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  1. yowahoshihime

    Switch Witch 2019 Questions

    Would you like anything from Future Primitive? Type of products I'd like are body cream, conditioning hair rinse, whipped soap, and soap bars. Scents I like are Dust Witch, Opium Den, Pumpkin 'ead, Rook and Raven, Sparklebox, White Witch, and Bell Book & Candle. Also I'd love to try their shampoo bar as it's the first I've seen without SLS and SLES which my scalp is sensitive to. Does anyone have a favorite horror movie that they love? Need a copy/DVD of? I don't have any specific favorites but I love asian horror and dvds would be appreciated as long as they have subtitles/not just dubbed. Do you like smallish knitted stuff (hats, fingerless mittens, scarves, toys, etc. -- be specific!)? Yes! I love hats, scarves, fingerless mittens would be great as I don't have any. Do any of these knitted items appeal to you? I love 1, 3, and 5! How do you feel about thrift store finds (assuming they're in good condition and have been thoroughly cleaned before shipping)? I love thrift store finds!! I may have bought several full size Rituel de Fille makeup items in a frenzy over their whole vibe. If I tested something once or twice (and it can be sanitized), would you be interested? I'd love them! Are you interested in trying different skincare products from higher end, clean brands? Yeah definitely! Any interest in anything from Torrid, noting their "fangirl" and Halloween collections are updated? OH BOY YES! My wishlist is half Torrid clothes as they're one of the few places I can get alternative stuff in my size. My size is 2/3X depending on how fitted I want something to be. What on the following list would you like to receive something related to (or have something donated to in your and Joni's honor?) · animal rescue - YES · pie - sure · dogs - YES · bears - eh · turtles - as a donation sure · inappropriate candies (either in shape or in contents—ex., boozy candies, creatively shaped peanut brittle…) - All the YES I'll be going to Seattle, London and Paris during this round- anything you'd love to have from any of these locations? I can't think of anything specific at the moment. Is there anything you would particularly like from Japan? Stationary, bento supplies, a particular snack, etc. The fall flavors for kitkats this year are Chestnut, Sweet Potato and Apple Pie. EVERYTHING. Bento stuff, sweets, I love senbei, cute stationery stuff, all the DAISO crafting stuff like clay and resin supplies (curses they didn't include that stuff in the new NJ DAISO!!). Local indie art/jewelry. Anything and everything relating to Tamamo no Mae from the Fate Series/Type Moon. Thinking about really good natural food stores like Natural Grocers or Whole Foods, if you could have ANY bath and beauty or body care items, what would you love? We don't really have any of those stores near me so I'm not familiar with what they carry. If it aligns with my skincare/makeup likes though I'm sure I'd love it. Also what kind of treats, snacks, foods, condiments, bulk items, teas, housewares from the same natural food stores would you love? Again I'm not really familiar with those stores. Also, are there any particular sustainable kitchen or household items you would love to receive? Not that I can think of, we already have mesh produce bags and those silicone stretch lids to replace the cling film. Did anything catch your eye from the Liliths? I'm hosting a circle so I'm already getting to try everything/keep anything leftover I like Would you like anything from Lush? I'm starting to run out of conditioner so I'd love a bottle of Veganese. Also the Volcano foot mask. Is there anything kind of weird and niche about which you feel this way, fellow witchees? I collect really like fox themed stuff. Kickstarter (and similar): Any thoughts, witches? With how it's come out that the CEO is anti-union I probably won't be supporting future projects on the platform Do you have an Etsy/Goodreads/Amazon or anything else wishlist you’d like to share? My etsy is linked in the SW spreadsheet and my general wishlist (just a google doc with links) is linked in my signature! And what’s your preferred wrist/necklace size? my wrist circumference is 19.5cm and for necklace chains nothing shorter than 20" Does anything from Bird & Blend take your fancy? Ooooh that pumpkin spice chai looks nice. Also the peppermint cream milk oolong, and lady lavender. In loose leaf. Knitting