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  1. Thanks for your recommendations. I'm going to order some imps soon. I got an email from the moderator saying that I should've put my post on the recommendation forum. I failed to check to see what heading I should've put it on before posting. Thanks again.
  2. Hm... I can't say I know of any scents that are exactly like that, so I zeroed in on one less-than-common scent: Heliotrope. Here's what I got that I think is a close fit. • Greed (Sin & Salvation): "Base and earthy, yet glittering with golden notes: patchouli, heliotrope, copal and oakmoss." [This lacks the creaminess of the vanilla and much of the florals, though.] • Sheol (Ars Morendi): "Vibrant gladiola, graceful stargazer lily, triumphant iris and bright heliotrope flare, and is finally made somber by heavy copal, a drop of labdanum, and tonka." [if I remember correctly, tonka bean has a slight vanilla-like quality to it? Plus this has more florals going for it with the iris and lilies.] • The Witch Queen (Stardust): "Wild plum, red musk, tuberose, calla lily, heliotrope, pimento, ylang ylang and beeswax beneath a dark haze of sinister purple-hued incense smoke." [i'd imagine that the musk and incense smoke would be pretty close to your patchouli?] But you can always go to http://www.bpal.org/search/ and plug in what notes you liked from it and see what results you got. That's what I did. PS: For inquiries like this, you'd probably do best putting it in the Recommendations forum instead of the For Sale one. Welcome to the boards, though!
  3. I bought several roll on bottles of the 2009 Asphalt Flower, but I was so disappointed. It's watered down and not an oil. It smells nothing like the original from 1999. I hardly recognized the notes from the original. I wore it once and the smell faded quickly. I store it under my sink in a basket. I paid $20.00 for each bottle and I bought four. What a disappointmnet. I read on some other blogs that others were disappointed as well.
  4. I have this (thanks to a fab forum member here) along with the other two. I haven't run across anything from BPAL that smells like it. MAC released it again last year (I haven't tried the new one) BUT I have read it doesn't smell as good as the original. Which note stood out for you? I think on me it's the violet. ETA: There is a bottle of the new version on eBay and it looks like it's a roll-on.
  5. Could anyone recommend some BPAL scents that would smell close to the discontinued MAC perfume oil called "Asphalt Flower?" It was discontinued in the early 2000's and was sold in a small vial along with two other scents. The notes in Asphalt Flower were: violet, patchouli, vanilla, ylang ylang, and heliotrope. I'd also appreciate any recommendations for any BPAL scents that are long lasting with these notes. Thank you.