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  1. abejita

    Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil

    [No additional description provided.] This is very straightforward. The pomegranate note verges on candy-like, but stops just short of it. I had been wanting Snake Oil with a dark fruit note. This starts out bright and tart, the pomegranate dominating. It settles to darker, still tart, and more balanced with the Snake Oil. It's exactly what I was looking for.
  2. abejita

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    A strangely romantic, disturbingly erotic perfume. This is a weird one, but in a good way. The pumpkin is not what I usually associate with BPAL pumpkin notes-- it's none of the usual super sweet and spice. It does have sweetness, though. Pumpkin musk is an odd concept, but, yeah, that is what I smell. It's a gentle, sweet musk. A touch sexy. The oudh is dark and rich without being heavy. It's a nice oudh-- I get neither band-aids nor barnyard. I really like this one. Every time I smell my wrist, I catch another nuance to it.
  3. abejita


    I almost didn't order this, because I typically dislike icy scents (and all things cold), but I think I've found one of my new favorites. There is an interesting point and counterpoint here-- the coolness of the ice and the warmth of the amber. It's a warm, cuddly amber, rather than a grey one. I don't really get floral rose, but rather a pinkness to the amber itself. No one element dominates, and even after a full day's wearing, I can smell it all clearly. It's one of those simple-yet-complex scents that Beth somehow manages to pull off. I'll be looking for a backup, and I almost never do that.
  4. abejita

    Sinus Amoris

    Velvet-thick vanilla in the description, paired with oudh is insta-buy for me, and this lives up to my expectations. It's deeply sensual and has that perfect amount of throw that announces itself without screaming. Good lasting power, too. It's dominated by the vanilla/red sandalwood, which is always a good combination. It has that Morocco feeling, though not close enough to confuse the two scents. The myrrh gives it an incense background and seems to increase the staying power, rather than take over the scent. The red pepper isn't obvious on its own to me, it just gives it a touch of a spice note that gives the sweetness some counterpoint, bringing out their character beyond just the sweetness. The oudh is a bit more obvious, and adds a fullness and elegance to the vanilla/wood combination. The champaca is more of the incense character than the floral character, which is a good thing for me-- sometimes highly floral champaca turns a little to rotting fruit/garbage on my skin. I love this one so much. After a decade, I have more BPAL than I could ever wear, so I almost never buy a backup bottle. This one, however, may send me looking for a 2nd bottle.
  5. abejita

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    Oriental is my favorite scent category, to the point where I'd say that about 80-90% of my collection veers this way. I don't have a signature scent, but I am instantly attracted to every sort of vanilla (and benzoin, and tonka!), I just prefer it in non-overtly foody blends. #196 - Oil is clear. White amber is dominant. Specifically white amber. I think there is a light skin musk/white musk along with it. Pretty in an understated way. It smells clean, but not soapy. Clean skin with light amber perfume. Intimate, but not at all animalic (the musk is not that kind of musk). Dry, but avoids being powdery. I keep thinking there is a touch of lavender, but it morphs into something else, a very slight astringency. #200 - Oil is slightly orange-tinged yellow. This one is maddening. I recognize a central, dominant note that I got from a Chaos Theory II bottle. I loved it then, I love it now. What IS it? Argh. It's sweet, but not cloying or candy. I have a slight knee-jerk "orchid" response, but it's not overwhelmingly floral. It has something in common with the original Dark Delicacies perfume. Oh, Beth, you confound me. In a good way. Some sweet myrrh present. Edit: The scent has settled and now I detect a touch of orris and some pink carnation. Both are gentle and understated, without being bland. I could see these as oils I wear on days I'm just not sure what I feel like wearing. Neither are screechingly perfume-y in the way that Orientals can be. Keepers.
  6. abejita

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    Another one chiming in with the "Snow White" comparison. I love how Snow White smells in the bottle, but on my skin? Straight up woodsmoke. If I wear Snow White, multiple people that day will invariably ask me if I smell that bonfire, or if I walked through woodsmoke, something to do with me smelling like straight up smoke. And I can't say I blame them, it goes to straight woodsmoke on me. This is what I want Snow White to smell like on my skin. It's like all the other batches were "off," and this one is right. Only, it's not Snow White, it's Go To Sleep, Darlings. (It's really, Snow White, dammit! It is!)
  7. abejita

    Hesiod's Phoenix

    This is stunning. This is THE resin blend I have been looking for, since I discovered BPAL in 2006. It's three of my all-time favorite notes (and, to be honest, more than half of my collection is vanilla-centered), so the moment I saw it listed, I knew I'd have to have it. It exceeded my hopes. There is something understated about it. When I sniff directly at my wrist, it's deceptively light (though somehow deep, at the same time). It's one of those scents that, throughout the day, will have you asking, "What smells so amazing?" only to realize after a moment that it's you. Even after I think it's faded away on my wrists, I still catch tantalizing hints of it when I move. It's the perfection of all three listed notes. The vanilla is dark, the amber is rich without crossing that line into powdery or gourmand, and the oudh is, indeed, sweet. It's a warm, velvety blanket on bare skin. I feel like I've found my new default, the blend that's the most me of all of them. Since I've been amassing BPAL for almost eight years now, I don't really DO backup bottles. But this is the exception. I so wish it were GC.
  8. abejita

