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  1. SimonsSays


    I find it hilarious that the one other Skye I've found in this thread also thinks that this smells just like Dr. Pepper
  2. SimonsSays


    If you've ever wanted to wear the scent of nag champa incense...this is your scent. If I hadn't read that there was orange blossom and sandalwood in there, it never would've registered. It smells so resiny and good to me. Not a ton of throw, but it does last.
  3. SimonsSays


    Man. I hate to say this, but...this smells like a used up car air freshener on my skin. Berry scented air freshener, is all I'm getting from this. One of those cheap little tree ones you dangle from the rearview mirror. Or like a berry scented room spray from the Dollar Tree. Instantly nauseating. Not my cup of tea at all.
  4. SimonsSays


    I definitely get the "bittersweet". I personally do not care for this. It's not terrible, I think I just don't like rose in a blend. Someone mentioned that it smells of vague generic perfume--I think that's the musk at work, there. I understand what they meant. The bitter yet fresh apple and musk are most apparent at first. It dries to something kinda sweet, kinda powdery, kinda floral. The neroli/vanilla gives it a soft golden kind of waft.
  5. SimonsSays


    I think the candy you're thinking about is called Riesens. I used to get DOWN on them puppers as a kid, when my mom would get a bag. They were the best. But probably full of lead and cadmium or something. 😭 Maybe my obsession with cocoa smells comes from my current fear of consuming chocolate of any kind because of all the reports of it being heavily tainted with horrible things. My brain can't take any more tainting, it's all too much. But anyway. I am obsessed with this snake oil blend, and Wulfric the Wolfman. I glommed onto that cocoa note right out the bottle and said mmmmmm this, I liiiiiikeeee. It's not like, trying to trick you into believing it is food. It's perfume, for sure. P.I.L.F., is what I call this. That's snake oil blends in general, for me. I got that rice milk note, too. A comforting scent I've always loved. Another food I don't f with IRL, because rice is full of arsenic, y'know. Love it.
  6. SimonsSays

    Implacable Beautiful Tyrant

    I just got the hair gloss of this, and it does indeed tame them flyaways all over my long straight hair, and is so much lighter and drier than I expected. It's really nice. It's a spritzspritz. I expected a super oily syrup of some kind, I was pleasantly surprised by the light mist. The scent is all sweet amber to me, basically a one note amber to my sick lame olfactory unit. Maybe it'll develop in the heat of summer, with age, or become more complex if I ever fully heal from the back to back illnesses I'm trying to recover from currently. Would be nice to detect frankincense ginger and oud. I like those notes, generally. Pure amber is still pretty good, though.
  7. SimonsSays


    I have a seriously silly olfactory thing going on. Maybe I'm not the only one...but ...to me, this smells like a *grape* Tootsie pop!!!!!!! But then it fades to orange Tootsie pop, which is more in alignment with the notes listed, but still pretty wacky. Actually. I grew to like this candy powdery orange aroma. But I came back to add that someone told me it smells like....a freshly unboxed pocket pussy. 😂 I wouldn't know what that smells like. Someone seconded and said it smells like a sex and sexual accessories store. I don't get much of a ginger aroma from this, or much earthiness from the choolie. It mostly smells like sweet orange to me.
  8. SimonsSays


    Lamia (Arabic: لمياء), Lamyae or Lamiya is a feminine given name borne in Libyan-Greek mythology by a Libyan queen that transformed into a mythological creature. In Arabic it has been derived from the word (Arabic: لامعة) which means "shining" or "radiant". Lamia is a female or a hermaphroditic demon found in Greek mythology who devoured children and seduced men. She appears in literature as early as the 6th century BCE and is said to be fearsome to look upon with an ugly face, the upper body of a woman, and the lower body of a serpent I haven't read Neverwhere and wanted some idea of what I was dealing with here, and found those...flattering descriptions. I have tried to test this p'fume like three times to try to get a grasp on it, but I've chronically had a cold for like two months since I received my bpal order so it's been tough goin'. I don't get "golden" from this, I definitely get a dark purple floral type of dealio, with a faint whiff of coconut and some berry incense. All I could pick out in this strange cacophony of smells was orchid, coconut, and black currant. Drydown reminds me of that native american berry incense air freshener found in select dollar generals once upon a time. It has very little throw, I think. And doesn't last long. I think. Like I said, I have had a perpetual cold that's making things difficult for me. I am not a fan, and willing to pass this onto someone who actually liked it.
  9. SimonsSays


    I love this binch! Mmm. Soft sweet pink vanilla mallow mint. Kind of more like a waxy white chocolate than a vanilla. The floral keeps it from being totally foodie, it shyly waves at you from under the sugarsmells to remind you this is a perfume. Still. I'd almost like to eat something that tastes the way this smells. It's got body, like the illustration on the bottle, and a little throw to it. The frankincense doesn't emerge for hours, for me. I might need a backup. This is an all weather scent to me.
  10. SimonsSays

    No. 101

    I received this as a freebie and I am not understanding all the shade being thrown here. This is nice. It is SUBTLE, thankfully, because I immediately fumbled it and dumped about half the bottle on myself on accident 'pon opening. Whoops. Good thing it was free! I rubbed it into my sweatshirt. Waste not, want not. It seems unisex. It reminds me of Barbasol or something, some kind of old school shave cream. I hadn't read the scent description before the first whiff. I thought I was smelling something minty, but that must be the black tea, and the almost-chocolatey smell must be the sandalwood. Light, sweet, and woody. I might give this to my boyfriend, if he's good. It doesn't seem have a lot of throw, and doesn't seem to last long. I do have a head cold right now, so maybe it lasts longer than I thought or I'm just nose blind to it already. "Contains nothing worthy of attention." I disagree.
  11. SimonsSays

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    I didn't get the bubble gum everyone is talking about. To me, it smells of a pineapple upside down cake and fades to a pina colada kinda fragrance.
  12. SimonsSays


    I couldn't have put it better. In the imp, I was like, meh. It's that Walmart brand hazelnut candle. But on my arm, oh my God. Holy hot buttered honey cakes with a dash of cinnamon syrup. I cannot stop taking rips of whiffs off my arm. I'm craving buttered hotcakes with honey, now. I can't really see this as an everyday perfume, though. More of a special occasion treat, to me. Like breakfast for dinner. 🥞
  13. SimonsSays


    Before reading descriptions to actually understand what I'm smelling, I'd say...muted Irish spring or that musky cowboy cologne you find in small town pharmacy, minus the rank cheapness. Definitely starts fresh and herby but dries warm and slightly spicy. Reminds me of soft leather and faint soapy incense. After reading descriptions I understand that the initial blast is mint, white musk, tailed by caramel and sage and the dry down is probably whatever nicotiana is. I like it.
  14. SimonsSays

    Miskatonic University

    I get literally nothing but hazelnut latte from bottle to skin.
  15. SimonsSays

    Hollywood Babylon

    One of my favorites! If not THE favorite. Almost exactly as described, creamy vanilla strawberry incense musk that dries down to a debaucherous sexy chocolatey cherry incensy kind of scent. Sweet, but not innocent.