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  1. dreamcatcher

    Thierry Mugler Womanity smell-alike; BPAL Caviar?

    Hi! The search engine appears to be working. I typed in "marine salty" and viewed the results as posts. It gave me 69 results with my searched words highlighted. Here is the link to that search: Hope that helps! Edit: Apparently I can search and find but I can't reply with a working link. Sorry.
  2. dreamcatcher

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    The first scent that came to my mind (gorgeous dress, btw) was Parsifal. So clean, crisp and white.
  3. dreamcatcher

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    #371 (?) -Label was kind of oil smeared and the right side was lifted away from the bottle I get cloves (the TAL type-not foody, if you know what I mean) and vanilla Love it!
  4. dreamcatcher

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v6

    #10 Lightly sugared oranges with a squeeze of lemon over frankincense!
  5. dreamcatcher


    Okay, for what it's worth, I truly love this and it smells so skin huggingly huffable. It kind of dries to a light cake, skin musk, and just the right amount of spice scent. (cardamom is listed but to my untrained nose, I get anisette (sp?).) Everytime I smell my wrist directly, I get a lighter, summer, sans leather version of Le Pere Fouettard. So pretty!! I will cherish what I have.
  6. dreamcatcher

    Phantom Time Hypothesis

    This is just beautiful on me! My skin amps up the orange blossom for the first 30 minutes or so, rose is there, but in the back. Then, an ethereal kind of damp green (almost incense) like scent wafts up every once in a while. It is just gorgeous and I will get back ups!
  7. dreamcatcher


    * piggybacking* EXACTLY what Apple said. I agree completely with the stages and I also really like it. I'm using up my imps for now but keep considering a bottle. It's almost but not quite yummy. *end piggyback*
  8. dreamcatcher

    Katrina van Tassel

    Oh Ms. van Tassel, I love you!! Seriously, the first time I tried this was last year in the BPAL section at the Roswell Whole Foods. Kat (who happens to share the same first name as this glorious perfume) is a team member in the Whole Body dept. and is extremely helpful and friendly. She enthusiastically touted how lovely Katrina van Tassel was and I enthusiastically dabbed some on. (As well as about 8 other scents) I thought KvT was nice, but not a *me* scent. Well, I drove on home and the gorgeous feminine creamy rose kept wafting around me. I thought it must be another one that I tried. After several hours, it was the only one left on my skin and I *needed* it. The total trip to Whole Foods and back to my house is about three hours. (Not counting the wandering around time) Anyway, I was still very new to BPAL then and I may not have even joined the forum yet. (I'm shy) I only read reviews and descriptions, but I knew enough that if it was a limited edition, I couldn't buy an imp of it from the lab. So I waited until that Sunday and when my husband fell into his NASCAR coma, I mumbled something about going to the store for a minute and took off like a comet. (cue the witch theme from Wizard of Oz) I raced down to Roswell, plucked up Katrina van Tassel like the beautiful flower she is, paid her asking price, walked calmly to my car and slathered! The ride home was scentsational. It's a little rose heavy at first, but within 15 minutes or so the honeyed cream and the rose twine around each other so nicely. Every breath is a perfect mix. Also the white rose has a softer feel than the red. It seems to have good throw and great lasting power. I eventually thought I could live without this wonderful scent, with the promise of swapping for a couple Holy Grails. Well, my package was sent and her end wasn't. (You know the one) I lost quite a few but this was the scent I craved and was most sad about. Fast forward to today. A very loving forumite (I don't know if she want's her name to be listed here) found a bottle of this yummy, sexy, creamy rose blend and sent it on to me! It has made me so grateful for the lab that creates these perfect oils and the caring community who love them! I am proud to be a B-Palite! That is all.
  9. dreamcatcher


    Wet: Sweet and musky with almost a pink bubble gum scent mixed in. Dry: It is very simillar to my nose to Jean Paul Gualtier perfume (the one shaped like a woman's torso). This is not a bad thing! It stays fairly consistent (a tiny bit less sweet) but the throw and lasting power are really good. Overall: I sought out and bought JP Gualtier years ago after hearing Howard Stern ask a guest what scent she was wearing. He said it smelled delicious and what he imagined a stripper to smell like. (There are many occasions in which one would benefit from smelling like an exotic dancer ) So I like it. A lot.
  10. dreamcatcher

    Embalming Fluid

    Wet: This is vera lemony! Dry: Muted lemony tea with the musk and aloe taking turns peeking out from the background Overall: Perfect light summery scent that makes me smile. Clean and resfreshing, light throw but I know it's on. Lasts about six hours for me before fading completely.
  11. dreamcatcher

    Scorpio 2007

    Been wanting to try this one for a while... Wet: Musky and herbal Dry: Softer-Herbal with a swirl of dark (licorice?) musk Overall: I really like it-it suits me well!
  12. dreamcatcher

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thanks for the great pics with bonus descriptions, TwilightEyes! You are a !
  13. dreamcatcher

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Here is the link to the post from the mod. sorry. I will be more careful.
  14. dreamcatcher

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    copagirl, I haven't tried this yet myself, but hope it helps you.