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    Woody (especially sandalwood, teak, cedar and palo santo), tobacco, candle wax, resins (especially frankinsence), rose, sage, geranium & rose geranium, tonka bean, coffee, balsam, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, osmanthus and shea. Also welcome musk, jasmine, gardenia,neroli, labdanum, tuberose, orange, lavender, rosemary, honey, chocolate and coconut in certain proportions. Do not have a death scent. Adore BPAL and have not meet one I don't like, but present top three: The Antikythera Mechanism, Samhain 2014, In Templum Dei. Also love The Maj and Blackbird (House of Matriarch) and NAVA, Solstice, Arcana, Alkhemia and Possets...and some days just need a dose of Lush's Karma for old times sake.

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    Poetry, music, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, teaching, animals, scents and their magic, perfumery, gardening, stars, food, wine, olive oil, massage, reading, Chinese and Indian films, scrabble, human beings, colors, art, biking, language, travel, cultures...and etc.
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  1. Minh Scent


    Lovely, ethereal soft lavender musk, but way too light for me.
  2. Minh Scent

    Pumpkin S'mores Hair Gloss

    Oh, my goodness...the S'more part of this is so true to life!! There is really a note for graham cracker?! I guess so, as it can be clearly identified, along with marshmallow and chocolate. I barely get pumpkin after the first whiff. A fun scent, great for foodies.
  3. Minh Scent

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    Absolutely LOVE all the scents in here....sage, pine, fir. It would be my ideal hair gloss except it does not last very long. (Hopefully this is not a metaphor for the Rocky Mountain Goat which I believe is a threatened species.)
  4. Minh Scent

    Dead Leaves, Opium Tar, and Nutmeg Hair Gloss

    This is very strong in the Dead Leaves note on me. I get light whiffs of opium and nutmeg, but if I didn't know they were there, I would think think this is pure dead leaves, which I like. Long lasting and decent thought. Mmmm!
  5. Minh Scent

    It Was Folly to Grieve, or to Think

    This is exactly as I had expected- a wonderful champagne of fizzy flowery ginger. I don't know what the crushed diamonds are supposed to be and can't pick them out. My favorite ever champagne is Champagne Lace, but this is also quite lovely.
  6. Minh Scent

    Ghoulish Hair Gloss

    This does have a yummy quality to it with the amaretto and cherries, which are more fruity than candied. The coconut is just a pleasant hint, but I can't pick out the saffron at all, which was the reason I went for it. I have to agree with Mizliz that it is not the longest lasting of glosses.
  7. Minh Scent

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    This is another big blind bottle win of the season. The rose tobacco is gorgeous! The other (beloved) rose tobacco scent I have is La Pierreuse which is more full on rose scent. In this one, the rose is more a background player, but certainly there. The oude is light and clay adds a softness. The main player on my skin is the beautiful tobacco. Mmmm!
  8. Minh Scent

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    This is the blind bottle win of the season. Very first sniff on the skin, I am put off by what almost reminds me of yak butter. However, in just seconds, I feel like am surrounded by a herd sheep and goats who were rolling in vanilla beans. I have been surrounded by sheep and goats in Mongolia and do love that earthy smell. I wore this at least five times and have tried to pick out the smokiness people have mentioned. Yes, a bit. The vetiver is smooth. I love this. Mega cuddly.
  9. Minh Scent

    The Violet Window Hair Gloss

    Oh, boy, this is as beautiful as I hoped! It is a more traditional perfumey plum, as opposed to fruity, and a powdery violet is definitely present, to my delight. The oude adds deepness and as others mentioned, is not barnyard.
  10. Minh Scent

    The Orange Window Hair Gloss

    The orange and mandarin are up front in this, with the honey giving it some light sweetness. Deciding whether or not to get a full bottle. It does not project much after ther serious first in your face blast, but I can smell the orangey-ness when I bury my nose in my hair. It's pretty and would layer well with other glosses like Antique Lace for a creamsicle effect.
  11. Minh Scent

    Samhain Pyre Hair Gloss

    Hmm. I am curious reading all the reviews, as we seem to have such varying impressions. First sniff, I get dead leaves with an intriguing almost reefer smell which sadly does not last long enough. I get no smoke or incense, but a pretty, light scent.
  12. Minh Scent

    Dens of Sin Hair Gloss

    Whoa, this is aging just beautifully! Gorgeous perfumey tobacco with oak and sweetened with bourbon.
  13. Minh Scent

    Meditation Buddy

    I get all of the notes listed, with an emphasis on the wax, to my delight. Although it is a lighter scent, it is quite long lasting. It is indeed a good perfume for meditation or just to be in a calm sweet spot. Lovely!
  14. Minh Scent

    Edith Awakes

    Black Phoenix Trading Post presents you with a happy accident: our line of Crimson Peak Home & Linen sprays are available for a limited time in 5ml perfume blends! We have a limited quantity of labels remaining for these bottles, so don't miss out! Heady jasmine drifting through the air, eclipsing the scent of a rapidly-drying bloodstain and the smoke of a snuffed beeswax candle. Heady jasmine indeed! I honesty cannot pick out the "bloodstain" or smoke, but do get the snuffed wax. As it dries, it becomes very close to a jasmine soliflore. As a jasmine fan, I appreciate that!
  15. Minh Scent

    Young Edith's Bedroom

    Basically this is a gardenia and wax scent on me. Mmmm! Both these notes start out strong, with the wax backing down first. There are some woody and vanilla notes paying around in here as well. It makes for a very pretty, sexy perfume. (I did not see the movie, but if this is Edith in her youth, she is gonna be one hot mamma!)