. The rose strengthens as it goes longer into drydown. It's very girly, pleasant, Nothing to complain about.
  6. Minh Scent

    Blue Silk Rose

    Nondescript in the bottle. On the skin it blossoms into a soft floral and berry. (I cannot pick out orchid, violets or rose at this point) The thing is, I get the weirdest sensation of blue silk flowers. Is this the power of suggestion? In further drydown, I get the musk. The opium tar is light. Yes, there is some sweetness. This is more of an experience than a perfume for me. I will test it again, but it may not be violet-y enough for what I was after.
  7. Minh Scent

    Back in the Recording Studio

    Oh, this is lovely! It starts out with a soft floral (I am guessing the lavender buds) and then the tonka and resins appear. As someone who is not a fan of aquatics, the driftwood adds just the perfect pinch of salt. As it dries down, the scent becomes more beautiful and complex, with the beeswax making a gentle appearance. I cannot pick out the honey or honey dust, but perhaps that is the overall sweetness (but not too sweet!) in late dry down, I am also getting that fir tree note a few have mentioned. This is one of those scents where it is hard to drag the nose away from the wrist, as it is a beautiful and changing composition.
  8. Minh Scent

    White Chocolate, Mysore Sandalwood, and Lemon Peel

    This is...perfect. White chocolate is very "non-chocolate" compared to the dark and milk chocolate. In "real" life, it has a high percentage of cocoa butter, but none of the cocoa bits we traditionally think of as "chocolate". Thus here it is not so much chocolate, as cacao buttery, adding a luscious creaminess to the already stellar sandalwood. The lemon peel is very light and adds just a touch of..joy. By far the standout in the Lupers for me. (Disclaimer- sandalwood is my most beloved note)
  9. Minh Scent

    Haunt 2021

    This is a little stunner, with the entrance note an almost floral dead leaves (agree with Poenar who said it smelled like the dead leaves in Dead Leaves, Red Musk and Neroli). I cannot pick out the Snake OIl, but I am getting vanilla and Dorian, as well lavender. It's so gorgeous, I can barely pull my nose away from the keyboard to write this review!
  10. Minh Scent

    The Serpent in the Roses

    OK, perhaps I have a broken nose. I get red musk and a hint of rose, with zero snake oil. I can't say it is not pretty, just much lighter than expected. It also disappears rather quickly.
  11. Minh Scent

    Oberon, Titania, and Puck with Fairies Dancing

    This is a pretty creamy floral. I cannot distinguish the osmanthus and peony, but it does have a soft floral vibe. Although much lighter than my usual in-your-face scents, I appreciate the delicacy of this perfume.
  12. Minh Scent

    An Opiate Vapor

    Absolutely gorgeous scent. It is mostly womanly opium on me with a veil of violets. One of the prettiest perfumes of the year for me. I wish I had the other reviewers' luck with longevity, as it fades very quickly on my skin in spite of slathering.
  13. Minh Scent

    Velvet Snow

    This almost is richer than the original Velvet. The snow element is not so evident to me after initial application, but the sandal and choclate seem creamier, with a vanilla twinge. It is a gorgeous, cozy scent. I like it even more than the original.
  14. Minh Scent

    Elf Mutiny

    I bought this for the notes. It smells nothing like I expected which was a much more powerful scent. This is delicate and requires some concentration to pick out the notes. The opening is raspberry, more fruity than jammy. The oud is smooth and the tobacco is gently present, getting more evident as it dries down. The slight spice might well be the carnation. This is a very well blended perfume. The raspberry makes a few sneak appearances (perhaps the elf uprising!), and I actually thought it was plum before reviewing the description. It is a subtle beauty and anyone concerned about the oud need not be, I was hoping for skanky wood and a deep tobacco, but have to admit this is pretty! Disclaimer: Fresh out of a transpacific delivery and will update if there are any evident changes. February 18 The carnation and tobacco notes are more apparent after a month. However, it remains a rather light blend. The note composition is quite intriguing and I am more able to pick them out in the early morning as my first perfume of the day.
  15. Minh Scent


    Funny how those unexpected imps can knock your pants off. Not sure why I wasn't the one to put the moves on this imp first. The only excuse must be I didn't know the notes. It is all opium on me with delicate wisps of floral floating in and out. I cannot pick out the myrrh, but it adds to the overall richness of the scent. Gorgeous, sexy and heady.