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  1. HuldraGiusto

    The Raptures and Roses of Vice

    This was the imp I had high hopes for, since I love the scent of roses but on my skin it turns into rose overload. Bottle: it smells green and crisp with a hint of rose. Wet: Rose and musk with a hint of coconut.. very clean and still green like freshly cut rose stems Dry: Rose did not over take everything else and amp to the point of headache like Red rose did. ( Thank you Beth) This still has the rose but the musk and coconut have hit up the cinnamon and invited tobacco to join in. This is my new love.. my poor daughter has had to smell my arm since I put it on, she think it smell like a pretty lady but not a princess ( love having a 6 yr old ) Now need to hunt down a bottle or two..
  2. HuldraGiusto

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure

    Got my lovely imps from the decant circle yesterday.. Was very iffy on this one since Patchouli tend amp up on my skin but the hoped vanilla amber was the secret to me not smelling like a head shop. Wet: all I can smell is patchouli ( my 6 yr old daughter pointed out that I smelled like what she thought Woody from Toy story would smell like ..lol) 30 minutes latter (after the post office who could I am sure smell this scent after I left) I can smell a bit of amber and honey not a ton but it has beaten the patchouli back a bit. Hour latter.. Wow the honey and amber is blending and calming the patchouli down, it also has staying power. Think I am going to hunt down a bottle of this and let it age.
  3. HuldraGiusto

    Pirate Moon

    Was so excited to get my hands on a bottle of this... In the bottle: Lime, wood and a bit of leather ( all of the smells I love) Wet: RED MUSK, strong male smell and wood... (side note: Beth the cat loves you now.. She never notices me unless she thinks it is time for someone to feed her, but walk out of the bedroom to ask the roomie what he thought and she came running from her perch and pulled a crazed fan girl moves on my legs to the point I was feeling a bit awkward. ) Dry: Wood, roomie says I smell like what the Old Spice guy should smell like, while he is on a horse wooing women. Had to go shower to get the cat off of me. much to her disappointment . Bottom line this is not for me.. need to find the right guy for this.. or just put on cat toys and watch our prissy cat go crazy fan girl again.
  4. HuldraGiusto

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Weird question but is any retail store authorized to carry Twilight Alchemy Lab? I think I remember Black Broom was years ago but their site says nothing about it.. A Trip is planned for Cali in March but have no idea if the will call will be happening around that time period... and so want to smell a few of the TALs before I jump if for a bottle.
  5. HuldraGiusto

    Queen of the Nile

    In the bottle: Spices think clove maybe a bit of floral, mint and a hint of lemon Wet on skin: A Hint of Clove maybe and lemon with honey.. Dry on skin : OH wow.. pure Honey and Lemon .. smells like fresh baked lemon cake.. hmmm After: Wow this lasted all night.. still am getting a hint of lemon and now mint.. Verdict : Not sure about this turning anyone's head but this is a hard scent not to do mad wrist sniffing on.. the combo of Lemon and honey with a hint of background spice is perfect. Will have to wear this out on my next Night out with friends.
  6. HuldraGiusto

    Pumpkin Latte

    In the bottle: Pumpkin with a kick of coffee.. Wet: Where did the coffee go? Got vanilla and spice and a wee bit of pumpkin Drydown: Vanilla, a bit spice and a bit of cupcake ish smell ( was told I smelled like a freshly baked vanilla cupcake iced with spice frosting ) Dry: A hint of Coffee, tons of vanilla cake, with spicy after note. 4 hours latter: out of the blue there is a kick of coffee and cinnamon.. that last all night long.. not a a bad thing but tested it twice and did it both times.
  7. HuldraGiusto

    Why ohh Why

    Did my bottle of Blockbuster run out just went I need the smell of cinnamon.. This week has been crap at work.. deal with other people's drama.. their ex's showing up and have to tiptoe around the boss who is freaking out over people not doing their jobs so she puts it into my lap. I need.. cool weather, the fall to arrive and some eye candy and some new scent to replace my bottle of blockbuster. Other news Sara P smells like honey and cherries on me with a tiny hint of leather.. need to find the perfect layering scent to go with it.. Smut is a no.. Dia de los Muertos .. no.. but might try Sugar skull.
  8. HuldraGiusto

    A must get list..