questions have have been asked, but how about washcloths, anyone need any? What colors?? Yes! I like jewel tones and pinks is there anything from World Market that tickles your fancy? I have to admit I'm not familiar with this store, I don't think we have them in my area There's a special thing happening over at Rituel de Fille this weekend, where some gorgeous makeup items are coming back for just a couple of days. I'll be placing an order Sunday or Monday- anything that might strike your fancy, either from the special sale or from the site in general? (https://ritueldefille.com) Corvus is gorgeous! How do you feel about tarot or oracle decks? Would you be interested in any (for artwork or for mystical purposes)? New or used? I love them but I'm pretty picky about art styles. I'm not into more abstract styles of art which I see on a lot of decks. Would pigment samples from companies like M.A.C. or Notoriously Morbid tickle your fancy? If so, what colors catch you eye? no thank you Favorite quote/saying Hmmmm, can't think of anything How do you feel about spicy foods, and where on the Scoville scale do you hit your limit? I only recently within the past year and a half started developing a spice tolerance lol. I can eat medium hot japanese curry! I'd say my upper limit is around 4,000. How do you feel about coloring books, especially those pertaining to a personal interest or fandom? I love them! Dear Witchee, are you at all boozy? Anywhere between hard cider to straight whisk(e)y? And any interest in the "unusual" stuff? All of the YES!! I'm a member of the AWA (American Wine Association) and I also love ciders, whisky, tequila, and various liquors. Midori is a huge favorite. Also I love Sake! For wine I prefer whites and roses as I can actually finish a bottle on my own. I tend to lean to the dryer end but every so often I love something a bit more sweet. I do like sweeter reds but while I enjoy a dryer red with dinner I can never finish a bottle before it goes bad so I feel bad buying my own and generally just drink some of my parents if they have a bottle open. With Sake I really like nigori sake. Also I adore various sparkling sakes. I've tried many varieties of sakes however and have so far liked them all. Oh and for the more obscure, Jelly Sake! It has little jelly pieces in it and is super fun to drink. Also I like Lambics! I only buy them occasionally since they're on the pricier side but they're a big favorite. My favorite of them is the Framboise. A few questions have been asked about knitted items--are crocheted equivalents acceptable? (crocheted fingerless gloves, shawls, etc.)  Any fiber issues? Yes crochet is great! No fiber issues here either. About the Weenies: please list what you've bought or are definitely purchasing for yourself *as well as* what you would like to possibly receive from someone else! Well I'm running a circle so I'll get to try and keep leftovers of a good chunk. I would definitely not mind full bottles of The Listeners, Flor de Muerto Hair Gloss, Come, Sister, Flesh of My Flesh, The Blood is the Life, A Wicked, Burning Desire Hair Gloss, Pumpkin Spice Dragon’s Milk Hair Gloss, Carotene, or Xanthophyll. Nail Polish: Do you need or want some? If so, what colors and brands are you interested in? I'm fine on nail polish, I actually need to slim my collection down. What about postcards? YES! I have a massive collection of postcards. I actually use one occasionally haha. Is anyone interested in anything from the Nocturne Alchemy Halloween release (or, presumably, anything else from the site)? Halloween 2020, Halloween Bastet and Anubis 2016, and Black Crow! I am infamous for baking (shortbreads savory and sweet, poundcake, various cookies and bars), butter caramels (flavored or plain), and catnip. Are any of these relevant to you or your household? I LOVE shortbread. Sweet and savory. Do you like to cook and do you need/want any spices for such pursuits? Yes and yes! Currently I live with my parents and my mom has an extensive spice cabinet however sometime in the next six months or so I'm hoping to move in with a friend and said friend has the most sad and under stocked kitchen I've ever seen. I will need all the spices. Would you wear any of these? (because I'm that nuts that I would try to make one in a month) Fern , Nuada, Manannan, Duleek Abbey or an infinity scarf or tube cowl tall enough for a hood (like this scarf or this cowl for shape example)? I am living for those hooded cowls and scarves. How