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    Bathsheba, Agape, Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat, Oval Portrait, Pink Moon 2007, Purple Phoenix, Et Lux Fuit, Hod, and Lick It Like You Mean It Honorable Mentions: Haloes, Australian Copperhead, Tamamo-no-Mae, Croquet, Gennivre, Mr. Nancy, Snake Charmer, Metal Phoenix, L'Estate Need to be tried again: Black Lace, Black Lily, Event Horizon, Florence, Kubla Khan, Lampades, The Masque, Peacocks, Prospero, The Wild Men of Jezirat Al Tennyn

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  1. Lunaratu

    Creamy Spicy Florals, a/k/a Florientals

    Bathsheba all the way. No matter how many other rare oils I try I keep coming back to it!
  2. Lunaratu

    Creamy Spicy Florals, a/k/a Florientals

    I'm a big fan of spicy creamy florals (pretty much all I wear in fact). The most obvious that come to mind are: Bathsheba (carnation, arabian musk, plum) Et Lux Fuit The Oval Portrait Hod L'Estate Black Lily Event Horizon Florence Kubla Khan Lampades Zarita Haloes Red Lantern Chrysanthemum Moon ditto Alice, Queen Alice, The Witch Queen, Three Brides perhaps: Clemence Gwyneth Inez Frumious Bandersnatch Defututa Mata Hari The Grindhouse The Little Wooden Doll The Miller's Daughter Vasilissa Victoria Schlafende Bagneuse and from what I hear The Velvets and Lamia might fall under the sweet/spicy floral category as well and I agree with MedbCruachan that Bathsheba wrecked Hod for me too (though I still like Hod) since it's been my sole GC major love. In fact I got it as my first frimp in my first order and I have never looked back I'll try and see if I can remember any more. If I do I'll make sure to come back with them
  3. Lunaratu

    Et Lux Fuit

    I just have to say that this scent, in the past few days, has easily become one of my favorites! It's a comforting, rich, spicy floral and yet vaguely sweet. It's like basking in the most golden late afternoon sunlight curled up in your favorite lounge chair, feeling completely cozy and cuddled by the moment and yet still feeling really pretty, beautiful, and vaguely sensual. If you are a lover of carnation like me Et Lux Fuit is kind of a must. I mostly get the carnation backed by the amber, heliotrope, and vanilla musk with I think the lemon peel burning off pretty quickly. It reminds me of the more mischievous and bubbly sister of The Oval Portrait (another favorite). The Oval Portrait is more the demure, graceful lady while Et Lux Fuit is more outgoing and self-possessed. It's like the difference between ballet and a waltz--both are insanely gorgeous but just different. Of course this has to be an extremely rare scent though because now I want bottles and bottles of it!! I'd want to bathe in this scent. well I guess I can always hold onto the hope of the vague possibility of this being resurrected. ::sigh:: Throw: just a bit more than a skin scent with the scent slowly making itself known to you as you move around but not all that noticeable to the people around you. Rating: 5/5
  4. Lunaratu

    How to make a paypal order.

    awesome! Thanks Morrighana! will now be setting out to place an order for Agape
  5. Lunaratu

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore Ho Ho Ho for Christmas Eve (and I swear you could still smell it on me when I woke up on Christmas Day) and for the weekend afterward I kept wearing Lick It Like You Mean It. My mom loved Ho Ho Ho (I've noticed she responds positively to scents with fruit in them) but my friend who I hung out with over the weekend wouldn't give me back my wrist while I was hearing LILYMI (also, cats were suddenly nuzzling non-stop!) no idea for NYE yet
  6. Lunaratu

    How to make a paypal order.

    what's the email that you send the money to for a Paypal order? I understand the Lab prefers Paypal to the CCNow so I want to try that but I do need a bit of a big arrow pointing the way
  7. Lunaratu

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    ooh, I really like the Fearful Pleasure one especially!
  8. how bout Snow, Glass, Apples? anything at all? my mother actually fell in love with it HARD and she absolutely hates perfume usually. I feel bad if I can't find something at least remotely similar to recommend to her
  9. Lunaratu