    Tals AMOR CALIPH'S BELOVED QUEEN OF THE NILE Bpal VILF Smut ( need more) Blockbuster( need more) O DORIAN ( need more)
  9. HuldraGiusto

    What a week already...

    Started off with Kay jumping me the minute she got to work to see if I had seen James hair.. He cut it all off on Samhain/ halloween so the surfer hair is gone and is replace with a military buzz.. sigh. Had to run and get coffees for myself, Michelle and Kay was all where dragging after the holiday.. then we where all quite hyper ( nothing like the Redhead trio on mocha but all working like mad but not talking to scare the TL ) Tues we get the "email of doom" the Yule/ xmas party that we all look forward to to get dressed up and look pretty is not going to happen. They did not say anything but "the powers that be" announced we are doing a "lunch" at work the day before the holidays. Sigh... Today is dragging... no coffee in sight. Oh and it is the Aunt's b day today.. and have no idea what to get her..
  10. This week is going to be madness Too much to do too little time and not enough chocolate in the world to help me.. lol Kay swears she can tell when the chocolate hits.. and I tend to snag a bag of sweets and pass them out to my co workers... can not horde the goodness... and we need a pick me up at the end of the day. The last hour drags... or we work and get giddy on sweets you pick. Oh and David is driving me nuts, libra who thinks he knows all. He is soo smug... Kay swear he gets off on being "right" Enough about work Smut.. oh how I love theee, Michelle giggled when I told her what I was wearing ( she first thought I said "slut" and her eyes got really big.. Smirk) After three years of hating me you have turned into spicy yummy vanilla on my skin... love how Bpal oils age.. Either it changed or I have since now Rose scents smell odd on me. But spent most of yesterday sniffing my wrist... it is spice like clove and then sweet of vanilla with a hint of something I can not put my finger on.
  11. HuldraGiusto

    Head to desk

    I survived the big "meeting" I now understand my Great grandmother's saying " Too many chiefs not enough indians" ... was madness had everyone coming over to say "Hello" or to see what I was doing.. Michelle and I kept smiling and working, and working and working... dealing with people on the phone, people with question, and felt like I got nothing done.. but was working my butt off. Had the heads of department hovering oh and our AP guy had his buddies walk in and out ( one pointed out that our area is full of red heads.. to which Michelle looked at me and Kay smirked... we are the redhead trio ) The Apache Tears helped but need one to work on focus... or better a clear head. But still feel pissy and tired, like drained.
  12. HuldraGiusto

    Déjà vu and Castle

    I hate hate days you feel like you re live them.. from dropping my tea.. well spilling my tea to a fight with the Leo.. which I can never win or feel like she listens to me. My saving grace is itune and Emilie Autumn ( it is an Emilie day one of hope and pique) and finding a person selling Sugar Moon.. (yum). On a different Note Castle last night.. I spent the night coming out with scents for Nathan and Stana Aka Castle and Beckett.. Castle would have notes of leather, Tweed( can you do tweed scents? ) and champagne with a dash of ink and coffee.. Beckett would have notes of a rich dark red wine, coffee, silk and spices.... and a hint of bubble bath.. lol I will always be a Browncoat but Castle helps Nathan gets to really shine in his role. I am not sure what to hope from V but will watch it to support Morena Baccarin.. ( Speaking of Morena, an Inara Serra scent would be worth Beth's time to make.. hmmm... )
  13. HuldraGiusto

    Fall day and too many things to do

    The day called for me to enjoy and play, since it is my day off I had to enjoy it... but laundry, cooking, bills and life tends to cuts short all hopes or doing a day of driving and playing with my camera... Add to that I am homesick.. I know I only have till May to be here but I hate it.. I miss the Mountains, wood and ocean. The midwest is so flat and well flat... home is in full fall swing, leaves are changing, nights icy.. friends all have Samhain plans while i am looking a night alone. Taste of Samhain At least I have unpacked my big box of BPAL.. and I now have have plenty of Sugar skull and Ginger Bread poppet.. Devil's night, Snow moon to play with.