do you feel about salt? I don’t mean, like, salted nuts or potato chips. I mean straight-up salt, like alder-smoked finishing salt or Hana Flake sea salt. I love salt! Do you have any utilitarian needs for everyday life? Things that would help or that you've been needing or wanting for work or whatever? Hmmmm, I need a new shoe rack. My extended collection of my own shoes + cosplay shoes has exceeded the amount of space on current one. What kind of vegan snacks do you like? And vegan chocolate...favorites? I'm not vegan How would you describe your crafting style? Whimsical & Cute? Elegantly modern? Totally Traditional? I switch between super cutesy/kawaii and more elegant modern. So....we are about to process a metric f*ton of green tomato relish, which is basically bread and butter pickles but with sliced green cherry tomatoes. Is this relevant to any witchees? I'm not fond of relish or really much of anything pickled as I'm super not fond of vinegar. I did discover that I can eat pickled daikon the other day though! Very first pickled food I ever liked lol. How do you celebrate Halloween/Samhain? Do you dress up? Would you like something for your costume? And am I the only person left on the planet who wears socks? Unfortunately not much is done. We don't get trick or treaters where I a live. I'd love to dress up again and decorate but where I am right now it doesn't really work out. Also yes please socks, every fall I have to buy all new socks because everything has gone missing or worn out from the previous year. Are you interested in anything from Art Of Tea or Adagio Teas? I'd love some good herbal blends for relaxing! I make light-weight hairfalls, doll-style, using a variety of fun stuff, like ribbons, lace and soft batting. Would you be interested in receiving a set in the colors of your choosing? Sure! I love spicing up my hair. It's very short naturally but I have a nice shoulder length human hair wig (in pastel blue and purple) I can add stuff to. And a quick question here--I'm going to this amazing looking event on Saturday--does my witchee see anything they might be interested in? https://www.facebook.com/events/903999316607440/ (the Oddities Market) Omg yes I love these types of events. I see The Little Grass Hut is going to be there, I'd love one of their mugs, I actually just bought a pair of earrings from them at a similar type of event up in my area a couple weeks ago. Enamel Pins Yes I like them! T-Shirt Size Mens and unisex is 2X generally unless they run small. Woman's Fitted is 3X but I prefer unisex over fitted tees. OCTOBER LUNACY! I know turn around time is unlikely, but just saying (JUST SAYING), dear Witchee, did anything catch your eye? Hunter Moon and Moonflower and Orris both look great! https://archaichoney.com/bloodmoonbotanica (Britton used to run Haus of Gloi.) Witchee, are you interested in any kinds of things from the Blood Moon Botanica update? Not seeing anything I'd really like also I took some beading classes and have been making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Would you be interested in any? If so, how big is your wrist or how long would you like your bracelet? Any preferred styles of beads? Sure! My wrist is 19.5cm. If I was to donate to an animal rescue on your behalf as the "lucyboo" component of this swap, is there one in particular that you would choose? Panda Paws Rescue! I've been following them on social media ever since their show started last year and I really respect the work they're doing. What is your very favorite Halloween candy? If you don't have one/don't do candy, what's a seasonal treat you love? I want to say Now & Laters but I can't eat them anymore with all the dental crowns I have ;A; So I'd have to say Reese's Cups. I especially like the seasonal shaped ones! Oh and smarties! I just got an email from Lush that their Christmas stuff is now up online! anything you might like? I'd love the Let it Snow Shimmer Bar, Happy Shower Gel, Galaxy lip scrub, Golden Pear bar soap, Snow Apple Bar Soap, Drummers Drumming shower jelly, and the Snow Fairy Knot Wrap. If you were my witchee, would you enjoy home made (canned) preserves? I'm going home to Can All The Things & I'm thinking some bananas foster butter/sauce might be a nifty thing for you. Um all of the yes! I would have to guard it fiercely though as my dad is a bananas foster FIEND. I am in Las Vegas is there anything you would want from here? I'm not sure, I've never been.
  2. yowahoshihime