    L'Estate Bath Oil

    Carnation, golden amber, honey myrtle, beeswax absolute, summer peach, cardamom, and vanilla orchid. am I really the first to review this? oh man, the pressure... well I haven't gotten to use this in the bath yet but I had to crack this one open and try it on my skin the minute I got my package. The summer peach is the first scent that appears on my skin: a sweet, succulent peach. and then the cardamom makes itself known and starts swirling in with the peach to create more of a hazy lightly spiced golden peachy quality. The amber, the beeswax, and the honey myrtle come in very softly to just blur the picture as it were. L'Estate Bath Oil is like sitting in warm golden sunlight with your eyes closed just smelling the warm fruit on the table, some dry cardamom in the kitchen open on the counter and a lovely sweet summery breeze wafting in off of the balcony. L'Estate Bath Oil reminds me in some way of Cleopatra Testing Poisons On Those Condemned to Death from the Salon at this point. It's a vague association since Cleopatra doesn't have any peach in it but it's there. I think it's the spices and vanilla. Basically L'Estate bath oil makes me think if Cleopatra Testing Poisons and Tamamo-no-Mae got together to have a gorgeous summery love-child this would be it. I can't wait to try this out in the bath and coming out just smelling golden and summery (ok, this makes me have one of those vague smiles that you get when you wake up from a good dream in your nice warm bed in the morning ) Rating: 4.5/5 Try if you like: Cleopatra Testing Poisons, Tamamo-no-Mae, Tamora, etc.
  10. Lunaratu


    first on this comes across already like a hazy afternoon in the sunlight which induces one to just be a bit lazier than usual. There is a definite muskiness (obviously from the golden musk) that makes itself known on my skin with the sweetness of the honey myrtle, lily, and sunflower all swirling very subtly together in a vague golden haze. There's something about this that is vaguely similar to Haloes actually. They're both sweet but more skin scents grounded just a bit by...something (I'm thinking the sandalwood). The amber just acts more like a middle note melding everything together rather than standing out on its own on my skin. However while Haloes is a glowing golden aura, L'Estate is glowing golden yet hazy sunlight. This reminds me very strongly of how in the summer I'd sit in the one spot in the afternoon where the sun starts streaming into my apartment and lights it up, filling it with that type of golden honeyed light. I really loved to curl up into the couch and read a really good book at those moments. Lovely and very evocative of warm summer afternoons. Rating: 4.5/5 Try if you like: Haloes definitely
  11. Lunaratu

    The Oval Portrait

    I'm shocked! I thought I had posted a review of this already! This is by far my favorite BPAL blend ever! and I'm not exaggerating in the least This scent just perfectly melds into my skin into a gorgeous me but yet so much more beautiful than me scent! First on this is definitely more of a lush, sweet floral but this quickly dies back to become more of a second skin scent. I can certainly detect the vanilla musk and the carnation comes out to play as a very light, flitting floral with some spice to create some sex appeal. Yet this is extremely lady-like and young. It's creamy, sensual yet demure. This is for all those young ladies with that glint in their eye and a certain insouciance in their manner. This scent is just utter perfection on me and fits no matter the season and I must admit I slather this on every morning just to get the subtle waft of it throughout the day. If you reapply this scent I notice that the carnation simply becomes a tiny stronger, creating more of a spice in the creamy, sweet, skin scent. There is no end to how much I love this scent! It is perfection on me and the epitome of what I have always wished to smell like! I have already hoarded seven bottles and I worry that they won't be enough Rating: 10/5! (ok maybe i'll not break the rating system and say 5/5 ) Throw: light
  12. Lunaratu


    Caterpillar went a little funky on me when I tried it for some odd reason--something in there just didn't like me! but since you're another huge carnation fan I'm sure we'll be having fun squeeing over each other's collections this evening at the MnS
  13. Lunaratu


    well I definitely want to chat in this section! I love the smell of carnation and like Lionesse I love it paired with sweet or delicately floral scents Right now I absolutely adore The Oval Portrait--it's sweet, slightly floral, creamy in feel, with that definite complexity of carnation in there! It reminds me, color-wise, of a blushing very pale pink--like a blossom that is so pale a pink it looks like it's just blushing. I just wish I could find a GC that was exactly like it I also have multiple bottles of Pink Moon '07 and I have a bottle of Bathsheba (which while I definitely enjoy is a bit intense at times for me). I tried Alice but it went back and forth between very strongly sweet (the throw was ridiculous) and smelling like bad diaper cream/diapers in general yet Zarita seemed to behave herself on my skin though she wasn't really that blushingly beautiful carnation that I was hoping for. However, reading this thread I am extremely tempted to try Hod and perhaps Maiden. Has anyone tried Et Lux Fuit? It sounds vaguely similar to Oval Portrait but with a lemon note added in to it...
  14. Lunaratu

    Dragon's Reverie

    There is something fragile yet smoky and slight fiery about this. You could imagine a dragon giving way to more delicate modes of thought for certain moments if this is its reverie. Very pretty and I will definitely be holding onto my imp. Rating: 3/5
  15. Lunaratu

    Dragon's Milk

    This is very sweet yet resinous, feeling certainly like heavy cream that is fruity sweet poured over my wrist. There is something very attractive about this that keeps me sniffing it but at the same time it’s a tad bit too sweet for me. I don’t know what to make of it in terms of my own reaction to it. Rating: 3/5