    Honey Moon

    I didn't care for the first version of Honey Moon, which was odd because I love honey scents. It seemed too floral to me, perhaps a little thin/insipid. I picked this one up on a whim and it's amazing how a scent with the same notes can be so different. The 2013 Honey Moon is rich and, to my nose, has all five honeys standing front and center. I get the gardenia a little more than the jasmine, but both are background to me. The thyme is only the barest whisper for me, which is good since I'm not a big fan of herbal/green. I'm not catching the ginger much, either. This is honey, honey, honey, honey, honey. All five of them. I thought I'd end up swapping, and now I'm wanting another bottle. Great summer scent.
  9. abejita

    Siberian Musk

    It's very nice to now be able to pinpoint exactly what Siberian Musk is, in comparison to Beth's other musks. I get that "cola" character I've heard others mention now, when before I couldn't pick it out and recognize it over notes in blends. And it's definitely part of the unique make-up of Snake Oil. I can recognize that very clearly. This is a sweet and wearable (though I don't recommend slathering) musk. I like applying it under other scents, or in tiny amounts for a nighttime perfume.
  10. abejita

    Spanish Red Carnation

    This, as others have said, is distinctly RED carnation. It's not a pink carnation (and I love both). It's amazing how different those two variations on the theme present. I love how this scent shifts slowly from a cool floral spiciness to a warm one. It's like pulling a red carnation, greens and all, from a florist's cooler and then fixing it to a wrist corsage and letting it warm and bloom with your body heat. I'm loving it.
  11. abejita

    Madagascan Vanilla Rum

    Holy screaming VANILLIAC VANILLUMS. Jesus. I'm a vanilla-fiend. If you were to put my most beloved scents side by side, almost all of them share a heavy vanilla presence (or at least benzoin or tonka). I love vanilla in all its varieties: floral, smoky, foodie, light, heavy. All of it. This one is almost too much. Almost. The moment you open the bottle, it slaps you in the face. It's definitely gourmand, and yes, the rum is present. I'm not getting dark or the slight smokiness mentioned in the description at all, however, I would be willing to bet that will emerge with some time and aging. I like the scent, but I don't find it wearable now except in the tiniest pin-pricks of droplets (as I mentioned in my King Mandarin review, it's actually very lovely paired with that particular SN, in a scent locket). But I know vanilla. And I know how it ages. I'm looking forward to this one a year or so from now.
  12. abejita

    Rum-Soaked French Tonka

    This scent, right now, is a subtle whisper. It lingers, but is extremely close-wearing (very little throw). It does have a butterscotch-y feel, and a breath of something that reminds me of Butter Rum Lifesavers. Right now, it seems unsettled and a little on the thinner side. However, I've grown familiar with Beth's tonka over the years, and it is one of my favorites when aged long-term. I'm tucking this one away.
  13. abejita

    King Mandarin

    I got this bottle as an unexpected freebie, to make up for an order error (I should post in BPAL Chatter about the customer service, classy and helpful as always!). What a lovely surprise. I hadn't ordered it because citrus just fades so quickly, and I worry about the longevity of a 5ml. I have so much perfume that it seldom go through an entire bottle of anything but my most beloveds. I thought this SN would be lovely, but seldom-used. It may be more often used than I thought. The scent is dead on, specifically mandarin above other types of orange/citrus. And it's the whole fruit, juice, pith, peel. It's almost hard to review, because it's difficult to say anything but "Why, yes, yes this IS single note King Mandarin." It's lovely, and I look forward to layering it. It does last longer in a scent locket than on skin. Pairing it with Madagascan Vanilla Rum is delicious, by the way.
  14. abejita

    Leather Phoenix

    Since I got this blend, I've been wearing it just about every day to try and get a handle on it. It's just that complex. I've been a BPAL fiend since 2006, and I've tried, well, a lot of scents. At this point, I can generally predict what I'll enjoy enough so that I can (mostly) buy a bottle, un-sniffed, with confidence. Leather Phoenix is not a blend that I normally would purchase. Green tea? Ick. Narcissus? Ugh. Petitgrain? Eh. I don't do fresh, green, or clean, generally. Leather is so hit or miss, since it varies a lot within BPAL scents. Same with rose. Champaca is great when it works, but more often it's too-ripe fruit in character. Cedar? Often too raw. I don't mind oudh, but it's usually paired with things I don't like so much. ... and then I saw the bit about the 11-year-old patchouli. And the star anise. And the incredible age of the oudh. That's what sold me on this blend, coupled with what Beth had to say about it. Damn, this is good. After several days of wear, I regret not having a backup bottle. My very first impression was, "I smell expensive." Every note is in exquisite balance. I can pick out some individual notes, but a few years ago, I wouldn't have been able to, except for the leather. I would characterize this scent as the kind of sexy that comes with a well-earned sense of confidence. It makes me think of someone with a direct gaze and a triumphant smile. I love this blend so much. Bravo, Beth.
  15. It's so funny how differently things react to people's skin. On me, Osun is too-sweet floral powder, almost unrecognizable as honey. Hony Mone was also very floral on me. The Rappacini's Apiary scents varied a lot, though none were much like Mead Moon on my skin. Horse Chestnut Honey was very foody, though, and would probably be the closest for me from that series.