    Switch Witch 2018 Questions

    Would you like a postcard from the fancy schmantsy St Pancras Renaissance hotel that I'm about to stay in several times over the next month? that sounds great! Does anything catch your eye from Future Primitive, including oos things? potagas cauldrons and surrender dorothy from the halloween collection sound amazing. Speaking of OOS/Discontinued - Are there any old favorites from no longer operating companies that you would like if either anyone had a stash OR could find a reasonable dupe? I have been on the hunt for BPAL's Ozymandias. It is my most desperate of ISOs. Also if anyone happens to have any of the Lush Life's a Beach body scrub that was basically scented sand I LOVE it. I've been rationing the last of my container for years now. Booze, yea or nay? Favorite kinds? Very much yea! I love sweet and semi sweet wines. I like vodka and rum, and any sort of fruity or floral liquor. For beer I like fruit beers and lighter beers. Also I LOVE sake. Nigori and sparkling sake are my favorites. Also jelly sake is really fun. Knitted stuff? Need/want anything specific? Colors? I love knitted stuff! Especially hats and long scarves~ Feelings re: Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland? I like it! Are you thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Any merch or pre-Nano supplies you might want? No I'm not I just recently discovered MoonMagic -jewelry with a focus on moonstones but also opals and labradorite. They currently have a sale. Anything that stands out to you? (moonmagic.com) I love Necklaces: Blessed Lunas and moon elixir Earrings: colliding moons, dos lunas, Rings: Dolphin Diver, enchanted teardrop, waves, spring bloom Are you interested in anything from Nerdlacquer? not really, I'm pretty overstocked on nail polish. Do you like quirky socks? Any preferred styles (ankle, thigh-high..)? I'm trying to transition to wearing tights more out and about as I've recently started wearing predominantly skirts. For when I'm at home however I'd love some cute ankle socks. I also love toe socks and fuzzy socks. Let's get specific about this knitting thing! Do any of these items/styles appeal? I've numbered these so you can just reference numbers if you like! 2, 3, 4, 9 (I especially love this one as I have short hair with cut outs around the ears so my ears freeze in winter!), and 10! If your witch was able to obtain digital media that you could not access (TV, movies, books, etc.), is there anything you have been in search of for quite a while? If yes, what devices do you use to play such (i.e. Windows, Mac, etc.; can you use a flash drive)? I am an avid fan of Air Disaster/Mayday but America is always seasons behind the rest of the world and finding reliable streams and downloads can be difficult. I use a macbook pro to watch and I can use a flash drive. Do you need decanting supplies? Sample vials? Pipettes? Standard labels? A resounding YES! I'm currently drowning in pipettes but standard labels and sample vials get used up so quickly that I'm always in need. Are you witchy or like witchy things like incense, sage, palo santo, crystals, tarot, altar supplies, candles, etc.? Whatcha like/need? I've been interested in starting to practice again. I haven't been a practicing witch since high school but I've been feeling increasingly called back but I'm starting over from scratch. So I pretty much need everything and lots of books. I like books. Is there anything you want from Japan? Some kind of food, cute stationary, fandom merch, maybe you collect lucky cats, anything! Oh boy my favorite question! First off kit kats. I LOVE trying different types of kit kats. Also anything melon or black sesame flavored. I've been on the hunt for black sesame seed pocky for years, I know they were seasonal but I'm hoping they'll be rereleased. I also love plate/dishware (I have a subscription with kizuna box for just this reason), bento boxes and supplies, recipe books (google translate works great on recipes) and FGO/Fate/Type Moon stuff. I listed specific characters in my questionnaire. I also have not been able to get the latest FGO Character Materials book yet. Also you could just like raid a Daiso and I'm sure I'd love everything. Unfortunately I'm on the east coast of the US so we don't have any. I know they have a lot of cute plastic storage bins, a friend sent me one in one of her packages once and I'd really like more. Can you link to your non forum wishlists/goodreads if you haven't already done so? https://docs.google.com/document/d/10lqJA0IvJ7MnI4apqBSBu-weziwH29tx_BYJ-7su6n0/edit?usp=sharing If you're a yarn user, what kinds of yarn do you like best? I'm not a yarn user. Spooky stuff! D'ya like... ghosts? Skeletons? Aliens? Bigfoot? Unsolved mysteries? Sure I guess, unsolved mysteries are definitely fun and I like ghost stuff. Is there anything from the Lush christmas line that was just released that you're interested in? Snowflakes knot wrap, winter floral knot wrap, shoot for the stars bath bomb, holey night bath bomb, cherry christmas bath bomb Is there any scents from the more current releases you have been wanting to try (Weenies, Motherhood/Fatherhood)? I ended up with only 2 decants of Support Your Local Queens after my circle but I really like it and would love to get more. How do you feel about buttons, pins, and badges? I love them! I have fabric covered bulletin boards I keep them on Practical Magic or Hocus Pocus? Hocus Pocus, I haven't actually seen Practical Magic Does anything from either of these shops interest you? The Stitchety Witch (https://www.etsy.com...estitchetywitch) cross stitch creations and patterns Black Abbey Studios ( http://www.blackabbeystudios.com)art w/ a gothic tendency I love the art prints! My favorites are faithful friend, midnight magic, and triggered. Is there something (either a specific item, or type of item, like bath/body, perfume, candy etc) you're really looking forward to or hoping to get? I'd love to get something handmade whether it's knitwear, an art piece, or food. What's something you want or look at, but always talk yourself out of buying (or for whatever reason never purchase)? I'm always looking at jewelry but I always end up not buying it for myself. Are there any subscription/subscription style boxes you have an interest in?(This could be a very specific sub like sihaya or lootcrate or an idea/concept you're interested in without a specific company in mind, like "book related candles"). I currently have a subscription with kizuna box for their lifestyle box but I'd love to try their snack box as well. I'd also love to try a tea or coffee box (I have a keurig but have fill your own cups for ground coffee). I also like lifestyle boxes. Coffee or Tea? Anything from David's Tea(esp the new Halloween) that catches your eye? Witch's Brew, the Lil Ripper Bottle, and the butterfly pea flowers from the halloween section look great! From the rest of the store Peachy Lychee looks to die for good. What house were you sorted into? I'm a Slythinpuff! Even mixture Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Anything from this curiosity shop the type of thing that interests you? Those cat skulls are awesome! I currently have a bobcat skull I got from a taxidermist years ago that sits on my bookshelf named Hissy lol. I also love those butterfly shadow boxes. For those of us Switch Witches who ARE witches...….if you have a BoS would you like a page for it from your witch? I don't currently have a BoS There are some really awesome spice shops in NYC. Would you like/need any herbs or spices? Big yes! Especially more unusual spices or herbs since we have a cabinet full of spices right now (but more is always great, my mom and I are addicted top Penzeys Spices!) if you were my Witchee, would you like a crocheted doll related to one of your interests? I would love that! Dear Witchee, assuming you are at least a little witchy, and you're into crystals/rocks - that's kinda my forte. Would you want me to put a collection of rocks/gems together for you? And if so, is there anything you'd want me to focus on? (health, peace, protection, creativity, love, etc...) Yes most definitely! Anything to help with stress and anxiety would be much appreciated.
  3. yowahoshihime

