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    Reading, Dungeons and Dragons, FATE (the game, not the philosophical concept), flowers and gardens, daydreaming.


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    Favorite Blends: Deep In Earth Bess Bliss The Sea Foams Milk (NOT layered with Bliss, though.) Favorite Notes: Honey Spanish Moss Milk/cream Juicy fruit/berry notes


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  1. ShunnerOfHugs


    I LOVE Arkham. It smells like a bouquet of really sweet wildflowers on me. I don't smell any of the woody notes like pine or maple, but the flowers smell so nice that they more than make up for it.
  2. ShunnerOfHugs

    'Tis The Voice Of The Lobster

    Strangely, this smells like incense on me. It's similar to Chaotic from the RPG line, but with something sweet and just barely fruity in the background. Every once in a while I catch a faint whiff of melon.
  3. ShunnerOfHugs


    When I first put this on it didn't smell like honey so much as honey flavored rock candy. It had a faint powdery scent, too. After maybe an hour a very soft floral scent emerged, but I still smell mostly like fake honey. (In a good way. I really like it.) After a few hours the scent fades to something I can't really place. It's not honey -fake or otherwise- and it's not floral. It's just really sweet. All in all, I like Door. I expected it to smell a little more like real honey, but what I got was still pleasant.
  4. ShunnerOfHugs


    In the imp: this smells just like sweet lemons. Wet: I'm getting lemon and lemon and something sweet. Pretty, but a bit too one-note. Dry: lemon and apples. Something floral, too. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's the rose. Now that the lemon has calmed down a bit and let the other notes have some space in the spotlight, I'm really liking this perfume. Fading: After about ten hours of wearing this, I'm smelling... sugar cookies? That and just a touch of sweet, sweet lemon. It's totally different than how it's smelled all day, but it's actually pretty nice. The only downside is that I'm craving cookies now. I actually have to force myself to not nibble my wrist. It just smells so edible. If there was a perfume that smelled just like this perfume does when it's fading, I'd probably buy it.
  5. ShunnerOfHugs


    This smelled like very sweet, very dry wood. Towards the end of the day it started smelling like dryer sheets, but just for a little while before it faded. I'm not sure I'll wear Half-Elf by itself often, but I think it might be interesting layered with other scents. Maybe Bard...
  6. ShunnerOfHugs

    Baobhan Sith

    The ghostly White Women of the Scottish highlands. They seduce unwary travelers by night with their unearthly beauty and mesmerizing dancing. They engage their victims in a wild, hypnotic dance, and once they reach exhaustion, the demonesses exsanguinate their partners with their vampiric kiss. Talk about a quick courtship. Grapefruit, white tea, apple blossom and ginger. In the imp: grapefruit Wet: grapefruit Dry: grapefruit Yeah, all I could smell in this was grapefruit. I think my skin amps citrus or something. It's a very pleasant grapefruit smell, although I wish I could have smelled some of the other notes.
  7. ShunnerOfHugs


    In the imp: I'm getting apples, and only apples. Bright green Granny Smith apples. Wet: Yep, still apples. Dry: Whenever I move my arms or hands I smell a waft of something fresh and citrusy and unfamiliar. Probably the yuzu or mikan or kaki, none of which I've smelled before but apparently they're all citrus fruits. BUT when I smell my wrist up close, the citrus disappears and I only smell sweet, very powdery floral. It's interesting. Still dry, a few hours later: The citrus smell is all gone. When I sniff my wrist I still smell that powdery smell, but now there's something else hiding underneath it. Something... buttery, almost? Not like straight butter, but something baked with a lot of butter. Like shortbread cookies, but different. I really don't know how to describe it. It's very faint, though, and the sweet powdery scent notes are still dominating the scent.
  8. ShunnerOfHugs

    Mag Mell

    Wet: This smells exactly like lemon drops. Dry: I'm getting baby powder, but my skin does that to certain scents. (Seriously, even Nosferatu smelled sweet and powdery on me.) I also smell something just a tiny bit spicy. Maybe that's the ginger? This is a nice scent, and it lasts a while on me. And by "a while" I mean it lasted through twelve hours, and then I took a shower and I could still smell it a little afterwards. I'm not sure if I'll buy a bottle, but I'll definitely use the imp.
  9. ShunnerOfHugs

    The Sea Foams Milk

    Milk cresting on an ocean wave. I'm not really sure how to describe The Seam Foams Milk. It starts off aquatic, but more "water at the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride (in a good way)" aquatic than "sitting by the bay" aquatic. It also smells very sweet, like one of those Cow Tail candies. It's honestly a little too sweet for me. But once it dries down, the extreme sweetness gets less extreme and the aquatic notes get a little stronger. I also smell something almost flowery. The dry scent really nice (I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist!) and it lasts all day. Definitely a keeper.
  10. ShunnerOfHugs

    Chokecherry Honey

    First on: very sweet. Smells like cherry gummy candies. I'm starting to think every fruit scent I get is going to smell like candy on me. After drying a bit: The cherry's mostly faded away and I'm getting spiced honey. Smells like a milder version of Bard. After about eight or nine hours: Still smells like spiced honey, but milder and sweeter. Less spice and more honey. Conclusion: I love this perfume! I mean, I love basically anything with honey, but still. It's a keeper for me.
  11. ShunnerOfHugs

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    OMG, lavender (occasionally) and sandalwood (nearly always) both have that effect on me, nobody ever believes me and finally I have validation! There are dozens of us. Dozens!
  12. ShunnerOfHugs

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    King of Hearts and Knave of Hearts both gave me awful headaches. Besides that, King of Hearts made me feel feverish and Knave of Hearts made me nauseous. I haven't had problems with any other scents, though. I think the lavender (KOH) and baking spices (KnOH) were the culprits, so I just avoid those notes when I'm looking at new imps to try.
  13. ShunnerOfHugs


    Bliss is really great! It smells drier than "pure milk chocolate"... more like hot cocoa powder. The kind with mini marshmallows already stirred in. But it's delicious! It's a little heavy for summer, but come winter time I think I'm basically going to wear it every day.
  14. ShunnerOfHugs

    Aperotos Eros

    Wet: It smells like Smarties and lemon juice and maybe some sort of baking spice. Kind of a powdery sweetness with just a hint of tart underneath. Dry: I smell like wet wipes. If this smelled the way it smells wet for the whole time I was wearing it, I would love it. Unfortunately, it only smells good for about two minutes before it turns all chemically on me.
  15. ShunnerOfHugs


    Wet: very generic-perfume smelling. I think that might be partly the wasabi's fault, because wasabi has always smelled sort of chemically to me. There are also some nice florals in there, though. Dry: This smells like incense. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I like smelling it, but I don't want to smell like it. It's a pleasant smell, but I'm not really crazy about it on my skin. I'll probably send it to the swaps.