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  1. SimonsSays

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    I didn't get the bubble gum everyone is talking about. To me, it smells of a pineapple upside down cake and fades to a pina colada kinda fragrance.
  2. SimonsSays


    I couldn't have put it better. In the imp, I was like, meh. It's that Walmart brand hazelnut candle. But on my arm, oh my God. Holy hot buttered honey cakes with a dash of cinnamon syrup. I cannot stop taking rips of whiffs off my arm. I'm craving buttered hotcakes with honey, now. I can't really see this as an everyday perfume, though. More of a special occasion treat, to me. Like breakfast for dinner. 🥞
  3. SimonsSays


    Before reading descriptions to actually understand what I'm smelling, I'd say...muted Irish spring or that musky cowboy cologne you find in small town pharmacy, minus the rank cheapness. Definitely starts fresh and herby but dries warm and slightly spicy. Reminds me of soft leather and faint soapy incense. After reading descriptions I understand that the initial blast is mint, white musk, tailed by caramel and sage and the dry down is probably whatever nicotiana is. I like it.
  4. SimonsSays

    Miskatonic University

    I get literally nothing but hazelnut latte from bottle to skin.
  5. SimonsSays

    Hollywood Babylon

    One of my favorites! If not THE favorite. Almost exactly as described, creamy vanilla strawberry incense musk that dries down to a debaucherous sexy chocolatey cherry incensy kind of scent. Sweet, but not innocent.
  6. SimonsSays


    I have no idea what's going on. In bottle: CARMEX. Like the medicated lip balm. Creamy and slightly camphoric. On my skin: I'm sniffing desperately for....the tea, the lemon, anything. But still... CARMEX lip balm. Maybe a hint of lemon. Drydown is all warm vanilla sugar. Maybe it's my nose and my skin. I get no tea whatsoever. I committed to a full bottle because the descriptions were so yummy. It's going to just sit in my closet and age. Maybe it'll be good later on, or maybe I'll gift it to someone for whom it'll cooperate. It might smell better on my baby daddy.
  7. SimonsSays


    Initially, loathed it. Old lady perfume. But for old time's sake, I got into it again. After an initial hot blast of booze, dries down to warm spicy floral. Like drunk geraniums or something.