    Recommendations for Floral Based Wedding Perfume

    Ok I've ordered imps of The Lady of Shalott, Juliet, and Pride. I already own imps of Delight, Follow Me Boy, Sea of Glass, Seraphim, and Titania. I had also just earlier this week bought a bottle of Jezebel for myself so I'll decant an imp of that. I'll pass everything onto my sister and see how it goes!
  4. yowahoshihime

    Recommendations for Floral Based Wedding Perfume

    These are all such great suggestions! I'm can't wait to have my sister try a bunch of them out. Thank you so much!
  5. My sister has asked me to help find her a perfume for her wedding in September. She wants to build a scent memory with it. Her bouquet is going to have Roses, Dahlias, Ranunculus, Astilbe, Snapdragon, and Eucalyptus. She's fond of Rose and White Floral scents plus her current perfume contains Lychee, Amber and Cedarwood. She does not like Red Musk and strong bold scents. I'd prefer to find something out of the general collection but I'll look at LEs as well as long as it's something I could easily find for her to test before the wedding.
  6. yowahoshihime

    504 Gateway Time-out

    I also get a LOT of mint from this one. It's almost overpowering and burned my nose a bit. There was definitely something sweet like underneath the mint, I was leaning towards a white floral but it just got completely drowned out by the mint for me. My overall impression was of spearmint chewing gum actually.